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Found 309 results

  1. Hello Evernoters Thank you for your product! After talking to many of my colleges at work and in church, I have decided to not be lazy and speak up. Please consider this to be the voice of approximately 130 people that shared the same idea. When discussion started about the Evernote, there were many ideas thrown in, but there were two main that were repeated across many and I have decided to highlight them here. Adding them in "Agile Jira story style" As a user I would like to add and search Inline Comments Users would like to highlight consecutive words from the note in evernote and comment on them. Users would like to be able to expand and collapse comments. For example: Wondered How you can add/type Date and Time by using VBScript Sendkeys? In this sentence user would like to highlight VBScript with green color and add a comment stating that VBScript is finishing it reign days etc. Later user should be able to search and find posted comment. During the search he would be presented with the option to search content highlighted in green or other color, also search inline comments along with note itself. This feature was mostly requested by bible readers who read and record their thoughts. Sometimes they would like to search for their own comments made in the past. Or read their own comments when they will cross same scripture passage again. As a user I would like to see calendar with the days colored in different color if I created a new post on that day. This feature was requested primarily by those who keeps the diary and those who like to have visual representation of their contributions. I can create muck ups or answer more questions if description above is confusing. Please contact me via the email. Leo.
  2. Hello, This is ridiculous. I have a note this morning that I typed out. It was around 3 pages or so on my iPad. I got on to the Web to share it with others and when I opened it, it opened the full note... and then it glitched and 2 pages worth of notes disappeared... I check my iPad and it shows it also. I don't feel that I should have to pay for premium JUST TO SEE if I can recover my missing data from my note, and I DEFINITELY don't feel it is right for me to have to pay to recover my note if I did nothing wrong to cause it to disappear. I wanted to submit a support ticket but NOPE, YOU CAN'T DO THAT UNLESS YOU PAY EITHER. This is absurd, Evernote. If this is how customers are treated, I am never using it again and migrating my notes to Google. Is there anything that can be done for me? Thanks,
  3. ¡Hola Evernoters! ¿Quién vió el Keynote de los anuncios de Apple? ¡Están emocionados por todo lo nuevo que está por venir? Definitivamente yo sí y no puedo esperar a la versión definitiva de iOS 10. *cough cough* y la actualización del iWatch que incluye Pokemon Go *cough*. Nuestro blog ha publicado más detalles de que es lo que se espera de Evernote. Desde la salida del primer iPhone y iPad, hemos estado trabajando para tener nuestros productos al par y disponible para cualquier nueva actualización de iOS. Con cada una de ellas, nuevas posibilidades de funciones se hacen disponibles lo que también es emocionante para nosotros. Puedes encontrar la publicación del blog aquí y puedes descargar ya nuestra versión 7.17: https://blog.evernote.com/es/2016/09/13/evernote-7-17-whats-new-ios-10/ Adicionalmente, hemos incluido mejoras en esta versión que atacan ciertos problemas reportados recientemente en relación a la vista de notas y ciertos problemas de sincronización. Si experimentaste estos en los días recientes, esta actualización es importante. Espero la disfruten.
  4. josephavellino

    ios Create PDF from Note on iOS

    Is there a way to convert a note to PDF on an iOS device? I know that I can use the Print function and select PDF on a Mac/OSX, but not sure how to create a PDF from a note on an iOS device. Thanks in advance.
  5. Borges de Garuva

    Outros Rolamento de tela no iPad.

    Quando escrevo notas longas no Ipad, o Evernote não consegue rolar a tela à medida que o texto vai ultrapassando o limite visível da página. Então, sou obrigado a ficar digitando às cegas e rolar no dedo o texto para cima a fim de poder ver o que escrevi. Já notifiquei a Evernote desse "minúsculo" problema de programação, mas não recebi resposta alguma. (Aliás, esta é uma das grandes dificuldades da empresa: relacionamento!)
  6. I love being able to save simplified versions of articles to read later. Often I end up reading these articles on my iPad where I'd love to be able to highlight sections without having to open up the keyboard. Ideally by adding this option to list that currently includes "copy, select all, define, share..." when a section is selected. Thanks.
  7. I have an iPad 3 running iOS 9.3.2, Evernote v7.15 with over 4GB of RAM free on the device. Whenever I tap in the 'search notes' field to begin a search of notes either the onscreen keyboard never pops-up or it takes quite awhile for it to do so, over 30 seconds. When it doesn't pop-up the whole app appears to be frozen often. I have no other apps running, I do use third-party keyboards. It's annoying to have Evernote so broken every single time I do a search. Doesn't matter if I reset the iPad (power off, restart or Power Key + Home Button reboot) the search bug is still there. The iPad has a good internet connection, no problem with other apps. One other thing, if I log into the Evernote website there doesn't seem to be any way to contact Evernote about a bug or provide feedback (I'm using the new beta web interface). I have to go back to the opening screen at the main domain and NOT be logged in. This is a poor design, there should be a button in the web app for help. Even when I did find the help/contact area at the bottom of the main site I had to log back in again to post in this forum. Had I logged-in again via the top login it would take me straight to the app without any recourse for help. Help button needs to be added to the web app UI.
  8. I am using an iPad Air 2 with iOS 9.3.2 installed. Evernote in Safari isn't doing anything when I click on it. It used to work, I just noticed that it is no longer working 10 minutes ago. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!
  9. I have a new installation of Evernote on iPad (iOS 9.3) and it only syncs recent and new notes. All my other installations of Evernote (Mac OS X, Android) perform full sync. Any ideas what could be wrong with Evernote on iPad? thanks!
  10. Deepak Dhariwal

    Math in Evernote

    Dear Evernote Team, I am a regular user of Evernote note-taking app for all my platforms namely, Windows PC, Andriod cell and iPad. I also use Penultimate for its cause on my iPad. I have a suggestion overt the note-taking app. Is it possible to incorporate LaTeX in Evernote to take care of mathematics also. I think this would an innovative change as none of the note-taking apps present now has this feature and it would be helpful for spreading the reach of Evernote more into the Academia. Awaiting your reply. Thanks.
  11. 全然人いないんですね、、、 【本題】 共有している他ユーザーの共有ノートがiOSのspotlight検索の検索対象から外れています。 この共有ノートも検索対象に含むよう要望します。 意図した仕様ではなく忘れられてるだけのような気がします。 いくらネットを探しても同じような報告がありません。 iPhone6、iPad Pro、iPad3それぞれで同じ現象が再現されますので、まさか自分の環境だけのバグだとは思えませんが、 同じような現象のある方や、改善要望される方はコメントを残していただけると幸いです。運営に見てもらえると思うので、
  12. I have been using Evernote off and on for a while however recently I made the choice to stick with evernote for everything. I have an iPad Air with iOS 8.0.2 however I have been noticing issues with the app and curious if others are having them as well? 1) Spellcheck - It does not work in the Evernote app at all. I do not get any underlines or highlights on misspelled words. In other apps on my device the red underline shows up and I can select a correct or different word. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app does not help. 2) New Note Shortcuts - When I create a brand new note I am presented with a note screen that allows me to type information. Either using the onscreen keyboard or a bluetooth keyboard this works. However there is a shortcut menu at the bottom that looks like it should allow me to select bullets, lists and formatting of text however when I touch these icons they do not do anything. If I save the note and come back to it, then I can select those buttons. Why does it not work for brand new notes? 3) Keyboard Shortcuts - Along those same lines is a request for SHIFT+TAB to reduce the indent of a bullet list. TAB increases the bullet but SHIFT+TAB should reduce it, just like it does on a desktop 4) New Text Scrolling - When I am adding text to an existing note and get to the bottom of the page the text does not scroll up until I am typing below the screen. I can not longer see what I am typing and I have to manually scroll the note up to see. This should always leave a blank line at the bottom of the screen when I am typing and scroll up as needed. Just looking for help or thoughts on what seem to me like basic issues. Thank you!
  13. Hi everyone, maybe some of you productivity experts can help me out. I'm working in the medical field and currently use my Macbook to check up on medical literature. It works like this: 1.) Find medical papers (PDF) and save them in an dropbox folder ("to-review"). 2.) Once a week I go through the new papers, and decide which ones to keep. 3.) The ones I want to keep get transferred to evernote with some parts copied out of them, summaries written in the note etc. Some notes on a broader topic also have more than one PDF in them (different guidelines, papers and so on). This works fine on my macbook - but I'd love to do it with my iPad (much easier on the go, nicer to read through the PDFs). My problems with this currently are: - The files that are in the "Review"-Dropbox folder are not offline in the dropbox app. - Even if that would work, how could I send the PDFs to evernote (to a new note or attach to an already existing note)? Do you have any idea or had the same problems? Thanks a lot for your help!
  14. Hey guys! Is there any way to print my notes from ipad? P.S.: I'm new here so if the topic like this already exists than just send me a link please. thx for help
  15. Writing it up to see if anyone ou there thinks the same: I see of no reason for the navigation panel on the iPad to slide in and disappear after selection in landscape. It would be great if it could always be visible, especially since the notes list view shows so much empty space. Switching between notes and notebooks would definitely be easier and don't see how anything would suffer from this change in layout.
  16. Hi all, We released Evernote for iOS 7.10 earlier today, and it should be available to everyone in the App Store shortly. This release added external keyboard shortcuts, enhanced sketching capabilities, and fixed a bunch of bugs. Notable fixes and improvements: Added keyboard shortcuts for iPad Hold down the ⌘ key to expose available shortcuts Sketching improvements: Zooming and panning Use two fingers to zoom in, zoom out, or pan the sketch Shape recognition (snap to shape) Lines, squares/rectangles, circles/ovals, and triangles are automatically recognized and rendered very cleanly Note: this feature can be enabled / disabled in the Pen menu Camera captures documents more quickly and accurately Improved reliability when moving notes into shared or business notebooks from personal notebooks Improved reliability when downloading notebooks for offline use Updated share extension - fixed several hangs and crashes when clipping from particular websites / apps Search improvements - includes a fix for "todo" searches You can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store. As always, please let us know what you think. Cheers!
  17. This is a feature request which I also submitted to tech support. When I have read a saved article in Evernote on iPad, I move the item to my Reference notebook. But the notebook selector is only available at the top of the screen and it moves beyond the screen when you scroll down. So when you finish reading an article, you naturally end up being at the end of it. So in order to move the note to the Reference notebook I need to scroll back up just to access the selector. This is kind of annoying. So my suggestion was that you provide the notebook selector independently of scrolling, like for example putting it on the main toolbar. So that we, users, could toss the item into whatever notebook easily regardless of where we are in the document/item. Thanks.
  18. Hola a tod@s. Me encuentro una dificultad, estoy trabajando en iPad, con una nota en la que tengo la información en una tabla. He llegado al final de la tabla y quiero añadir una fila nueva y no se, si se puedo o como se hace, me podéis ayudar?. Muchas Gracias y un saludo.
  19. I have just set up my evernote account on my new ipad air with a premium subscription. I also just purchased a subscription for MS Word (Office 365). My quesiton is: I want to open up word documents from Evernote with MS Word on my ipad, edit the document, and then have it saved and update the original in Evernote so Evernote will sync up the new version. Am I asking too much of both programs? I have options in MS Word on Ipad to save to OneDrive but I like Evernote and have all my stuff there. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Hi all, We released Evernote for iOS 7.9.2 this morning, and it should be available to everyone in the App Store shortly. This release cleaned up the home screen and home screen settings, added more 3D Touch functionality, and replaced the photo picker. Notable fixes and improvements: Added 3D Touch Peek & Pop on all note lists, including search resultsAdded an audio quick note button to the home screen (replacing the "Work Chat" button)Made it easier to view section details on the home screen: turning on "Show Details" in settings for any section will actually show the details with no hidden minimum thresholds. Got one tag? We'll show it to you if that's what you want to see.Now you can access search directly from the Today WidgetUpdated photo picker for adding photos to your notesImproved the camera roll thumbnail resolutionMade it easier to access all photos, moments, and iCloud photo librariesAdded ability to access photos when your photo library is optimized for iPhone storageRemoved the selection circles - you'll still see check marks when you select images to add to your notesPeeking into a note no longer makes it "recently viewed" - you need to open the note completely to do thatPDF viewing won't cause a crash when multitasking on iPadReduced prompts for App Store feedback - we love and appreciate feedback (here and in the App Store), but we're trying to interrupt you less often and keep you productive in Evernote.You can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store. As always, please let us know what you think. Cheers & Happy Holidays!
  21. Greetings. About two weeks ago, I downloaded Evernote from the Apple App store. Paid for the premium service. I also have it on my iMac, iPad, and iPhone. All downloaded from the Apple App store. So. My question is this. Do I have to pay the $50 for the premium service three times since I downloaded from the App store and not the Evernote web site? Or how does that work? thanks.
  22. I am using an ipad and not a premium user. Earlier this week and even last night, I was able to highlight, note and add text notes to my pdf in Evernote. Then those slides would show up as annotated if you went to the view that shows..all, annotated and bookmark I had not signed up for the trial premium. But thought maybe I accidentally had signed up. This morning, my notes were gone and I could not get the little tool bar (that said: highlight, etc) to come up over the word or words if i select it. I signed up for trial annotation.. And it is definitely not what I was using because it opens another window and the pages only run vertically as well as the skitch tools appear on the right. The way that had come up before was a tool bar over the selected word where you could highlight, place a note or text Please let me know how I can get that tool bar back??? Thanks
  23. Hi all, We released Evernote for iOS 7.9.1 this morning, and it should be available to everyone in the App Store shortly. This release mainly focused on bug fixes and performance improvements. Notable bug fixes & improvementsSigned-in users should no longer occasionally see sign-in screen upon app re-launchMarking reminders as done via notification will sync across clients (this wasn't happening in all cases previously)Ink images in notes shared via Work Chat with Edit privileges are now editable by the receiveriPad Pro fixes for note editing from landscape note list snippet viewiPad Pro fix for unexpected opening of ink images when tapping on textSigning in on the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus in landscape no longer crashesFixes for title height throughout the appRotating ink images no longer drops some ink strokesFixed several layout issues with multitaskingFixed several sketching issues including tool and popup dismissalsFixed toolbar color issues when recording and using Quick ActionsFixed more dialogs being covered by keyboardsWhen linking to notes within notes, previous and next arrows no longer overlap close buttonUpdate modified date when editing ink imagesUpdated camera SDKFixed issue with Evernote share extension when using in Pocket appFixed a bunch of hangs with the share extension - please let us know if you come across issues with sites or other apps using the share extensionYou can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store. As always, please let us know what you think. Cheers!
  24. Cristine

    One Page PDF

    With one of the recent updates, all of my one-page scans are automatically saved as JPGs. I want them to be saved as PDFs. The only way (that I've seen) to do that is to email the scan. If I transfer via AirDrop or save to DropBox for example, the file is saved as a JPG. I have updated my settings with PDF as the default file type, but I'm still getting JPG. I didn't have this problem prior to the update. How can I fix this? The features should be updated to scan based on the preferences in the settings.
  25. Hi all, We released Evernote for iOS 7.9 this morning, and it should be available to everyone in the App Store shortly. This release contains several new features including sketching in a note, Multitasking (on supported iPads), and iPad Pro & Apple Pencil support as well as various bug fixes and improvements throughout the app. Sketching: Add a colorful sketch to your notes!Read more on our blog: Sketching in Notes Arrives on iPad and iPhoneTap the pen icon in the note editor to enter sketch mode where you can choose pen or highlighter with different sizes and colors to add a quick sketch in-line with the text in your notesPressure-sensitive ink when sketching on an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus or on an iPad Pro while using the Apple Pencil (iOS 9.1+ only)While editing a sketch, tap twice on the eraser to expose "clear all" if you want to start overCanvas locks orientation once drawn on, but can be rotated manually using the rotate buttonTap the selection tool to outline an area to copy or cutLong press on selection to Copy/Cut or Paste when using the selector toolSketch images will automatically crop out unused space above and below the ink on the drawing canvas when saved into your noteTap an existing sketch in a note to editKnown issue: receivers of shared individual notes with sketches cannot edit the sketches (this will be fixed in a future release) - however sketches in notes in shared notebooks are editable by receiversMultitasking: For specific iPads running iOS 9.x, Evernote now supports Slide Over and/or Split View modes!Slide Over available on iPad Mini 2, 3, 4, iPad Air, Air 2, and iPad ProSplit View available on iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, and iPad ProDrag from the right side of your screen to open Evernote while using another app, or drag to open another app to use when you're in EvernoteEvernote will layout appropriately based on the screen width and device orientationNote: Camera is only available in full-screen modeiPad Pro & Apple Pencil support: Bigger than ever, Evernote works great on the iPad Pro in full screen or mutltasking modesGrab an Apple Pencil and sketch in your notesAdditional improvements: Work Chat threads have a Chat/Details toggle at the top that replaces the info button in addition to several bug fixesNote: Work Chat messages database will be fully down-synced on upgradeUsername no longer jumps when going to the password field on sign iniPad Snippets view once again allows showing tagsFixed crash when Peek into read only note on home screenFixed multiple reminder notifications issueFormatting popover above keyboard shortcut bar on iPhone now disappears when you start typingYou can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store. As always, please let us know what you think. Cheers!