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Found 94 results

  1. Do image resolution n size decrease when i resize image via new Beta resize feature ?
  2. Hello, I see you can encrypt text when highlighting it, but I am trying to put a sensitive photo in Evernote and the encrypt option vanishes for some reason. I am not seeing it as an option on a note, or a notebook as well. These are truly critical features, but I am missing the ways to implement them.
  3. I use the evernote with note list with Snippet option - and show note panel. I wonder if there is a way to select the picture shown on note list when there are multiple images in a note? It looks like evernote select the Snippet image automatically. in many times it is much faster to find the note with associated image. thank you in advance. HJ
  4. Hi, I have a problem with copying and pasting text with images from the Evernote application into other applications on my Mac. The text is copied fine, but the images are lost. I can copy an image individually by right-clicking on it and selecting "Copy image", but I need to be able to copy text *with* images. Is there a way how I can solve this? I didn't find a solution online, but found that other people had similar problems in 2013 already, so I had thought, this would be solved by now. Besides that it would be quite handy to just copy text and images from Evernote into for example my emails, I mainly need the functionality to use Evernote with Markpub (a software that converts Markdown text into html formatted text). I would like to write my notes in Evernote using Markdown and afterwards select the whole note and send it to Markpub, which automatically replaces it with formatted text. At the moment, when I do this, all my images are lost (for example, my mathematical equations which are saved as images via Latexit). I am using Mac OSX 10.9.5 and Evernote 6.0.13. Thanks for any support!
  5. This seems to be a problem related to drag-dropping from Firefox. 1. Open Firefox and find an image. 2. Drag it straight into Evernote. Is this a problem with Evernote or Firefox? Not only would users have less data to sync up and down, but Evernote would pay less for storage and bandwidth. I know that using the Evernote plugin to clip the image does save it in the original format, but clipping takes 2-4 clicks, and drag-dropping onto my second monitor is simple and intuitive.
  6. Bear with me for this explanation: I've been using Evernote heavily at work to take notes, but I often don't remember what happened in meetings when I type up notes -- at least until I look up the notes and refresh my memory. So I decided to try taking notes by hand (different brain process) and storing them in Evernote. I wrote up notes in a small (Moleskine-like) notebook, then created a snapshot note (Note A) of the page using the Evernote app in my iPhone, synced Evernote, then opened the Evernote app in my Windows laptop. I did a search for a unique word in the handwritten notes and the note popped up, with several occurrences of the word highlighted. I then changed the title of the note and typed in some more information. Then I tried to search within the note for that same unique word. Not found. Repeated the general search for the word, which had previously turned up highlighted occurences in the image of the page of notes. Now, the search did not reveal the word at all! I repeated the process of creating a snapshot note of the same page (Note B ), and once again a search on that word turned up that note with the word highlighted in the image of the handwritten page. This happened pretty soon after syncing from phone to the laptop app. A day later, search still does not reveal the word in the image in Note A, but it does reveal it in Note B, which ONLY contains the image. I can only conclude that the act of adding typed information to the snapshot note somehow broke the OCR index. This seems like a bug. Can anyone enlighten me? I won't make the shift to handwritten notes if they aren't somewhat searchable, and I don't want to have to constrain myself to only what's handwritten. I expect to regularly have things to add after I've taken the photo of the note and categorized it.
  7. Hi all, I'm new to Evernote, so perhaps there's an easy fix... I'm trying to use the EN web clipper (in Chrome) to get a DIY article into EN. (Needless to say, the images of a DIY piece are useful...) No matter what option I chose (Article, Simplified article, etc.), none of the images are clipped with the article. All I can see is a little icon where the image should be saying something about how only JPG and PNG are supported. Can this be true??? Google (and others) have been using the webp format for awhile now... Can EN really not handle it?
  8. Various images, including the ones generated by my oscilloscope, do poorly as JPEGs due to sharp discontinuities in the image, but fine as Tiffs. The mac desktop app deals perfectly with tiffs, but the android app shows only a broken item icon, which I cannot even click on to see the full image. Does this indicate that there is a problem with my tiffs? Or is this a bug in evernote, or a missing future? If the latter, is there a channel that I can go through to request bug fixes or enhancements? If the former, what can I do to convert a broken tiff to a version that evernote does not choke on without resorting to a less appropriate--and more hassle-causing--format like jpeg? Thanks!
  9. Hi, an image search is no longer working on my Evernote (running on Windows 8) version Iam trying to search a keyword that previously returned a note with an image in it. This no longer works, I've tried to search different text, that is certainly appearing on some images within my evernote however this is not working any more. Is it just me, or anyone else is heaving issues with text recognition within images? Thanks
  10. Hi, Is there a way to add a thumbnail image to my Notebooks? Right now, my notebooks have an outline of a square and inside the square the title of the notebook appears in basic text. It would be great if there was a way to add an image to the area inside the square or at least change the color of the notebook or style of the font. This would make finding specific notebooks much easier. Thanks so much. -Steve
  11. Evernote 6.0.5 on OSX 10.10.2. Dragging an image onto a note results in the image not appearing until at least ten seconds have passed. This just killed the usability of Evernote for any of my serious work. Evernote 6: an emotional, frustrating hell.
  12. Last season I created a number of fact sheets about products. I added pictures/scans to some. Now when I open the notes the text is there, a small box/link shows a picture file but no picture. If I click on this it opens the picture in Preview but not in the note. If I print the note then I get text only. Help please.
  13. Ivanny

    android Image quality

    Dear All, in Windows version attached images to notes are good quality, I can zoom in and see every detail. Instead, when I see on Samsung Galaxy S4 the image is "pixelated". How can I solve this issue? Thanks in advance
  14. I have a problem, that Evernote for windows does not index my PDF and JPG files, and they are thus not searchable. This is really annoying, as I rely on EN as my archive. The files are indexed on Evernote Web, though. I have been in contact with Evernote Tech Service, however, they have not been able to solve the issue during two weeks of mailing back and forth. Event the newest update bringing improved synchronisation, coming out this weekend, has not helped. So, I now rely on all you bright guys out there, to suggest what could be the cause and even better, the solution. / Thomas
  15. Hi there, I received error, when editing annotation on once annotated image. (I annotated it usin WIN-7 Evernote app., saved it and when trying to change the annotation content I got the error message). Have a look at the error: I am editing notes in local (not synchronized) Notebook. I updated to the latest version ( It did not help. Do you have any suggestion? Thank you!
  16. I inadvertently placed a work photo in the wrong "folder" in my notebook- I need to get it out and transfer it to the correct one. I am afraid hitting trash will delete the entire contents of that folder rather than just the incorrect entry. Is it possible to do this without losing the other entries? thanks
  17. Hello, if I take a photo with Evernote for iPhone (new camera note), either Photo or Document template, the resulting image has a very nice quality/size ratio. If I now go ahead and crop it, its size increases. Right now I took a photo of a receipt, the first photo size was 160 kB, then I cropped it (removing mostly white background - the table on which I took the photo) and now its size increased to 583 kB. I believe the same happens if I edit such iPhone created image in Evernote for Windows using the 'Annotate' feature. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Secret settings somewhere etc? ;-) Thanks for any input.
  18. Hello. I am creating notes with images at the top for my business (as headers). I've been using images that are around 850 pixels wide as they are compatible with facebook covers etc , so they have multiple uses. The note looks fine when viewed on the pc, however, when I view the note on a mobile device (ie. I use a shortcut tiny.cc with the shared note's hyperlink) the image goes way off the edge of the page and look unprofessional. For example: http://tiny.cc/myENtest Is there a way around this? Or at least how wide (in pixels) should I make the image so that it views correctly? Thanks in advance!
  19. It would be really nice to be able to use a thumbnail image within a note. I'd like the ability to choose to see or hide pictures in a note. When editing notes with large images, the navigation is tedious, especially on a phone or small tablet. It would be great if one could toggle to see just a thumbnail place holder or the actual image. It would also be good if one could select to view and/or annotate an image that is currently shown as a thumbnail. Would be nice to have this option on all platforms, not just Windows. Not sure if this has been requested before but I was unable to find anything on this topic when I did a search. Thanks, t
  20. Hello, The old web interface used to allow me to resize the uploaded images by draging them diagonally. It seems the new interface does not allow you to do that anymore ... Is there still a way to achieve that? Sometime when you want to compare two images in one note, a smaller image is useful. I have tried the client in linux with the help of wine, but seems to me it doesn't have this function either. Did anyone have similar experience? Do you have a solution for this? Many thanks. JM
  21. VIVU


    Images that i click on Evernote are inverted( i.e upside down)... am using galaxy S3... i tried switching off the screen-rotation mode.. i had aslo cheked takin pictures with ma mobile inverted, thereby resulting in an image that is exactly same as the one dat i take upright... what is the issue??? please help.. by the way, the camera worked absolutely fine for the first week of my usage.. but since 3 days back suddenly it has started takin pictures upside down.. i had also tried switchin off the multi shot mode... pls help... letting the users rotate the images within their notes is an important feature which is missing in this app..
  22. Hello, I would like to add new note through email. My note have a text and some pictures and the picture was sorted and order is very important. I send new note with some pictures and the order is lexical order by filename( xxx_p1.jpg, xxx_p2.jpg, xxx_p3.jpg, xxx_p4.jpg). I can create a new note with same pictures, but out of order. And the order is poorly understood. Because, these pictures order is this. xxx_p4.jpg, xxx_p1.jpg, xxx_p3.jpg, xxx_p2.jpg the other case (send yyy_p1.jpg, yyy_p2.jpg, yyy_p3.jpg, yyy_p4.jpg pictures) is that, yyy_p3.jpg, yyy_p4.jpg, yyy_p2.jpg, yyy_p1.jpg xxx_p4, yyy_p4, yyy_p1 is big picture, the other picture is smaller. So, first case is ( big, small, small, small ), second case is ( big, small, big, small ). (Big picture mean large canvas size and files size) It's beyond me. let me know how to create new note through email with correct order. Thank you for your help ( I check my sent mail's source, and I make sure of the all images was correct order in sent mail)
  23. So I got a little issue which I need help with. Here are the conditions: - I use Evernote (latest version) on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. - I have an open note with all text selected Then if I drag and image from a browser and try to place it somewhere in that note - all text gets removed and Evernote can't undo the imagepaste. It doesn't matter how many times I use Ctrl+Z or the menualternative for this, my text is irreversably gone and replaced by the image. Anyone else notising this issue?
  24. Hi, Just having a small problem including images in notes. I take notes by hand in meetings and I want to insert an image of the page into a Note via my iPad. However, when I did this today, synced the Note and checked in the Windows and Web version, the image was inserted rotated to landscape, when the original image was taken in portrait. Am I doing something wrong? I tried it again, taking the image in landscape and inserted it, it came in upside down!! I had previously taken a picture on my iPhone, emailed it to myself, saved and inserted and this worked fine, but so many more steps!! I want to just take the photo form inside Evernote and be done with it!! Any suggestions? Cheers, Larenoz
  25. A couple times, we've inserted photos into a note, and the photos (as one might expect) end up huge. This is because the source files are taken directly from jpg files downloaded from the camera. It would be nice if Evernote would provide a drag handle at the corner of the attached/inserted image to resize it to a size courteous for sharing with friends. (Perhaps this is available and we simply haven't stumbled upon it. If so, my bad for this suggestion!) Until such a feature is available, we'll take the time to create resized images in advanced before copying/pasting into an Evernote.