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Found 94 results

  1. shaolinhack@gmail.com

    圖片副檔功能請求支援 .webp

    Evernote 團隊您好 近期使用Evernote 網頁擷取功能,部分圖片都會顯示 .webp (請參考附件) 需要另外點擊才會顯示圖片,感到非常困擾,希望Evernote 團隊能盡快增加支援此副檔圖片。 謝謝
  2. Johnny McClung

    paperless PDF vs Image

    As I am trying to go paperless, I was wondering what format would it be best to scan in. At first, I was scanning to PDF, but then realized that I when viewed on the web, I do not see the document. Instead I must open a new window to view the PDF. Also Evernote's OCR only does PDFs if you are a paid member. So I choose to scan my files into image format so that I can see the file on the web without opening a new window. I choose the PNG file format for its lower file size compared to the JPG. Recently, I learned about searchable PDF's which have a hidden text layer within the PDF which makes them searchable without Evernote's OCR. I can make these, but it takes more time and steps then just simply scanning the file. So, which should I scan my documents into: PDF, image, or searchable PDF? Thank you.
  3. Bram van den Ham

    Manage thumbnails

    When I have multiple images in a note, it's not possible to manage from with image the thumbnail is shown, see the attached image.
  4. jonnyb

    Notes with many images

    Notes with many images always show broken links when first loading. but clicking a different note, then back to 'many images' note loads more of the images...but not all. You have to do this action many times before all images are loaded. What gives?
  5. I think an important feature is to disable the automatic OCR function in imported pictures. I have many old documents, which are systematically misread by Evernote, and I am not able to make a proper search with this software because it all gets messed up
  6. I started a new Note, clicked on the Attach icon and uploaded a pdf file. The link for the pdf now shows in the Note. How do I get an inline image of the pdf into the Note? I'm using the web client. Thanks.
  7. Just discovered, to my dismay, that when I annotate a high-res image or photo saved in a note—whether adding text, or even just cropping it—Evernote reduces its size and resolution to 72 dpi without warning. Trouble-shooting revealed another disturbing surprise: the Evernote iOS app captures images at only 72 dpi, instead of using the iPhone's full, native high resolution. These surprises caused me real problems today, and make me worry what other images I thought I'd saved at hi-res in Evernote have had their resolutions reduced below what I need, without my knowledge. This behavior strikes me as a bug that should be fixed. At minimum, if reducing image resolution is an intentional "feature", whenever an image is cropped or annotated, Evernote should warn the user before making it permanent. Evernote should also be more explicit about what resolution the iOS app will actually save when capturing photos with the iPhone camera. More detail below... ======================================= [UPDATE 1: OK, now I'm convinced it's a bug, or multiple bugs, but I'm more confused than ever. Since writing my original long post, I went back and rescanned this diagram as a photo, exactly as I'd done before. But this time EN behaved more or less as expected, even with annotations: it still changed the resolution from 300 dpi to 72 dpi, but this time kept the number of pixels at 3,267 x 2,533, and displayed in high-resolution both in EN and in Preview, even after adding a text annotation. Repeated the process several times, and maybe 4 out of 6 times it maintained the correct size through annotations. But at least twice it changed both the resolution and the pixel size as described in my original post. The only difference I noticed in these multiple attempts related to the page orientation. The diagram is written in pencil on an 8-½ x 11 inch clipboard pad, in landscape orientation. The times when EN behaved correctly, and didn't resize the image, was when it brought it in in portrait orientation, and I had to rotate it counterclockwise just once. But the two times when EN resized the image after annotations were when it brought the image in upside-down, and I had to rotate it two times to get the correct orientation. Maybe that's just coincidental, or maybe it's related to the cause of the bug, but I'd have to do too much more testing to sort that out... As a side note, I also noticed these times how much the size of the image file changed after any kind of annotation (rotation, adding text, etc.). The original scan at 300 dpi color came in about 500 KB. After doing just one 90-degree rotation—and nothing else—the file size increased to about 1.3 MB, despite EN reducing the image from 300 dpi to 72 dpi. After adding a two-word text annotation ("July 2012"), the file size increased more than a MB, to 2.4 MB. So my speculation that EN engineers might have been reducing the resolution to save on storage space seems completely unrelated. Something seems VERY buggy—and completely unpredictable—with how EN is handling image annotations. Sometimes it reduces image size improperly, sometimes it doesn't. Maybe it's related to how many times the image is rotated, maybe it's not. In any event, the image file size shouldn't more than double every time any kind of annotation is made, even just a simple rotation. FWIW...] ======================================= I stumbled on this problem when adding a short text date to a diagram I'd scanned in as a 300 dpi photo using ScanSnap. I needed to scan it as a photo, because I needed the higher resolution to be able to read some of the small details in the diagram (my original scans as a default PDF were not sharp enough). But after adding the date annotation, when I went to zoom in on the image to see the details, they were gone! When I opened the image in Preview to check it out, it opened as a tiny little image, whereas it had previously been a full 8-½ x 11 inch page. Checking the image info in Preview, I saw that it was now a 608 x 785 pixel image, when it was originally 2,533 x 3,267 pixels. Both before & after images showed as 300 dpi. ` It took me a while, and much testing, to figure out what was going on. Eventually, I realized that the reduction in total image size was exactly the same as a reduction from 300 to 72 dpi (72 is 24% of 300, just as 608 is 24% of 2,533, and 785 is 24% of 3,267)—which explains why the annotated image on my screen appeared about ¼ the size it was originally. So, during annotation, Evernote reduced the image's resolution to 72 dpi, but left the image scale info at 300 dpi, causing Mac to now display it at ¼ its proper size. Even worse, because that higher resolution is now gone forever, trying to zoom in on the image or scale it up produces an unreadable, pixelated mess. Experimenting some more, I found that doing any kind of annotation produces the same result: adding a text or graphic annotation, or even just cropping the image, causes Evernote to scale it down to 72 dpi resolution. For a while, I thought it might be a problem with my 5K Retina system, with the Evernote app pinned to one of the non-Retina displays (a problem I've experienced with other apps), but experimentation seemed to rule that out. This is the first time I've noticed this problem, even though I'm constantly adding images to EN, and frequently cropping &/or annotating them. But more often than not, I don't usually try to blow them up immediately after cropping or annotating, so I just may not have noticed the reduction in resolution before. Most often, I'm using the Evernote iOS app to capture photos of things directly to Evernote. I guess I'd always assumed Evernote was capturing them at full iPhone camera resolution. But looking back of my most recent captures, I see now that EN is bringing all those photos in at 72 dpi instead—what a surprise! But that explains why, when I later cropped or annotated those photos, I never saw the reduced resolution I just found in today's scanned diagram—because the photos had already been reduced to 72 dpi as Evernote captured them. Most of the time this hasn't been a problem for me. But because I'm often captured photos of product labels and the like, assuming that I could later zoom in as needed to read the fine print, I'm wondering now how much information I've failed to capture by not realizing that EN is saving those photos as much lower resolution than I thought it was—even if I've haven't cropped or annotated them. This behavior strikes me as a bug. I expect Evernote to keep images I import at their original resolution, not to reduce them without warning. I expect that whether I'm scanning in an image, capturing it with my iPhone camera, or importing an existing image file. And it seems EN does do that (expect when using the EN iOS app to capture a picture), unless you then crop or annotate the image. Maybe this unexpected behavior is disclosed somewhere in the documentation, but if it is, then I've missed it. I can imagine why engineers might want to reduce all image resolutions to 72 dpi (to minimize storage requirements). But if this behavior is intentional on Evernote's part, it needs to be disclosed much more prominently to users—especially when cropping or annotating an image is about to cuts its stored resolution to ¼ of what it was, EN should put up an alert dialog asking if the user REALLY wants to do that...before it's too late. Is this behavior a bug or a feature? If a bug, when can we expect a fix? If it's a feature, I strongly recommend warning users before reducing the resolution of an existing image (after annotating it), and making it clearer in the iOS app what size and resolution will be saved (the Camera preference (Small, Medium or Large) doesn't give enough information, because the size at which a photo is displayed in a note, and the resolution at which it's stored, are two separate parameters). Running Evernote v6.6.1 on Mac OS X v10.11.3 on iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) with 2 additional 27" non-Retina iMacs as 2nd & 3rd displays, and the latest iOS version on an iPhone 6.
  8. I use evernote web with web clipper, most of the time, things go well. But once in awhile, the image used in note's link is totally wrong, and I cannot fix that even I delete that image in the note, very frustrated. Started from awhile back, I have to refresh the whole page to get the newly clipped notes.
  9. Cowboymahakala

    Evernote "frozen" on an Image

    I photographed a business card using Evernote on an iPhone 6 Plus, and now can't get past the image. Choosing "Done" does nothing. If I close Evernote, it just re-boots to the same frozen page. Advice?
  10. Annoyed User

    Camera attachment BRICKS devices

    After 2 or more years of using the paid version of this app, I cancelled my subscription. Why? Because the app causes errors across my devices, I load to capture a document that I need for my business, the first shot sometimes works... But by the second shot.... My phone is in boot loader, repeat boot loader, the phone could have 100% battery and still not restart, if you have less than 50% battery then you dare not use the app as it my phone needs a PC connection to be restored/ restarted. So is it your device? NO... My poor phone has undergone testing and flashing on numerous occasions, I swapped to iphone... same problem, iPad... Same problem, LG latest phone... Same problem, latest Microsoft... Same problem, brand new tablet with only Evernote installed... Same problem. This app has something seriously wrong with the code, I am very disappointed that the time has come to purge Evernote from all my systems, recall all devices within the business, flash them and find an alternative for our business needs. Since I ended my subscription I find that Evernote does not offer Support to FREE customers, they didn't pay attention to any of my correspondence while I was a member and this is a shame. 2 Years ago I was immensely satisfied with all its great features, which I'm going to miss... But like the rest of the world, I need my devices and apps working correctly. If someone can suggest an alternative vendor that has customer support, I am looking to be able to scan a document and view it across the business, possibly something compatible with Dropbox. Thanks
  11. I am trying to save a webpage, but all the images aren't showing up. It's this page: http://gizmodo.com/fix-absolutely-anything-anywhere-with-a-keychain-toolk-1571052588, when I use the firefox web clipper and when I drag and drop images from another webpage. The first image works, but the other ones are just big grey boxes. What gives?
  12. Evernote, please bring back the ability to change the picture size when taking photos. Syncing huge images takes so long that I've had to downgrade to Evernote 7.7.1.
  13. Is there really no way to search for a specific image in evernote? Every where I looked point to solutions on searching "text within image" but what about the image itself? There is an option to rename images in the note. So it seems that could be put to use for search purposes. For example, if one uses icons for inline tagging within the note, the search should be able to list out notes with the specific image one is looking for. Can someone help?
  14. Would you it possible to have an option for evernote not scan the picture had a search? as this will not utils me and sometimes false research because it is me notes that have nothing to do with the search and view scanned images of the same does not have the word search ... I would like to settle evernote for he is not looking in the pictures ... français : Serais t'il possible d'avoir une option pour que evernote ne scan pas les image durent une recherche ? car celà ne m'est pas utils et fausse parfois les recherches car il me trouve des notes qui n'ont rien a voir avec les recherche et voir même des images scanné qui ne présente pas le mot rechercher... j'aimerait pouvoir regler evernote pour qu'il ne cherche pas dans les images...
  15. Hi I am new to Evernote! I just uploaded >10 pages of images of a report and I am trying to do a text search. However it pulls back the note where I saved all the images (using the IOS app) on my Windows desktop but it does not highlight the specific. As you can imagine it is still quite painful trying to then look for it on the images. My friend stated it highlights/circles it for him on the images where Evernote finds that specific texts. It does not come back with no search found or anything it just does not highlight it. I am an Evernote Free user but trying to make it user friendly for me before I commit £££. Many thanks PD
  16. I use EN Web Clipper nearly everyday to save newspaper articles. However, most of them are decorated with useless stock pictures that consume more disk space then the text itself (not to mention my screen estate). I would love to have the possibility to save a "Simplified without pictures" version of these articles. I would use half the disk space every month and you would spend a lot less on storage ! All the best, Sylvain, Paris.
  17. Native image rotation is a great idea! However, not only am I finding this slow (c.20 seconds), I'm also finding that images are converted into a huge png file - say 3-5MB, even if they start off as a small jpg. What's more, that quantity of data is then deducted from my monthly usage allowance! Any way of rotating images without this happening? Evernote on Windows 7 64bit
  18. Can Evernote please fix the long term problem whereby a problem occurs after annotating an image? The problem is that, after the annotation is finished and the editing window is closed, the user is taken to the very beginning of the note INSTEAD of returning to the point where the user was actively working on the document, i.e., the point in the note where the annotated image is located. The ongoing bug is a serious impediment to the workflow of an individual. Imaging working on an image that is several pages long and being taken back to the top of a note every single time you annotate an image.
  19. I've just started using the new Google Drive integration for Mac OSX and when I attach an image from Google Drive it crops the images in the preview it gives. I would much rather it showed the full image. When viewing on Android, the preview shows the full pic, so why does it not on Mac and web too? Also, for pdf attachments the user can right click and select "View as attachment" to stop the pdf preview being shown. It would be good if Google Drive images also had this option.
  20. Misaka Mikoto

    What happened to crop images?

    A few months ago, you could long press an image to crop, after cropping there will be popup that will ask whether you want to replace with new image. Just 3 steps: 1) Long press, 2) crop, 3) click yes to replace Now its 9 ***** steps 1) Press to view, 2) menu button, 3) edit, 4) after cropping click back button to go back to evernote, 5) Long press image 6) delete 7) Add attachment button 8) Click photo option 9) Select the new image to add Can you add back the old function?
  21. I've been trying to synch multiple images as notes from my iOS, but when they show up on my Mac, they have been lumped into one big note. I need each image to be a separate note. Is there a way to separate them on my Mac, or can I only synch them one at a time? Thanks!
  22. Hello, given that Evernote already has a solid OCR engine that examines pictures to make the text searchable, I am wondering why not making the full results of the OCR analysis available as editable text with or along the note itself. I'd like to be able to click/tap on an image and get an option to see and copy/paste the full text extracted from the image, and perhaps to be given the option to append it below the image itself in the note. This feature would be a fantastic addition IMHO. Is this something that is in the works? Or perhaps this feature is already available and I simply haven't found a way to access it yet? Thank you.
  23. Vote for User Selected Image for Thumbnail As almost all of us know, the method currently used by Evernote to select the image in a note to be used as the thumbnail in the note list is unpredictable, and rarely results in the image the user wants. If you want a new feature to allow the user to select the image, please go to this thread, started in 2011, and click on the vote up arrow: REQUEST: Choosing a Thumbnail Although this thread was in the Web Beta section, I would want this feature to be implemented in all Evernote apps on all platforms.
  24. Hello. I really want to be able to export ink notes into a single image file or pdf. At the moment all i can export to is .enex, .html (multi and single page form) and .mht. I have been using mht as it does give a web page with the individual images arranged to look like one image but this is sometimes flagged by email. Any way to solve my problem? (making images or pdfs, not getting around email security. ill write to McAfee for that) Thanks for your time Matt
  25. krisdestruction

    Image Rotation Keyboard Shortuct

    As far as I know, this is the only way to rotate an image: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/06/07/evernote-for-mac-update-image-rotation-rename-attachments-and-more/ Right click on image Look for "Rotate image CW/CCW" Left click on menu Repeat for 180 deg turn There has to be a more efficient way and if there isn't, I'd like to request one. Doing all these steps is ridiculously time consuming for me.