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Found 59 results

  1. Swagata Columbus

    Higher Ed Lock individual notes

    There should be an ability to lock individual notes with password/touch id as there in OneNote. Else its very dangerous to keep sensitive information like scanned passport, bill and receipts. Evernote still cannot become my one and only notebook app and I still have to depend on OneNote for keeping sensitive data. It might happen that you accidentally share one of your sensitive notes. If your note is password protected no one can open it.
  2. Hello, I'm new to Evernote and I'm considering using Evernote to take notes. But what I'm wondering: is it possible to annotate a PDF (arrows, underlining,...) and take additional written notes but not in the PDF itself? Of course these notes need to stay with the part of the PDF, they belong to. Is there a possibility in Evernote to do this? Thank you!
  3. Hi Evernote, Can you give any insight on the Evernote text engine? I've heard that it was different on each platform, and not from a unified Latex or other standardized text engine. When I try to add chemical formula names like C3H8O I notice that Mac App Evernote doesn't always handle subscripts all that well. Usually it works, but sometimes I have to fight the app. Even the block of text between these two chemicals is acting weird with their formatting. Copy/paste these these two propanols and try to delete the blank space to see if you have the same issue. C3H8O C3H8O Any insights? Any hope of an easy fix? I use PopClip and TextSoap a lot! thanks, Stephen
  4. Hey guys, Just had a few quick questions and hopefully someone in the community here can help me out. I've recently started using evernote and I love the way it formats text and some of the options is offers. Since I'm a student I'm considering getting premium but it all depends since I'm pretty low on money right now since it's been going to other things university related. Anyway, I was curious as to if Evernote had the capability of doing things like graphs? For example, in my maths lecture, when working with something like a cartesian plane for example, then is there any easy way for me to go about doing this? I was also curious as to if there is anyway for me to do correct mathematical formula formatting? For example, Fractions. This is the way Word does it, and I feel more advanced features for displaying formula's clearly is definitely required! Is there also any way to make custom shapes? I've currently been using tables and changing their colours but having full control over the shape size etc... would be great! Thanks and Regards.
  5. renu.shukla@gmail.com

    Higher Ed Evernote Flash cards for revising your notes

    I am new to evernote & loving it. I have arranged huge pile of my digital & hand written notes in evernote. I want to create sticky notes, short notes, flash cards for my notes(highlighted stuff mostly) for easy last minute revision. Any help will be highly appreciated
  6. I teach at a film school, and over the course of the year my class produces 14 scripts, and everyone in the class must submit notes on each script. They send these scripts, and the notes, to me via email. I would like to move all this information into Evernote but am a little bit confused about the best way to organize all this. Here's my wish list: 1) I would like to get the emails into Evernote as painlessly as possible. The webclipper seems great, especially being able to create new notebooks when necessary. Though can it create a new notebook within an existing stack? 2) For each script submitted, I would like to be able to easily see in one place all the notes assignments the students turned in. 3) I'd like to be able to call up all the assignments each individual student submitted so I can see them in one place. 4) I'd like all this material contained in one "folder" or "stack," and I would like to be able to focus only on the current year. I think that's it. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  7. geauxbrian

    Higher Ed Extremely long notes

    I write extremely long notes that are have some images, but are mostly text. I notice that at a certain point in the process, I start getting a spinning beachball with every edit, no matter how small. How can I optimize my environment so that I don't get so frequent of spinning beach-ball delay. (MAC, Yosemite)
  8. BryanHasAQuestion

    Higher Ed I need help with tags!

    Hi there! I've had Evernote for a couple of years now, but I really need you guys to help me out here! I'm a French student attending a business school, on a Bachelor's degree and I have had issues organising my notes in Evernote. From what I've read on the internet, it seems that using tags instead of notebooks is the better way to get organised. I am currently following a 3 year course, and I am therefore taking classes that have 3 different levels. I thought of a system of tags that would go like this: Maths Year1 Chapter Sub-Chapter Year 2 Chapter Sub-Chapter Year 3 Chapter Sub-Chapter However, Evernote won't allow me to duplicate tags (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 throughout all the different subject). Does anyone have a piece of advice for me? Thanks in advance!
  9. I was was wondering how many college students have gone paperless with the help of Evernote. Is it possible? What is your experience? Thanks for your replies in advance! Looking forward to reading from you. If you like this topic, you might also want to have a look here:
  10. Hello, I just started using evernote to share my notes with my class. I have been using the phone app to snap pictures of my notes and then sharing them with my class using links to the web page. I would like to remove the images from my phone to reduce space on the phone. How do I delete a note from my phone app but keep it on the web?
  11. JayF

    Higher Ed Academic Tagging

    There have been numerous discussion threads related to organizing notes within evernote from which I have learned a great deal. I have revised my own suggestions for academic tagging here: http://evernoteaturi.wikispaces.com/07+Tagging+for+Scholarship The target audience for this page is really my graduate students and advanced undergraduates. I require them to create a "Personal Knowledge Base" in Evernote where they accumulate scholarly articles and web-clipped articles around their research topics over the course of the semester. As their collection grows, I have them synthsize across their collection by creating a synthesis note that is basically an annotated bibliography. I would welcome ideas to improve this strategy or its explanation. -Jay
  12. I have an iPad pro and love Evernote I have a macbook pro with a Dell touch screen with a UPDD driver, which works I would like to write on that screen like a large iPad (23") No the pro is not big enough Mathy stuff so need lots of room
  13. It would be great to be able to integrate Evernote into the next generation of LMSs and CMSs. So having an LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) for Evernote, so places such as Canvas, Desire2Learn, etc., could grab onto it, would be enormously helpful. As far as I can tell, Evernote does not have an LTI -- or am I mistaken?
  14. Hi, My name is Megan Iemma and I am one of the Evernote Business Certified Consultants based in Melb, Victoria (Australia). Looking to find successful casestudies where Evernote has been implemented for a whole school or a university department. I have a presentation coming up on Friday so any help would be fantastic.. Thanks Megan
  15. Hi folks, I know this topic has come up in some form previously - but not exactly in the form that I am asking (i.e. between Evernote users); also the discussions are from > 1 year ago and Evernote has been continuing to improve + new features. My question: When sharing a note, with an evernote user, if my note that I am sharing contains several "note links" to other documents, does that person automatically gain access to being able to view those note links that are contained in the document that I am sharing. case example: 1 document, 100 questions, each being answered by members of a study group, I am adding note links in order to avoid typing long answers, the note links point to an original source, say a PDF or excellent review article, that has highlighting from Clearly...I would like my colleagues that I am sharing the document with to be able to see my full resources and it's detailed contents. Thank you kindly
  16. pjcphd

    higher ed Evernote and Moodle

    Hi, I've used Evernote to draft lessons for many years. When the lesson is ready, I have always copied and pasted the lesson from Evernote into whatever learning management system that I was using at the time. Yesterday I tried to do that in Moodle. After pasting the content into Moodle, I was not able to format headers, paragraphs, etc. I'd change the formatting and save, then it would revert to a different style. I asked the help desk about this and was told that I shouldn't copy and paste from Word (duh). because there was a ton of junk code. I've never had this problem before. Could Evernote be the culprit here?
  17. Am not sure how other tertiary lecturers see Evernote, but I've reached the stage where I've made it compulsory for my students (commercial law, corporate law, corporate governance) to have EN on their smart phones as a means of gathering materials, especially pdfs used in conjunction with lectures, tutes etc. Used to be that students would forget to bring stipulated papers to tutorials for discussions, now there's no longer any excuse. My first lecture in every semester is on 'must have apps' for all students, and Evernote begins the list. With Evernote students no longer have to queue at photostat machines etc., but can copy the document 'in situ' via EN, save it on their smart phone and read it whenever is convenient, especially on trams (Melbourne has probably the most extensive tram system in the world), trains and buses. I need to share ideas with other lecturers as to how they use EN to streamline student data collection (papers etc). I want student focus on analysis, not on how much time their standing in queues when their smart phone with EN can steamline the task. A student who can'td assemble and copy materials for hearings, cases, tutes, etc. is not going ot make the smartest commercial lawyer, given s/he has got the ideal medium in their pocket.
  18. Hi This is my first post, i hope i didn't post in the wrong forum, if so my apologizes ! I'm new in evernote, only using it for a couple of week, and i have a question: How to organize my notes efficiently ? I'm a student and i like to see my notes organized perfectly. I'm listening to a lot of lectures, by different lecturers, dealing with different topics. And i don't know how to organize them ? At first i wanted to create one stack for school and one for personnal and then add a lectures notebook in my School stacks but then i don't know how to rename each lectures with different topics/lectures in different date. For example i have these type of notes: Semester 1: Lecturer 1: Computer - Lecture 1: topic 1 - Lecture 2: topic 2 - Lecture 3: topic 3 Lecturer 2: - Lecture 1: topic 1 - Lecture 2: topic 2 ... - Lecture 30: topic 30 etc.. Semester 2: Lecturer 1: Computer - Lecture 1: topic 1 - Lecture 2: topic 2 - Lecture 3: topic 3 Lecturer 2: - Lecture 1: topic 1 - Lecture 2: topic 2 ... - Lecture 30: topic 30 What would be the best ? One lecture stack with all lecture notes named like this: "Lecturer 1 - Semester 1 - Topic" Or make a Lecture stack with One notebook for each lecturer ? I'm afraid if i end up with 1000 of notebooks in the future.. Thanks for you advice and for your answers.
  19. Hi to everyone, First I'm sorry about my english, I'm French. I'm using Evernote for about 2 years when I was in med school (switched this year to biology). In 2 years my workflow has changed many times because I want to go totally paperless. In some classes there are some math and chemical formulas and I like to type them instead of using a sheet of paper when this is not exceding a certain size. But I'm a bit perfectionist and I like to have beautiful formulas but writing them easily and in plain text. So here's my workflow : I'm using Emacs org-mode (which is similar to Markdown in term of markup language) and write my formulas in LaTeX. Org-mode can export the org file into multiple formats, like HTML, PDF or even ODT. So when I have a new lesson : I create a new org file that I put into a new Evernote note. I edit this file in Emacs, and changes are saved directly into Evernote. I write misc notes inside that Evernote note. At the end of each course I export it in PDF then put it in my note, so it's easily searchable. I put other docs, like lecture slides and scanned diagrams, into separate notes, then put links into the first one.I use this method too to write my WordPress blog articles and by exporting the org file in HTML... This method is convenient because the writing process during lecture is very, very fast, and produces great looking PDF with beautiful formulas. But it lacks of flexibility because to make my edits to the note searchable in Evernote I have to edit the org file, then export to PDF, then put it into Evernote. So I only use this method for lecture notes; for small notes I type them diretly into Evernote. Why I don't use Pandoc ? Pandoc is great but, on Windows, there is no editor that can export a file using it, and I don't want to use cmd every time I have to export a file. Also there's a pandoc-mode on Emacs but it doesn't like Windows paths... I hope my workflow will be helpful and I'd love to share thoughts with you on this topic.
  20. Hi, I am big into taking digital notes. I have traditionally used Microsoft Onenote along with Dropbox to annotate and sync all my school notes. I am wanting to make the move to Evernote for Windows due to frustration over various technical bugs, but I am finding that it lacks what I need it to do. I am in a professional post-grad program and currently I download all the the different class notes and import them to Onenote. These notes are either Word, powerpoint, or PDF format. Onenote automatically converts the file into a pdf format and places the whole file in view on the note (not a link). From that point I am able to draw over them to annotate, highlight sections, or add text. I would like to be able to do this with Evernote/Skitch. Is there a way to easily be able to import different files, have their contents display in evernote (without converting to a picture format), then be able to annotate over / on them and save back to evernote??? I would also like to be able to add audio notes that correlate to different sections of my notes. For example a professor might be going into a lot of detail over a powerpoint slide and I would just like to have audio that links to that slide. Please help
  21. nanacole

    Evernote for class notes

    I am a law school student and I use Evernote (Mac) to take class notes. I would like to use it to make outlines for class as well. However, I am running into a problem. I cannot make multi-level lists. For example: Sometimes A list Like this works But, 1. Most A. of the time B. I need to make I. Lists like this II. To show 2. sub-levels of rules 3. etc. A. Does that make sense? Every time I try to use a numbered list and I hit [enter] for the next level and then [tab] to go to the for a sub-level, the numbers start over.
  22. Hey guys! I'm new to Evernote. I picked it up mainly because I heard it's great for taking notes in college. I'll be a freshman in a couple of months! I'm gonna be majoring in Computer Science. Is there anyone out there who can share some tips about taking notes on CS classes? Thanks in advance!
  23. Hey everyone, I'm starting a design course in 2 day's time and want a little help organising my files appropriately. Each semester I have 4 classes (Drawing, Design Studio, Photography, Computer Skills this semester). Each week I end up with 5-6 readings for each unit delivered in PDF's, then I have assessments due each week. I'd like to be able to save all of my information in Evernote for easy study + reference. I had two thoughts on the best way to make it work but wanted some feedback. First idea was a nested folder structure. So I'd have on top level folder with multiple sub folders and then have an appropriate naming structure within it. i.e. - Design School -- Design Studio (File) Lesson 1 - Reading: Research (File) Lesson 1 - Reading: The Design Process (File) Lesson 1 - Assignment: Design Interview pt1 Alternatively, I thought of using one folder with a name structure to separate them. i.e. - Design School (File) Drawing Studio101: Lesson 1 - Reading: Research (File) Drawing Studio101: Lesson 1 - Reading: The Design Process (File) Drawing Studio101: Lesson 1 - Assignment: Design Interview pt1 thoughts? I also need to think of a naming structure so that I can list all my content in the following order; Lesson 1 - Forum Posts Lesson 1 - Reading Lesson 1 - Extended Reading Lesson 1 - Assignment Lesson 2 - Forum Posts Lesson 2 - Reading Lesson 2 - Extended Reading Lesson 2 - Assignment any help would be appriciated.
  24. Johnny McClung

    higher ed Taking notes on Evernote's notes

    I'm going to school online and becuase of this I am collecting a lot of digital information mostly in the form of Word documents. I'm also collecting some information from online sources. Once this information is in a Evernote note, what is the best way to take notes on this information. Let's say I've clipped an article into Evernote. Now I need to study and take notes on this article. What is the best way? A couple of ideas off the top of my head. 1. I can write me notes inline with the article. The biggest problem I see with this is differenciating my notes from the article. This would require some sort of formatting that might be tedious. 2. I can create a note link at the top of the article to my "notes" note. Then establish a kind of footnote system where I would put a number behind the sentance I want to make a comment on and then write the comment in the linked note, referencing that number. Depending on the number of notes taken in a single article, it may be tricky to quickly locate my comment. Any other thoughts? Thank you, Johnny McClung
  25. Hi, I'm trying to identify my method for capturing and analyzing data for my Grounded Theory study. I have a feeling that nVivo is the way to go, but I'm also wondering about using Evernote as a way to capture interviews, tag them, create memos, etc. Has anyone tried this? Thx!