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Found 75 results

  1. In Android, there is no option to copy a note. The duplicate option will create a copy but with the 'tags' in it. When using templates, during duplicating a template file creates a copy of that template as a note, with the tags given for template. If I use add some tags to a template note, this will not copied when I use 'copy note' function in Windows but not in Web & Android.
  2. When I try to copy notes from one notebook to another, I can't seem to be able to preserve the originally created dates. In Windows, there is an option to click to do this when copying the notes, but I can't seem to find it on my Mac. I checked the forum and there was a similar question in 2016 with no simple solution, so I am posting again, hoping there is an update. Thanks.
  3. Confuselled

    Ctrl + V

    Hi! I copy something to clipboard. Anytime after that, when I want to type an "@" sign with ctrl + v it doesn't work, and instead a note with copied content is automatically created on Evernote. I guess it's a useful function but it just has a wrong combination of keys for me. How do I turn this off?
  4. I find very often that lots of new notes in a notebook will use the same tags as the first note in the notebook... It would be so fast and easy to be able to copy the tags from the first note and paste (or share) the tags to the new notes as they are created and added to the folder. Please add this feature!
  5. I share a notebook with about 400 other people. I use this notebook as a searchable catalog for products we all sell. I copy notes for just the products I own to a separate notebook and have been trying to help others do the same. I have a Windows machine and it's really easy... I just right click and copy to notebook, select the notebook I want, make sure the boxes are checked to keep the tags and update info, and click OK. Simple!!! People with Macs and iPads call me to find out how to do it on their machines, but I have no idea. I've searched and the few places I find it talk about emailing links and all kinds of confusing methods. Can anyone tell me simply, maybe with screenshots, how to copy a note from our shared notebook into their own private notebook?
  6. I was feeling frustrated by EN's lack of support for colors for text in the app, so after checking around the forums for a bit, I realized I could just make my own note with colored text and share it as a way for anyone who wants to get some colored text into their notes to reap the rewards of my small effort. I realize it's not perfect yet, I just threw it together real quick. But theoretically one can go to my note on my my postach.io blog and copy some colored letters/numbers and use them on any platform. Cheers everyone.
  7. When I create a new notebook, most of the notes within it will have many of the same tags. I would like to have the ability to copy or import tags from another note so that I do not have to keep typing the same tags for each note that I create.
  8. Hi there, I'am filling out a document, for several questions. I logg inn then filling out answers on the pages. No I'am finished and want to put inn Evernote. The webpage cannot be saved. I have tried to use Evernote Clipper to take an picture of it. Any ideas how i can clip it out when it contains several pages, with the text I have filled in? M
  9. Hi Evernote Team, I am using evernote on Mac with version 6.13.3. I have a request. I use ``` to put the code in it. For example, see below. while (s.empty() == false) { top = s.top(); s.pop(); mark top as visited; check for termination condition (have we reached the target node?) add all of top’s unvisited neighbors to the stack. } Now I want to add tabs to it to look better: while (s.empty() == false) { top = s.top(); s.pop(); mark top as visited; check for termination condition (have we reached the target node?) add all of top’s unvisited neighbors to the stack. } To fix this code, I have to go to each line and press tab. Which is kind of painful. I know I can go to some other editor and make it work, like this: Generally, the other way round is that I select the lines I want to indent and press tab. Can you please provide this feature, so that I don't have to leave Evernote window for this task. Thanks.
  10. I would really love to be able to go into the options panel and set the default paste to exclude all formatting. Evernote is a good lightweight word processor, but I strongly prefer all of my notes to be uniform in style. I find it makes it a lot easier to navigate my notes across all platforms. Really, the only formatting stuff I use is occasionally bold or italics. Any time I paste stuff from another program it's a pain having to fix the formatting so I can navigate around it easily. As far as I can tell, there's currently no way to accomplish this.
  11. Copy and pasting text from Evernote occasionally, includes the html for spaces within the text. See attached. This never used to happen in previous versions. Evernote: Version 6.13.1 MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
  12. Jeff@mobilebizsystems.com

    Copy a whole note

    I am trying to see if it is possible to copy a whole note to create a whole new note. Without going into the note and doing a select all copy and then creating the new note and pasting it in there, Is there an easier way?
  13. I'm not blaming Evernote itself, but on all my Windows PCs from seven to ten, Evernote always crashes randomly during cut or copy events, on an average of about every 15-20 Copy or Cuts, in may crash in the foreground when during a copy/cut itself in the application itself, or may just crash completely in a background, when I cut/copy on another program. This happens on every Windows Machine I have Evernote installed on from Windows 7, 8 and 10. So I presume from my computing habits I must be having/using some program running interferring that causes this. But I have been months trying to pinpoint the problem. The crashing tends to happen more often if I'm playing a game, I don't get any send to evernote crash box either, its just minimizes , closes all the windows it had open and everything is gone (expect for the Clipper on in the system tray) , so i restart Evernote and got to relocate the note I was in all over again. Quite unreliable and irriating if I had serveral important notes on serpeate windows at once So I posted here and curious if anyone has an ideas or even has that problem I have.
  14. As a user I want to have ability to copy reference on my notebook in the same way like getting reference on regular note. For note it works as described below: Click on note right mouse to open dialog menu; We can see "Copy Link Note" If we press "Option" button on the keyboard we would have "Copy Classic Link Note" option If we put this link to any document and try to follow by link, current note would be opened. It will be nice the same behaviour for NOTEBOOKS.
  15. My understanding, confirmed by an Evernote Expert reply to a support request, is that when I copy or duplicate a note to another notebook, and then add content to the note in one notebook, the note in the other notebook does not and cannot also update. I want the option to have the same note in two notebooks and for changes made to either version of the note to register across both notes and notebooks. Some of my notes thematically fit in multiple notebooks and I often forget which notebook a certain note is in. My most helpful notes, like on productivity tips, and my idea lists would be most efficiently referenced if I could see them in multiple notebooks instead of looking for which notebook I put it in or using search. I thought they were syncing but now I realize I have to manually merge several of my notes. Related, a more sophisticated version of merging notes, i.e. omitting duplicate sections, would be helpful, and I see others have requested this. Thanks for all you do for Evernote. Have loved this app for many years.
  16. I'm a relatively new Evernote user, and I hadn't run into any problems until yesterday. Upon upgrading to the latest version of Evernote, I realized that the Mac app is not letting me copy and paste from Microsoft Office (Word or PowerPoint). I can copy and paste from other text editors, but when I try to copy and paste from Word or PowerPoint into any Evernote note (new or old), nothing happens. I have tried copying both using the shortcut and by going to Edit > Paste and Edit > Paste and Match Style. I have also tried restarting my system, but nothing seems to help. Any help would be much appreciated.
  17. Hello, When I edit a note, it seems automatically saved lots of copies as time goes by. How can I stop this, so that I can keep one note completely?
  18. I have used Evernote for a few years as portfolios and for giving feedback. I have two 'Plus' accounts as I have set up a notebook for each of my 300+ students.These are shared with them individually via email address. This works fine for them to send work to me, and me to give individual feedback. It doesn't however work as well if i want to get the same information in form of a note to a whole class or year group, as I have to 'copy to notebook' for each individual student - up to 90 of them. I collect my notebooks into stacks for each class and would love to be able to copy to all notebooks in a stack, but I can't see that this is an option. How do the rest of you solve this issue which must be a very common need for teachers?
  19. I am going through a language study for which I have created a separate page for each chapter. At the end of each lesson there is a list of new words to be leanrt which I include in a two-column list: Language-English. I created a separate page which I called Vocabulary in which I intended to include the vocabulary table of each chapter thereby making a long vocab. list all on one page. So far I have been unable to copy the vocab. table from chap.1 and paste it into the Vocabulary page. Can someone please tell me how to do it? Thanks in advance.
  20. Is there any simple way to make a copy of an entire Notebook from time to time, just to have a time-stamped backup for disaster recovery?
  21. When we Move or Copy a note from one Notebook to another, only three notebooks are presented as Recent options. Personally, I think there should be 10 or 12 instead of 3! Thanks for considering this suggestion, John
  22. I am running Evernote on Windows 7 Professional, Evernote version Basic package. I am trying to copy notes from a synced notebook to a local notebook. When I copy a note that is 30 MB to the local notebook, I receive an "upload limit reached" error. If I look at my account information on the web version of Evernote, it says I have 60 MB remaining. I have verified that my local notebook is indeed a local notebook. Why am I receiving this message about my upload limit reached, since I am copying the note to a local notebook?
  23. As of today I can't correctly copy mathematic formulas from Mathtype into Evernote (desktop application and web application). Does someone have a solution for this problem I am having? Kind regards
  24. Does Evernote have any plans to do as follows in some near and not far far away distant future? Allow to write sections in HTML or Markdown, and have the viewer interpret/render the section - look at Confluence's wiki product, it has the beauty to have plugins that allow to render whenever their own editor falls short, so people can format their text in more suitable ways. Proper code blocks with color coding according to type of context - simply look at how many only web editors support for multiple language code format: json, javascript, bash, perl, ruby, C++, C#, java, python, Go... - it is not just a code block it allows to format the the code in the proper color code (examples http://collabedit.com/ or https://jsfiddle.net/). 3rd party plugins that allow evernote to expand its capabilities - this is specially useful so Evernote's features can grow without always putting demands on the dev team. Anyone can tell me which of these are already available on the product? Thank you .
  25. Dear Evernote team, I've noticed that pasting text to evernote transforms original indentation. This is the original text with indents This is the same text pasted to evernote It looks like Evernote transforms original indentation and reduces number spaces down to 2. I'm using Ubuntu 16.04LTS with Chromium (Version 55.0.2883.87 Built on Ubuntu , running on Ubuntu 16.04 (64-bit)). Please, have a look at this issue. Yours faithfully, Constantine Bonebryukh