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Found 4,539 results

  1. Hey y'all, 8.16 is now available in the App Store! New: We’ve added support for Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 to make Evernote even more flexible! You can now create custom voice commands to: view a note, notebook, space, or saved search; create a new camera note or audio note; copy a note link to the clipboard; or print the current note. Whew! Fixed: If you were using split view on iPad, dragging an image into a note would make it scroll to the top, which was super annoying. Now the cursor will stay right where you left it. Somewhere along the way, the app forgot how to save reminders that didn’t have a due date. But now everything is back the way it used to be. We had a security issue where you could see the note list or last note after you reloaded the app, even if the passcode lock was enabled. That was a big fail, but we fixed it. Adding images to a note in a joined notebook would sometimes cause a crash, but no more. Let us know of any issues and feedback you may have. Thanks!
  2. Tom59

    Date/time stamp?

    Would it be possible to have a keyboard shortcut to insert a date/time stamp please?
  3. Using an iPad 3, how can I open a pdf sent as an email attachment in penultimate to annotate. I can get it to Evernote but not penultimate.
  4. Alessandro_Evernote

    Tables on iOS devices

    I think that Evernote should add tables on the iOS app. I am a student and I use tables a lot with my pc, so I don’t understand why I can’t use them with my iPad when I am at school. They represent an incredible way to put things in order and I think they would improve the user experience a lot. Don’t you think so?
  5. For those interested in IOS scripting, these screenshots show the Evernote Actions available' The initial screen shows a menu of actions on the left You drag the action to the workspace on the right to form a sequence Below are Evernote Actions Get Notes Append to Note Create New Note Get Note Link Delete Notes
  6. Whenever I open Evernote on my iPad, it shows "all notes." I don't like that. I want it to only show notes from my main notebook. I can change the view setting, of course, but Evernote changes it back to "all notes." Is there default view setting that I can adjust to fix this problem?
  7. I use Evernote extensively on my Mac, iPad Pro, and iPhone. We use shared notebooks in my office and I have a ScanSnap Evernote Edition sitting on my desk. (I even have Evernote desk accessories sitting next to the scanner.) I'm pretty well immersed in the world of Evernote. However, I've found myself turning to other tools, most recently OneNote, with greater frequency. The main issue, and it is a big one for me, is the fragmented and inferior support for note taking and PDF editing in Evernote. I use my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil extensively. There are some great Pencil-compatible apps for iOS, including Notability, PDF Expert, and OneNote. Evernote, on the other hand, is stuck with a strange and fragmented approach: PDFs can by opened using the "Annotate" tool in Evernote, which I think is built around the remnants of Skitch. It's fine for adding arrows and icons, but terrible (unusable) for handwritten notes on PDFs. It really can't be used for anything more than simple highlighting -- certainly not detailed annotation or note taking. Drawings and notes can be added to an Evernote Note directly through the handwriting tool, but this simply inserts an image into the note. There's no way to use this tool to take notes over multiple pages, or to use it for annotation as far as I can tell. I've also found it to the buggy, with full pages of notes lost if you switch away from Evernote to another app before saving the image and returning to the normal notes view. I will say that that, though the tool is very limited, with very few options, the Pencil support works well and writing is fluid. This tool seems to have the most potential for future development. Finally, there is Penultimate -- a separate app I want to love but is just too buggy, too limited, and too walled off from the rest of Evernote to be truly useful. Again, no support for importing PDFs/annotation, yet another approach to handwriting, and, though the Penultimate notes live in Evernote, nothing can be done with them in the main app. Why, at this stage, would Evernote have three separate, incompatible and incongruous approaches to annotation/note taking, none of which begin to match the functionality of some of the other apps named? Attached PDFs can certainly be opened in other apps, such as PDF Expert, but there is no way to get the annotated PDFs back into an Evernote note without deleting the original attachment and reattaching the PDF. That's cumbersome, and annotation seems like pretty basic functionality that Evernote should offer. Evernote certainly has some broader advantages over OneNote, but really needs to explore something like the "canvas" style approach used by OneNote. The ability to "print" PDFs to a OneNote page and then markup the document itself and take notes/add text/etc. all on one page is invaluable. I've pretty much switched all note taking/PDF annotation to OneNote, with Evernote still used for project management and other organizational needs, which leaves me with my own fragmentation. Maybe I'm missing something in Evernote's approach, but I'm a longtime user that's completely frustrated with Evernote's inferior support for annotation and handwritten notes.
  8. ChuckChuckBoBuck

    Edit created date

    Would love to be able to edit notes created date in iOS. I scan my notes and don't always scan them on the dates I write them and like to have the date created and the note date match for sorting purposes.
  9. ernstMreicher

    sort order on iOS Evernote

    Hi, I have a Evernote notebook with entries named with a specific datestamp as first word (e. g. 2016-09-21) and want to see last entries first so on desktop I set reverse alphabetical order. On desktop there is this option and it works. But on iOS I have to scroll down the whole list because there is no reverse order option?!?!Regards Ernst
  10. CalS

    AVOID IOS 8.13

    Couldn't find a 8.13 release thread so creating this one. Minding my own business this morning and noticed App Store updates on my iPad. Pressed update all without thinking and 8.13 for Evernote was installed, my bad, but at least it was on the device I use the least. Total cluster for me. Could not get EN to start to begin with, it died three times. When it did stay open, a saved search shortcut did not find all the notes and took a couple of minutes (8.12 on the iPhone was correct and almost immediate). There were 184 notes in the search, trying it multiple times I got a different result every time on 8.13. The search is tag:tagname intitle:text* if that makes any difference. So I removed EN from the iPad and reinstalled. Hasn't died this time but the search results are still FUBAR and take forever to run, haven't got the same result twice yet. Overall notes counts are accurate. Again, the search is fine on 8.12 on my phone. Sooooo, I'm going to be extra careful not to update on my phone and would recommend folks avoid this release until someone says it is fixed. Rightgrading with IOS is such a PITA I will just ride it out.
  11. Dear Evernote iOS development team, Please include nested tags / hierarchy into the iOS version! I finally made the move to become a premium user after discovering the the usefulness of tag nesting / hierarchy in organising notes on the Mac Evernote. Just about to port all my notes into evernote, then I realised the iOS version can't see the nested / heirarchy structure !! aagh and I've just paid for a whole year subscription ...bummer~ I understand there are tonnes of requests out there, but this seems to be a crucial notes organisation feature to be considered for inclusion? Please add this feature in line with the desktop apps please? My setup: Mac Evernote (on iMac) - for work at home iOS 8 Evernote (on iPad + keyboard) - for taking notes during work and conferences.
  12. Hi, I have had for a long time now a single notification alert on my iPhone icon (red circle) but I cannot find what this is trying to alert me to or where to look. Any ideas?
  13. Mel Gideon

    iPhone clipping format

    Hi, I use evernote extensively with my iphone. Though it is really simple to share note from any place, what is really a bummer is the fact that - as opposed to the webclipper - I always save the whole website including comments, the imprint etc. Is there a way to set the default ciipping in the iphone app to "just article" as is the case with the webclipper? As currently I always have to go in the web app or desktop app and clean up the saved page.
  14. When I send a note via email, the same (old) list of "recent" recipients pops up. It never updates with more recently used addresses and I can't figure out how to delete the old ones. This occurs when I'm using my iPad. Thoughts?
  15. Hi all, we just released 8.14 to the App Store. As always, let us know of any issues or feedback you may have. Thanks! Release Notes: New: • Now you can use Siri to set reminders in Evernote. Try “Hey Siri, remind me to leave work at 5PM in Evernote.” Yep, our integration just got even more awesome. • We’ve polished things up with a few design tweaks, so it’s easier to focus on your notes. Fixed: • When you scrolled through your list of tags, the keyboard would stop you from seeing all the way to the bottom. Bad keyboard! Very bad! • If you had a lot of notes on your iPhone X (and we mean A LOT!), scrolling through the whole list would sometimes cause the app to crash. And that’s no way to treat a power user, is it? • When you opened a note from the suggested search results, you could play an audio file but the controls were missing. Now you’re back in the driver’s seat. • If you copied and pasted a table from Excel, it would show up as an image that you couldn’t edit. The only constant in life is change, so we fixed that. • Split View is great on the iPad, but closing and reopening Evernote would sometimes cause a note to disappear. Since disappearing is only good if you’re a magician, we squashed that bug. • Sometimes the keyboard wouldn’t pop up if you were trying to share and edit a note. Things should be back to normal now though. • Your photos would stop uploading to a note as soon as you clicked Done. That’s probably not what you wanted, so now they’ll quietly upload in the background. • When you locked your iPad in landscape mode, the Evernote camera wouldn’t stay with you. That made your pictures look weird, so we fixed the glitch.
  16. I bought a new iPad Mini (original, version 1) for kids for about $150 which I find reasonable. It's disappointing Evernote is no longer available for download for iOS v9. Why is that? Not even available for download from the Apple Store??? iOS 9 is not that old and it was only discontinued recently. Still I don't understanding why doesn't Evernote provide an older version for download. Now I am supposed to try to jailbreak the tablet to get it sideload I guess. I am paying for Evernote for my person account. I don't to spend more moeny to purchase a newer iPad. Just allowing it download would be a fair. I am not asking for support.
  17. I would like to be able to add a hyperlink to text within a note in Evernote iOS.
  18. On Mac and iOS, for documents with many Skitch annotations, the annotation summary presents as a single page that includes only the first ~20 annotations. Is this a known problem?
  19. Please increase tags functionality for iOS devices: 1) We need *simple* multi-tag search. 2) We need auto-populate of tag names. 3) We need the tag library to reflect our desktop organization (e.g. order, nesting, etc), just as with Notebooks. The iOS apps are horridly crippled without these functions in place. Without them, you have only a few options: 1) Do without multi-tag filtering... Do you have something tagged for a person AND as an agenda item (something to talk about next time you see that person)? Too bad, you can only pull up EVERYTHING for that person, which may include years of emails, mtg notes, etc. OR you can pull up EVERYTHING tagged as "agenda", thus including large numbers of items irrelevant to who you are actually standing with. Insert your own example of useful multi-characteristic filtering, then accept that you can't accomplish them. 2) Utilize saved searches... This works perfectly, but causes, as it has caused with my Evernote, your Shortcut list to become monstrously long defeating to some degree the idea of a "shortcut list". In the end, you choose a few definitely needed multi-tag searches and resign yourself to option #1 above for most things. 3) Attempt to use complicated boolean search strings... This works in a highly non-intuitive way AND requires you to remember the exact wording of your desired tags, often difficult in situations where you are looking for a person for instance and don't remember if you listed them as Dan or Daniel. If you utilize an extensive tag list (a strength of the desktop Evernote applications) this works almost never, thus you resort to a few items under option #2, and mostly surrender to option #1. It seems quite strange that this is an unavailable functionality, especially because of how many people tell me it WAS available prior to 2011/2012. It's a very frustrating situation which is crippling the usability of the iOS apps for easy daily use. Please fix, or at least give us some idea of why this oft asked for functionality is still unavailable. Thank you!
  20. Sean Murphy

    Where is the Print Note feature

    Has the latest version for the iPad lost its printing capability? I can’t find it anywhere.
  21. When not active in Evernote for awhile (e.g possibly between 10 to 60 minutes), Evernote pushes out of my note and out of notebook into “All Notes”, instead of staying in the note that was being edited. Ideally it should stay on the note or at least allow the user to configure the desired behaviour e.g. default = go back to last edited note; or default = go back to list of notes; or default = go back to list of notes in your last edited notebook; or default = go back to list of notes with tag = USER_SELECTION
  22. Hey folks, we just released 8.12 to the App Store! New/Returning: If your bluetooth headphones also have a microphone (*cough* Apple AirPods *cough*), you'll be happy to know you can now use them to record audio into Evernote. Good news for Premium and Business customers: You love the Context feature, so we've brought it back. Reunion tour! We've tweaked the note list view so you always know where you are (and when). Now, the month and year stays pinned helpfully at the top as you browse your notes. Or if you use the scrollbar, a box automagically appears so you can leap from month to month like a gazelle. We've cleaned up the sharing menu to make it easier for you to share your notes and generate links so other people can view them. The previous options are still there too, we just brought the good stuff to the front. Let us know what you think! Fixed: You may have been getting an error message when you tried to view your recent notes in the widget. That's probably not what you were hoping for, but we've fixed it now. When you looked at a note's preview in the note list, any bullets you had would appear above the text, not next to it where you'd expect. Weird, right? It all looks good now though. We took care of some of the top sync and copy & paste issues that were getting in your way. As always, let us know your thoughts.
  23. In iOS, how to paste as plain text or any way to match existing formatting in the note? This is a feature which many people is waiting for many years.
  24. Price's Scientific

    Adjustable Table Row Height

    Would it be possible to make changes to the table format that would allow adjusting the row height? At present, table column width can be altered. The row height seems to locked and is much bigger than in the past. We have a form that was designed a couple years ago using tables. Unfortunately, some of those tables are no longer compatible with the upgrades that have transpired. The current row height takes up twice as much space as the old format and thus would make our forms very large and more difficult to use. Thank you for your support
  25. One of Evernote's iOS App's BIGGEST FAILINGS is not allowing choice of a default font and size. YOUR PRODUCT AND USERS DESERVE BETTER so that the iOS app is consistent with minimal font features of other Evernote products and competitors. This only requires addition of TWO basic features: (1) Selection from a basic list of the usual standard fonts, and (2) selection of the desired font size. How can a text app NOT provide these basics? Any text editor (including Evernote Windows and Web apps, and even the text box I'm using here) allows selection from a standard list of fonts and sizing using equivalent of points (8-72). CURRENT EVERNOTE iOS: No font choices and only 3 poorly implemented size buttons (small, medium, large... whatever these mean). I strongly suggest that you add these essentials as soon as possible. I see that users have left Evernote just because of this key failing. I'm confident Evernote can do this for iOS users.