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  1. Olá! Gostaria de ter opção de busca no seletor de tags do aplicativo.
  2. I'd like to be able to add a location to an item in a to-do list. for instance, right now, I need to make a key for my daughter so she can get into our new house. I have it in my to-do list and I forget. It's not the type of thing I want to make a special trip to the home improvement store for, so it would be cool if the Evernote app could alert me when I go to Lowe's home improvement store that I am supposed to make a key. Yes, I know, I can make a shopping list for various stores, and that's what I'm going to start doing. But then I end up with bunches of lists. Wouldn't it be cool to add a tickler alert to a to-do list that you are out of coffee and tag it with the supermarket you frequent so it reminds you once there? You could even allow multiple location tags per list item or list. So if there are three supermarkets that I frequent, I could tag the "Buy coffee" to-do item with all three of the stores that I am likely to visit during the week.
  3. I can't minimize my keyboard if I click to edit something in my note. I have to exit the note for it to disappear. And when I return I have to find where I left off which is really annoying.
  4. Are there any updates planned for Penultimate? It seems like Evernote may have abandoned efforts to improve or refine the app quite some time ago.
  5. Hi, I have a Evernote notebook with entries named with a specific datestamp as first word (e. g. 2016-09-21) and want to see last entries first so on desktop I set reverse alphabetical order. On desktop there is this option and it works. But on iOS I have to scroll down the whole list because there is no reverse order option?!?!Regards Ernst
  6. Feature proposition : add a small area dedicated to tags directly in the editing note interface : This feature would give the user the possibility : to quickly see which tags are used on the note, to be able, by clicking on the keyword used to tag the note, to list all the similar notes tagged with this keyword >> improvement of the navigability through similar notes, to easily add new tags to the note (without having to go to the back interface through the button "i") What do you think? All the best, Alex
  7. How can I insert tables in Evernote for iOS? Is there a work around that would allow me to insert tables? Thanks!
  8. Hi there, Version 8.3 of Evernote for iOS is available in the App Store. You can download it here. This version contains bug fixes and performance improvements for many of the issues reported here and through our support channels. This version includes: Fixed an issue where the app would perform slowly on iPad. Fixed an issue where some content in offline notebooks would not download. Fixed an issue where content from one note might replace or appear to replace content in another. Thanks for using Evernote and the continued feedback!
  9. Hope to be able to create & edit table in iPad or even iPhone like what I can do in Mac.
  10. Hi, I see that Evernote 8.3 has appeared yesterday. Does anyone have any experiences about it yet? Markku
  11. I've been taking photos of all manner of things for a new project (Hard drive serial numbers, software licenses, editors and directors notes etc) and I've come across something I can't get around. I take a photo in iOS (5s) I rotate it, if necessary. When I sync EN on my Mac the note is there and it is rotated BUT, a) its huge it's squeezed horizontally. In the 3 pane view of the Mac app window, I would have to open the window up quite a ways to make it legible. If I open the note into it's own window I have to make it almost the full size of the monitor to get it to a legible point. Some of these photos are small notepad sizes originally, some are post-its, some are box content labels and serial numbers and barcodes. All of them have this problem. Is there a function or workaround to display them at their native size and aspect ratio?
  12. When I scan a image using the evernote app the image is correctly formatted on iOS or the web. Its way too large and off on the mac app until I rotate the image or alter it. Why is this? The image looks like this on the mac app Until I alter the image with something like rotate or really any alteration brings the image to correct scale
  13. HI EVERYBODY I take notes when visiting customers, and add them to my Evernote (later on) writing by keyboard, this means I do the job twice. Now, if I buy IPADPRO+APPLE PENCIL will I be able to write notes down DIRECTLY, and then register them ? and/or, will EVERNOTE be able to convert my writing to letters like if I used the keyboard ? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help, ciao !
  14. Reinstatement of Card View - Evernote Version 8 Lacks Retrieval Cues of Version 7 Evernote's aspiration has always been ambitious in seeking to provide users with a kind of external super-brain, capable of remembering everything, forever, in an organized, ubiquitously available way, with effortless capture and recall. However, for this virtual repository to come close to being an annexe of one's own brain, a basic grasp of neurology and emulation of the processes by which memory works would be helpful ie. in terms of encoding, consolidating, retaining and retrieving. Neurologists seem to agree that memories are not retrieved by means of a simple pathway, but through a complex web of interconnecting neural networks working together. For this reason the abadonment of the elaborate card-view in Version 7 of Evernote is a big mistake since by drastically reducing the number of retrieval cues, access to stored information has now become much more limited and difficult. In Version 8, browsing through notes, especially those where audio, sketch or attached files are included but hidden, is a dispiriting experience since there is no easy way of knowing where things are, without quite a bit of guesswork and selecting each note preview individually. There is only a single, very lengthy column to look through and no way to skim a large number of detailed previews quickly, as there was in Version 7. The search bar is of little help in recalling important stuff uploaded but forgotten about. Notes may still be stored on Evernote servers, but they are no longer readily accessible. The design of the app may appear less cluttered and the app possibly performs faster but it's at the expense of it's basic function. It's as if one's house has been tidied up when out and all essential belongings unexpectedly stashed away in the dark recesses of a vast store with only a small door to get in and no light. Personally, I have invested a huge amount of extremely important information, from every area of my life into Evernote and it's crucial I stay in touch with it on a daily basis. Having placed my faith and trust in the system, I need it to work reliably. I am sorry to be critical, but it's a serious matter for me and it seems I'm not alone in my criticism of the latest update. I wouldn't like to see Evernote become Nevernote, redundant and unloved. Reverting back to the comprehensive card view is a no-brainer and would be a positive step in sorting out some of the current issues.
  15. Evernote IOS 8.3.356604 When trying to save a contact to my contact list on my IPhone, Evernote confirms "contact saved" in a green bar on the bottom of the display, but the contact does not appear in the contact list. Playing around, I found out - this problem only occurs if the default contact folder on the IPhone under Settings - Contacts - Default Account is set to my work account (Office 365 Exchange) - if I change the default account to "on my IPhone", all works fine and the contact appears immediately But obviously, I am looking for a way to save contacts to my work account, so that they sync properly with Exchange Any ideas ? Thx, Marc
  16. Hello, I am starting to work on my paperless system with Evernote premium. It has been going well except one problem. A PDF file can be opened successfully with Evernote on my PC, but when I try to open the same file on my Android phone or my iPad, it can't be opened, mentioning "file is not a valid PDF". This problem only happens to one particular PDF file out of the manys in my database so far. I wonder if anyone encountered such a problem before? What caused this and how it can be avoided? What I am worrying now is the other PDF files in my database... and also the reliability of using Evernote to store my database containing many PDFs
  17. How about having the possibility to get all the shortcuts available offline without having to download all their respective notebooks?
  18. I use Evernote with the Apple Pencil all the time, and I frequently encounter syncing issues where I would duplicated images. This is very annoying as it's difficult to figure out which image is up-to-date. I also have to frequently, manually remove duplicated images. Sometimes syncing issues continue to occur, which means these new images gets duplicated again. Is there a way to mitigate this? Hope you can help an Evernote fan!
  19. My notes with attachments (PDFs, word documents etc.) would always show the attachment as an icon or small preview in the note, after l updated Evernote those previews are gone, replaced with just a blank space and the attachments file name. I can still open the attachment by touching the blank space. Anyone else noticed this? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it makes no difference. I'm using the iPad and iPhone versions of Evernote. iPhone 6, iOS v10.2.1 iPad Air, iOS v9.3.5 Evernote v8.3.356604 Thanks.
  20. Note: This is not a complaint, it's an observation. I've sent notes through the support email, and haven't seen any changes. So I thought I'd post publicly to see if there were at least a few others who feel the same as I do about Evernote's hodge-podge text editing features. As a cross-platform application, I would hope that Evernote would at least syncronize the user interface between devices and operating systems. I've used all versions, but spend most of my time in iOS (iPhone AND iPad), Web, and Mac. I would say my primary use case is as a work log, brain dump, idea catcher, and anything else that my brain can't deal with right at the moment. So text formatting is NOT something I really want to spend my time fixing. To cut to the chase: Evernote should offer standard outlining structures, so that notes can be stored as structured HTML rather than font size changes. Four levels of headings, paragraph text, larger, smaller, bold, underline, italic, strikethrough, and colours. That would be nice. Oh, other features would be great too, but that's just icing. The iPhone has it sort of right. You can set up Sections, Subsections, and Paragraph text. That works for me. But the Web version. Ick. I start a note and it uses a "standard" font size which is perfect. If I paste stuff from other applications into my note, the font sizes are all out of whack. So I select the text and set it to font size 10pt. Too small. Well, then, font size 12pt. Too large. Why isn't there a "standard font size" selection? I've got more to say, but I'd rather this be a discussion than a monologue. Help!
  21. Is it possible for a note to have pages instead of it being one long Note? This would help to take better notes and to be able to organize them better. Where you can have a note with 5 pages. I use Evernote for Seminars and it would help to be able to organize my notes better. With IPad Pro, you could flip pages with a pen or your finger Thank you. Eduardo Joffroy
  22. Hi all, We continue to fix bugs and top crashers. This version also re-adds 3D Touch Peek and Pop actions on note lists as well as some additional improvements. New: Peek into notes from the note list using 3D Touch Press on a note to Peek into a note without marking it as recently viewed Swipe up to expose more options: Set Reminders / Clear Reminders / Mark Reminders as complete Add to / Remove from Shortcuts Share (this opens the share sheet) Press a little harder to Pop into the note editor (in view mode) This works on 3D Touch-enabled devices (iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus) Improved Reminders swipe actions in the note list For notes without reminders, tapping the swipe action Reminder button adds a reminder and prompts for date For notes with reminders, tapping the swipe action Reminder button gives more options to add/change/remove date, mark as done, or clear reminder Fixed: Reduction/elimination of App Store sign-in prompt Adding tags to Business notes via autocomplete will now search all Business tags Saved searches created before v8 can be added to shortcuts Filter by tags in joined notebooks Cancel button on verify email screen closes the screen Sync improvements More reliable offline notebook downloading More reliable sending contact info after scanning a business card Fixed crash when canceling from Print screen Fixed crash when opening attachments in other apps Many other bug and crash fixes You can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store. As always, please let us know what you think. Cheers!
  23. I have terrible problems with Evernote 8.1 for iOS on on iOS 10.2.1 - it is randomly mixing up content between notes. Sometimes after note is edited, its contents gets replaced by randomly selected older notes. Edited content of original note is lost !!! The note listing still displays original content, but after opening of the note - content from different not is displayed and saved (synced to cloud). It happened to me already more times on few occasions. I deleted the app and reinstalled twice - nothing helped. I'm using Evernote since 2012 - since then I had Premium account (now Plus for few months), ...Evcernote is great .... but the latest iOS Client is terrible.
  24. Hello, I heavily rely on Evernote for personal / professional life. Since I use the IpadPro for 95% of the time and Mac OS X for 5%, it would be super nice to be able to drag & drop PDF files between notes and be able to get a 2-notes-side-by-side view for increased productivity. Right now, to do this, I have to export the pdf to another app and then import it back in the other note. Thanks!
  25. Hello, I heavily rely on Evernote for personal / professional life. Since I use the IpadPro for 95% of the time and Mac OS X for 5%, it would be super nice to be able to drag & drop PDF files between notes and be able to get a 2-notes-side-by-side view for increased productivity. Right now, to do this, I have to export the pdf to another app and then import it back in the other note. Thanks!