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Found 59 results

  1. Hello everyone! I would like to tell you how I take notes with evernote, in my math and physics classes. I spent a lot of time trying to find a way to take notes, in class, with my netbook. My first problem was: How could I type math formulas into my PC as fast as I do with paper and pen? I was starting to think it would be impossible, and I would be forced to keep using my notebooks, and spend a lot of time scanning/typing them. But then, I found this pretty add-on for evernote (all info here https://eatags.com/feat.latex), and everything went right. During class, I type math formulas in LaTex code (I suggest you learn it, even at a basic level, it can be really really useful), then I sync my notes and, at home, I find them full of pretty formulas! The second problem was easier to solve: how could I draw graphics and put them into my notes? You can use the Skitch tool. It's really simple to use, and it's aesthetically pleasing. I suggest, during the lesson, to draw really fast and to readjust your graph when you are at home. Another useful trick, to insert professional graphs into your note, it's to use wolfram alpha and do a snapshot of the graph. I hope you find this useful (and forgive my poor english, pleaseee!)
  2. I recently provided most of these tips to my niece who was trying to structure Evernote to meet her needs in college. I thought I'd share here. Assumptions: You have less than 10 courses at one time You have more than lecture notes you need to keep track of (e.g. research items, projects) You need to put more than just text in your notesStep 1. Create notebook stacks for each of your courses. This will allow you to have separate notebooks for things like lecture notes, projects, research, etc. With less than 10 courses, this shouldn't get unwieldy and will minimize searching around. Step 2. Create a consistent naming convention for notebooks within each stack. For example lectures, research projects, experiments, test prep. This will help separate the many notes from a research project from your lecture notes. It will also facilitate sharing projects with a team without sharing more than you want. Add a title or number for the course to these titles for archiving later (e,g, Psych 1 - Lecture Notes). Step 3. Create templates for the different types of notes you take (e.g. lecture-note template) Step 4. Make use of 3rd party software that hooks into Evernote to make your life easier. Drafts and Text Expander work on iOS and make text entry in Evernote faster and easierEvernote's Camera, Recorder, Skitch and Web Clipper make capture of photos, documents, whiteboards, audio notes, drawings and web content a breeze.IFTTT.com allows you to connect Evernote to many services,even allowing you to schedule your note template to appear just before your lecture begins based on Google Calendar.TaskClone allows you to track all the todos you think of while the professor is talking which makes sure you don't forget a homework assignment or other task mentioned during the lecture.Step 5. Archive at the end of course. Place your notebooks in a new stack (e.g. Education Archive) More resources 10 productivity tools to take your Evernote relationship to the next levelGoing Paperless - blog of Evernote Paperless Ambassador
  3. I have a master note that looks like this, with the individual linked class note: Week 01a Tuesday, August 20 Week 01b: Thursday, August 22 ...and so forth. Is there a way to change the dates on each class note without having to relink each note again to a master note? Might there be a better way to accomplish my overall objective for each semester? Thank you, Roy
  4. I'm frustrated with Blackboard and am moving all my files to Evernote and will share folders with my students. Anybody else doing this and have some suggestions?
  5. Peter M. Abraham

    higher ed Evernote in nursing school

    Good day everyone: Are any of you going to nursing school? If yes, would you mind sharing how you are using Evernote for organizing lectures, clinicals, etc.? Thank you.
  6. The Chicago tribune posted an articleFine-tune college search online that features ways to use Evernote to improve the college search.
  7. lucyyogi

    higher ed Reading Notes, etc

    Hi all, first post but have been an avid user for the past few years. I struggle using evernote to take notes while reading. I think because of some of it's structural limitations or my own lack of time for thinking about how to best leverage the structures of EN..... So, how do you suggest taking notes with EN in big text books. I am reading B&D's Reframing Organizations for a class. Do you do a big note for each chapter? Many little notes for chapter sections? I have read about some people making table of contents for their notes, etc. Secondly, sometimes I am traveling and don't have a laptop. I have a nexus 7 and phone. Sometimes I use the n7 and use the multi-tasking feature to read using the kindle/nook app and then switch to EN to make a note. BUT, I have found that long notes on EN for Android are cumbersome. They get buggy, don't save, etc... Sooo, if you are in a mobile setting, what do you do? Use the phone as one screen for notes and the tablet for reading or vice versa? It's easy on a laptop because of larger screen and better multi-tasking. Thanks for your help!
  8. Dear Evernote enthusiasts, I am a student in Neuroscience and Psychology and have been using Evernote since 2009. I love Evernote and its potential once you've developed a workflow and personal system. Sadly, many haven't achieved this... My New Year's Resolution (for January) is vague but exciting - write a 80 to 100 page ebook for college students on how to use Evernote for their studies and research. The final result should be available on February 1st, leaving me 27 days to write and publish it. I have figured that students are not using Evernote to its full potential and what they need is a clear and simple guide. I wish I had such a guide when I started at my University. That's why I am creating this. Helping students get more out of their tools and focus on things that matter. The ebook should consist of three parts. Part 1: short introduction and basics of Evernote Part 2: specific advice for college use Part 3: use cases/examples from the community Part 3 (and 2) is where you come into play! I'd love to hear from you how you regularly use Evernote in college. If you are a teacher/professor, tell me about the advice you give to students how to use this nifty little piece of software. Also, if you wish that I cover a specific topic (e.g. citation) I can try to implement your thoughts and ideas (don't worry, I am going to talk about citation). Problems you are facing or things you are struggling with can equally be mentioned here. From having too many notebooks and tags to not knowing how to integrate citation with Evernote properly for example. Let's open the discussion and forum brainstorming! I am very curious. And thanks for your contribution. Only with your help the ebook will be successful. Btw, you can send me a PM anytime too. Flavio
  9. I'm a Ph.D. student and a former HS english teacher - I'm deep in paper-writing territory, and Evernote is helping me out immensely. I put together a guide for students (or teachers who want new ideas for their students): How to write a paper using Evernote Hope it helps. Cheers, Greg
  10. Hi guys, Ideally I would get a powerpoint from a professor, write notes directly onto it while recording the lecture, and then go back over it by tapping my handwritten notes which will pull up the recorded audio at the time when I was writing. If the notes can also be searchable then I would be sold on that method. Is there a way to do this? Thank you so much for the help
  11. I went to the teacher site, and there is a link for Premium, though when I click on it just takes me to the standard Premium sign up page. What is the discount for educators for the Premium account? Thanks.
  12. This is my only snag on going fully paperless. I read a lot of papers for grad school and I keep them all in Evernote. In many of my classes, we have in-class discussions on some papers. Before Evernote, I would keep a copy of the paper open on my laptop and then take notes in my notebook. Though I do have a scanner, I'd like to start taking notes directly in Evernote. However, I've not found a good way to do this yet. Right now, what I do is create a new note with the paper as an attachment. I leave some empty lines at the top of the note for note taking. When discussions reference the paper, I have to scroll or search for the section to look at, then scroll back up to the top to continue taking notes. This is a huge workflow disruption and I often end up not getting the notes I want or skipping the references and just waiting for discussion to resume. Is there a good way to accomplish what I'd like to do?
  13. kcalderw

    higher ed topics to cover in class?

    Hello all! I am teaching my first college course as an adjunct. The purpose of my course is using digital tools for global collaboration. Next week, we'll be covering Evernote. I just wanted to get some suggestions as to what type of group activities I can do with the students so they can test what they've learned. I will be covering things like: signing up Notebooks tags WebClipper e-mail system Hello It was suggested to show them Clearly and Skitch however, I need to test them out myself as I have not used those features. Just appreciate any input you all have.
  14. I have my students sketch out ideas using pencil/pen and paper in sketchbooks. I would like to explore using Evernote as a way to create digital sketchbooks for my students where they are able to draw the same way with pencil and paper in their sketchbooks, though they would then scan or take a photo of their work and upload it to a notebook in Evernote that they would then share with me, and maybe their fellow students. 1. If a student shares a link to his/her notebook with me once, and continues to add images to it over the semester, will I only need that one link? Does the student need to send me another link for any reason? 2. Using the free accounts, is the only limitation for students that they can only upload 25MB per month? Are there any other limitations that might affect this plan? Thanks.
  15. I have been invited to offer a workshop on Evernote for faculty members at our university's winter retreat later this month. Evernote is very customizable, and consequently be off-putting. What topics should I address if I want my colleagues to consider adding Evernote into their scholarly workflow, either for research or teaching?
  16. I'm looking into using Evernote to have students create notebooks and later share those notebooks with me for grading and feedback. 1. Is there a way to prevent students from making additional changes to their notebooks after they submit them? 2. Is there a timestamp indicating the last time something was changed or updated? Thanks.
  17. 1. If students post essays or graphics to a note or notebook and share it with a whole class, do all of the other students need Premium accounts to be able to comment and provide feedback to the students? 2. As a teacher, am I the only one who needs a premium account if I want students to share just with me their notebooks so I can give them feedback?
  18. Hi Everyone, I am a first time user of Evernote. I have always heard about the app, and heard how highly people have talked about it. However, I am unsure of how to use the app effectively as a College student. I start my Bachelors degree in exactly one week and have been trying to further understand the app before that. I have searched YouTube, but have not found many helpful videos that talk about the College student. Most of the videos also are rather old, and I am sure that the desktop, as well as the IOS versions have had some major changes. I don't fully understand the difference between the free version, and the premium version. Which would be best suited for a college student? With Apple releasing iCloud and having their iWork suite sync across devices via the cloud, how is Evernote different? Before really looking into Evernote my plan was to just use Pages to take class notes, assignments, etc... That way they would just auto sync between my MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone. The only thing that I have always disliked about Pages is that you can not place a folder within a folder. Speaking of Pages, does Evernote work with Pages? What I mean is that if I type up a research paper, could I store that paper in Evernote along with my research? How reliable is Evernote? Does data get stored locally, as well as the cloud? Or is everything only saved on the cloud? Any help and guidance that you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated. If you know of a great YouTube video that would help me that would also be amazing. With class starting on August 20th, I really want to be as organized as possible. Thanks so much Brian
  19. I added the accounts of my students to my notebook and they received a link in their e-mail to click on. They click the link and they see their webaccount appearing for a split second. Hereafter, their evernote app starts and displays the last session. When they navigate to shared notebooks in their home screen, they can't see my notebook. Does somebody have a solution?
  20. I'm in college and I used OneNote all of last year and one thing I really liked about it was that I could "print" out my powerpoint slides and insert them to my note. Then I could set it as the background and type notes directly on top of it. I am trying to switch to Evernote, but I am not able to find out if it has a similar feature. When I attach my document in Evernote, it only shows up as something I can scroll through but not integrate with my notes. Please help!
  21. Hello. I'm currently a sophomore college student that has been enjoying Evernote since this past Spring. I use it to keep all of my class notes together, especially when it comes to my programming classes. It's like creating my own version of "Java doc." It's a wonderful application with everything you can do for the price of FREE. I've been starting to use it on my new Nexus 7 Android tablet, and friends have been noticing me using Evernote on it. When they asked about Evernote, I went on a big ramble on what it is and how it works. They were absolutely amazed by its power. What amazed me was noticing that no one on my campus knows what Evernote is. It's the best thing a college student can have, and they don't know about it. I was thinking of hosting a small workshop at my school introducing Evernote and its features. Not to sell the school on it, but to make the students aware of its existence. I need to speak to my school about it, but it would be great to show it off to students and even staff. My technology department does workshops all the time for different applications, so it would be easy to set one up for me. Question is, would there be a way to receive some promotional materials to provide if I were to host a workshop? Maybe some information slides, or a small stack of Premium codes to start people off with new accounts? Thank you for your time. The messenger on the forums would probably be the best way to receive specific information from me.
  22. Johnny McClung

    higher ed Help using Evernote for college

    I'm beginning my first quarter of using Evernote to help me with college. I wanted to see if I could get a few ideas of the best ways to use Evernote in my situation. I am attending a college online which I think presents a complication to using Evernote. Typically, the teacher will post Word documents that contain each week's assignments. In the past, I have downloaded these and then uploaded to Google Docs to be able to easily access the documents on any device. I've thought about instead of uploading into Google Docs to just copy paste into a new note in Evernote. However, this does present an issue. I'm just a few days into this quarter, but in previous quarters the assignment documents I downloaded also had a worksheet that had to be completed and uploaded into my online class. If I copy/paste the Word documents into Evernote, I will have to copy/paste back into Word to upload, potentially loosing key formatting. I've also thought about just putting the Word document directly into Evernote, but if I'm on my Chromebook (and maybe Android) I will not be able to view, edit or save the document. I think right now, my best option is to continue using Google Docs. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thank you.
  23. I don't know about everyone else, but I hate when professors tell me that they have a "no technology policy" in their classes. Of course, I have 3 this semester. So rather than having all of my notes and handouts already in Evernote, I take my notes by hand and then immediately scan them in when I finish the day. Not ideal, but still works. Does anyone else have these kinds of classes at their schools? How do you like to handle them?
  24. http://bostinno.com/2011/12/04/6-apps-to-help-you-study-get-through-the-end-of-semester-stress/ Evernote — For those who hate lugging around their laptop, Evernote is the perfect solution. Any note, web clip, file or image you save can be made available on any device you use, from an iPhone to an iPad, or even your home computer. The free app (yes, you heard it: free), allows users to create notes, clip webpages, store PDFs and snap photos, all while using tags to organize the content into various notebooks. Perfect for group projects, you can use Evernote to share files with friends, as well as create schedules and to-do lists.
  25. MC_Otter

    higher ed Evernote for Portfolios

    Back in February there was a post on the Noteworthy Blog about a teacher using Evernote to create portfolios for his middle schools students (You can find the post here if you didn't see it http://blog.evernote.com/2012/02/28/how-to-create-a-portfolio-with-evernote-education-series/) That made me have the idea to do the same for the work I've done in college. In today's economy, portfolios are very important. So I decided to create my own portfolio in Evernote! It's really limited and basic right now, but I'm hoping to expand it over the summer. Does anyone else use Evernote for their digital portfolio? What kinds of things do you include?