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Found 33 results

  1. Alberto7

    Evernote for 10.11.6

    Hi guys:) Where can I download Evernote for OS X EL CAPITAN 10.11.6? I find only for 10.12 Thank you!
  2. I accidentally signed in through google with my email, which created an a new evernote account. However, I want to change my email account preference to that new email address for my ACTUAL evernote, but now I can't because it says the other email is taken. I went in and deactivated the other email account, tried to change again, but it didn't work.
  3. Currently the business product is disjointed with workflows not allowing pins to be created or removed in IOS on our iPad Pros making people load the website on the same device. You guys have got have basic parity with workflow experiences so people don't have to exist the IOS native app and literally load a website on safari to edit and pins basic notes via "Spaces". Extremely frustrating
  4. I am using EN basic on the Web using Firefox 62.02 and cannot see templates I just downloaded as per your announcements. The templates are saved but don't know where they go (when I open a new note there is no template option). What am I doing wrong?
  5. I've finally bitten the bullet (and a chewy bullet it is too) and updated to v. 6.15 of the Windows program, skipping over the bugginess of versions 6.8 and following. One thing I knew was that some keyboard shortcuts had changed in the interval, so I just went through the whole set. I found that there are several that are still undocumented in the online Help article on shortcuts. Here are the ones I found: Application-wide: Ctrl + Shift + I = Display Note Info (no longer starts a new Ink note) Application-wide: Shift + Alt + T = Search Tags (not Jump to Tags, as the documentation says, unless that's meant to be the same thing) Editor: Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow / Down Arrow = Make selected text superscript/subscript (see a post by @emerick here) Editor: Tab at end of table to insert new row (not documented in the Help article on tables either) Left Panel & Note List: use of Tab / Shift + Tab to move among panels Note List: Ctrl + Alt + L = Copy Internal Link to the clipboard Note List: Not really a keyboard shortcut, but really useful info that doesn't seem to be documented anywhere (except this post by @CalS): Right click a note and press Ctrl when selecting Copy Internal Link to copy an external link to the clipboard, that is, a link that will open the note in the Evernote program from elsewhere in Windows (e.g., a desktop shortcut or a link in a document) @Shane D., sorry to flag you down, but I wonder if these could be passed along to whoever works on documentation and help. Evernote has a great set of shortcuts, but undocumented ones aren't too useful.
  6. Yet again I am going to try to go paperless. I will likely go to Premium so I can have the app on multiple devices. I am starting to use templates. Does anyone have a cool daily journal template they would like to share that really works for them? Once upon a long long time ago I was a Daytimer user and I used the two page per day with Notes. Would love something like that but with a "pretty" flair to it
  7. We detected suspicious activity on some users' accounts and have recently emailed them.This is related to reports of users receiving failed email notifications that they never sent, indicating that someone has learned the password to their account. The Evernote service wasn’t compromised, but we believe someone other than the account owner has learned the password to these accounts. Just to be safe, we’ve reset these user’s passwords. If you have not received this email notification from us and you have not seen any failed email notifications that you did not send, then you are likely not impacted. If you would like to take proactive action to further secure your Evernote account, take these steps below: Please visit https://www.evernote.com/ForgotPassword.action to set a new one. We recommend that you choose a strong password that you use only for Evernote. We also suggest that you change your password on any other websites where you may have used the same password. You can find more tips for keeping your account secure on our Customer Security page: https://evernote.com/security/tips/. To learn how to identify if an email that has been sent from Evernote is authentic, please visit this Help and Learning page: https://help.evernote.com/hc/articles/115004380587.
  8. It seems that Evernote is supposed to open up links in the default (chosen) browser, but on Mac, that's not the case. At least not on my computer. Is this how it supposed to be on OS X or is it just my computer and, if so, how can I fix it? SOLVED: Firefox made me think it was the default browser, but it wasn't. Now it works.
  9. Where can I find a list of all the shortcuts for text substitution available on the web client? These are the ones I know about: [] creates a check box [x] creates a checked check box * creates a bulleted list --- [enter] creates a horizontal rule !!!!! creates a highlighted "!" Which ones am I missing?
  10. I just added about 25 files to my usual Import Folder. About 1/3 of them successfully made it into Evernote. The rest are still sitting in the original folder. I can right click and send them to Evernote but what's going on? It's not an upload limit because I've only used 2% of my monthly upload this month. the only thing I can think of that changed was that I changed the rubric from Keep to Delete today. I'd formerly had it as delete but recently had to reinstall EN after a hard drive format and didn't realize it had defaulted to Keep everything. I have tried signing out and closing EN, opening and re-signing in, no change. Using Windows 6.14
  11. I have been an EN user for a number of years and this is the first time I have received the message below. I definitely have not come close to any maximum emails as I think this is my third today...is it down for anyone else? We couldn’t deliver your message The emailed note was received, but an internal error occured while processing it. Please try sending the note again later.
  12. Hi, I have had for a long time now a single notification alert on my iPhone icon (red circle) but I cannot find what this is trying to alert me to or where to look. Any ideas?
  13. Hi there, and welcome to the Evernote Discussion Forum! In order to begin using the Evernote Discussion Forums you will first need to setup an Evernote Account. Once completed, you can then login with your Evernote Account to setup your Evernote Forum Account and begin posting in the discussion forums. To setup your Evernote Account do this: Click on 'Existing user? Sign In' in the top right hand corner of the page This will direct you to the 'Evernote Sign in Screen' Click on 'Create Account' Choose an email address and password you would like to use for your Evernote Account Select a 'Display Name' and click on 'Create My Account' After you have selected your 'Display Name', you can begin posting in the Evernote Discussion Forums with your Evernote Forum Account Congratulations, you've successfully completed the account creation process! Note: All new members will need to have their first post approved before their posts will be publicly viewable
  14. I put a lot of photos in my Evernote Notes and would like to move all of them to my Mac photos or Mac pictures. Can this be done? If so please send directions. Thank you.
  15. Hi Everybody I have a Desktop Evernote ( (306387) Public (CE Build ce-1.36.3494)) installed on my Windows 10 Home edition 1709 Version. Since a couple of month both Evernote Icon on the start menu and on the taskbar have no evernote logo on the icon. I have tried to uninstal and install it a couple of times withous solving the problem. Another interesting thing is that when Evernote is running on my computer, it creates another icon, instead of showing that little white bar under the icon fixed on the taskbar. Thank you for your comments. All the best,
  16. Sean Murphy

    Where is the Print Note feature

    Has the latest version for the iPad lost its printing capability? I can’t find it anywhere.
  17. hi so i've been using Evernote for like a year or 2 now had almost no problem with it til some time ago a noticed the API for signing in via google account is gone..along with re-login request ... dealt with those and moved along now, yesterday i had to reset my tablet .. so after resetting .. the first thing i do always i update my Googe play store , since the stoke version shows me most applicarions are not compatible.. so while it updates i queue up sevral apps so it starts after all done.. Evernote was queued seccessfully ... after update done..i noticed no app was queued.. so while i was queuing apps .. i found Evernote install button not there..i open the app page ..i listed as incompatible with my device and wont allow me to install it how was compatible a moment ago (if we ignored the 2 years im using it) and after updating the store is grayed out??? my tablet is running kitkat 4.2.2
  18. Hey, are these the local files of EverNote? And I should always backup the Database folder, right? And suppose I format the PC, I want to import the notes from those files so I checked the import option in EverNote and it asks me to point to .enex files but I only see .exb files there? Can anyone please clear this for me?
  19. Evernote for windows won't sync for the last 2 weeks. I've tried everything I could find to solve the issue but nothing helped. Updated to the latest version if it makes a difference. I'm using Windows 7 and I keep getting the exclamation mark on "sync". Never happened before. Any ideas on how to solve this? I tried logging in and out on all of my devices, uninstalling and reinstalling etc. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks for taking your time to read this.
  20. @pwutt

    Premium User

    I have a Premium account that I've just renewed . I was a premium customer but let it lapse for a couple of months after it ran out. I have just renewed and what I would like to know is will the renewal be on my basic account?The reason I ask is it said PREMIUM on my other premium accounts but not on this one, is it a change does anyone know? also where do I find please the email address I use for forwarding to my notes. TIA
  21. Hi, I use Evernote on Linux and want to install the Windows desktop Client with wine. But I'm not able to find a download link for the Windows client. I only get the Page to download either the iOS or Android App.. Can anyone help me with that?
  22. Hi all, As we work to continue to improve the Evernote Discussion Forums, I wanted to provide an update and context to how user's membership levels are handled. See the following information below regarding member levels, and how users are promoted to the next level. Thanks! Member Level Criteria: Our community’s member levels are determined by commenting activity—when you reach a certain level, you are automatically placed into a new group with a new member title. In the future, member titles will also have badges associated with them. Guest - New User/Not logged in Member - 0-9 posts; Must have first post approved by Admin Member + - 10-99 posts Noteworthy -100+ posts Guru - 300+ posts; 50+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval Super Guru - 500+; 75+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval Member Level Access/Perks: Guest (New User/0 Posts) - User is not signed in, and may only be browsing. They cannot create or reply to posts, cannot report content, and they will only have ‘view’ access. Once user signs in with their account and posts, they will be automatically upgraded to ‘Member’ status. Member (0-9 posts)- Once a user signs in, their first attempted post must be verified by an Admin. Once their first post is approved, they will be able to post content that will be immediately viewable to the forum community. Additionally, ‘Member' cannot start more than 5 conversation in a day, cannot message more than 5 recipients at one time, and are limited to 10 reactions per day. After successfully posting more than 9 posts, they will be automatically upgraded to 'Member +' status. Member + (10-99 posts) - Have all permissions available to 'Member'. Additionally, they do not have conversation or messaging limitations, can use signatures for their posts, and have an unlimited number of reactions per day. After posting more than 50 posts successfully, they will be automatically upgraded to ‘Noteworthy’ status. Noteworthy (100+ posts) - Have all permissions available to 'Member +’. Additionally, Noteworthy users can create polls. Guru - (300+ posts; 50+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval) - Have all permissions available to ‘Noteworthy’. Additionally, Guru’s have limited moderator power that enable them tohide/move topics and ideas. Super Guru (500+ posts; 75+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval)- Have all permissions and moderator powers available to ‘Guru’. They also have the additional moderator power of being able to flag spammers. Super Guru will have access to the ‘Super Guru Club’. The club receives first access to upcoming changes/plans from Evernote, acts as a sounding board for user feedback, and receives specially dedicated attention from Evernote’s staff. Reporting and Moderation: Our Gurus (300+ posts; 50+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval) will be allowed to help organize and tend the community’s grounds. When members reach this level they gain the ability to hide spam content as well as the ability to move content around in the forums. The “remove spam” ability should only be used to remove spam content, and the “move” ability should only be used to move content to its correct forum or sub forum. Our Super Gurus (500+ posts; 75+ Reputation Points; Admin Approval) have the additional power to flag an individual user as a spammer. This will immediately suspend the spammer’s account in the forum, and prevent from posting in the future. Any member, no matter the level, can use the reporting tool to notify an Evernote employee to review particular content in the forums. There is no requirement or expectation that these members perform these functions, however, their status allows them to do so if they wish. *Update: Due to a technical limitation, these rules will not retroactively affect your account to upgrade your member level. If your member level is not accurate and needs to be adjusted, please reach out to Shane D. directly. Thank you!*
  23. Hi All, We often see posts and inquiries from users encountering issues with payment, billing, or with their subscriptions. In order to receive assistance with these types of issues you must open a support ticket as we cannot assist you with payment, billing, or subscription issues here in the discussion forums. The reasons for this are to avoid the dissemination of user’s private billing information within the forums, and because making changes to a user’s billing/subscription requires access to administrative tools that are only available to our commerce support team. To open a support ticket, go here. (You may be prompted to login to your Evernote Account) From the What can we help you with? dropdown menu, select the Billing and Payments category. From there, select the categories that most closely matches the type of billing/subscription issue you’re encountering. Once you have selected the topic, you should see the option to submit a support ticket at the bottom of the page. The button looks like this: Once you have submitted the ticket, one of our support agents will reach out to you to further assist you with the issue you’re encountering. We appreciate your consideration, and thank you for using Evernote!
  24. Hi All, We often see threads/posts from users indicating that they have lost access to their Evernote Account, and are trying to regain that access. This can occur for a myriad of reasons, but generally the issues are related to a user losing or forgetting their password, losing the ability to access Two-Factor Authentication verification, or they lose access to the email address tied to their Evernote Account. Given the nature of these types of access issues, users will need to open a support ticket in order to address the issue and regain access to their Evernote Account. The reason for this is that only our customer support team has access to the tools necessary to make changes to an Evernote Account. Additionally, users may need to provide information that we do not want to make publicly visible in the discussion forums. To open a support ticket, go here. You will be prompted to login to your Evernote Account, but if you do not have your login credentials available, click on Continue as guest. From the What can we help you with? dropdown menu, select the ‘My Account’ category. From the Select a topic dropdown menu, select the type of issue you’re encountering. Once you have selected the topic, you should see the option to submit a support ticket at the bottom of the page. The button looks like this: Once you have submitted the ticket, one of our support agents will reach out to you to further assist you with the issue you’re encountering.
  25. Hi everyone, I lead Evernote's security team. We recently received reports from a small number of users that they had discovered unauthorized access on their account from a third-party app called "Geeknote". We believe that someone has learned these users’ passwords from a website or service not associated with Evernote. Our security team investigated these reports and found that Geeknote was being used by malicious actors to automate access to our service. We care about the security of Evernote customers, so we’ve revoked the app from our service to disrupt the abuse and protect customers. If you were previously a Geeknote user, we've emailed you directly to explain this change. If we detected unauthorized access on your account, we've also emailed you and reset your password. If you have not received either email notification from us, then you are likely not impacted. We recommend that you always use a unique password on your Evernote account and setup two-factor authentication to better protect it. See https://evernote.com/security/tips for more tips on how to secure your account. To understand more about Evernote and third-party applications visit: https://evernote.com/privacy/third-party-apps