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Found 163 results

  1. I want to setup on my laptop. My OS windows 8. But I can't setup evernote. When I tried to setup, just have a error message. "Setup Error (.\Bootstrapper.cpp:915) 0x656:can not open setup log file " What is the problem? help me.
  2. afincha

    Evernote Problems

    I have been having problems with my Evernote and am getting nowhere with tech support, so I'm hoping somebody here has some insight. My Evernote wouldn't allow me to update the program on my computer, but I didn't worry about it until I noticed that nothing was syncing to my computer from my other devices. I contacted tech support, who ran me through a bunch of stuff that didn't work and eventually had me install Revo to "thoroughly" uninstall the program. I used this, and then they had me try to reinstall...wouldn't work. They then sent me this: "Please this file in the following path on your system: C:\Users\[uSERNAME]\AppData\Local\Temp Please replae [uSERNAME] with your windows user many (without the [ ] brackets) Once it is on the directory, you can double click it to start the installer." Tried this (even with all the typos) and it doesn't work. I continue getting the following error messages: "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. Click OK to try again or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package "Evernote.msi" in the box below." When I try to continue I receive this message: "The file is not a valid installatin package for the product. Try to find the installation package 'Evernote.msi' in a folder from which you can install it." Then it tells me: "The older version of Evernote cannot be removed. Contact your tech support group." Finally, it tells me: "(./Bootstrapper.cpp:915) 0x643: Fatal error during installation." I can't figure this out. Any help is appreciated. I've looked around at some of the other troubleshooting posts, specifically this one: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/36401-windows-error-code-2732-workarounds/ I've tried the Ultimate Fix, and it doesn't work. I can't continue with the other fixes because C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote doesn't seem to exist on my computer as I've deleted everything related to Evernote. So I'm just kind of stuck in limbo, where I have uninstalled everything, but can't install it back. Any help is appreciated!
  3. Recently I encountered SO MANY issues with Evernote, both Windows version in my Office and Mac at home. The symptom is for some reason the sync cannot completed successfully. I even completely deleted my Evernote and database, hope to solve the problem by doing a clean re-install, but the problem just got worse. I have 2900 notes in my Evernote, and the app has already synced for 3 DAYS (8 hours a day), it keep encountering sync error. But the error is not permanent, after a couple of retry the note can be synced, so far I have synced 1700 notes only. Below is part of the log, this kind of message are all over the huge log file, the sync just failed for no reason... 13:05:09 [11916] 41% * resource data, size=5798813:05:09 [11916] 41% * resource recognition data, size=52113:05:09 [11916] 41% Retrieving resource, total size=504491513:05:09 [11916] 41% * guid={c23c08ce-4f5d-44ff-83e1-e5db5b88a02c}13:05:09 [11916] 41% * note={d26b02cb-a11f-4cd0-90dc-3b75be183d24}13:05:09 [11916] 41% * resource data, size=504491513:05:11 [11916] 41% Submitting a batch of 103 note calls, size=9.0MB13:05:30 [3036] 41% No more data to read.13:05:43 [11916] 41% No more data to read.13:05:44 [4008] Client synchronization finished, status: failed I am a premium member and I have emailed the support team, but no response from them at all. I feel a bit disappointed of the Evernote team this time, as I always believe evernote is the most (NOTone of the most, but the most) innovative and useful application I have ever met. Also I am quite unhappy that Evernote always "redesign the app completely", yes it is always good to make changes, but i think it is a little bit too frequent, especially the Mac app and iPhone app, users are familiar with the existing interface already, each time it "build completely from sketch", will introduce lot of issues.
  4. Hola, Tengo un problema que me sucede muy frecuentemente: hay errores en la sincronización de mis notas-libretas y ya no puedo restaurar la sincronización. La única solución que me funciona es tener que eliminar la aplicación en mi mac y volver a descargarla, lo cual es una pérdida de tiempo por lo que ya estoy molestándome. Adjunto el screen-shot del error que tengo ahora mismo. ¿Alguien sabe alguna mejor solución para este problema? ¡Gracias!
  5. vadlicious

    [HELP] SYNC error on windows

    Sorry if there' already posts about the down sync on windows. I'm having this issue right now. So, I used evernote on my mac before this. But since my mac is down, I need to get those notes I left. Then I swtich to my pc, download evernote. I can do the login but no notes are 'revived' from my old one. Only stops until the notebooks, but each notebooks doesn't contain any notes. Hope somebody can help. I did the uninstall/shutdown/reboot/etc. And still nothing. Thanks in advance. here's the log : Evernote_5.7.2.5753_20141203.txt
  6. Sabugar Sueb

    Syncronization problem

    Hi All, I am downloaded the Evernote on my Laptop and try to sync but constantly error found "Syncronization Failed". Here is log file. Kindly help for resolve this. Log file 09:51:15 [4040] Client synchronization started 09:51:15 [3712] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/note/s381 09:51:15 [3712] 0% * loaded 3 sync chunks, updateCount=97 09:51:15 [3712] 0% Loaded updateCount: 0 09:51:16 [3712] 0% Usage Metrics: sessionCount=1 09:51:16 [3712] 0% Client updateCount: 0, server updateCount: 97 09:51:16 [3712] 0% Retrieving list of changes from the server 09:51:48 [4040] Client synchronization finished, status: failed 09:51:48 [4040] * 5 items received 09:51:48 [4040] * elapsed time: 33s Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi there, I received error, when editing annotation on once annotated image. (I annotated it usin WIN-7 Evernote app., saved it and when trying to change the annotation content I got the error message). Have a look at the error: I am editing notes in local (not synchronized) Notebook. I updated to the latest version ( It did not help. Do you have any suggestion? Thank you!
  8. mistertimman

    windows Error Message

    Hi, I am unable to use Evernote on my Hard Disk. I have to sign in on the web to use it.I get the error message, Evernote is not responding and the options are: Wait until it does or close the program. Well I could wait all day with no result, so I am forced to use the web. I am using windows 7 with 8 gig of Ram, i5 Processor. I have done two clean installs and numerous re-boots to no avail. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Tim
  9. Some days ago a realized that the synchronisation of Evernote failed under Windows Vista. I got the error Message that my Login an password are wrong. But it works online or on my mobile devices. Any suggestions?
  10. Laptop has been rebuilt, but now I am unable to install Evernote. Asus Notebook VX7SX Series i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.2GHz 16GIG RAM Application opens and then starts to sync but after about 50 seconds I get an error and it shuts down. Exception Info Evernote.exe v. (0xc0000005) EXEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION writing to 0x4dc4fa12 at 0x004d0067 Wondering is anyone has had this sort of issue before as I cant find a way to resolve it ? Regards David
  11. I have a strange problem. On my android phone (Sony Xperia Z2), whenever I paste text from other apps into Evernote and save the note, several times it happens that the font suddenly is becoming huge. There is only room for 4 characters on each line, and naturally this makes a longer text impossible to read. Have anyone seen this problem before? If so, is there a fix? I have the newest version for android. Thanks in advance. Paul
  12. I was annotating a pdf in evernote, when the pdf reader crashed. Now I get the following message when I try to access the note: Missing viewer for a resource of type "application/pdf" is this document gone? Kind of defeats the purpose of using evernote if i have to worry about having back up copies of pdf.
  13. Hi all, I have been trying to delete 25,000 notes for weeks now. Everytime I try to flush the recycle bin in the web app it only deletes 100 notes at a time. Afterwards you have to reload the page and empty the recycle bin again ... again only 100 notes deleted. If I do it in the Windows app I get a sync error in response until I completely delete and re-download the entire database (Flush recycle bin in Evernote Windows - all 25,000 notes are gone but when I try to sync I get the error "Could not connect to evernote sync servers" until I delete and re-download my database ... then of course all 25,000 notes are again in the recycle bin) Can somebody tell me how to quickly delete a higher number of notes in Evernote? I have been in contact with Evernote support for weeks now, no solution in sight. That's really annoying! All best Gernot
  14. Hi Evernote Community, a problem accured by switching from sandbox to production - sandbox was running well. I am using / used a developer Token to authenticate to the API (no Oauth) and used 'getLinkedNotebookSyncChunk' to get notebookchanges and insert/update them to my database. The Script is coded in PHP. My intension is to share a notebook from A to B and use the developer token from B to access the shared notebook from A. Get changes with 'getLinkedNotebookSyncChunk' and save them. 1. Is it even possible to use the developer token to access shared notebooks and their data? - worked in sandbox 2. Do I have to use Oauth in this case? - think this is a bit too much effort for such an easy web app If 1. -> What do i have to fix/change? Code snippet: $client = new Client(array("token" => $cfg["NO"]["authToken"], "sandbox" => false));$noteStore = $client->getNoteStore();$userStore = $client->getUserStore();$notebooks = $noteStore->listLinkedNotebooks();$notebook = null;$shareKey = null; foreach ($notebooks as $nb) { if ($nb->shareName == $cfg["NO"]["sharedNotebook"]) { $notebook = $nb; $shareKey = $nb->shareKey; $shardId = $nb->shardId; break; }} if (isset($notebook)) { $syncChunk = $noteStore->getLinkedNotebookSyncChunk($notebook, $lastUSN, $maxEntries, false);[...]}Error: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'EDAM\Error\EDAMSystemException' with message 's465' in /homepages/18/d87598853/htdocs/somepage/fileadmin/evernote/lib/sdk/packages/NoteStore/NoteStore.php:6078 Stack trace: #0 /homepages/18/d87598853/htdocs/somepage/fileadmin/evernote/lib/sdk/packages/NoteStore/NoteStore.php(444): EDAM\NoteStore\NoteStore_getLinkedNotebookSyncChunk_result->read(Object(TBinaryProtocol)) #1 /homepages/18/d87598853/htdocs/somepage/fileadmin/evernote/lib/sdk/packages/NoteStore/NoteStore.php(401): EDAM\NoteStore\NoteStoreClient->recv_getLinkedNotebookSyncChunk() #2 [internal function]: EDAM\NoteStore\NoteStoreClient->getLinkedNotebookSyncChunk('S=s464:U=4dc112...', Object(EDAM\Types\LinkedNotebook), '0', 999, false) #3 /homepages/18/d87598853/htdocs/somepage/fileadmin/evernote/lib/sdk/Evernote/Client.php(154): ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs(Object(EDAM\NoteStore\NoteStoreClient), Array) #4 /homepages/18/d87598853/htdocs/somepage/fileadmin/evernote/script in /homepages/18/d87598853/htdocs/somepage/fileadmin/evernote/lib/sdk/packages/NoteStore/NoteStore.php on line 6078Just ask here if you need any further information. Best regards, Jonas Schneider
  15. Hello. I just updated to the latest version of Evernote on my MacBook Pro and I'm recieveing the following message when I try to sync: Synchronization failure (see attached image for full details) My network is fine. I can get on the internet, etc. I also waited overnight thinking it was an Evernote server issue, but I tried this morning and got the same error message. Tried logging in and out...nothing. Does someone know what's going on? Or how I can fix? Thank you.
  16. anthonyliu173

    HelloEDAM not running

    Hi, I just downloaded android sdk from https://github.com/evernote/evernote-sdk-android/blob/master/README.md and followed the instruction under "Running the sample app from Eclipse"; however, when I click run I get 09-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): FATAL EXCEPTION: main09-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): Process: com.evernote.android.sample, PID: 2395109-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): java.lang.VerifyError: com/evernote/android/sample/HelloEDAM09-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): at java.lang.Class.newInstanceImpl(Native Method)09-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): at java.lang.Class.newInstance(Class.java:1208)09-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): at android.app.Instrumentation.newActivity(Instrumentation.java:1061)09-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): at android.app.ActivityThread.performLaunchActivity(ActivityThread.java:2101)09-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): at android.app.ActivityThread.handleLaunchActivity(ActivityThread.java:2233)09-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): at android.app.ActivityThread.access$800(ActivityThread.java:135)09-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): at android.app.ActivityThread$H.handleMessage(ActivityThread.java:1196)09-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(Handler.java:102)09-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): at android.os.Looper.loop(Looper.java:136)09-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): at android.app.ActivityThread.main(ActivityThread.java:5001)09-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)09-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:515)09-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): at com.android.internal.os.ZygoteInit$MethodAndArgsCaller.run(ZygoteInit.java:785)09-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): at com.android.internal.os.ZygoteInit.main(ZygoteInit.java:601)09-02 15:44:26.611: E/AndroidRuntime(23951): at dalvik.system.NativeStart.main(Native Method) I have entered the key and secret obtained, don't know which part I did wrong.
  17. ERROR 2014-08-26 19:32:39 CrashHandler OutOfMemoryErrorjava.lang.OutOfMemoryError at com.evernote.thrift.protocol.TBinaryProtocol.readStringBody(int) at com.evernote.thrift.protocol.TBinaryProtocol.readString() at com.evernote.thrift.protocol.TBinaryProtocol.readMessageBegin() at com.evernote.edam.notestore.NoteStore$Client.recv_listLinkedNotebooks() at myapp.cloudstorage.internal.evernote.logic.EvernoteApi.getLinkedNoteBooks() at myapp.cloudstorage.internal.evernote.logic.EvernoteApi.listLinkedNotebooks(myapp.cloudstorage.internal.common.model.CloudStorageFileData) at myapp.cloudstorage.internal.evernote.logic.EvernoteApi.listFolder(myapp.cloudstorage.internal.common.model.CloudStorageFileData) at myapp.cloudstorage.internal.evernote.logic.EvernoteCache$1.doInBackground$10299ca() at myapp.cloudstorage.internal.evernote.logic.EvernoteCache$1.doInBackground(java.lang.Object[]) at myapp.framework.thread.KAsyncTask$2.run() at myapp.framework.thread.KThread$RunnableWraper.run() at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(Handler.java:725) at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(Handler.java:92) at android.os.Looper.loop(Looper.java:153) at myapp.framework.thread.KThread.run() at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:838)Above is the error log. When I was using the NoteStore$Client.listLinkedNotebooks API.
  18. Hi, Recently my Evernote has stopped updating on my Mac, worked fine up until a couple of weeks ago and still updates fine on my Android phone. Whenever Evernote is open on the Mac it tries to update for a while and says "downloading" in the bottom left but doesn't make any progress. After a while the following error message pops up: "Evernote is unable to connect with the Evernote Service. This may be due to a network problem or service maintenance. Please try again later. If enabled, automatic synchronization will resume once the Service becomes available." Any ideas? Thanks,
  19. Have there been any progress regarding the voice recorder? I just tried mine, and it didn't work.
  20. Hello everybody. I'm trying to integrate Evernote in my Android App. I'm experiencing a strange issue that happens only when I'm using Production Service. The same happens with the HelloEDAM. I start the oauth process by calling evernoteSession.authenticate(this);and then, after the user authenticates it returns on this method: @Overridepublic void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) {super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data);switch(requestCode) {// Update UI when oauth activity returns resultcase EvernoteSession.REQUEST_CODE_OAUTH:if (resultCode == Activity.RESULT_OK) {// Authentication was successful, do what you need to do in your app}break;// ...default:break;}}If I use Sandbox service, it works perfectly. But if I use the Production service, it doesn't even show the Evernote authentication page and returns with code 0 (Activity.RESULT_CANCELED). The error shown in log cat is: Failed to obtain OAuth request token org.scribe.exceptions.OAuthException: Response body is incorrect. Can't extract token and secret from this: '<html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9,chrome=1" /> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1" /> <link rel="Shortcut Icon" href="/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" /> <link rel="stylesheet" href="/redesign/global/css/reset.css" /> <link rel="stylesheet" href="/redesign/global/css/fonts.css" media="all" /> <link rel="stylesheet" href="/redesign/global/css/header.css" /> <link rel="stylesheet" href="/redesign/global/css/layout.css" /> <title>Evernote Error</title> </head> <body> <div class="header"> <div class="header-inner"> <a class="evernote-logo" href="http://evernote.com/">Evernote</a></div> </div> <div id="container-boundingbox" class="wrapper"> <div id="container" class="wrapper"> <div class="main"> <div class="page-header"> <h1> Oops, we encountered an error.</h1> </div> <div> <p> Sorry, we've encountered an unexpected error.</p> </div> <div class="clear"></div> </div> </div> <div class="footer wrapper"> <a class="footer-entry" href="http://evernote.com/tos/">Terms of Service</a><a class="footer-entry" href="http://evernote.com/privacy/">Privacy Policy</a><span class="footer-entry last">Copyright 2014 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved.</span> </div> </div> </body> </html> ' at org.scribe.extractors.TokenExtractorImpl.extract(TokenExtractorImpl.java:41) at org.scribe.extractors.TokenExtractorImpl.extract(TokenExtractorImpl.java:27) at org.scribe.oauth.OAuth10aServiceImpl.getRequestToken(OAuth10aServiceImpl.java:52) at com.evernote.client.android.EvernoteOAuthActivity$BootstrapAsyncTask.doInBackground(EvernoteOAuthActivity.java:389) at com.evernote.client.android.EvernoteOAuthActivity$BootstrapAsyncTask.doInBackground(EvernoteOAuthActivity.java:1) at android.os.AsyncTask$2.call(AsyncTask.java:288) at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.run(FutureTask.java:237) at android.os.AsyncTask$SerialExecutor$1.run(AsyncTask.java:231) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:1112) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:587) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:841)The key is activated also for production service. I can't understand why this happens. Can you help me? Thanks
  21. When I use the "Win + A" command to "copy the selected section" all information and formats are saved but not the photos. In many cases this is a good thing, but in some cases you would also want to include the pictures. This is a new problem and I don't know what triggered this. Any suggestions for help and troubleshooting?
  22. I tried to install the new update (5.4), and kept getting an error message. I then tried to uninstall the previous version, but now I keep getting an error saying "Evernote was already installed by another user. Only one per user installation is supported. An administrator can install EN after the per user installation is removed." Using windows 7. Please help!!
  23. Windows版Ver. (271698) Public を使用しています。 intitleを用いた検索がうまく行かないので、1度アンインストールし、再度インストールしようと思いました。 しかし、アンインストールの際に、エラー2053およびエラー2502と表示され、アンインストールが出来ません。 再インストールで検索の異常が解決するかはわかりませんが、アンインストール出来ないのは気持ちが悪いというか、システムにとっても好ましい状態では無いと思います。 解決策をご教授いただければ幸いです。よろしくお願いします。
  24. elfugro

    windows Sync errors in tags

    Hi. I'm an evernote normal user (not premium) on Android and Windows. I've been sharing a notebook with a friend (it's her notebook and she invited me) for the past 3 months. In these 3 months my friend removes some tags and adds some others. When I load my evernote for windows a list of "deleted tags" keeps appearing in my right panel, I’ve tried to delete these tags but didn’t work. If I use the web version there’s no problem. It’s only on the Windows version. Please I would appreciate your help. Thanks.
  25. I went to update Evernote yesterday through the Appstore but it failed to complete. It automatically closed Evernote when it started the update. Now I cannot open Evernote. It says 'Evernote is currently updating'. In the Appstore it says 'an error occurred' next to a dark grey button 'update'. If I click on update it comes up with a box saying 'Evernote failed to download Use the purchases page to try again'. When I go to the purchases page and click on update it comes up with the same box. How do I fix this problem or open Evernote?