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  1. Heads up - was having issues sharing public links with people who did not have Evernote. Was on a tech support session yesterday and was told it is a #KnownIssue and iOSx public sharing is broken. The workaround is to use Mac app or web browser to share all public links. After a bit of quick testing on my end, it seems broken from trying to share a public link FROM MY iOS device shares a dead/unresponsive link that recipient cannot open if not using Evernote app if the recipient has Evernote app - tries to launch the app (not a browser) and put you in an infinite loop (spinning circle - finding note dialogue box ) trying to open a shared public link ON MY iOS device in this instance, as I have Evernote, it tries to launch Evernote (not a browser) and puts me in an infinite loop (spinning circle - finding note dialogue box ) Was informed that there is no timetable for a fix. Was informed that the fix would probably come in the next inline update - UGH!!!! If anyone else sees a fix or has a better workaround, would love to hear about it. Thanks!!!
  2. iPhone storage/audio notes

    Hi - really need a better way to limit storage space that the app takes up. For example do all audio notes *have* to be downloaded and made available for offline use? Secondly, no way to sort notes by size on the phone, or even view the size of a note from within the app? This stuff would go a long way to help revive my enthusiasm in sticking with Evernote.
  3. As I know there is no way to easily and quickly scroll notes in notebook on Ipad. I have notebooks with over 1000 notes and it's very frustrating to wave with my hand every time I want to see notes from the bottom of the list. You can see short line, but there is no way to use it. And there is no such a problem on Android App.In previous version of IOS App not only I could scroll, but there was little info about date of notes on the scroll bar. So please consider to resolve this issue somehow. As far as I know the same problem is with scrolling notes inside.
  4. I like the way note lists in Evernote for Mac are now displayed in Apple's San Francisco font. But the iOS apps still display notes with that dated, serif font. (See screenshot.) Why can't the iOS apps also use San Francisco (at least as an option)?
  5. Hi all, my first idea in this forum. Currently, it is not possible to define the sorting direction (ascending / descending). This would be a big help, I think for anyone and I would like to ask to realize this feature in one of the next version. Thxs,
  6. I need to move a note from the wrong notebook, but apparently penultimate no longer has that ability. Instead I tried copying and pasting, and ended up having to do so 4 or 5 times to get all the information to show up (when you go to the margins, if you don't exactly center your paste point you lose data). Now I have extra copies of the page. I found some instructions on how to delete a page, but the instructions must be for an older version as what they tell me doesn't make sense. No matter what I do, it wants to delete all the pages. Not sure what I'm missing here. Is it no longer possible to delete a single page?
  7. When I try to create a custom paper from a form, the resulting image is significantly faded, to the point where you cannot read the fields. I've followed the instructions are set the image to the recommended pixel dimensions (715 x 865), but it does not help. I know others have reported this issue, but have not seen any resolutions. Has there been any resolutions to this? I can do this with Notability but I'm not sure that's the solution Evernote or Penultimate wants.
  8. I like to record a lot of voice memos. They're organized into Notebooks that are based on the relevant project that the recording is based on, and I organize the memos into finer sub-categories by dedicating a particular note to a specific sub-topic. So, I find myself coming back to the same note to make new recordings. But sometimes I encounter a very frustrating issue. I might accidentally press the backspace button, which causes Evernote to instantly delete one voice recording. I know that Evernote has a note history function, but this is a bit more complicated than what I'm looking for. Voice memos do not have memorable file names, so it just wastes my time to have to search through the list of old memos, and playing a tedious game of trial and error to figure out which audio recording was the one that I accidentally deleted. An undo button, to undo the accidental deletion, would be so much easier.
  9. Dates are not phone numbers

    I like to keep a log of my weight. But Evernote is convinced that I am typing in phone numbers. As you can see below, it treats each entry - a date and a weight - as a link to a phone number. If I touch any blue entry, I get a popup to call that number. I tried formatting in several different ways, but it is always interpreted as a link. If I type out the month instead of using numbers, it works differently - and still incorrectly. It ignores Jan and Feb, but notices Mar is a date, and turns it into a calendar link, so it isn't consistent and so isn't very useful, even if I wanted months to be links. What I really want is NO LINKS. I don't want Evernote trying to guess what is a phone number or what is a date. Is there any way to accomplish that? By the way, on MacOS, the "Mar 01" is not treated as a calendar link, but the number only dates are treated as phone numbers.
  10. Search magnifier tool

    Hi guys, lets talk about Evernote on iOS: I asked already 2 times on Twitter for a magnifier tool as a basic tool on top when I am INSIDE a note. It's an absolute BASIC function to search for a keyword in a note and going the way over the three dots and open "search I side note" and the dialogue sucks... sorry, but this must be easier...! There is so much space... bernd Apple Professional Learning Specialist
  11. I have a note that only the subject line will display. In the body of the note (on iPad and iPhone) it says "Start Writing" and none of the contents are there. The contents of the note are visible on my Mac and on my Windows PC.
  12. Hey all, 8.9 is now available in the App Store! Download link here. Release Notes: Misc bug fixes and performance improvements: – Fixes for top crash and sync issues – Fixes for deep linking issues – Fixes for share count issues As always, feedback is most welcome. Thanks!
  13. any hints, experiences, issues? thank you (I‘ve stopped to be an early adopter regarding EN‘s updates...)
  14. Lost Notes

    I was writing in my phone today offline. When I got home, I sync my phone. I also sync my laptop. Then suddenly all of my writings disappeared. If my laptop had sync first before my phone, should there be a conflict report? Too bad I was planning to get a premium version for this year. After that, I changed my mind.
  15. I have been running Penultimate and syncing with Evernote very nicely. However, whenever I add a photo to a note in Penultimate, it only syncs the title of the note to Evernote and none of the content. If I remove the photo, then the note syncs fine. I have deleted the trash in Evernote, restarted both apps, restarted both the iPad and the MacBook, nothing seems to make any difference.
  16. Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong please. I've downloaded Evernote to my iMac having used it on the iPhone for months. The iMac shows 2 devices but the iPhone still only shows 1 and I am unable to sync my notes...
  17. Apple Pencil Not Working

    I am using Penultimate 6.2.3 on my iPad Pro 10.5. My Apple Pencil is charged and connected. The app was used with an Adonit Jot Script and it still shows in the settings. I can't get the pencil to work. I can use it to select, but it will not write. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I sure would appreciate it. Thanks
  18. Unlike the desktop chrome extension, the mobile extension (share option) is always on full page and I cannot change this to bookmark, this causes the sharing/saving times to be very large for some sites. Up to 5 minutes! Thia action should be fast and not tedious! Seconds. There for by default bookmark, or at least as an option for the user. Thanks
  19. A while back in iOS, you were able to see ALL notes belonging to a stack, rather than just a notebook. It has now been removed. You also can’t use is feature in a web browser. for feedback to the developers, this is a useful feature, that I am sure others would like back.
  20. Dear Evernote. Why isn't there an option to copy and work with a note link in the iOS version? Or am I missing something? Please add this functionality! If I can't perform the same tasks on iOS as my Mac, the product isn't as useable. Thanks...
  21. When cutting and pasting content in a checklist within a note, the evernote app started to display erratic behavior. The first time I tried, it pasted a section of content that I had copied and pasted prior to the content I was trying to cut and paste (so the cut content was lost). The second time I tried, it pasted the correct content, but it pasted one line of it where I expected, deleted all content after that line in the note, and pasted the rest of the cut content one line below the top of the note. It also put extra spaces between the check box and the start of the text for each of the pasted lines of content and included several blank lines after each of the pasted lines (the blank lines went away upon closing and reopening the note, but all of the other issues remained).
  22. I notice its taking a huge amount of space even though under the Offline Notebooks, it is set to "Do not download notes". I'm confused between "Do not download notes" and everynote sync. Anyone knows how they work? Does evernote take up more space as our notebooks grow? Any tips on saving disk space from evernote's perspective?
  23. Note History is not available on iOS. It's an advertised paid for feature and hence should be available as standard on all the platforms that Evernote supports, otherwise it's kind of false advertising. Please add it to the iOS app.
  24. Evernote for iOS 8.8.1

    iOSユーザの皆さま、Evernote for iOS 8.8.1 を公開いたしました。 本バージョンのリリースノートは以下の通りです。 新機能: コードブロックと表を含む、高度な書式の自動設定オプションが利用可能になりました。「アカウント」>「設定」>「ノート」から設定できます。 修正点: アプリの強制終了およびデータの同期に関する問題を修正しました。 Apple Pencil で書いた線がきれいに表示されない問題を修正しました。 引用符を使用した検索で、完全一致の結果が返されない問題を修正しました。 パスコードロックの解除前にノートリストが一瞬表示される問題を修正しました。
  25. I'm using a big table. My problem is I cannot create a new row if I'm using iOS (iPhone or iPad). Please give us this function