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Found 166 results

  1. On Evernote for Windows, you can import a folder of files into a notebook as seperate notes. How do you do this on mac?
  2. Hello, I'm wondering how I could import text-information together with an image. I just tried a HTML page including the picture via the auto import. But now I've got two items, the HTML without the image (and the absolute link to my hard drive) and the image. I need them to be associated. What options do I have here? Thanks, Chris
  3. I currently keep most of photos and videos organised in Picasa, but I'm looking into moving at least some of the most important ones to Evernote because it's just going to make them easier to access. I'd like to add some of my photos and vids (at least about couple thousands) to Evernote and it's important that their metadata such as created date is retained so I could sort and review them by date. Is there any way to do it? I know I can just import them from a folder and then manually edit created date of each note, one by one, but that's not practical. I could edit hundreds of notes manually if I absolutely have to, but not thousands. It would be very nice to automate the process. I mean files already have created date so there should be some way to automatically add it to Notes as created dates.
  4. How do I upload a single page of a pdf? I want to be able to import a single powerpoint slide from a larger pdf version of a presentation, but instead all the slides are imported together as a single image and I have to deal with the entire presentation. I just want one page, is this possible?
  5. Is it posible to import a large .enex file to multiple pc's and then sync those pc's? Or do i need to upload it from one pc and then download the notes again on all other pc's? My user case: I have a set of notes that I want to move to my work account. There I have multiple pc's and I want those notes available on all clients ( without using the web interface ) It's a set of about a 1GB of notes, so I don't want to upload them on one pc and then download them on all other pc's. I want the export I created imported on all pc's and then sync so I don't use the bandwidth so much. Is this possible? Thanks! Jack
  6. Hi, I'm trying to export, scrape, or otherwise gather nearly a year's worth of my private Tumblr posts to bring this content into Evernote with the tags intact. The posts' timestamps would also be nice to have, but this is not critical. So far, I have tried my luck with Hao Chen's Tumblr2Wordpress tool, and I have been able to get a Wordpress XML file of the content I want to import. The next step is to find something that can use the contents of the Wordpress XML to convert it into something that Evernote can read/import. I have been searching all day and have not been able to find what I'm looking for. Is there a script, tool, or method that can take a Wordpress XML export and format it for use in Evernote? Or is there perhaps another approach I should be taking to get my content out of Tumblr and into a format Evernote can use?
  7. I've been using Yojimbo for a long time but have been using Evernote more lately. Finally decided to move everything from Yojimbo to Evernote. I used this AppleScript: http://veritrope.com/code/export-from-yojimbo-to-evernote/ to import several hundred notes and images, and all seemed fine. Then I tried to move some of the items from the inbox to a notebook. Spinning beachball and EN hung. I've tried half a dozen times now. Restarted EN, restarted the Mac, even deleted the ~/Library/Application Support/Evernote folder and had it restore everything from the server. Behavior is consistent: if I move one item at a time, no problem. But if I select two or more items and drag them to a folder, EN hangs and I have to force quit. Yojimbo doesn't sync with the iPhone but at least it never crashed! Any suggestions? Thanks! Donna
  8. Trying to help a friend transition to Evernote. Here's what she's looking to do, and the export format options available in Sidekick 98. Any help you can offer will be appreciated - thanks. ========================= My old program was essentially a very flexible contact mgr, arranged as a series of card files; one card file had all my litmags, another had research on small presses, another had agent submissions (etc., etc.), and all of it was immediately available and easily scanned. Basically, I want my cardfiles back.. Export choices: ASCII tab-delimited, ASCII comma-separated, spreadsheet data interchange, dBase III, and dBase IV. =========================
  9. I have a 150 page MS Word doc that I want to import into Evernote. I can get it in via a single document, but what I want is to break it into individual notes at every blank line. Any ideas?
  10. I have recently installed the full Evernote on my Windows 8 Consumer Preview system (as opposed to the Evernote from the App Store...). Everything seems to be working well except for the Import folder (or watch folder) functionality. I use it constantly for scanned documents and it is working very well on a Windows 7 system. Has anyone successfully used this feature on Windows 8 yet? Is there a setting somewhere I am missing? Thanks!
  11. mokanevernote

    mac (Archived) HOWTO: Bulk create tags

    In my evernote usage scenario I need to create just shy of 400 unique tags, 1 for each entity we are going to be creating notes for. I am a little shocked not to find .csv import functionality not included with Evernote. After some searching online I see people who have apparently done it with Evernote staff assistance, but the details are never given... Anyways, sorry I am complaining more than asking, basically I want to know if there's a way to import a big list as individual tags, saving some tedious data entry. Thank you,
  12. Does anyone know if there's a way to salvage local notes but not in the standard way of export>import? - Unfortunately my G5 Mac has died suddenly and I had some local Notebooks on there which I didn't have a chance to backup (export), but I do have a complete Time Machine backup of the HD including Evernote. Although I can't run my previous Evernote from this backup, I can access the files in the User > Library > Application Data > Evernote folder, and there's a folder within this named 'Content' which has more folders within containing each Note as html file etc. I'd like to know if it's possible to copy these files to Evernote on my new machine and my old Local Notebooks magically reappear?! - I guess this would mean copying the .sql file too... well everything. If anyone out there has done anything like this, as I'm approaching with caution not to ruin my fresh install. thanks.
  13. Hi, I was using another application to collect links and now it would be nice to import those webloc files (organized in folders) to Evernote. But drag'n'drop is not working. I don't wanna have all the images and text stuff. I just want the url. Is there any importer or "trick" for only importing the bookmark? Mario
  14. After some searching and not finding how to import all my existing instapaper articles I decided to work it out. Warning: This worked for me but use at your own risk. I can't see what might go wrong but you never know. Please note, depending on the amount of Instapaper items you may need a Evernote premium account if you wish to make all your articles synced. The script will parse each URL from your Instapaper account though Instapaper Mobalizer before adding it to your Evernote notebook to tidy things up a little. The page title of the website becomes the note title. I have included the details of the process over on my blog http://www.wikinixi.com/?p=148 but to summarise you do the following:- Export a CSV file of all your instapaper articles. Create a txt file containing all the URL's Run the text file through an applescript that will mobalize your articles before inserting in to evernote. Please let me know your thoughts.
  15. I have 1000+ notepad docs I'd like to import into Evernote so they are searchable. It seems like I have to add them manually. If I drag and drop a bunch of them they get grouped together as notepads in a note and are not searchable. How could I import them so they would be searchable? Thanks.
  16. Hi, Whenever I import (either through the web interface or via the Windows client) a digital photograph into a note Evernote does not display the picture in its correct size. I.e. I upload a photo (*.png, *.jpg) that is, for instance, 300 by 400 pixel big, the picture will cover the entire area of the note. The actual size of the picture is being ignored. So, how do I import/attach pictures in a way that ensures that EN displays them in their actual physical size? Obviously EN's GUI does not allow for the resizing of pictures once they are in a note. I tried to fiddle with the HTML code but that didn't work either. Thanks and best rergards. Heinrich