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  1. Hello Evernote pals! First post here. Pretty happy Premium user. Experiencing a few issues with Web Clipper. In roughly descending order of importance (to me of course :-) ) tl;dr: In 2017, I need <1s clip speed, near-perfect page parsing (preferably using the *already locally parsed and downloaded content*), and no changes in scroll position of the page should *ever* happen when I click the Clip button. 1. Speed. Clipper needs to be fast and it just isn't. RIght now Pinboard and Pocket are absolutely blowing it out of the water on Firefox on a reasonably quick 2014 rMBP
  2. ricsweb

    Firefox TED videos

    How do I add just the "video" to an existing note from the TED website without downloading the video?
  3. i saw many peoples reported the Evernote Web Clipper has problem, so i keep using old version Web Clipper but after updated Firefox Quantum, it auto updated my Web Clipper to version 6.13 when i reopen Firefox, the Web Clipper logged out, so i try to find out what happened, until i go to delete Firefox history (Ctrl+Shift+Del) each time one box checked only, till only delete cookie, Web Clipper logged out ......... can i change to use session or token or secure key or someting (i don't know) instead this stupid COOKIE xD
  4. Howdy all, I use the forward slash, "/", in my tags to express hierarchy, e.g. Design/Furniture/Chairs. When I attempt to type a "/" in the clipper (6.13) for Firefox, it does not accept the character. Also, "`" does not invoke clipper. Any ideas as to a fix or workaround? ```
  5. Ola a todos! Quando tento capturar uma imagem usando o essa extensão,consigo inserir todas as informações mas quando clico no botão para salvar não funciona.Nada acontece,como se estivesse um campo a ser preenchido,
  6. EN Always uses Safari even if the the default browser is set to Chrome, Firefox or something else. The OSX preference is accessible EN should pay attention to this setting.
  7. Hi. I'm trying to clip a few pages in Firefox for Mac and its not working. The clipper window either doesn't open or it shows a shadowy arrow and then nothing. In Firefox add-on debugging I keep seeing this: Evernote Web Clipper Reading manifest: Error processing background.persistent: Event pages are not currently supported. This will run as a persistent background page. Reading manifest: Error processing options_page: An unexpected property was found in the WebExtension manifest. Extension ID {E0B8C461-F8FB-49b4-8373-FE32E9252800} Internal UUID 3f108101-b80b-8a
  8. I have had the problem with the red dot for 6 months. I have most recent Firefox ( and have tried various clipper add ons . The clipper has a red dot. At beginning of session I click on it. It asks for google user name and pword which I enter. Then pop up closes. But nothing else happens and red dot still there.If I try again it it momentarily opens then closes. I have to use the old 6.9.3 for it to work again. Even then it stops working as soon as I later close the browser and reopen it. I have turned off all add ons (except clipper) in case of some clash. It is most frus
  9. Hello, After the last update of Firefox for macOs, Evernote Web Clipper stopped working. Firefox 55.0.3 (64-bit) Evernote Web Clipper Thanks, great work.
  10. I want to highight my text in web clipper (specifically Firefox) but I can't seem to do it. Even with the Evernote shortcuts of CMD CTL H, that is not available. Or CMD OPTN I. Any thoughts? Highlight would be huge for me.
  11. I would like to see a simple option during the webclip to allow for the removal of pictures from the clip. I do a lot of research clipping and just need the text for reference, not the images. Also cuts down on storage space required. There is a product that do clipping of articles called "Print Friendly" at http://www.printfriendly.com/ that has such a feature. When they do their clip, it has a check box to allow removal of pictures form the clip. This cleanly removes all pictures and grapics from the clip leaving a very clean text clip with formating. This would be a great function for
  12. GambaJo

    Firefox Can't log in

    I can't login in Evernote web clipper 6.9.3 and Firefox 50. When I type in my credentials and press login, I get the message "unknown error".
  13. I am running Firefox build 50.1.0 and Evernote Clipper - I have been unable to use clipper since a popup box was introduced as the login default. I put my username and password and the box disappears and the clipper icon remains non-functional. Pressing it brings up the pop-up login .... again and again and again. I have reinstalled the Clipper multiple times and the problem remains. Can you please recommend a FIX. I have integrated clipper into my normal workflow and the lack of function is having a big impact on my ability to work effectively.
  14. You guys have a great product! I love it. It just doesn't work consistently in my preferred desktop browser... Some times when I open a note in Firefox nothing except for the title shows up. If I open the same note in Chrome it works fine. Opening a different note in Firefox works fine too. I don't know if it matters but I have only seen this happen with a web-clipped note. The clipping was done using the Firefox plug-in. Browser: 54.0 (64-bit) Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu Canonical - 1.0 os: Ubuntu 16.04, kernel version 4.4.0-91-generic
  15. The extension, when clicked on, opens a window and closes right after it opens and it wont let me sign in or anything. It's been like that for a long time. Would really like some help.
  16. diff -uN a/js/main/Account.js b/js/main/Account.js --- a/js/main/Account.js 2017-08-02 01:18:23.729526636 +0200 +++ b/js/main/Account.js 2017-08-02 01:18:26.613575823 +0200 @@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ d ? (e._accountIsOffline || (log.warn("Account offline"), e._accountIsOffline = !0), c = a.OFFLINE) : (e._accountIsOffline && (log.warn("Account online"), e._accountIsOffline = !1), b ? (log.error(b), c = h && i.indexOf(b.errorCode) > -1 ? 0 : a.ERROR, b.errorCode === EDAMErrorCode.ACCOUNT_CLEAR && (Persistent.clearForUser("notebooksCache", e.userInfo.userI
  17. I just clipped a page, and by chance, noticed that in settings, notebook selection was on smart filing rather than my chosen default to a specific folder. I didn't change the setting. possibly, there was an Evernote update and my setting was over-written? Anyway, software using its discretion to flip to another setting really gets my goat...
  18. When I try to clip from a html page in my hard disk (not from the www) by Evernote Firefox clipper, it does not clip the article - it only asks to clip URL. Is this a bug - or is there any specific reason for this?
  19. I am having a problem with Evernote Web Clipper in Firefox Browser. I am now using V 51.0.1 of Firefox. However, this issue was going on back in V 50.0 and forward. The problem is having to log-in over and over again. The login is required every time I go to use Webclipper. I have to say this is really a major issue. Since this been going on for the last few Evernote Web Clipper updates, I had to revert back to V 6.2.0. To keep my machines updated, I tried the update of V and it's doing the same thing and maybe a bit worse. If I am busy saving info to Ev
  20. Hi. I'm a web developer and use the console a lot. Recently I've noticed I'm getting a lot of console spam and I had some time to do something about it today. I went through disabling every plugin in turn and narrowed the problem down to Evernote - sadly too because I use the **** out of Evernote. I love evernote it's awesome and disabling the plugin is a real pain. So here's the deets: Firefox 54.0 32-bit (this also occurs on Waterfox, which I tried this on). My machine is: Windows 8.1 Enterptise Core i5-4690k And here's the spam I get on every single page refre
  21. Today I tried to get an article on a wordpress blog, via clipper, but in the simplified article there are a few links missing. If I use Safari or Firefox reading mode, the links appear. Example: Original Post: You can show the original post here: https://www.tuttosullapostaelettronica.it/blog/2017/06/21/come-verificare-un-indirizzo-di-posta-elettronica/ Can you fix it? Thanks Andrea
  22. Hi, The Web Clipper on Firefox was updated, and Firefox on my computer applied the update recently--Version: (48bcd17/ Tonight, when I clipped some content, I discovered that the web clipper settings had changed. In particular, both Related results [ ] Show Evernote content related to my web searches. PDF page button [ ] Show Save to Evernote button on PDF pages. were turned on. I've always kept them off because otherwise, they hinder my work. I turned
  23. Hi, i make a day several Webclipper Tags in my Notes in Firefox about Website contents. But after a while I do not know, if I made it, or not, so I have to look in my Evernote. But the useability would be more better, if I have a Symbol, when I go with the mouse of the Add-On in Firefox Evernote Clipper would me recognize, that from this Website I made a Note or not.. Would be super, when this feature will be soon exist. Best regards Georg
  24. There doesn't seem to be any way to permanently dismiss the annoying little web clipper "nag" to "try it out" every time I navigate to a page with a PDF download or reader. Yes, we can click the X box, and the nag disappears. But it reappears persistently... even after we have "tried it out." We don't always want to use it. Give us a switch to permanently turn off the nags, at least after a "first-time" use. Thanks.
  25. Hi, I'm a bit disappointed, that the firefox esr versions (firefox long-term-support versions, actual version: 45.9.0) are not supported by Web Clipper.
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