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Found 125 results

  1. I am using Evernote for my GTD Setup. I link my next actions to my projects. Right now I need to go to the top of the note, click on "note" and from there "copy internal link". Please create a shortcut for "Copy internal link".
  2. ¡Buenos días Evernoters! El equipo de Evernote en Español está buscando conocer un poco más como es que Evernote ha alcanzado sus vidas. Tenemos muchísimos casos con Evernote ha resultado muy útil para el trabajo o la escuela, pero sabemos que nuestra herramienta es tan vasta que sus usos pueden ser inimaginables. Siempre estamos buscando manera de como compartir Evernote con nuevos usuarios y ayudarles a encontrar esa manera especial en la que podemos ayudar. Por eso, la pregunta del día de hoy es ¿Y tu, como haz estado utilizando Evernote en tu día a día? Ejemplos: Me ha ayudado a aprender un idioma Organizo mis recetas y menú semanal para la familia Lo utilizo para Scrapbooking Estoy escribiendo mi novela Mantiene mis archivos organizados Me ayuda con mis clases Compartenos tus ejemplos y danos un vistazo a como TU utilizas Evernote para alcanzar tus logros y hacerlos realidad. PD: Los mejores casos podrán tener su propia sección y serán promocionados.
  3. until
    You're invited to join the GTD® Book Club: Getting it EverDone®. Each week, Evernote Expert and Certified Consultant Stacey Harmon will be reviewing a chapter of David Allen's best selling book "Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity" and discussing how Evernote is an amazing solution for the concepts he presents....for free! Join in each Monday on the Harmon Enterprises Facebook Page to discuss a new chapter (the series is a total of 18 weeks running February 19th - June 18th). Sessions last approximately 30 minutes each and start at noon Central Standard Time. Those who attend live can ask their questions and get real time answers about deploying GTD® in Evernote. Sessions do get recorded and the posted on both the Harmon Enterprises Facebook page and the Harmon Enterprises YouTube channel for replay. Please join in and share with anyone who could benefit from this focused discussion. You can review week one's session here to see if it is for you and get the feel for how the book club works.
  4. I want to export all my Omnifocus tasks / projects to Evernote. Is there a workaround to make this happen?
  5. I think I may be asking too much from EN to use it as my To Do/GTD system. As a little background, I've tried most To Do apps - Things, OmniFocus, The Hit List, Taskpaper, Remember The Milk etc. So far, Remember The Milk and Taskpaper seem to have worked out quite well. I'm also in the process of trying to dump as many apps as I can (I have far too many) and shifting as much as I can to Evernote. I already use Evernote for the usual web clips and I scan just about every bit of paper I receive. I also use it for project management to a large degree and for keeping a journal, making use of things like IFTTT to automatically send stuff to EN so I can keep a record of where I've been and what I've done. I'd love to use EN as my To Do list. I've tried various systems mentioned here on the forums and elsewhere on the web (such as The Secret Weapon). I believe all of the systems I looked at are pretty good - if you're sat using a desktop client all the time. I probably spend at least 50% of my time without access to my laptop/desktop, so I'm reliant on a good solid mobile experience (iPhone and iPad in my case). The Remember The Milk iOS apps are great for this, especially with their "quick entry" system. Contrast this with adding a new task to Evernote for task management (assume I'm not already in my "task note" for the purpose of this example): Tap Tags Tap the Tag I created for my To Do Tap the Note where I want to add my new Task Tap the icon to enter Edit mode Enter the new Task Click Done Wait for the Save to complete (can take an age on 3G) Watch in panic as the whole note goes blank before it does a re-load And sometimes (as was the case last night when I was out on a walk and had an idea - I added it to EN on the go over 3G) it simply doesn't save, so the change was lost. Contrast this with RTM: Tap the quick entry text area Enter the task Press Enter All done. Don't get me wrong. I think Evernote is the single best application I've ever used and, as a developer, I've used a LOT of applications However, I feel I'm almost forcing myself to use EN for task management. Am I missing something? I even tried use a really simple list app to use on the go, and then copying the tasks to the right place in EN, but if I'm going to use another app anyway, I may as well just use RTM. Perhaps it's just because I really need a good mobile experience for quick entry and modification of notes, and the current version of the iOS app really isn't very good for that. It's excellent for day-to-day general use, but then it was never designed as a task manager, so perhaps I'm asking too much of it? Nobody's forcing me to use EN for this, of course, but it would be nice to be able to do so and get rid of one more app. There are so many people here offering fantastic tips and suggestions, I'm hoping one of you may say "have you tried..." Any news on the rumoured official Evernote To Do implementation?
  6. I work in Corporate America. I invest in real estate on the side. I am married with no kids. I am quite OCD, especially about organization. I have spent countless hours researching how other people use Evernote to 'remember everything' and 'get things done'. I have spent significantly more hours setting up this system than I have saved using this system. Hopefully that will change. Anyway, I wanted to share how I organize Evernote, which is really just The Secret Weapon (TSW) slightly tweaked for my personal needs. This system, in my opinion, limits decisions points (i.e., where should I put this note and how should it be tagged?), effectively tracks action items through to completion, and allows me to save and organize everything else. I will try to keep this explanation clear and concise; here it goes...Limited number of notebooks. I have four:!inbox - Everyone seems to have this one down. This is my default notebook where all notes start before being filed and tagged. Work and personal emails, webclips, random notes and ideas, etc. Case in point, I am writing this in a note that is currently in my !Inbox folder.Action Items (2) - This is a notebook stack for my notes that require action. There are two notebooks inside: Open and Complete. I'm sure you can guess what's in each.Cabinet - Essentially, this is a notebook for all notes that don't require action. I put meeting notes, receipts, webclips, etc. in this notebook.Contextual TaggingI only use tags for context. The tags answer where, when, and what.where - All notes get a where tag. This answers what part of my life the note pertains to (e.g., @work, @home)when - All Open Action Item notes get a when tag. This is how I prioritize notes requiring action. Each of these tags are mutually exclusive. Once the Open Action Item is completed, I remove the when tag and move the note to the Complete notebook. Below is a description of each when tag:what - I use this tag for notes that go in the Cabinet folder. It helps me quickly find things like receipts, meeting minutes, templates, webclips, etc. Not all notes in the Cabinet get a what tag, but many do.1-now - get it done today / tomorrow2-next - get it done this week3-later - get it done within two to four weeks4-someday - get it done someday5-waiting - getting it done is dependent on action by someone else (e.g., you are waiting for someone to reply to your email)TSW recommends a who context as well, but for me that was spiraling out of control quickly, so I nixed it. If a note is associated with a certain person, I usually just try to make sure their name is included in the note itself.Here is a screenshot of my system: I hope this helps at least one person out there!
  7. 1) The Evernote blog published an article on using Getting Things Done (GTD) in Evernote. It included a link to some GTD templates. They were in a shared notebook, which I joined. There are no instructions on how to copy the templates into one of my own notebooks and they templates are locked. Why would Evernote go to the trouble of bringing my attention to these templates without fully explaining how to use them? I Googled and found a note about using templates that was irrelevant because there is no button that adds the notes to my version of Evernote. I haven't been on this forum in many months, but once again I am amazed by how poorly Evernote communicates to customers. 2) I can't figure out how to reach Customer Support. In the past, I reached it through a link on my account page or by Googling, but that method is not working. I keep being taken to a page where I have to log in and then I am sent back to my notebook page. Thanks for your help.
  8. It's nice to have some help to move files around, and maybe rename them, archive them, maybe even create a reading (or a review) list. I normally suggest Belvedere for this task, which is an old-ish app based on an AHK script that mainly used to move files from one location (usually my scanner destination folder) into an Import folder appropriate to the name of the file. Basically it filed my edited scanning for me. Seems like there's a new sheriff in town however. I just found DropIt! (The exclamation point is entirely me - sorry..) "Drop a group of different files and folders on the floating DropIt image and it sorts them to defined destination folders, compresses or extracts them, opens them with associated programs or performs other defined actions." (From the website) It will: If (my) Evernote is to be believed, I actually knew about this app in 2011, but I only installed and used it in anger a few days ago. I don't even recall who gave me the link now (sorry again) but I just dropped about 100 files into the icon on my desktop and for each new file type was asked (effectively) "what should I do with this?". PDF files over a certain size can go direct to a cloud drive now - and I'll see whether I can add a 'packing list' to attach to a note so I know exactly what is where. Other files with keywords in the title can go to my default notebook import folder, or to my local notebook 'receipts' folder, or to... wherever. I'm proceeding slowly to minimise unexpected outcomes, but it's very easy to script actions at my beginner level, and the app is clearly capable of a great deal more. I'd definitely suggest having a look at it - it took ages to get through the initial list - though I've had live assistants that would have taken longer to get the system in their head - but the next time I drop a bunch of files I just have to deal with a few new queries. My progress towards Worlds Laziest Man is already on target for this year
  9. juniorgolf18

    gtd The Secret Weapon - GTD

    Has anyone implemented and used or using "the secret weapon" gtd system that has been discussed on here? I've been using other programs for tasks but would just rather use Evernote and looking at some options. I've looked at GatorBrit's method - Click Here but the Secret Weapon is pretty complete but maybe complicated system Thoughts?
  10. Hello folks, I've come to a point where I have decided that Evernote suites my needs as a source permanent storage and reference, but not so much for doing stuff. I'm trying to find a partner to evernote to work as my front end for doing. Right now I am considering setting up a Kanban style deal in Springpad. I'm curious to see what other tools people use for doing if they don't solely use evernote.
  11. Randy Zeitman

    Incomplete Sync - iPhone 6S

    IS THERE A SETTING TO NOT SEARCH THE TRASH ON THE PHONE? (I've looked, not seeing it.) I've discovered FacileThings facilethings.com and combined with Evernote it seems to be a easier way to acclimate to GTD. In the process I've deleted and almost tagged my 4000+ notes. They sync fine with web.evernote but not the phone. On the phone I have items I trashed on the app that are still show up on the phone with a -tag:* search. I know because when I search notes with -tag:* I get 193 results on app and web, but 594 on the phone. I've cleared the phone Evernote cache (account>settings>clear cache). What else should I try?
  12. Hola Evernoters, El día de ayer deje a mi hija en su guardería y platique un poco con el personal acerca de mi trabajo. Les comenté que trabajo para Evernote y me preguntaron que era. Para no hacerles la historia larga, se quedaron emocionadas que de existiera una herramienta sencilla para poderles ayudar con la administración de su trabajo. Al regresar en la tarde, les presenté una hoja sencilla con ideas (según yo) como pudiera Evernote ayudarles. Me pareció que sería buena idea compartirles el caso y ver que opinan ustedes. Primero identifique los siguientes datos: - El equipo es uno muy pequeño (2-3 personas), por lo que no habían buscado herramientas o algo similar - El numero de niños es reducido (5 o menos) por cada una de las cuidadoras - Utilizan mensajes SMS individuales o grupales para enviarnos fotos o avisos - Utilizan iPhones personales y una computadora Windows principal - Escriben a mano los recibos de pago - Mantienen la información para los padres de familia en hojas impresas, y a veces se quedan sin copias - Mantienen un registro con cada niño, que incluye formas, registros de vacunación y documentos firmados para la validez de la institución - Mantienen un registro de la documentación del inmueble, como inspecciones y otras cosas ¿Como usarían Evernote en una situación como esta? Yo ya tengo una respuesta pero me gustaría ver como harían la adaptación ustedes. Una de las cosas que me gusta de Evernote es que existen muchas variaciones y formas de adaptarse, incluso para todo tipo de bolsillo. Es por eso que antes de darles mi respuesta, me encantaría ver las suyas. Es más, podría encontrar maneras que no había pensado.
  13. Espen Liland

    GTD Completed actions

    Hi. I'm a new user trying to make a GTD system for my todos. What do you guys - who are working with this system - do with the completed tasks? I don't want to delete them nor do I want to see them when searching for incomplete actions.
  14. I use Evernote for my GTD, but with the latest updates this is getting pretty tough. In the new Evernote Web and in the Android application I can no longer see the notes in a specific notebook that have certain tag (s). Whenever I select any tags, Evernote returns to show ALL the notebooks, not the notebook I was in. And when I select a different notebook, it returns to show ALL the tags. I use several notebooks (+/- 10), each for a certain area / activity (tasks, holidays, personal, professional, college ...), and when I select a notebook (eg tasks), I want to see only What's in that notebook. Until version 4.6 of Evernote windows this was the default behavior, but that was changing. Today, in version 6.5 for windows, I still can to 'get around' the problem with control-clicks, but in the web and android version there is no way. Is it that I am no longer able to do this, or has Evernote taken this feature? Without being able to make my GTD, Evernote loses all the 'magic' and I need to look for alternatives. Milton
  15. Before I spend $10 to download David Allen's "EVERNOTE® FOR WINDOWS" user guide - I was wondering if anyone has experience using it and if so - is it better than other best practices . such as some of those listed in this forum? I am trying to come up to speed with both GTD and Evernote - so I would prefer to start with a well vetted approach and then modify down the road if needed rather than develop it from scratch to serve my needs as some folks have suggested in past posts. Thank you.
  16. Most folks who use David Allen's GTD (Getting Things Done) productivity system with Evernote have heard of The Secret Weapon by Braintoniq. David Allen and the good people over at GTD have their own setup guide (for $10) where they show you how to set up Evernote for use with GTD - GTD & Evernote For Windows. I have not purchased the GTD product, but I've seen many forum members here have. How does it work verses Braintoniq's The Secret Weapon? Is it worth the $10? I'd like to avoid redundancy here. I've set up Evernote using TSW technique with some tweaks of my own, but feel it could be better. Wondering if David Allen's guide is substantially different, offering a new or alternative approach, or if they're pretty much the same thing.
  17. Lola Blue Mae

    Limiting Google Calendar syncing

    I've grudgingly accepted that Google Calendar is the only way for our team to keep track of what we're scheduling when. Oh, how I wish there were a full-function EN calendar! Whining aside: I understand that when I create events or reminders in EN, it will sync with the gcal. But I have private notebooks as well as shared notebooks in my EN. I want only the events/reminders from my few shared notebooks to show up in the team calendar. I've poked around looking to set that restriction, but haven't found it. Is it possible? Thanks!
  18. JErnestGo

    Re-purposing (Re-using) Notes

    Those who are using either GTD, or TSW with Evernote. How do you do it? If a Note is made Actionable, but would require dual or multiple-Actions? Do you duplicate Notes and use them for different actions? or do you simply make use of a single Note and re-purpose / re-use them as needed?
  19. Hey all, I've been trying out Evernote as a platform for GTD via The Secret Weapon. I'm enjoying it greatly so far, however the mobile apps all lack the ability to sort notes by tag. Preferably, any view that displays notes would be able to sort them by tag in symbol, number, alpha order - both ascending and descending. This is a pivotal feature for TSW users and without it, I have to fumble through menus, and end up spending more time trying to review my notes than reviewing my notes. Thanks!
  20. Hello My problem : When we want to add a tag to our notes we must obligatorily type exactly each character of the latter and do not forget one. --------------Example-------------- For the tag "1.1- Next Actions" We are obliged to type the numbers "1.1-" ---------------------------------------- --------------- Solutions ---------------------------- 1- The best solution to deploy is to allow the recognition of the tag that we want to add even if we do not want to type the first character that composes it --------------Example-------------- To be able to add the tag "1.1- Next Actions" by simply typing "next" or "next action" and Evernote would detect that we are talking about the tag "1.1- Next Actions". ---------------------------------------- 2- Allow us to decide the location of the labels manually rather than necessarily in alphabetical order by obliging us to create systems composed of numberings --------------Example-------------- 1.1- Waiting 2.1- Now 2.2 Next Actions ---------------------------------------- I do not understand if the feature was present in the later releases why have it removed? O_O '
  21. ¡Hola Evernoters y Evernautas! Estamos ya en la segunda semana de Enero y este año promete muchas cosas nuevas. Para mi, esta época del año es muy importante, ya que trae muchos momentos de reflexión acerca de lo logrado en el año anterior y lo que hace falta. Después del caos y ajetreo de las fiestas decembrinas, es un buen tiempo para mi en el que tomo para organizar mis pendientes, prioridades y sobretodo, mi cuenta de Evernote. Mi cuenta de Evernote es para mi, mi cerebro externo. Contiene mis ideas, inspiraciones y las cosas que necesito mi día a día. Es emocionante explorar mi cuenta y descubrir contenido que había olvidado o contenido que ya no necesito porque he logrado la meta relacionado con el. En este 2017, mi cuenta de Evernote tiene más enfoque mis resoluciones para este 2017. Les comparto un listado rápido: Prepararme para el examen JLPT N3 y aprobarlo Organizar mejor mi menú semanal de comidas para tomar menos tiempo cocinando Terminar mi diplomado Redecorar mi alcoba para hacerla más eficiente en organización He dedicado las ultimas semanas para re-organizar el contenido que ya tenía en mi cuenta acerca de esto y crear nuevo para complementarlo. Es inspirador verlo como toma forma y le quita un poco lo intimidarte o imposible que pudiera parecer. Para ustedes, ¿Cuales son sus propósitos para Año nuevo?
  22. I've read The Secret Weapon's system for organizing your life using Evernote. It seems that Evernote is well suited as a digital filing cabinet and note taker. However I'm not so sure it fits as a good task/todo list manager: Since I'm an engineering student all my to-dos come from h.w assignments or reading assignments (email clutter isn't a problem for me). These types of assignments don't require more than the title of a note (for example: 'finish calculus assignment'). Furthermore, when I'm finished with a note it's supposed to go into the 'Completed' notebook. This seems a bit of an overkill for notes that act as a h.w assignment reminders. Why then does it make sense for me to use Evernote instead of Trello which offers me a visual to-do list?
  23. I have used EN for quite a while for task management. I have a hybrid set up consisting of what works for me from GTD & TWS. Nothing major. I like the system well enough and find it acceptable. I'm also moving my journal from DayOne (Mac) over to EN just to keep everything under one roof. This is a side story really, but the point is, I'm basically living in EN preferring to have one application for many needs instead of multiple applications. Although I think DayOne serves as a journal somewhat better than EN, EN can very well accommodate. So, the theme lately for me has been to move as many functions into EN as possible within reason. I know it can't be all things, but it can do a lot of things pretty well. Background I work in IT as a MSP. My company uses a well-known-to-the-industry modular web based application where customer work tickets are created and tracked. The system is also our CRM, technical knowledge base, and does customer billable time tracking which pushes into an accounting software package. The application does A TON of things, but the interface is clunky, and it feels like you have to force yourself to use it. Attaching a simple screen shot requires several clicks, and in order to view the attached file later, you have to download it and open it in a viewer. No inline viewing. The mobile app is almost unusable. But, it's not going anywhere. I'm stuck with it. On to the Question I never can seem to ask a simple to-the-point question in this forum. Apologies. Since I'm using the company software for "work stuff" while also trying to use EN for basically everything, I'm finding that I'm creating tasks in Evernote with links back to the company tickets thus double entering information. I have two tags to separate work from personal (Projects-Work & Projects-Home). I prefer to have all the "things" I need to accomplish under one pane of glass, so to speak, and EN does that well. But, our ticketing system is designed so that other techs can look up information months down the road about an issue a customer had. It's a basic technical support ticketing system. As such, it makes sense for the company to have all that history. My problem is, it's tough to get information into it at times, especially in the field. EN is simple. I've tried putting all the history of an issue in EN by time-stamping updates as I go, along with screen shots, and then copy/paste back into the company software. The fields are text-only so you miss all the attachments. Also, the ticketing system is designed so that each time you work on a problem, you create a "time entry" or "note" which adds time/date stamps, as well as hours worked which creates the history of the issue. None of this can be properly copy/pasted. What to do? Do I continue to double enter, and just make sure all the details get into the company software? Should I stop putting any work related things in EN and force myself to use the company software, and only use EN for personal tasks. I've over-thought this and know the answer is simple, and there could be a number of "right" answers. Just looking for an ideas from the community. I'm looking for a black/white solution and like always, there may not be one! Thanks in advance.
  24. First of all, to those who provided feedback on my first video... thank you! Based on some of the suggestions, I re-recorded the intro video, along with new slides, here: http://youtu.be/hN1qwOBxeM8 Additionally, I have added a second video, describing the daily review process:http://youtu.be/e1OWs3b1atc I'm hoping to tackle the Weekly Reflection/Planning video this week. As always, feedback is welcomed.
  25. Having tried GTD (even shelling out my own $ to attend Allen's training), Covey's Weekly Planning and Mark Forster's "systems, I decided to create my own system. So if you: Have a flexible schedule Don't jive with "next action" lists and pre-planned calendars Enjoy doing things moment by moment, but... Struggle with procrastination Give this a try! All I ask is that you provide feedback, ask questions, etc. Thanks!