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Found 19 results

  1. I am trying to create individual notes from an excel spreadsheet. I did this 1 time about 15 months ago but nothing I seem to do will work. Here is what I have done so far: Drag a CSV file from Finder to Evernote Elephant icon on bottom tray Result. 1 note with my cvs file as an attachment in note Drag Data in Column A (rows 1 - 80) with header or without header record onto Evernote Elephant in Bottom Tray . - Result 1 note with each row in a list under the note title Drag .Xlsx file onto Evernote Elephant in Bottom Tray - Result - 1 note with File name as Note - and .xlsx file as attachment I am trying to get each row in column A to be a unique note Please help!
  2. The Evernote Web Clipper helps me remember projects I see on the web. Check out this DIY Caramel Apple Kit! http://ohhappyday.com/2011/10/diy-caramel-apple-kit/ How do you keep track of crafty projects?
  3. I do not see a microphone anywhere to record with. I would very much appreciate any help finding one. Thanks!
  4. As an avid sewist, I accumulate patterns like crazy. Physically organizing and storing them is no problem. However, having access to envelope information such as yardage requirements, notions needed, suggested fabrics, etc. when I find myself in a fabric store is a huge issue! About a year ago, I began working with Evernote to organize sewing patterns. Since that time, a program has become available for pattern organization that will magically find and import complete envelope information simply by entering the name of the company and the pattern number. They have a mobile app which makes the program much better for spur of the moment shoppers. I would love to see Evernote come up with a way (barcode reader, perhaps?) to import sewing pattern information from the Web. Right now Web Clipper can be used sometimes for this. Once I begin making an item, I chronicle the process using photos and Skitch drawings (and annotated photos) to record such things as pattern alterations, fitting issues, fabric choices and assessments...and much, much more. I would LOVE to hear from other sewing enthusiasts on how they are using Evernote.
  5. I am an avid Pinterest user and incorporating it with my Evernote account will be so awesome!!!
  6. I'm always trying to find ways to make my Evernote organization better. I have about a dozen main notebooks and a lot of stacks. I've also taken to naming conventions to keep things organized (i.e. "Patterns," "Techniques" and "General") but I'm not loving that format (things are still tricky to find!) and I think there has to be better ways. What are ways you have found to keep track of your life—especially your crafty life—in Evernote? How do you use tags, notebooks, stacks, titles and/or body copy to find easily keep and find what you need at your fingertips?
  7. Support_Summer

    craft Crocheting help???

    Hello all! I am wanting to give crocheting a try. Anyone have any tips on good websites to start with? Thanks
  8. Welcome! My name is Jenni Lathrop. I'm passionate about my family, TV, graphic design, knitting and reading. I love pop culture, social media and ministry with children and families. I discovered Evernote in 2010 but only used it for capturing things I never used but didn’t want to lose. A few months later, I had the “a-ha” moment of using Evernote to hold my children’s immunization records. After that, I started putting everything I could find into Evernote. I now use the program every day for every aspect of my life including work, family, memories, blogging and my favorite pastimes: knitting and reading. I look forward to more conversation around using Evernote with our favorite crafty activities!
  9. Jenni Lathrop

    craft Stash organizing help

    Okay, I'm finally at the end of my Master's program and can get back to knitting and organizing my life. I just realized I have a ton of yarn. Most of it left over from projects or parts of never-completed projects inherited from my mom. Any thoughts on the best way to start organizing? I hate buying new yarn for projects when I already have a ton of really nice yarn, but I never remember what I have available. Some of it still has labels, but not all (which means weight, type and quantity are up in the air!). I like to add this to Evernote but I'm not sure what the best way will be. Anyone manage their stash in Evernote have tips to share?
  10. Tonight we were decorating our Christmas tree. One of my favorite parts of this is the, "Oh, I remember when..." for the ornaments. This is only the second Christmas since my mom died and this was her favorite holiday. Because of this, my kids (15, 11 and 11) are acutely aware of how special these things are. My mom had so many things that were so important for her but she never shared the stories with my brother and me. Now that she's gone, those stories are gone too. This is especially hard for items that I might have made when I was younger. I have those ornaments, but I don't know when they were made or any kind of detail. So as we were putting things away, it dawned on me how easy it would be to use Evernote to track those stories, especially on the homemade ornaments from my kids (even just a date and creator). During Christmas and as we put Christmas ornaments away, I think I will start taking pictures and making notes of ornaments. Especially which ornament belongs to which child. This is something I already do with my knitting (picture of the object, date I knit it, who it was for). Okay, maybe this isn't totally crafty, but what important non-business, non-paperwork, family things do you like to keep (or have plans to keep) in Evernote?
  11. Hi there, I'm an avid knitter and designer and have a dilemma whether I should use Evernote for my knitting related stuff in its entirety. Here is my current set up and I would love some input on how you guys use it. I have 3 things going on and I really want to reduce and reorganize. 1. Ravelry 2. Evernote 3. Dropbox So, if you're a knitter, you know Ravelry. Here is what I use Ravelry for: 1. I keep my needle inventory 2. I keep my yarn inventory 3. I keep my finished projects 5. I keep my published designs Evernote 1. I clip fashion insiprations 2. Contracts with Publishers 3. I also teach and keep my class notes here Dropbox 1. I keep any documents like proposals, photos, pdf, excel worksheet that keeps tracks on what proposals I have sent and if they have been accepted or rejected. Not sure, but I think that Dropbox can be replaced by Evernote huh? Would love to hear you guys's thoughts on how you would organize using stacks or tags or just naming the title in a special way. Thanks
  12. BurgersNFries

    craft Cricut??? Memory books???

    One of my new projects is to create memory books about my mother for her grandchildren and/or great grandchildren. (I'm not doing them for the great-great-grandchildren. If they want one, they'll have to inherit one from their parent or grandparent!) I'm still mulling over how I want to do this since media will include audio, video, digital images as well as printed material (or possibly PDF.) I plan to include genealogy information as well as her favorite recipes & as much of her life story as I remember & can piece together from others. I prefer the digital methods (mostly) b/c it's easier to make copies & hopefully more future proof b/c if backed up properly, they are mold/water/fire resistant. But of my mother's children, I'm the only one who even has a computer. So if part of my audience is my siblings, there will need to be hard copies. But even with it being mostly digital, I can see where I'd like hard copy stuff for the presentation. IE enclosures for the DVDs/CDs. So... I invested in a Cricut. Wow... What a machine! I've made many, many greeting cards & all our Christmas cards since 1995, when I got my first color printer. I also own a couple Xyron machines, a good paper cutter & that's pretty much the extent of my crafting background. I'm learning to love my Cricut, but there is definitely a learning curve here. As a result, I'm trying to keep track of what carts I used as well as the settings (size, pressure, speed, etc.) Any other Cricut users who store info in Evernote??? PS - I made my first greeting card with my Cricut. (Oddly enough, a sympathy card for a co-worker who's father passed away.) I took phone camera pictures of it as well as the info about the paper I used, the cart/image I used so I can refer to this in the future. The card turned out just simply lovely, btw.
  13. Hi there, I'm looking for a nice scarf pattern for creating a wrap-style scarf. The thing is most of the scarf patterns I find are for: - Lacy "girly" scarves - Big chunky scarves that use funky yarns - Wearable "work of art" scarves that look like spider webs or macame I want something simple and sophisticated that would look like one of the beautiful, simple wraps that drape nicely. Using a stitch that's more sophisticated than a garter stich but not so complex that I'm creating lace. And I'd like to use a silk-blend yarn that has a nice drape and sheen to it. I appreciate your suggestions fellow crafters! Warm regards, Judy Murdoch Denver, CO
  14. Does anyone here have a Silhoutte?? I would love to know more about it, ease of use.....
  15. Hiya! I am VERY new to Evernote and am still working out the kinks. lol I love to bead using different sizes, projects etc. I have yet to find a great app to help me get organized with my bead inventory. So I am trying Evernote. Does anyone have any ideas? I just waste money buying things to find out that I have PLENTY of it at home and needed a different type instead of the one I bought. I love how I can put different projects in here but I just need a way to organize it all from Needs list, have list, needles, threads, findings, different types and sizes of beads etc. Maybe I'm just cursed to be OVER organized with this. lol Thanks!
  16. I am in the process of creating a tactile bilingual children book. I am using Evernote to manage this project. The project is simple : write, create and illustrate a tactile book as well as create a CD to teach French to preschoolers. My intentions are to get information, links and support from my online communities on Twitter, Facebook Evernote and other networking platforms, reading books and journals, contributions from friends and off course professionals. I have a notebook started but I would welcome any contribution. I can share my notebook with you. Can anyone help please? Thanks http://lestadpoles.wordpress.com/ @lestadpoles Sev
  17. The Evernote for Craft discussion continues. Read how Cheryl Hardy uses Evernote for Pottery. I always love getting ideas from other users!
  18. Here's the official Evernote pumpkin. If anyone else wants to give it a try I created a stencil you can print out. PDF Stencil
  19. Is anyone using Evernote for Halloween pumpkin carving? I clip good pumpkin stencils that I come across throughought the year and also take photos of actual pumpkins I see that I can use as for inspiration (steal) the design. I tag them all with pumpkin so I can easily get back to all the pumpkin related notes I compile over the years.