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Found 4,507 results

  1. BenGCA

    Hide checked items

    I'm swapping back and forth between EverNote and OneNote and right now OneNote is winning because as I check items in a list they disappear below and are show only if I click on Show Hidden Items. This is VERY USEFUL and it pretty much prevents me from using EverNote. I love that I can search across notes and within notes with Evernote (can't do that in OneNote), but the not being able to hide checked items is a deal-breaker. Please consider adding this functionality!! Thanks, Ben
  2. Hey folks, we just released 8.12 to the App Store! New/Returning: If your bluetooth headphones also have a microphone (*cough* Apple AirPods *cough*), you'll be happy to know you can now use them to record audio into Evernote. Good news for Premium and Business customers: You love the Context feature, so we've brought it back. Reunion tour! We've tweaked the note list view so you always know where you are (and when). Now, the month and year stays pinned helpfully at the top as you browse your notes. Or if you use the scrollbar, a box automagically appears so you can leap from month to month like a gazelle. We've cleaned up the sharing menu to make it easier for you to share your notes and generate links so other people can view them. The previous options are still there too, we just brought the good stuff to the front. Let us know what you think! Fixed: You may have been getting an error message when you tried to view your recent notes in the widget. That's probably not what you were hoping for, but we've fixed it now. When you looked at a note's preview in the note list, any bullets you had would appear above the text, not next to it where you'd expect. Weird, right? It all looks good now though. We took care of some of the top sync and copy & paste issues that were getting in your way. As always, let us know your thoughts.
  3. Pilecki

    Unable to move notebooks

    Hello! I can't segregate my notebooks and put them in good order. When I long press o the name of a notebook and drag them to another place, it's keep coming back...
  4. Principal Moo

    PDF in strange paper size

    I am using Evernote on a 10.5” iPad Pro. When I try to print a note, it will print in A4 Portrait (which is what I want). However, when I create a PDF, it will save the note in some off paper size and in landscape mode. How can I create a PDF in A4 Portrait? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. I use Evernote daily & haven't encountered this problem before, but while typing additional details into a note, it suddenly started overwriting previous text. So now I can only type new text. I cannot go back and add to what's already there or correct a typo. It is not the "Insert" key doing this. As you click a letter to place the cursor there, it no longer blinks, it highlights the letter. Normally, if this happened by accident, simply hitting the left or right arrow keys would resolve this and you can type away. But this now only highlights the next or previous letter. This is extremely frustrating as well as time consuming & I don't know how to make it stop doing this. Did I accidentally turn this feature on or is this a glitch?
  6. An exciting and much requested new feature for Evernote iOS is our new clipping capabilities with iOS 8! To set up you phone or tablet to clip web pages and share app content to Evernote: Sharing Button To add Evernote to the list of sharing options on your device, first tap the iOS sharing button, then follow these steps: Tap the iOS sharing button, then tap More to edit your sharing options. Tap the Evernote switch to add Evernote as a sharing extension and tap Done. Evernote appears in the list of apps your device can share to; Tap and drag Evernote if you'd like to move it to the front of the list. How do I clip and share web pages and content from other supported apps to Evernote? To save or share a web page, audio recording, photo, or any other content on your phone, follow these steps: Open the browser or app you’d like to share content from Tap the iOS sharing button (Chrome: Tap the menu options button on your device and tap the share Evernote option) Tap Evernote Once you've tapped Save, the web page or app content is clipped and shared to Evernote in the background. You have the option of selecting a notebook to save the clipped note to in Evernote. If you do not see Evernote as one of your sharing options, swipe through your apps until you see Evernote. You can tap and drag the Evernote app to the left so you don’t need to scroll to the end of the list. If you don’t see Evernote, make sure you’ve already added Evernote as a sharing extension. Clipping capabilities are available for Safari, Chrome, and other browsers that use the native sharing functionality and give you the option to share. (Note: To share on Chrome, tap three lines, then tap Share…) Learn more about clipping web pages on your mobile device in this Evernote Knowledge Base article https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23193638
  7. Hi, folks!!! I've just realized that that x-callback-url is not working properly when you call an url from Drafts or LCP asking evernote to open camera... Phone 7, iOS 11.2, Evernote app 8.6.358974, DRAFTS workflow 1.7.7 (494), LCP 2.8.2 (build 172). For example, something like: evernote://x-callback-url/new-note?type=camera&title={{Test}}&text={{Test2}}. The note is created, but not opening camera.. Thanks a lot!!!
  8. Right now if I create a note called Test, containing three bullet items like so : Bullet 1 Bullet 2 bullet 3 on Evernote iOS the note in the note list will look like the following image. I think rendering in the note preview each bullet alone on a single line is a waste of space. It seriously limits the amount of text you can preview in the note list and make it way less useful. For instance, in this example the item “bullet 3” does not even show up in the preview, although the note only contains three words in all. I suggest the bullet should be rendered with the rest of the text that follow it on the same line.
  9. Hi, I‘ve a note containing a number of checkmarks to prepare traveling. Every time a new travel has to be prepared I‘ve to uncheck dozens of checkmarks - I know, a workaround could be to have a template with unchecked checkmarks... It would be nice to be able to uncheck (and check) all checkmarks with a single tap („uncheck all“) - and to have a „checkmark-only view“ of a note (to focus on the checkmarks). I know this feature from OneNote (feature available only on iPhone, not iPad) and it‘s pretty cool, makes it very simple and easy to handle (large) checkmark lists. Thank you.
  10. Hi I’m a huge fan of Evernote and have gone paperless for my personal administration using it. Two features I can’t seem to find on the iOS version. Maybe i’m missing something. 1. How to merge two notes. 2. How to drag and drop .pdf .xls .doc files between notes. I can create a new note with the document in it by dragging to the notes column but not place it in an existing note. These features are important so that I don’t duplicate notes holding documents covering the same topic. When I’m at home I can use the desktop version to tidy things up but not possible when traveling or working remotely. Any feedback would be appreciated!
  11. ckane@veritone.com

    Business Card Response Email

    When scanning a business card and saving it, an email is generated to that person with my contact information on it. Often times I have only met that person for a few minutes at a trade show or other event. It would be nice if I could include a brief note, e.g. "it was nice to have met you today at the seminar...." so they would know where the heck we'd met and how I had gotten their card. make sense? The point is that if someone gets an email with only my contact info in it, they may not remember where we had met and what we discussed. It would be a good feature request.
  12. HI EVERYBODY I take notes when visiting customers, and add them to my Evernote (later on) writing by keyboard, this means I do the job twice. Now, if I buy IPADPRO+APPLE PENCIL will I be able to write notes down DIRECTLY, and then register them ? and/or, will EVERNOTE be able to convert my writing to letters like if I used the keyboard ? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help, ciao !
  13. This would be helpful on iOS instead of going into each individual note and getting link via iOS share sheet.
  14. It would be beyond phenomenal if the reading position was recalled or returned to when entering back into a note. Functionality like OneNote or the Pocket app!Thank you
  15. I am seriously freaking out here. I I recently upgraded to Evernote Plus so I could work offline. Everything was fine until last Thursday when I was working on a plane (offline) and when I tried to get into the app once I landed to sync to wifi and the app wouldn't open. I have tried everything: shutting off my phone, rebooting my phone, closing all apps and then rebooting/restarting, trying to open Evernote in airplane mode/wifi only/cell only. The weird thing is that when I click on the app it brings up an all green screen before crashing to the home screen. However when I double tap home to see open apps, Evernote shows up with the main screen (shortcuts, notes, etc) and my most recent unsynced note is listed at the top. But tapping the screen crashes the app again. I've contacted support and so far they haven't been very helpful. Is there anything I can do to save my work? I don't want to delete the app and lose my info. Is there anything I can do????
  16. Hi folks, I'm a new basic user of EN. I have installed EN on my Windows device, which is showing in my evernote web devices list, and on my Iphone 5s (which is not showing in devices list). I had notes in both, but the notes showing in evernote web are those from the windows device. The iphone app is not syncing. I have tried airplane mode on and off, tried deleting the notes in the iphone app, tried signing in and out again several times, tried pressing sync, tried resintalling the app twice - nothing! It simply won't register it as a device. Any ideas why? Thanks Rachel
  17. Whenever I open Evernote on my iPad, it shows "all notes." I don't like that. I want it to only show notes from my main notebook. I can change the view setting, of course, but Evernote changes it back to "all notes." Is there default view setting that I can adjust to fix this problem?
  18. Hi there, We had a very similar issue to this last year (in May): https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/105495-ios-82-does-not-display-double-line-spacing-format/ Usually, the line spacing in Web is preserved in mobile. However, if you create a new line in mobile, the line spacing is compromised. I have created a note to demonstrate the issue: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s520/sh/03a47b03-1aea-429f-bbb9-7d650a762e51/487e4ffab1bc475c360b6c026d7246a4 You will see that creating a new line in iOS is not consistent with creating a new line in the Web version. Please let me know if this can be fixed in an upcoming release or if it won't be fixed. Either way, it would be really helpful to know so I can plan accordingly. Thank You, Chad A (Also, I wrote a patent pending program that would put Evernote years ahead of the current notes industry, as well as bring in potential billions from paid customers. I would like to pitch it to CEO, Chris O'Neill. Please message me if this is possible. I have a slide deck and patent information available).
  19. Dear Evernote I am a long time premium user. One of the feature that draws me to evernote os expanded card view. I have sorely missed the gone away - expanded card view. The inability to quickly scan more notes per expanded card view has been my savior as I use evernote very heavily to collate ideas from vast amount of notes.
  20. Hello, 3 questions: 1. I created my 9 notebooks in Penultimate and then they synced to Evernote ... and when I go to Evernote I see all of the notebooks with notes but I can’t update the notes ..... how do I update notes in Evernote??? 2. Although I can see all of the notebooks in Evernote I still only see some of the notebooks in Penultimate...why is that? 3. How can I assign noteS in Penultimate to notebooks in Evernote or Penultimate? thank you in advance !1
  21. Hi all, 8.11 is now available for download in the App Store! As always, please share any issues or feedback. Thanks! Release Notes: Experiments: - We’re mixing things up with the tab bar by testing a few new options, so be sure to let us know your thoughts! Fixed: - When sharing notebooks, there was a problem with selecting the right account in the suggest list, but it’s now a thing of the past. - When you clipped notes, it unfortunately sometimes created duplicates, proving that twice isn’t always as nice. But we’re now back to the normal state of one clip, one note. - Sometimes tapping on an attachment in a note wouldn’t open it. All attachments should now open correctly, as you would expect. - The app would crash after sharing a note via Work Chat, but we’ve fixed that now. Because nothing should stand in the way of sharing a great idea. - Sometimes the content of your note simply wouldn’t load, and this could cause the entire app to freeze. But we’ve cleared things up, so it should be nothing but smooth sailing and speedy loading from here. - Various other tiny fixes to stop crashes and catch bugs.
  22. Unable to connect to Evernote service.. Have internet connection. Device & operating system Apple iOS 11.3.1 Anyone face this issue too?
  23. therealsiri

    Keyboard covers text in notes

    When taking notes on my iPad, the keyboard covers the text, and the screen will not let me scroll down to the bottom of my text while typing. The result is that I'm typing without being able to see what I'm typing. I also cannot use the text selection tool in any text covered by the keyboard. I've included a photo. Suffice to say this is extremely frustrating. Is this a bug with my iOS, or is this Evernote? Also, how long does it usually take for customer service to respond to help requests? It's been two days.
  24. I have notes that have photos in them but I cannot get the photos or photo to show up in the note list. The majority of my notes that have photos do show up in the note list but I have a lot that don't for some reason! Any ideas?