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Found 158 results

  1. I just started using Chrome again on one laptop after Firefox was using far too much memory and CPU time for comfort, and noticed that the usability of the help and learning pages is vastly different if you use Chrome. This is my Firefox view on this laptop - notice the search bar? That's pretty important for looking up stuff, right? OK - now check out what I see in Chrome. No header, and no search; which means if the topic isn't on the front page, I have no way to find it. (Well OK, there's Google, but hey..) I also wonder whether this difference has anything to do with some folks' apparent inability to find the Support link, even though they're paying customers... If this is a settings issue I apologise - but meantime Chrome users - you're (maybe) missing out!
  2. pablito7.carp@hotmail.com

    Error de edición de nota

    Cada vez que quiero entrar a una nota me aparece un cartel emergente con el titulo "Error de edicion de nota" y a continuacion dice "El sistema de Android se esta actualizando, intentalo de nuevo en unos segundos." No puedo hacer nada para solucionarlo. Reinicie el equipo, lo saque de los Recientes, reinstale la aplicacion, reinstale la rom del celular, no actualice una version de la rom, sali y volvi a entrar en la cuenta, limpie cache y los datos de la app. Todo y aun asi mantiene el error. Esto nunca me pasó antes. Esto pasa unicamente con mi celular. En otro celular he podido entrar, tambien en Windows. Es importante aclarar: ni Android ni la app se esta actualizando.
  3. pablito7.carp@hotmail.com

    Editing note error

    I've made the proper topic in the Spanish section. I hope in this forum I will get more atention. I can't get into any note. I tried everything. Erased cache, data, reinstalled rom, app, logged out, reset the phone, everything! But I still can log in Windows, Evernote Web and other phones. Btw, Android nor Evernote is updating or anything.
  4. A-L-E-X


    BUG FIX NEEDED.... Hi Evernote, please fix the current bug on Evernote on iPhone 5s, Evernote opens for 4 seconds then completely shuts down, and when you open it looks glitched big time. Many thanks
  5. "Unable to open link Cannot open (null)://links." Message & Problem on IOS 10.4 IPHONE 6S i have this one note that I cannot seem to be able to open all the time on the mobile app due to the above message. It is a long note in which I have a lot of my checklists in. I've tried to copy and past text into a new note, uninstall and reinstall Evernote, and a number of other things, and I can't seem to find any solutions to prevent this message from allowing me to even edit the note! There is a screenshot attached. This is a big problem and I hope someone can help! Thanks so much for any help you can give!
  6. Annoyed User

    Camera attachment BRICKS devices

    After 2 or more years of using the paid version of this app, I cancelled my subscription. Why? Because the app causes errors across my devices, I load to capture a document that I need for my business, the first shot sometimes works... But by the second shot.... My phone is in boot loader, repeat boot loader, the phone could have 100% battery and still not restart, if you have less than 50% battery then you dare not use the app as it my phone needs a PC connection to be restored/ restarted. So is it your device? NO... My poor phone has undergone testing and flashing on numerous occasions, I swapped to iphone... same problem, iPad... Same problem, LG latest phone... Same problem, latest Microsoft... Same problem, brand new tablet with only Evernote installed... Same problem. This app has something seriously wrong with the code, I am very disappointed that the time has come to purge Evernote from all my systems, recall all devices within the business, flash them and find an alternative for our business needs. Since I ended my subscription I find that Evernote does not offer Support to FREE customers, they didn't pay attention to any of my correspondence while I was a member and this is a shame. 2 Years ago I was immensely satisfied with all its great features, which I'm going to miss... But like the rest of the world, I need my devices and apps working correctly. If someone can suggest an alternative vendor that has customer support, I am looking to be able to scan a document and view it across the business, possibly something compatible with Dropbox. Thanks
  7. For free basic users, there is no help by chat or e-mail (Upgrade for Chat-Support or E-Mail-Support), so i hope to find answer here on the forum. I wanted to upload a note with seven jpg images, that on my computer have together a total size of 23.8 MB (25,027,103 bytes), therefore being inside the upload limit of 25 MB per note for basic users (see https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005247-What-are-the-system-limits-of-Evernote-), But unfortunately after the three first images where uploaded there was a pop-up window telling me i have to upgrade to save larger notes. Then i noticed down on the left (on note window) that the note size was already 18,1 MB, so i re controlled the three uploaded images on my computer, that told me they three had a total size of 2.32 MB (2,441,948 bytes). Why does Evernote try to cheat on size; to make me upgrade?
  8. Hola, Tengo evernote premium desde hace un par de años y nunca me ha dado ningún problema pero, hace ya un par de semanas, que intento anotar alguno de mis pdf guardados y no me deja. Simplemente no hace nada. No pasa con todos los PDFs, y ya lo he mirado y no están cifrados. De hecho, me deja anotar alguna página si, por ejemplo, antes de hacer un recuadro escribo alguna cosa. Es raro, porque si abro el evernote en un pc (windows 7) si que me deja anotarlo perfectamente, en cambio en macOs Sierra me pasa eso. ¿Alguna idea? Gracias.
  9. Anyone else have your Evernote application rendered unusable when updating to the newest version (October 2, 2016)? Error message result: It took quite a while to download all existing data (i have about 1,200 notes) and then even longer to migrate notes from an old version to the new. I would suggest not doing the update during a busy work day, or it may seriously impact your productivity. Save it for the weekend! After finally updating/migrating/synching, I got the following additional error: Unfortunately, after following the "To resolve this error..." instructions, I lost critical data which was neither saved on my MAC nor saved on Evernote servers. The critical data was regarding bank account transfers--lost forever--something that should never happen with a personal data base backed up by the Cloud, and supposedly syncs everything as you work with it. Warning: Before updating to the new version, be sure to save all notes in process, and even safer--also back up data on your computer.
  10. I've had this for a couple weeks now; I think it's since iOS8 (iPhone 5S). Anyone else had this, or know a solution? Nearly every time I open the app, the error in the photo shows. I click "Try again" and the box disappears but nothing happens; then I click the sync button (the round one) and it syncs perfectly. I wonder if it's an issue with background refresh or location services? I've tried turning them on and off, and reinstalling the app, but no difference. Internet connection is always fine. Similarly, I get a lot of "Conflicting modification ..." in my notes now, even though there is no difference between the original and the "conflicting" one.
  11. Hi -the Evernote circular of today states that the SSL3 'problem' had concerning effects relative to Windows XP and seemingly advises that Windows 8 is now required to gain full Evernote functionality? or have I got that wrong? - like millions I don't care for Win 8 and have just upgraded to Win7 ( more stable better platform etc) - whats the skinny on Win 7? will that continue to function OK?
  12. Hi there, I have searched the forums but can't find anyone with this issue. I can send notes out or emails or anything like that but I don't receive anything back. Even people replying to the note I have sent out doesn't come back to me. I have checked all the settings etc but I can't see anything amiss and none of the guys who use it with me have had this problem before. Does anyone have any ideas of what to check? Thank you!
  13. srp1187

    Username in Evernote Interface

    Hey everyone, I'm having an issue with the evernote application. When I originally signed up for the service I used a personal email to create an account when in fact I wanted to use a work email. When I used my personal email address it would show in the evernote application in the upper left hand corner, but once I switched to the work email all that shows in the corner is a refresh button. Because of this issue whenever I try to use the evernote extension in safari it stays linked to my old personal email account. I have tried signing in with the work account, deleting the app and reinstalling, changing the account settings through the app and through the website but nothing seems to work. Has anyone else had this issue? I would appreciate any feedback.
  14. Hi! New to the forum so I hope this is the correct place to post this - I've been using Evernote for all of my school notes and have loved it up until a few days ago when my new notes stopped saving. It says I've reached my monthly upload limit, but shouldn't the files still be saving locally to my computer? When I create a new note it opens up a new window like normal and I can type everything in, but when I close the window it completely disappears. I just installed the most recent update and am still having the same issue. I haven't tried unin/reinstalling yet because I have some other notes saved to my computer but not synced due to the upload limit - would those files be lost? I've been considering getting a Plus subcription, but I wanted to get some feedback on this issue before shelling out the cash. Thanks!
  15. Greetings, I'm always paranoid when I post that I'm rehashing a well-known topic but for some reason couldn't find the discussion. Hoping this isn't true, I searched for the error message both internally to the forum and via google externally. Two days in a row I've been annotating a PDF that is an attachment to a note. Suddenly I get the error message in the attached screen shot, the attachment disappears from the note, and the annotate app/screen closes. Fortunately, I am able to find the file in the attachments folders in the EN directory structure, but this seems like a bug. Please look at attached screen shot. Any advice is always appreciated. Tim
  16. Hi Evernote users, I hope you are all having a great weekend! My Evernote app stopped working and is displaying: GenericJDBCException I have a Motorola (Android), could somebody please lend me their expertise for fixing this issue? Thanks so much!
  17. Todas tus notas (excepto las que estén almacenadas en una libreta local, es decir, no sincronizadas) se sincronizan la versión principal de tu cuenta en Evernote Web. El servicio y las aplicaciones de software de Evernote están integrados en una configuración en estrella. Esto quiere decir que cada una de las operaciones de sincronización se llevará a cabo en Evernote Web (que es el "centro" de la estrella). Por ejemplo, si inicias una sincronización desde Evernote en tu ordenador de escritorio, todo el contenido nuevo o actualizado se debe cargar a Evernote Web para que esté listo para descargarse cuando cualquiera de tus otros dispositivos inicie una sincronización posterior. Si durante este proceso, observas que tus notas no se están reflejando de manera correcta, es posible que estés experimentando un Problema de Sincronización. Para resolver el problema y obtener más información acerca de la causa, sigue los pasos que se indican a continuación. Comprueba el dispositivo está conectado a Internet - Abre el navegador web de tu dispositivo y visita cualquier sitio para asegurarte de que estás conectado a Internet. Accede a Evernote Web - Si sabes que un dispositivo ya se ha sincronizado y todavía no ves tus notas actualizadas en otro dispositivo, comprueba si puedes verlas desde Evernote Web. Esto te dirá si los cambios se han guardado en los servidores de Evernote. Reinicia tu ordenador o dispositivo - Reiniciar un dispositivo puede arreglar un error de sincronización. Asegúrate que estás utilizando la última versión de Evernote disponible- Los errores de sincronización se suelen solucionar con las actualizaciones de los productos. Verifica la App Store, Google Play Store o la opción de menú de actualizar desde las versiones de Escritorio. Consulta Ayuda de Evernote & Aprendizaje - Si Evernote muestra un mensaje de error especifico, busca este mensaje en Ayuda de Evernote & Aprendizaje y comprueba si existe alguna sugerencia para solucionar el problema. Revisa el blog de estado de Evernote: Todas las semanas se actualizan los servidores de Evernote con las nuevas versiones de los distintos componentes de software que forman parte del servicio. Durante este periodo, el servicio puede ser lento o no estar disponible en forma intermitente. Ingresa a status.evernote.com para asegurarte de que no exista un problema en el lado del servidor que sea el motivo de tu error de sincronización. Vacía tu 'Papelera' de libretas - A veces, una nota que haya en tu 'Papelera' de libretas podrá causar problemas de sincronización. En este caso, vaciar la 'Papelera' puede resolver dichos problemas. NOTA: No hay forma de restaurar las notas una vez que se hayan vaciado de la 'Papelera', así que da un vistazo antes. Evernote para Windows: Si utilizas un ordenador de Windows, comprueba que la función Trabajar sin Conexión no esté activada en el menú Archivo de Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer es la forma en la que Evernote para Windows se sincorniza y es necesario que esté disponible. Evernote Basic - Si tienes una cuenta de Evernote Basic, comprueba que no tengas más de dos dispositivos asociados a tu cuenta en los ajustes de tu cuenta. Desinstala/Reinstala Evernote - Antes de desinstalar Evernote, asegúrate de que todas tus notas están sincronizadas y se ven en Evernote Web. Puede que también desees hacer copias de seguridad o guardar una copia de tus notas. Cómo desinstalar y reinstalar Evernote en tu dispositivo. Si ninguna de estas sugerencias te sirven, por favor ponte en contacto con nosotros. Sería conveniente que incluyeras lo siguiente al enviar tu solicitud: Una copia de tu registro de actividades Una descripción de lo que está pasando Qué versión de Evernote estás utilizando En qué dispositivo no se muestran tus notas Una lista de todos los pasos que seguiste antes de que ponerte en contacto con el Soporte de Evernote ¡Espero sea de ayuda!
  18. Ola pessoal, tive um problema com o meu computador e tive que desinstalar o evernote, porem quando vou instalar novamente aparece que o aplicativo ja esta instalado. Oq fazer ?
  19. On my Evernote screen I cannot get rid of the message "Get there faster, Quickly locate a note, notebook, or tag. Press control +Q" Due tot that message it does not display: Found notes. What can I do? notes.
  20. I'm unable to install the latest version of Evernote. I bought anew touch screen laptop, and downloaded the Evernote Touch App, not realising that it is a very light version and has few features. So i tried to installed the full edition, and this has caused issues. There are a number of posts on this topic already (why doesn't Evernote just fix this so installation is simple?) People are suggesting solutions like: "Go to: C:\Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp" But.. I don't have a folder section called 'AppData' (ie. C:\Users\%userprofile%\AppData). So i don't know how to proceed from here? Cant evernote just create a fix/patch for this? Can anyone suggesta process from here? Stuck...
  21. So I guess I never needed any support before with evernote, or perhaps this is new, but it turns out I'm not allowed to report a bug or ask anyone official from Evernote "Where are all my notes guys❓" Pardon me if I'm wrong with this, but it seems to me that i'm required to pay $4 in order to send this bug error via email to the Evernote team... This forum is the only other option I'm given: And so I'm wondering if anyone know what this error is, and why is has replaced all of my notes? I haven't been able to find a way to place an image in this post so far, nor a way to attach my log .txt file.. Sorry my first post in a forum this decade... Feeling like a rookie. Anyone with information or ideas on how can I remove this error and get back my notes instead would be helping a lost soul (without notes) and karma will pay forward your act of kindness I'm sure So the error can be seen here, And the log is here: ******** * The Activity Log may contain information about your account and notes. * For example, the titles of some of your notes may be mentioned in this log file. * When providing log information, feel free to edit the file to remove anything * you do not want to send us. ******** Version: Evernote Mac 6.7.1 (453575) [App Store] Locale: en-CA OS: 10.11.5 WebKit: 601.6.17 WebCore: 601.6.17 Username: ✱✱✱✱✱ Email: ✱✱✱✱✱ Mac Model: MacBookPro8,2 CPU Type: Intel CPU Count: 8 CPU Speed: 2.400000 GHz RAM: 16.000000 GB Date: 2016-07-18 16:04:03 +0000 <br/> <hr noshade=""/> <center> <ins style="display:inline-table;border:none;height:90px;margin:0;padding:0;position:relative;visibility:visible;width:728px;background-color:transparent;"><ins style="display:block;border:none;height:90px;margin:0;padding:0;position:relative;visibility:visible;width:728px;background-color:transparent;"><div style="left:0;position:absolute;top:0;"/></ins></ins> </center> <center><font size="-1">Advertisement.</font><br/><br/></center> <br/><br/> <center> <ins style="display:inline-table;border:none;height:15px;margin:0;padding:0;position:relative;visibility:visible;width:728px;background-color:transparent;"><ins style="display:block;border:none;height:15px;margin:0;padding:0;position:relative;visibility:visible;width:728px;background-color:transparent;"><div style="left:0;position:absolute;top:0;"/></ins></ins></center> <center><font size="-1">Advertisement.</font><br/><br/></center> <br/><br/> <center> <ins style="display:inline-table;border:none;height:90px;margin:0;padding:0;position:relative;visibility:visible;width:728px;background-color:transparent;"><ins style="display:block;border:none;height:90px;margin:0;padding:0;position:relative;visibility:visible;width:728px;background-color:transparent;"><div style="left:0;position:absolute;top:0;"/></ins></ins></center> <center><font size="-1">Advertisement.</font><br/><br/></center> <hr noshade=""/> <font size="-2"><a href="http://www.enchantedlearning.com/permissions/" target="_top">Copyright</a> ©2009-2016 <a href="http://www.enchantedlearning.com/Home.html" target="_top">EnchantedLearning.com</a></font> <font size="-1">------</font> <a href="http://www.enchantedlearning.com/Citing.shtml" target="_top"><font size="-1">How to cite a web page</font></a> </font><div style="position:absolute;top:0px;left:0px;"><span style="visibility:hidden;">a</span></div></div></div></div><br/></div></div> 2016/07/18 11:57:11:412 I|* __36-[ENUXPInputsManager processInputs:]_block_invoke | Inputs generated in 0.015 (0.137) seconds 2016/07/18 11:57:11:414 I|* ? | >UXPuppetmaster< Object: <JS> Generating outputs for app version: 453575 2016/07/18 11:57:11:417 I|* ? | >UXPuppetmaster< Object: <JS> ### Applying rule set 'CommEngine' ### 2016/07/18 11:57:11:417 I|* ? | >UXPuppetmaster< Object: <JS> ### Applying rule set 'CoreMessage' ### 2016/07/18 11:57:11:417 I|* ? | >UXPuppetmaster< Object: <JS> ### Applying rule set 'MainBanner' ### 2016/07/18 11:57:11:419 I|* ? | >UXPuppetmaster< Object: <JS> ### Applying rule set 'MeetingNotifications' ### 2016/07/18 11:57:11:419 I|* ? | >UXPuppetmaster< Object: <JS> ### Applying rule set 'Notebook' ### 2016/07/18 11:57:11:420 I|* ? | >UXPuppetmaster< Object: <JS> ### Applying rule set 'ProgressiveDisclosure' ### 2016/07/18 11:57:11:420 I|* ? | >UXPuppetmaster< Object: <JS> ### Applying rule set 'QuickSwitcherLeftNav' ### 2016/07/18 11:57:11:420 I|* ? | >UXPuppetmaster< Object: <JS> ### Applying rule set 'RunAtLogin' ### 2016/07/18 11:57:11:420 I|* ? | >UXPuppetmaster< Object: <JS> ### Applying rule set 'Search' ### 2016/07/18 11:57:11:421 I|* ? | >UXPuppetmaster< Object: <JS> ### Applying rule set 'Sidebar' ### 2016/07/18 11:57:11:421 I|* ? | >UXPuppetmaster< Object: <JS> ### Applying rule set 'Toolbar' ### 2016/07/18 11:57:11:422 I|* ? | >UXPuppetmaster< Object: <JS> ### Applying rule set 'UpgradePlacement' ### 2016/07/18 11:57:11:422 I|* ? | >UXPuppetmaster< Object: <JS> ### Applying rule set 'WelcomeFLEv3' ### 2016/07/18 11:57:11:422 I|* ? | >UXPuppetmaster< Object: <JS> ### Applying rule set 'Navigation' ### 2016/07/18 11:57:11:424 I|* -[ENUXPuppetmaster evaluateRules] | >UXPuppetmaster< Object: <ENUXPuppetmaster: 0x7fbb02cfa030> Evaluated script at path: /Users/01up/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/puppetmaster/UXPuppetmaster.remote.js, version mac.125 2016/07/18 11:57:19:204 I|* -[ENMacAccountContext dumpUsageInfo] main | Usage info: 2016/07/18 11:57:19:204 I|* -[ENMacAccountContext dumpUsageInfo] main | server: 264 2016/07/18 11:57:19:204 I|* -[ENMacAccountContext dumpUsageInfo] main | local edits: 0 2016/07/18 11:57:19:204 I|* -[ENMacAccountContext dumpUsageInfo] main | total: 264 2016/07/18 11:57:19:204 I|* -[ENMacAccountContext dumpUsageInfo] main | max: 62914560
  22. I use evernote on my galaxy and Mac, and everything was working properly. Because my mac is a bit old, it sometimes freezes out of blue, and rebooting often works fine. One time, the freezing occurred while I was writing notes in evernote, and I rebooted as I normally do. When I started evernote, everything was reset: the notes, view setting(?), and trashcan. The font setting and other settings were remaining the same. All the other application were working fine, so I checked web evernote and phone app, and all the notes were there. The sync button on mac seems to work as it does not show any error, but the notes won't load. I redownloaded evernote, rebooted properly and did all the other possible things, but the notes are still not loading. How would I be able to resolve this situation? I really need the notes...
  23. ddr

    Bad printing

    Bad printing preview of common notes > bad printing results. Bad text formatting, very bad tables. See attachs (_1 orig, _2 print preview — real printing results are the same)
  24. So, it's the same old problem Evernote haven't fixed - problems installing Evernote on Win 10 I get the message: Evernote was already installed by another user. Online one per-user installation is supported. An adminstrator can install Evernote for everyone after the per-user installation is removed. I went through the registry and removed all instances of the product as per the installation records here. I cleaned the registry and temp files and spent several hours buggering about trying to get Evernote to install. This is my install log: [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Evernote Installation has started [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Running as user: Admin [07/04/2016 01:23:56] (User is an admin) [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Initializing installed product finder. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Checking if product {f761359c-9ced-45ae-9a51-9d6605cd55c4} is installed. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Product {f761359c-9ced-45ae-9a51-9d6605cd55c4} is not installed. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Checking registry for product {f761359c-9ced-45ae-9a51-9d6605cd55c4}. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Product GUID {f761359c-9ced-45ae-9a51-9d6605cd55c4} was not found in the registry [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Initializing installed product finder. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Located product {5EDC25EC-D966-11E4-9E5C-00163E98E7D6} with upgrade code {AE2C091E-CF5F-4e30-8659-D640E23A8B99}. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Error getting product version: 1605 [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Error getting product install location: 1605 [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Initializing installed product finder. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Checking if product {A5C8B875-E86C-4783-83F4-F35E788FFC29} is installed. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Product {A5C8B875-E86C-4783-83F4-F35E788FFC29} is not installed. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Checking registry for product {A5C8B875-E86C-4783-83F4-F35E788FFC29}. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Product GUID {A5C8B875-E86C-4783-83F4-F35E788FFC29} was not found in the registry [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Checking for already installed products [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Detected version installation [07/04/2016 01:23:56] Installed version () did not support admin check. Attempting to use MsiEnumProductsEx. [07/04/2016 01:23:56] PerUser install by another user: abort. What next? Apart from switching to OneNote? (PS Can you tell I'm fed up with Evernote yet?)
  25. Evernote for Mac crashes whenever I try to print. I am running Yosemite 10.10.5 and Evernote 6.1.1. I have been having this problem for a while. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote and it will work for initially but then default to crashing. The print dialogue does not even come up—Evernote just hangs and then crashes when I try to print. Please help! Thanks! EVERNOTE ERROR MESSAGE (EXCERPTED) Incident Identifier: 1123F086-6A9E-4676-94F9-E00BF20DC8BCCrashReporter Key: F1F1C42D-DFE7-59A5-A705-850A8D2D4DCDHardware Model: MacBookPro8,1Process: Evernote [9353]Path: /Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/MacOS/EvernoteIdentifier: com.evernote.EvernoteVersion: 452254Code Type: X86-64Parent Process: launchd [1] Date/Time: 2015-10-06 17:15:04 +0000OS Version: Mac OS X 10.10.5 (14F27)Report Version: 104 Exception Type: SIGSEGVException Codes: SEGV_MAPERR at 0xbbadbeefCrashed Thread: 0 MAC OS X ERROR MESSAGE (EXCERPTED)Process: Evernote [9353]Path: /Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/MacOS/EvernoteIdentifier: com.evernote.EvernoteVersion: 6.1.1 (452254)App Item ID: 406056744App External ID: 813313497Code Type: X86-64 (Native)Parent Process: ??? [1]Responsible: Evernote [9353]User ID: 501 Date/Time: 2015-10-06 12:15:05.803 -0500OS Version: Mac OS X 10.10.5 (14F27)Report Version: 11Anonymous UUID: 527EAF8B-8478-1DD6-81DA-3811C69EB523 Sleep/Wake UUID: 59E2E20A-F913-4BDE-8716-CD759BD53B10