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  1. How to represent the issue: Open Chrome+Web Clipper extension. Open Twitter site. Scroll the page very fast and feel the lag. Disable the extension redo the procedures and feel the fast scroll.
  2. EN Always uses Safari even if the the default browser is set to Chrome, Firefox or something else. The OSX preference is accessible EN should pay attention to this setting.
  3. I'm at my wits end with the web clipper plugin refusing to remember my login in Chrome on OSX. I read all the archived posts about the issue and tried changing my time & date settings from Apple's servers to "", as others had mentioned it to be a fix, but nothing changed. I am still logged out every time I close and re-open the browser. I have never seen this working in any version of the Chrome extension, and it's getting to be really frustrating.
  4. I can't say when this started. When I right-click on a web page, I see Evernote Web Clipper. When I click on it all of the options are greyed out and cannot be selected.
  5. Why are web-clipped pages often squeezed into a box with a narrow width? It prevents you from seeing the full width and from reading text, unless you go to the bottom of the note and use the horizontal scroll bar. Is there a setting that can change this? If this problem and a workaround to it is explained anywhere, please post a link.
  6. I'm using the Evernote Clipper to save web content from a subscription that I have access to for a 30-day free trial. Just wondering whether anyone knows if I'll still be able to view the notes I've made from this source once my subscription runs out?
  7. I've installed the Web Clipper extension for Chrome but the icon is not visible. When I go to manage extensions, it shows that it is installed and enabled. How do I get the icon to show in the toolbar?
  8. I lost my Evernote Clipper in Chrome. When I re-installed it several times, it has "lost" my connection to Evernote, i.e., it acts as if I never used the clipper and has none of my notebooks listed, etc. It looks like it might have me signed in differently... don't know how to check my log-in with Clipper to re-coordinate and retrieve my correct Clipper account. Please help! Thank you... My e-mail is:
  9. Hello everyone, Currently my web clipper extension for Google Chrome is signing into my business account for work and not my personal. This may be because I am logged into a CRM that has an Evernote function. This is quite annoying though as I have to sign out then sign in and restart my Chrome and this does not necessarily fix the issue everytime. Does anyone know how I may be able to stay signed into my personal account? Thank you in advance.
  10. I am using Google Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) on two different Linux desktops (both running Xubuntu 16.04.3 LTS) with Evernote Web Clipper 6.12.3. Even though I have the option to "Show successful clip dialog" after clipping, it's not showing that dialog. It's just closing. It does save the clip, but I rely on that clip dialog afterwards to set a reminder for many of my clips. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Evernote Web Clipper but it still happens again. This is happening on both Linux desktops only under Chrome. Works fine under Firefox. Suggestions?
  11. For example, currently clipping a list like item 1 item 2 item 3 from item 2, would save a note like item 2 item 3 But it would be nice if the clipper could instead save item 2 item 3 Where the first item starts with number 2. This can be achieved with the start attribute on the ordered list (ol) element. (Worth bearing in mind there are probably lists on the web, where the start attribute is already set, and the list starts at item 1290...)
  12. The evernote web clipper should have a feature to check if a website has been clipped from before. This will prevent having multiple notes for the same clipped web article, in case i forget and clip the same article after some time creating a duplicate note.
  13. I have installed the Evernote Webclipper App but get this prompt when trying to activate it: Due to the restrictions set by the browser, you cannot clip this page Have looked over Settings but not found where I can configure the settings to make it work?
  14. Chrome Auto tagging

    Notes I create using web clipper in chrome have a tag already assigned to them. I want to eliminate this apparent "auto tagging." This started a week ago. I discovered one forum post on this issue that was closed though contained a link to a supposed solution, but that turned out to be simply the support page. Searching endlessly produced no answer, though I noticed requests for having the ability to auto tag notes. Well, it seems that EN already has it, but I can't figure out where to turn it off. Ideas welcome.
  15. TL;DR Recently the webclipper fails to find notes, even when the search phrase appears verbatim in their title. DETAILS The webclipper "related notes" feature is to me one of the biggest advantages of Evernote. Recently however, it usually fails to find anything. As mentioned in [this older thread], it will not show up at all if it cannot find anything, which caused me to think the feature were broken entirely. The suggested solution of using a different search-URL didn't help. REPRODUCIBLE EXAMPLE (POSSIBLY) For example, I have a note called “Rust vs Go / Golang”. If I search Google for “Rust vs Go”, no results are shown. If I search Google for “Rust vs Go / Golang”, the note shows up as expected. Plus some additional results, where “rust” and “go” but not “golang” or “vs” appear in the body of the note, but have no relation to the programming languages – which is funny, since the search for “Rust vs Go” would have matched these notes better than the search for “Rust vs Go / Golang”. For reference, I first had titled the note “Rust vs Go/GoLang” (no spaces around slash) and then renamed it “Rust vs Go / GoLang”, thinking that maybe the search-algorithm fails to treat “Go/GoLang” as two words. This change had no impact at all on the behaviour.
  16. Hi, "You have been logged out of Evernote"....sigh. Ok - I get the security reason for logging you out every so often - although 30 days seems a little quick to me - but I can deal with that - I'll log back in ok fair password's saved in Chrome anyway. BUT - what really infuriates me is that once you've logged back in - do you go back to the note you were editing before? go back to a default view of all of your notes. Why? I use Chrome and generally have lots of tabs open - with lots of different Evernote notes open when I'm working on multiple things. It's my 'in progress' stuff - I keep all the tabs open on the things I'm working on. I tell Chrome to re-open with all the tabs that I had open when I closed it - so I close Chrome when I shut my laptop down, and re-open Chrome when I turn it back on again - and there's all my work and notes again as they were. Fine.... except when Evernote decides I need to log in again - and then I just have 10 'you have logged out of evernote' tabs. I log into each one - and they all just go back to the list of notes. Great. Can Evernote be updated to maintain the current note when you've logged out and logged back in again please? The URL must have the note name/ID in it - as you can re-open a tab in a browser and it normally ends up back to the same note - so why does the 'logout / login' process not keep that part of the URL and put you back where you were? Anyone else find this infuriating? I'm using Chrome (Version 61.0.3163.79 (Official Build) (32-bit)) on Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 on a Lenovo laptop - and mainly access Evernote through web - but also on the iPhone app.
  17. Evernote and web clipper are great products, but they almost never capture embedded twitter posts when using the "simplified article" capture. Capturing twitter posts is an important aspect of how I use evernote for my job. Please fix this.
  18. Evernote and web clipper are great products. The least reliable aspect of web clipper is capturing the article's publication date when capturing a "simplified article." I only get dates in like 50% of my captures, which is a real nuisance. Please fix this.
  19. Chrome Web Clipper shows SOMEBODY ELSE'S ACCOUNT!

    I started using the web clipper some months ago, but a couple of weeks ago when I tried, it didn't work. I didn't make much of it, but yesterday when I tried again, I noticed that the web clipper SHOWED SOMEBODY ELSE'S ACCOUNT! The account name started with Karin (my name), but ended with a number, and my account has, at least earlier, been my name. I have no idea how that has come about, but it goes without saying that the clippings are not uploaded to MY account... Has anybody experienced this? I don't seem to get in touch with Evernote Support either. The chat was closed, it said on the support page, despite it being about 11 am CST. I have also been experiencing difficulties logging in to my account, which I have thought was just a malfunction, but now I am starting to wonder if it has something to do with the account mixup. I log in, but I do not access my account, but get a perfectly blank page. /Despondent...
  20. The Web Clipper does not work. I have tried all sorts of methods, but I can not. Please tell me how Link up.
  21. If I highlight content from the web, right mouse clip, and then choose clip selection, the Evernote window that comes up has no option to add a tag. If I click the link to the clip, there's no edit option that I could add tags either. Is there a way to add tags without going to the Evernote dash, finding the note, and editing from there? I end up making my own note instead of using the web clipper half of the time because of this and just not using Evernote the other half of the time. In general, if there is an in depth tutorial (preferably video) on the Chrome web clipper, please link me! I saw an Evernote blog post about web clipper, but it wasn't very detailed about how to use it.
  22. YouTube changed its layout. Before the layout change the Chrome Web Clipper recognised the page and saved a nice looking web clip with all the needed information. After the layout change the Web Clipper does not provide the option "YouTube" any more. Please make the YouTube option available again. My current Clipper Version: 6.12.2 (6a10d4b/
  23. Hi! Found nothing in the search, so here proposal: A 1 click "Pocket" style way of clipping, where you could just hit 1 button or keyboard shortcut, and save the page. If possible with pre configured options (Article, Page, Bookmark, etc.). Of course ONLY as an additional way to clip, NOT replacing the current way.. At the moment it is multiple times faster to save a page to my pocket, then to clip it to EN (Of course even without ANY tags, notes, etc.). I do understand the difference between those 2 services, but i think it would still be possible to avoid the tedious way of 1. Click on EN button 2. Wait for UI to load (Takes 1-2 secs till ready to operate even on my fast mid-premium) desktop, not to speak about my older laptop, or those 2GB/4GB windows tablets 2. Check the current clipping format 3. Check target folder 4. hitting save button Some ppl may dont mind, when they only use clipper causally or for private, non extensive use, but for power users, and professional use, this can get a pretty slow and therefore annoying workflow, when one needs to do research for example, and save more then 1-2 pages at a time. And those power and pro users are the ones, that buy the subscriptions mostly. Causal users are most times happy with a free plan. Therefore i think EN should seriously think to target us more, and develop EN potential, where it still stands like years ago. In times like these, where many of those users use their browsers with multiple, often dozens of tabs open, such a batch like option would come REALLY handy, and REALLY save time, nerves and money, and be something REALLY beneficial for many of us. I have been an EN fan from their start on Android, and still have some hope for it, even after feeling burned with lack of focus on core product improvement and lack of listening to the community, as i know many here feel the same. And i do know that EN team has been busy with work on the software and backend core software. But i hope this promised focus on improving EN instead of wasting time and money on BS side Apps will sometime soon come to fruition. Seeing how OneNote catches up, it may be too little, too late. But I hope I am proofed to be wrong on my feeling.
  24. Chrome Buttons on Navigation Bar

    The Notebook and Tag buttons have disappeared from my navigation bar. What should I do?
  25. I frequently browse my subscriptions, add to my Watch Later, and finally watch my saved list. If I want to remember something, I clip to Evernote. The new YouTube interface has been up for a while now—couple of weeks—and I hate it as much as the next user. This morning was the first time since the change that I tried to web clip. It's broken. Five weeks ago, I saved my most recent working YouTube clip. When you click the link, you should see the format including title, URL, publisher, image, description, etc. This morning, the option to save a YouTube clip is gone. I decided that best option was to save a broken bookmark clip. I realized that the title and links are correct; however, the description is from another video in my list, and the image is from an altogether different video in my list. That's not going to work. Is this happening to you, too? What's the best workaround for the interim? When will this be fixed?