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  1. I have some pdf's that will not display a single page when I rotate my ipad pro into landscape mode. It displays 2 pages side by side. Not an issue on my iphone 7 plus which will display a single full sized page.
  2. I can't pin down what is causing this, but I am frequently seeing Evernote losing all formatting of my notes, mainly my most active ones like my todo or shopping list. My formatting is not that involved, mainly newlines and sometimes a single layer bulleted list. When this happens, the note is completely unusable on mobile, or at least very tedious. I have to go back to my PC and reformat the whole note which is the only viable way. I have mainly seen this when using the mobile app, so it usually strikes me when I need Evernote the most. If I can't trust my data to Evernote then I need to find another product that can do such a simple thing like not corrupting my notes. Here is an example of what happens: Sample original note: --Todo List Take out garbage Buy groceries Cook dinner Note after corruption: --Todo List Take out garbage Buy groceries Cook dinner I am using Evernote on Windows 10 and IOS (latest). I usually have the Evernote app open on my PC even when I'm away, but even if I closed it, it would still be syncing in the system tray. I only have it on one computer, my iPhone, and iPad, and rarely open anything on my iPad. I use the web once in a while, but not when I see this issue. EDIT: Just ran into this again and found something interesting. Sometimes the note shows as corrupted on IOS, but on the Desktop it does not. If I edit on the desktop and resync to IOS, the note gets fixed on IOS.
  3. Please increase tags functionality for iOS devices: 1) We need *simple* multi-tag search. 2) We need auto-populate of tag names. 3) We need the tag library to reflect our desktop organization (e.g. order, nesting, etc), just as with Notebooks. The iOS apps are horridly crippled without these functions in place. Without them, you have only a few options: 1) Do without multi-tag filtering... Do you have something tagged for a person AND as an agenda item (something to talk about next time you see that person)? Too bad, you can only pull up EVERYTHING for that person, which may include years of emails, mtg notes, etc. OR you can pull up EVERYTHING tagged as "agenda", thus including large numbers of items irrelevant to who you are actually standing with. Insert your own example of useful multi-characteristic filtering, then accept that you can't accomplish them. 2) Utilize saved searches... This works perfectly, but causes, as it has caused with my Evernote, your Shortcut list to become monstrously long defeating to some degree the idea of a "shortcut list". In the end, you choose a few definitely needed multi-tag searches and resign yourself to option #1 above for most things. 3) Attempt to use complicated boolean search strings... This works in a highly non-intuitive way AND requires you to remember the exact wording of your desired tags, often difficult in situations where you are looking for a person for instance and don't remember if you listed them as Dan or Daniel. If you utilize an extensive tag list (a strength of the desktop Evernote applications) this works almost never, thus you resort to a few items under option #2, and mostly surrender to option #1. It seems quite strange that this is an unavailable functionality, especially because of how many people tell me it WAS available prior to 2011/2012. It's a very frustrating situation which is crippling the usability of the iOS apps for easy daily use. Please fix, or at least give us some idea of why this oft asked for functionality is still unavailable. Thank you!
  4. I think it would be so useful to have the option to password protect per notebook, as opposed to just one password for the entire app. What do you guys think?? Like I have a couple of notebooks that need passwords, but the majority do not. And having to login everytime, especially when going back and forth between Evernote and other apps, slows things dramatically.
  5. Hi there, I have several notes that use double spacing. On the web editor, the formatting is perfect. However, now the mobile app reads the formatting as single line spacing. Will you guys be able to fix this? Or, are you guys forcing us all to change every note to single spacing in order to work with the mobile app? Thank You, Chad
  6. I am frequently using tables in my notes. However, these days I encounter a strange issue: Tables that are showing up perfectly fine on Mac, will shown up squeezed very narrow on iOS - see screenshots. Please help!
  7. Sent a pdf to Evernote. Now I try to open the pdf but tapping on it, it downloads but then I get the iOS air drop pull up screen. I can send the pdf to Dropbox or even back to Evernote (?!?!) but it won't show an app to read the pdf or open the file inside Evernote itself. i looked for some setting to add a third party app but Evernote has to be able to read PDFs right? One of the features of the premium account it's being able to mark them up. What am I missing. Super frustrated and close to cancelling my premium account
  8. I have evernote on my windows machine and on my android phone. I just put it on my new iPad and the reminder calendar isn't the same. The ipad reminder calendar is a roller calendar and it is not user friendly to pick a future date. The calendar that opens in a box to set the new date is much easier to use. I end up looking at another calendar to try and pick a new reminder date when I use the ipad. Please change this!
  9. I just got a new 9.7" iPad Pro and i am a long time Evernote Premium user. I'm thinking about getting an Apple Pencil for note taking. Since Penultimate directly integrates with Evernote along with making handwritten notes searchable, i'm wondering if anyone here has any concerns. I've heard that Penultimate with the Apple Pencil has had some issues since IOS 10 was released and i notice it has not been updated since IOS 10 came out. I'd appreciate any feedback before shelling out for an Apple Pencil. Is there going to be an update to Penultimate which supports IOS 10? Is Penultimate still a viable app?
  10. Hope to be able to create & edit table in iPad or even iPhone like what I can do in Mac.
  11. I'm trying to make copies of all of my business receipts using my iPhone and the app. How can I scan a really long receipt? Can anyone recommend a good scanner for this that's compatible with Evernote? Thanks!
  12. I've been having an issue with the iOS version of the app with regard to freezing. If you have Evernote open, your phone sleeps, and then you open it again the app freezes for a few seconds -- during these few seconds I can tap wildly and nothing will happen. This issue is happening on both on an iPhone 7 and an iPad Air. It's frustrating because I don't want to keep my screen on all the time, and the delay can stifle my ability to open notes quickly. Love the app, all the best!
  13. Since the latest Evernote update for the iPhone I have been unable to use the scanning of the back side of a business card. Previously once you scanned the business card and saved it you could go back in and select Edit to scan the back side of the business card, now this option seems to have been removed. Please re-instate or if I am missing something please help.
  14. Hi there, I realized yesterday that all of the content from one of my notes, titled "Mondays 5:15-6:45p - Ballet 5 - EXAM Level 2A", is no longer there. Instead, the content was an exact replica of content from a separate note, titled "Wednesdays 6:45-8:15p - OLB 3 - Level 2A/2B". When I checked the latter note, the content remained the same; it was not swapped with the former note. I checked Trash to no avail. I also checked Evernote on all platforms that I use: iPad, iPhone, and Web. I cannot find the original content of the note. Help please!
  15. Olá! Gostaria de ter opção de busca no seletor de tags do aplicativo.
  16. I've been using Penultimate for a while and found it annoying that I had to go back out to the notebook level in order to get my Penultimate note to sync. Now it no longer does even that. The little green triangle just stays in the upper right corner of the note icon and the note does not update in Evernote. The green triangle used to go away after a minute and I'd see the updated note in Evernote. I can get it to sync manually by going out to the list of notebooks and clicking the gear icon ⚙. This brings out the basic settings where there is a sync icon ⟳ next to the last sync time. Clicking on this icon ⟳ forces it to sync. How can I get it to sync automatically again? I'm concerned that I'll forget to manually sync it and my notes won't be up to date. "Sync on WiFi only" is turned off. "Pause Syncing" is turned off.
  17. Hi there, this is Michael from Germany. I've been using Evernote for a year now, making my notes accessible from my Windows PCs (private & business) as well as my iPhone and iPad. After reviewing a few discussions in this forum, I've decided to convert my structure from Notebooks to Tags. With <300 Notes to date, this still seems doable. I've created a tag structure, all tags nicely prefixed with a special character per "chapter", just as some of you guys have suggested. Here's my question: I know how to search for multiple tags (AND-relationship) in Windows - I just hold the CTRL key while selecting the tags from the tag structure. But how do I do it in iOS? Whenever I select a tag on my iPhone, evernote immediately presents the pertaining search results without giving me a chance to select a second tag. Is that possible at all? Greetings and thanks in advance for your kind support Michael
  18. Hi Everyone, It seems checklist (at least that that's what I've notcied) aren't showing correctly on Evernote (iOS) recently. I've attached a screenshot in which you can see the checklist is showing if the items are checked or not, but as in code (true or false) instead of the box on the left of each item. Has anyone else experienced this lately? Strange thing is the note preview on iOS shows the check boxes no problem, but once I open it it loses it intended format. Same on the Windows app for this note. Thanks
  19. I would love to see penultimate and a day planner merged together to give you an great business tool. Is there anything in the works?
  20. I have terrible problems with Evernote 8.1 for iOS on on iOS 10.2.1 - it is randomly mixing up content between notes. Sometimes after note is edited, its contents gets replaced by randomly selected older notes. Edited content of original note is lost !!! The note listing still displays original content, but after opening of the note - content from different not is displayed and saved (synced to cloud). It happened to me already more times on few occasions. I deleted the app and reinstalled twice - nothing helped. I'm using Evernote since 2012 - since then I had Premium account (now Plus for few months), ...Evcernote is great .... but the latest iOS Client is terrible.
  21. All the angry energy as of late has been focused on the 8.0 update (understandably). But I'm curious to see how other people feel about the Apple Pencil integration. Does it work for you? How do you use it?
  22. Hi all, This morning we released version 8.2 of iOS to the App Store. You can download it here. This version includes - Performance improvements: The app and camera launch faster, and notes and tags load faster. Scrolling through your list of notes is smoother and more responsive. Enhanced business cards: Include both sides and easily update fields when you scan business cards. Access reminders more quickly: Tap the clock up top, to the right of the search bar. Reminders are now listed by due date, not date created or updated. Added Norwegian language support. Made numerous bug fixes and improvements, including several crashes. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the iOS team!
  23. Is the Business Card Scanning no longer supported for iOS devices? I see Evernote Knowledge base showing: "Tap the 'Photos' icon from the quick note panel on the home screen (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)". This is how it used be. Now, I don't see a Photos icon anymore. Only option is "+" to add a note and there there is a choice to take a photo, which will save the Business Card as a document (or I can press down and hold the '+' to get access the camera) Can someone advise on how to scan the Cards from an iOS device and directly save to my Contacts. Thanks in Advance.
  24. Hi, Re: Penultimate I would like to change the line width on the ruled paper template so I can write more on a page. There's a "kids" version that has a wider rule, but it would be nice to have a lined template choice that has a smaller rule (lines that are closer together). It would be great if Penultimate could create new templates with more lines on a page or, better yet, give a user the option to individually adjust line width on the fly or as an adjustment in settings. Anyone else want this? Found a workaround? Am I just being overly-particular? Thanks! ~Freddi
  25. I noticed this since the latest updates on both Mac and iOS versions. The column width of the table reverts on Mac after synching in iOS. To illustrate, I created three tables each with 2 columns in Mac (first screenshot). Notice the width of the first column set to fit a character or two. After adding a bit of text and synching on iOS I get the second screenshot on Mac. It's annoying!