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Found 49 results

  1. I know that entering the date in EN is done with Ctrl-semicolon. (Actually, it enters date and time. Is there a way to enter just the date without the time? If so, please let me know.) However, in all my MS Office apps, I enter the date by hitting Alt-N-D in sequence. It's a habit ingrained in me from years of usage. And I can't seem to break the habit of sometimes doing that in EN in an effort to enter the date. But doing that in EN deletes the Note. Is there a way to avoid that problem by somehow changing the way those keystrokes behave in EN at the user level? (Yes, I know it goes to Trash when it's deleted, but it's still unnerving when some of these Notes have a lot of valuable information and countless hours of work in them, and all my machines auto-sync.) Thanks! Jay
  2. Hello, Alot of times you update your evernote a day or two after the event, I see people are able to change the date but all the instructions seem to be outdated because they screenshots look nothing like the screen on my iphone, my ipad, or the windows laptop I'm using. Can someone please explain and show screen shots on how to do this on any of my devices? I opened a note and can see the date created, I click edit and the dates disappear and only tags can be edited. It would seem that would be a great place to let you edit it. So that leads me to believe there is either some serious design flaws for the user interface or something or they intentionally are blocking it now? I am a free user, so wondering if that was blocked on free accounts now or if it is just hidden somewhere crazy. Thanks.
  3. Hi. I use Evernote as a todo -list, and set a reminder for most of the notes I create. On the Android these are nicely sorted with those notes on the top, which have their reminder date the nearest. I can scroll down my future to see what I have planned. I would like to see this sort order on the Web UI too, with the most urgent reminders on top.
  4. Hi I am using the integration between the two apps a lot. But when I change the warning date on EN it does not Sync with the date of Swipes note and visa versus. Is there a way to enable this? Thanks for your help
  5. gary_aminoff

    Insert date and time

    It would useful to me (and probably to others) to have a date/time button you could click on that would insert the date and time in the note. This is useful for me when creating the note (so I don't have to click on info) and when adding additional notes inside a note. I am suggesting just a button that you would click on and it would insert something like: February 2, 2015 11:32 am
  6. Stracck

    YYYYMMDD Date format

    Hello - New user to the forums. I've done some searches of the forums and various FAQ / help articles. I can't find the answer to this seemingly simply question. I'd appreciate if someone would point me in the right direction. I like to use the date format YYYY-MM-DD to title my notes. I want to use the short cut for date format (Cap+Cmd+D) to drop it in. In preferences there are a couple of different date formats, but not the one that I am looking for. Is there a way to create a new date format for the evernote short cut? Alternatively, if there another way to accomplish the same goal? I know that there is various text expander software available that could do this. If that is the answer, please let me know what people recommend in terms of text expander software. I will go that direction if the EN app cannot solve the issue. All feedback is welcome. Thank you. Stracck
  7. Everytime when i get into the evernote and when i look for notes , the latest updated (Date updated (newest first) ) notes coming first , If i change that into Date Created (newest first) , it's not getting saved permenently , everytime i have to change that into Date created(newest first) whenever i login or after restarting the browser . Experiencing this problem after i started to use web beta
  8. I have found out the web‘s help of how to input "time",it says that I must use another software to help inputting the "time" in the evernote. But I think it’s a very important function to input "time" in an easier way. Even the windows text document has "F5" to insert time very handy. I'm sorry about my poor English.However,please think about it,it's worth to update it. Best wishes.
  9. I see that the "Due Date" field is coming "soon". Which makes me hope that this new date field also can be used as a general way to reflect the date of note content. Including notes with "old" content. I use Evernote primarily as an archive for all my old scanned documents. I'm also a hobby genealogist and use Evernote to store census images, parish records and other life event documents which usually have a clear date or timestamp connected to them. Evernote has been awesome for these purposes, and I've just passed 5000 mostly "historical" notes. But the more I put in the more I miss a good way to add the date of the content. I tried to change the created date, but quickly realized the flaw in that strategy. I've since prepended the note titles with a yyyymmdd format for sort purposes. But this feels more and more like an ugly hack. So I see due date is coming and I'm thinking that it is really the same as I am asking for: a way to reflect the content of the note. Whether it's the date of old letters, receipts, tickets, genealogy stuff or future events and tasks. Is this a correct interpretation of this new date field? And if so, wouldn't it be a good idea to call the new date field "Subject Date" instead of "Due Date"? To better reflect the general purpose of both future and past dates. I don't use Evernote for tasks, I use Remember the Milk for that. But I recognize those who do, and see the need for a way to reflect due dates. So since it is semantically the same as my use of "origin date"/"source date", I would think it's a good thing to combine it into one date field that feels natural for both parties. Just a thought. Sab Norway
  10. mozimoch

    Sort by Alarm Date

    Hi Evernote Team, Is there a possible way of making the 'sort by date' option to be 'sort by alarm setting'? So far, the 'sort by date' is ok but in terms of showing the notes in the widget, is not arranged into the alarm info. Hope you can take this suggestion as a reality! Thanks! PS: Evernote is very helpful indeed!! Thanks for making this!
  11. Hi! I'm trying to figure out how to organize the notes in my notebook not by date. I prefer to have them organized by my discretion. How can I accomplish this? Thank you!
  12. I know this has been discussed a lot and Evernote has no intention of becoming the ultimate task list. But I have to give my 5 cents after looking into the challenge. Evernote could be the ultimate task list =============================== It can record everything, not just mails but also pictures, voice, clips and everything else as you all know. However it seems very limited in putting this information into a timeline. As i'm aware there are 2 fields available related to time tracking: 1) created 2) updated Evernote is almost there =================== When I post something into evernote I typically save it because I need it later - mails i respond to, follow ups and information related to other daily tasks. Also following a lot of practices from TotalWorkdayControl and GTD, time is important. A calendar is no good because it will simply pass by the date and the task will not show up in any overdue task list. Evernote is almost there. You have to interpret the created date a little different: "created date is the date until which this note should be hidden from my OVERDUE list". With this simple interpretation, you can make two saved searches that holds your future TODO's with todays todo's at the top (just sort correctly on creation date) and your tasks that is OVERDUE. To complete a task simply assign the "done" tag. saved search TODO: created:day -tag:done saved search OVERDUE: -created:day-1 -tag:done Evernote problem ============== This means that Evernote actually has a date field you can freely manipulate (created date) and that can be interpreted and used to make a task list. However it is just hidden to far away to be practically useable! 1) In the Mac client it is hidden under a menu, to it takes more than 1 click to manipulate it - which is unacceptable for a task list. 2) In the mobile version it is not possible to manipulate it as according to my test (I use the Iphone app). SOLUTION SUGGESTION - AND WISH!!! ================================ Make manipulation of the created date field available with one-click and keyboard shortcut in all clients. Then you would have the ultimate task assistant combined with the brilliant Evernote ability to handle all kinds of media. Hope you implement this very very soon it would be a small change with ground breaking effect! :-) Best regards, sortelyn
  13. I am wanting to search for notes created in certain months, but not certain years. For example, all notes created in July of any year. Currently, the only way I can figure out how to do this is "Created:20090701 -created:20090731" view the results, change the year in the search, and repeat, but this is a lengthy process since I've edited the creation dates to go back over a decade. I have memories archived and am basically trying to search to see what "anniversaries" are coming up in the month.
  14. Hi, I'm having a trouble querying for notes in a specific notebook created on a specific date. I'm using the PHP SDK and my code looks like this: <?php$client = new \Evernote\Client(array('token' => $token));/* @var $noteStore \Evernote\Store */$noteStore = $client->getNoteStore();date_default_timezone_set($user->getTimezone());$today = new \DateTime('today');$filter = new \EDAM\NoteStore\NoteFilter([ 'notebookGuid' => $notebook->guid, 'words' => 'created:' .$today->format('Ymd')]);$notes = $noteStore->findNotes($filter, 0, 2);?>The created: evaluates out to "created:20130713", which works just fine to find the notes in the sandbox web UI when pasted into the search field. When I fetch the notes without the words filter (e.g. just the notebookGuid) I get my note back, and it has a created value of 1373693373000, which when you do echo date('Ymd', 1373693373000/1000); will show 20130713, just as used to search above. Any ideas?
  15. I would like to request a feature to assign due dates to each to-do (checklist) item and also to each note, just like in Google Tasks. I would also like these due dates to plugin to google calendar. In my opinion, this is the only feature that I think is lacking in evernote - the ability to assign due dates and have it integrate with my google calendar. Thanks!
  16. Evernote's preferences for "format for 'insert date'" should include a valid ISO 8601 date/time stamp. These are clear, unambiguous, and universally understood and accepted. Also, they sort in proper temporal order. I will leave it to Evernote to choose from among the various options such as Zulu time vs. local time, precision (do we need to show milliseconds?) and so on. Wikipedia has all you need to know to implement. Here's a sample: Combined date and time representations <date>T<time> A single point in time can be represented by concatenating: a complete date expression, the letter T as a delimiter, and a valid time expression. For example"2007-04-05T14:30". Either basic or extended formats may be used, but both date and time must use the same format. The date expression may be calendar, week, or ordinal, and must use a complete representation. The time expression may use reduced accuracy. It is permitted to omit the 'T' character by mutual agreement.[13]
  17. Hi Evernoters. I would like to request an additional field for my notes saved in Evernote. I use a Fujitsu ScanSnap s1500m scanner to scan in all my old (and new) documents. I have documents going back many years, some (for example my birth certificate) are 30+ years old. Right now, when the 'note' is added to evernote, the 'Created' and 'Updated' date/time fields are set to 'now'. I would like to have a further field added please of 'Note Date' (or equivalent). I would see this: 'Created' is the date the note/document was added to/in Evernote. 'Updated' is the date/time when the note/document was last modified edited in Evernote. I.e. if I were to move my Birth Certificate to a new notebook, this date would be updated to now. 'Date' is the date when the document is dated. I.e. my birth certificate would list a date in the 80's. Right now I need to work around this limitation by using the 'Created' date as the 'Date' field as per my example above. Thanks in advance! Ryan.
  18. Hey guys, I need a little help with the below applescript. What I am trying to do now with this applescript is to be able to input any date (theDate) to be assigned to the "creation date" but it is not letting me do that. I have tried many ways, and spent hours searching for ways to do this, that I didn't even bother to put my variations in the below script. Is this able to be scripted or no? If so, how do i assign my variable theDate to the creation date of the note I am trying to create. Sometimes the change will be earlier then NOW which is why I want to do this. Thanks for your time. Phil Here is the script: set theTitle to "Changes Log Input" set theDate to do shell script "date +'%m/%d/%Y'" set d1 to (display dialog "Date of change?" default answer theDate with title theTitle with icon path to resource "ev.icns" in bundle (path to me)) set d2 to (display dialog "What is the change?" default answer "" with title theTitle with icon path to resource "ev.icns" in bundle (path to me)) set d3 to (display dialog "Who created the change?" default answer "" with title theTitle with icon path to resource "ev.icns" in bundle (path to me)) set d4 to (display dialog "Change report by?" default answer "" with title theTitle with icon path to resource "ev.icns" in bundle (path to me)) set d5 to (display dialog "Put a finder tags with comma" default answer "" with title theTitle with icon path to resource "ev.icns" in bundle (path to me)) set b1 to button returned of d1 set b2 to button returned of d2 set b3 to button returned of d3 set b4 to button returned of d4 set b5 to button returned of d5 set note_date to text returned of d1 set note_change to text returned of d2 set note_source to text returned of d3 set note_by to text returned of d4 set note_tag to text returned of d5 set astid to AppleScript's text item delimiters set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "," set note_tags to text items of note_tag set AppleScript's text item delimiters to astid set note_comb to {"Date: " & note_date & return, "Change: " & note_change & return, "Source: " & note_source & return, "Report by: " & note_by} as string tell application "Finder" tell application "Evernote" tell notebook "Default Notebook" set new_note to create note with text note_comb tags note_tags set title of new_note to note_date & space & "- " & note_change repeat with this_tag in note_tags set new_tag to this_tag assign new_tag to new_note end repeat end tell end tell end tell
  19. Hi, maybe silly question but this is my first attempt to create some applescript for Evernote motivated by sudden need. I have several notes that include date in note title (they are radio playlist notes) that I imported recently to Evernote. However all notes have recent dates of creation and modification. So to automate some thing I thought that I write a script that: 1. scan all notes in one specific notebook 2. detect date in each note 3. change notes date for those detected in title. Date in title are in format like "3.04.2012" or sometimes e.g "28 września 2012" where "września" means "September" in polish. Any suggestions how to do this date detection with regular expression or something?
  20. I currently keep most of photos and videos organised in Picasa, but I'm looking into moving at least some of the most important ones to Evernote because it's just going to make them easier to access. I'd like to add some of my photos and vids (at least about couple thousands) to Evernote and it's important that their metadata such as created date is retained so I could sort and review them by date. Is there any way to do it? I know I can just import them from a folder and then manually edit created date of each note, one by one, but that's not practical. I could edit hundreds of notes manually if I absolutely have to, but not thousands. It would be very nice to automate the process. I mean files already have created date so there should be some way to automatically add it to Notes as created dates.
  21. berryboy

    User timezone

    Due to Evernote API document, User's timezone represent as a string. My problem is how to translate these zone ID into something like UTC offset. Could anyone give me suggestions ?
  22. Before starting to use Evernote, I used GNote and I especialy liked a simple feature it had: you could enter the date and or time in a note simply touching a menu icon. As Evernote is great for taking notes or updating notes on the run, this (hopefully) simple addition would be a big bonus, IMHO.
  23. Evernote for Mac バージョン 3.0.4 (206275) Mac OS X 10.7.2 日付検索で「-(マイナス)」をつけた検索ができません。 たとえば「created:day-1 -created:day」と検索した場合、 昨日作成したノートが表示されるべきですが、今日以降に作成したノートが表示されます。 「created:day-1 created:day」と解釈されているようです。 更新日(updated)でも同様の不具合を確認しました。 一方、Web版では検索の不具合は発生しませんでした。 2011/12/08 0:25追記 バージョン 3.0.4 から 3.0.5 (209933)にアップデートしましたが、この不具合は修正されていません。 もし日付検索の不具合のためにアップデートをするか検討している人がいるならば、次以降のアップデートを待ったほうがいいでしょう。
  24. I've worked on a calendar app for iphone and we allow users to using NoteAttributes.subjectDate for pin the note on our calendar. http://evercalendar....om/support.html I've just found some discusses the in Evernote forum, such as this and this. It's turn out to be that we might be the only app that using the subjectDate. So.. - Do you guys use the attribute (if yes, how) ? - Or, do you know any 3rd party app that's using the attribute ?