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  1. I have to wait at least 5 seconds to share a link or tweet to Evernote on my iPhone. Sharing is instantaneous on Google's Inbox app, so I use the latter instead of Evernote. This isn't ideal, as I now have two inboxes to process. Any chance the "share to evernote" feature will be sped up? Thanks!
  2. The new update for iOS looks really great with significant improvements in the interface. However, losing presentation mode is a big deal for me. As a someone who teaches and speaks regularly I LOVED presentation mode. I was able to design a speaking outline and then use presentation mode live to just scroll through my notes as I speak. The way it stripped out all other buttons and such made it something I used multiple times a week for the last 2 years. Is there any chance it might come back or something else like it? If there was a way to freeze the keyboard and/or other options/buttons it would get me close enough to where it was before. Let me know what you think.
  3. Hi, it would be really useful if it would be possible to merges serveral selected notes together to one note as it is already possible on the desktop-clients. I think this would improve productivity alot as I often have several notes at the start and then I merge them together to one note as they have the same context. Thank you.
  4. I just updated the Evernote app to version 8, and it crashes on launch. I force quit the app and re-launched and got the same result. I restarted the iPhone ( 6S plus running 10.2(14C92) ) and got the same result. Another suggestions besides a reinstall, I don't want to download 7GB of data again. Would a crash report help? I can upload one if needed. I went ahead and submitted a support ticket, so please ignore the post if needed.
  5. You need to make it easier for your Evernote users to lobby app developers to get their apps working with Evernote. Back in the day Evernote really had the app developer's mind share the way that DropBox has it today. Your best users have dozens of apps they use that they would love to see working with Evernote! My list: Wunderlist: Ability to sync lists with a Wunderlist Notebook on Evernote would be powerful. Tweetbot: Ability to archive my Tweets with Evernote for archiving Suru: Beautiful visualizer for Tasks and sub tasks TextTool2 - Full blown iOS TextEditor. Would make a powerful front end for Evernote users needing it. Printer Pro - A great utility for getting things printed. Would be nice to have Evernote in places to print from list. Jot (Just Open & Type) - The concept is good, but this app isn't it. Ideally an encrypted text entry app that synced encrypted secure notes with Evernote would be a really good API to let developers implement in their apps. Soulver - One of the great notepad calculators could bring doing back of the napkin calculations to Evernote. PDF Expert - Seriously the app I use to highlight text in PDFs. Pseudo competes with Premium, but a little friendly competeration would be good. TextDetective - A simple scan to text app that would benefit from being able to share to Evernote (Share not even enabled, but text detection is good) I would put your product manager and evangelist back on the job of getting 3rd party support for Evernote back to legendary status. You gave up ground to Google Docs as the world's online word processor, DropBox for storing ***** on the cloud and OneNote for unlimited data and Note Taking mindshare Come on, they don't even have a platform outside of Windows and there is no reason why Penultimate can't be a Microsoft Surface app and bring the fight to their own platform. The way to win this is by being a super stable API for 3rd party apps that need to edit, share and store notes - Evernote!
  6. Hi all, We continue to fix bugs and top crashers. This version also re-adds 3D Touch Peek and Pop actions on note lists as well as some additional improvements. New: Peek into notes from the note list using 3D Touch Press on a note to Peek into a note without marking it as recently viewed Swipe up to expose more options: Set Reminders / Clear Reminders / Mark Reminders as complete Add to / Remove from Shortcuts Share (this opens the share sheet) Press a little harder to Pop into the note editor (in view mode) This works on 3D Touch-enabled devices (iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus) Improved Reminders swipe actions in the note list For notes without reminders, tapping the swipe action Reminder button adds a reminder and prompts for date For notes with reminders, tapping the swipe action Reminder button gives more options to add/change/remove date, mark as done, or clear reminder Fixed: Reduction/elimination of App Store sign-in prompt Adding tags to Business notes via autocomplete will now search all Business tags Saved searches created before v8 can be added to shortcuts Filter by tags in joined notebooks Cancel button on verify email screen closes the screen Sync improvements More reliable offline notebook downloading More reliable sending contact info after scanning a business card Fixed crash when canceling from Print screen Fixed crash when opening attachments in other apps Many other bug and crash fixes You can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store. As always, please let us know what you think. Cheers!
  7. Since the latest Evernote update for the iPhone I have been unable to use the scanning of the back side of a business card. Previously once you scanned the business card and saved it you could go back in and select Edit to scan the back side of the business card, now this option seems to have been removed. Please re-instate or if I am missing something please help.
  8. I recorded a meeting in a different app on my iPhone (iOS 7), then exported it to EN, unaware the file was larger than 100Mb. Obviously, EN refused to sync it. Went back to the recording app, exported the recording to Dropbox instead, then deleted the it from the recording app. Went into EN, searched for the (too large) note, and deleted it. Quit the recording app. Quit EN. Relaunched EN. Even though the file's been removed from the phone, the app continues to refuse sync, saying the (now deleted) file is still too large. The file's not there (in EN or the recording app). What do I do...? Definitely need the phone to resume syncing. I submitted a Support Request through the phone, complete with logs, but haven't received a response. Here's the first error screen: Here's the "send to Support" screen. The one I sent included the info above, about having deleted the large file from both EN and the recording app.
  9. Quick mini list of cool features to consider for the I'm not Dead release of Skitch... Photos: The crop tool needs to show more contrast. When cropping a white screenshot you can barely see the crop marks. Photos: Add crop presets. Have a social media icon to crop for that ratio. Have a device icon to crop for that device's full screen ratio (way useful for developers, designers are reviewers). Map: Write on a Map feature. Love this feature, but please add satellite view option since often times I'm trying to tell folks exactly where to enter a building. Web: Markup a Web Page's Learn more doesn't specify who's share button. Got lost in the steps. I'll spend some time researching it, but maybe a link at the bottom of the Learn How dumping you in your forum's topic would help folks like me figure it out. Draw an Idea: Love the concept, but there should be more than a Blank Page as an option. Have some Evernote Fun and add graph paper, napkin, etc. Draw an Idea: Your icon shows a cool squiggle, but the default tool is the arrow pointer which doesn't work well for a blank page. Default to squiggle! Settings: The button options for Resize canvas to SMS all have the on/off states sitting on top of the text (I'm on an iPhone 6S+ with old man larger text enabled). Skitch version 3.41 (4529) BTW - Please give the Dev team for Skitch my gratitude for keeping the love alive!
  10. It is okay to finish Skitch in Windows. But a lot of smartphone users searching screenshot tools - and skitch was one of the best in the iOS market. For a lot of people the "first contact" with evernote. They had never installed Evernote for annations of screenshots. But a small and very good tool like skitch was interesting - and in a second step they focused Evernote. I like iOS Skitch but could live without it. But the taking away from the App store is a marketing disaster - look at your count of downloads in the iOS App store ... Very, very strange to make such a decision.
  11. Hi Evernote, I made a lot of changes in iOS Evernote and the original Mac Evernote file overwrote all my work. That was enough wasted time to drop my faith in Evernote. Syncing should recognize the most recently updated note first. I am working with poor WiFi bandwidth. Would that be a factor? Both Evernote apps are up to date. I Evernote and have had few issues over the years so this is disturbing. Can I recover the prior note version? Looking is Trash isn’t the solution. Thanks, Grant
  12. Is anyone else having trouble with the note editor using the new version? Editing plain text with simplified formatting is excruciating -- after each keypress is about 750 milliseconds of dead time before a response. I don't see any posts about this -- is it just me?
  13. Dear Evernote Team, I am using Evernote to take notes on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. The zooming feature in sketch has become a very serious problem for me. As I approach to the bottom of the page, it uncontrollably and unintentionally zooms ins/outs which drives me nuts and makes the note taking experience unbearable. Here are two ways to solve this problem: 1) Add a button to lock the zoom (which I think it is very easy to implement code-wise) 2) Change the zoom gesture from two fingers to something like 3 fingers or 4 fingers. I think this will solve the problem of palm effect. Please do not try to solve this problem by some sort of "smart detection of palm position" etc. People change palm positions all the time during a real note taking session. Could you please be kind to tell me if you have any intention to solve this problem in the upcoming release (or patch/update). Or is it going to be as it is in the future releases? Thank you A very curious mind.
  14. I have the Evernote app on my Apple Watch, I click search and dictate a search term I know exists in my Evernote, and all I get back is "No Results" I've tried multiple search terms I know exist, to no avail. Thoughts? I've also searched for a getting started guide for Apple Watch, but it does not seem to exist yet... Paul
  15. Hi all, Thank you for your continued feedback. We released v8.0.3 a short time ago to address several top issues including the crash on launch issue that many users were facing after updating from v7.x. After v8.0.2 was released, we realized that the app was crashing before the crash data was getting to us - so while we fixed our top known crasher, we unfortunately hadn't fixed the crash on launch that was affecting many users in the Evernote Community. After getting some crash logs directly off of devices from some affected users, we have fixed an issue with upgrading from v7 to v8 that affected many users that would not happen for those who deleted and reinstalled the app. What's fixed in 8.0.3: Fix for crash on launch affecting many users Note list sort by Title is now using the correct sort order Notebooks in Stacks (in Shortcuts list) are now using the correct sort order Tapping on a Stack in Shortcuts now opens a note list with all the notes in the Stack Regular View: Tapping any note in the note list of search results no longer jumps to the first note Searching from the Notes tab highlights search results in note editor Searching from the Notes tab by tag no longer shows notes in the Trash Duplicating notes with ink images allows modifications to the duplicated ink image Updates to Reminders no longer change updated date Imported file from document picker should be placed at the cursor Offline notebooks progress bar is shown in recent notebooks section Offline search banner disappears when connection re-established Highlighted text is now synced properly 'Add Notes' field of Biz Card note no longer goes away after deleting its content Many other bug and crash fixes You can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store. As always, please let us know what you think. Cheers!
  16. \\ Please include a new option to include a new layout with treeview that shows Notebooks and notes; something like: Work [Notebook] ++++ Meeting [Note] ++++ ToDo [Note] Home [Notebook] ++++ Groceries [Note] ++++ Recepies [Note] Study [Notebook] ++++ Course 1 [Notebook] ++++++++ First project [Note] ++++++++ Final project [Note] ++++++++ Exam [Note] Will be very welcome!...
  17. Hola hace días desde que instalé la versión 8 de la aplicación se me cierra constantemente en el iphone, no hay forma de usarla, he reiniciado el iphone, y algunos otros trucos que salen en el foro pero no puedo utilizarla, uso un iphone 6splus con ios 10.2.1 , creo que es un tema generalizado. Espero que Evernote revise bien esto, soy miembro Premium y uso la aplicación para mi trabajo.
  18. Hello! I use an iPad Air 2 and had the same problems with the performance of version 8. I waited 10 seconds until I was able to scroll and edit notes. The solution is very easy: Delete the App on the iPad completely and load it in the store again. Now it's faster than before the update. You will love your Evernote again. So don't hesitate... :-) Have fun! Greetings, Timo
  19. I like to hand write my meeting notes in Notability (I like the UI much better than Penultimate) and then send them to Evernote for storage and later reference. I would really like to be able to see the contents of the PDF files I attach inline (as well as having the PDF attached).
  20. Has EN updated their PDF handling on iOS at all? I'm trying premium this year to see how it works for me. Since I like using Notability so well for my meeting notes, I created a workflow to append a meeting notes EN note with the PDFs that I export it. I can see my notes inline on PC, but iOS still just shows the attachments when I view on my iPad. If EN doesn't have native support, has anyone figured out any nifty work-arounds? for something similar?
  21. Hi there! When i create a note with the iOS or android App the field "Author" is blank. When i create a note on my Windows PC with the evernote App the field is filled in with my name. I work with a shared business notebook and I want to be able to search the notes I created. Is there a possibility to get my name as the author of a note I create on a mobile device? Thank you in advance
  22. Hi There, Long-time fan of Evernote, I can't imagine life without it at this point. HOWEVER! Lately, my internal formatting of notes keeps getting wrecked. For example, I include bold/italic/underline in my notes. Then I'll go back to a note, and all my text will be one giant block of text. Talk about frustrating! I will say that at work, where I access Evernote most, I do NOT have good phone service and NO Wi-Fi. I am wondering if the "Evernote cannot sync," which constantly pops up when I edit a note, has something to do with this. Thank you in advance. Respectfully, Justin
  23. I remember when I first found the real value of suggested note title.... I had an event on my device calendar and I took notes directly in Evernote during the event. I noticed it gave my note a relevant title given the connection to my calendar. It was contextual not just to Evernote, but my events in my calendar. At moment the light bulb went on and I realized the genius of this feature. It saved me the time of creating a note title. It furthered my connection to Evernote. Why take it away? Did it really take up that much overhead in app performance? Please consider bringing it back.
  24. Hello there Among the numerous useful features that vanished with this "upgrade" to 8.0 version, I just found that i cannot manually upload the details of a business card to my contacts. Running on latest iOS and iPhone 6 Tassos
  25. Just finished reading this article: I've heard Bear mentioned a couple times. I'm not saying I'm migrating to it or anything, but they do have an Evernote import tool. I downloaded it for my phone and thought I might play around with it. I thought others might like to check it out. If you're currently using it, I'd love to know what you think.