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  1. Blogging word wrap ?

    why cant evernote sett a limit .. my lines can go forever and i cant read.. where is the word wrap effect? can someone help me?
  2. Is there anyway I can quickly put a note from Evernote into Google Blogger, complete with the images where I put them and the links? I tried IFTTT but it didn't work well. Thanks!
  3. This is the original note containing the first attempt: https://www.evernote.com/l/AIgSlYTFB-dDib9Le7BtuorVcwNQxc5ZU0o I’ve dropped using Evernote for a couple of months, concentrating on making Matcha 3 the great tool it is now, together with Johanes. While testing the Evernote integration we have found many new use-cases and note design possibilities. What I would like us to talk about is the question, whether you would find it useful to see Evernote being used as a Podcasting tool. This initial note contains a raw recording of my thoughts on it and I would love to release my SIMPLE PRODUCTIVITY content in the form of an edutainment tool to share my thoughts about Evernote use-cases, Tips & Tricks, and Templates. Please, let me know your thoughts on this particular use-case.
  4. Hello Evernauts, Your new workspace for Evernote is MATCHA 3 Smoothie Each week, while you do what you do best, we are on the mission to develop the perfect workspace for you. We constantly develop, test and evaluate new features for MATCHA 3. We also play our favourite game ... Squash'a'Bug... a lot lately. Thanks to you, we can find and squash a lot of them very quickly. Please, keep posting those bug reports. Your feedback on MATCHA 3 is awesome. We try to implement all those great features you request as fast as possible. But... we value quality more than quantity, so over the course of last week we focussed our efforts on the requests sent to us by our current Matcha v2.0 users. With build 680 we add: four themes in light and dark modethree new fontsa smooth font size selectoran improved settings formand some other nifty new features. What else is new? NEW BLOG We are launching our new blog today. There are still some tweaks to be made, but you can already read our first post Introducing a Refreshing Matcha Smoothie MATCHA 3 beta Release Note Our way of showing you what is inside our pipeline and what has been already accomplished. This post is constantly updated. If you have any questions about MATCHA 3 please do not hesitate to get in touch. What is MATCHA 3 (Smoothie)? MATCHA 3 (Smoothie) is the workspace that connects your Evernote, Dropbox, iCloud, and Wunderlist accounts and lets you publish your notes to your Wordpress and Tumblr blogs. Features: Sync all your Evernote stacks, notebooks and notes. You can choose stacks and notebooks you want to show in Matcha.Responsive editor based on Markdown.Create heading, list, paragraph, quote and caption.Create beautiful collage of your photos.Create and edit table.Drag and drop text and photo around your document.Light and dark color theme.Customizable colors and typography (Planned).Word and character count.3 layouts to work on your iPad: Home + documents pane, documents pane + editor and full screen editor.One touch publishing to Wordpress, Tumblr and Twitter (Experimental).Add Dropbox account to sync Matcha with your Dropbox files.Enable iCloud to create and store your documents in iCloud.Manage your tasks in Wunderlist (Experimental).Sign up for the public beta, today! Who we are MATCHA 3 Smoothie is build by InterAre in Jakarta. Our CEO and head of development is Johanes Sung @firstmistake Enrico Nahler is our Community Manager and will answer all of your questions and feedback. @enriconahler Support We will react to your feedback within 24 hours (depending on the amount of requests it could be, that sometimes it will take up to 48 hours) Let us know what you think and if you have any comments or suggestions, post below! We are looking forward to welcoming you as beta testers to MATCHA 3. Write on! Enrico Community Manager Some more Screenshots
  5. Cilantro down

    I've been using Cilantro for a few weeks, and it was great, easy to blog using Evernote. But it seems to have been down for days now. Does anyone else use it? As I've only used it for about a month, I have no idea if this is 'normal'. And it's not just the blogs that are down, but their site, which means I can't even get contact details so I can try and get in touch with them. Error it comes up with is: Error 503 Service Unavailable Service Unavailable Guru Meditation: XID: 2093460858
  6. I'm starting a podcast for lifestory and memoir writing. Is there an expert on using Evernote for writers that I can chat with?
  7. Hello Have you seen what Evernote and postach can do ... Quite a nice template and the management is ... I Evernote therefore I publish with a tag 'published' Cheers mjlvideo.com
  8. Postach.io bug ?

    If I create an note in Evernote with all numbers as the title e.g. 77777, pistach.io shows the new blog entry but cannot find the page, giving the usual gone walkabout 404 error. I can rename the note and it displays as expected and when I re-name back and it disappears again. It doesn't seen to be a browser caching problem. Is this a known feature or a bug? Mark
  9. I hate to beat a dead horse but I still don't understand why this feature isn't available on the mobile applications. Including the word count in the "note info" section would improve things greatly for me since so much of my writing requires me to meet a certain word count. EDIT: Gah, typo in thread title. Supposed to read "it is" not "is it". =\
  10. Hey folks! This is my first topic submission on the Evernote Discussion Forums. I'm very excited to have found this space to engage with other users! As many of you probably did, I recently attended EC3 in SF. This really gave me a strong sense of the increasing domination of Evernote in the world of productivity. Reflecting on my experience, I just completed a blog post on why I think this is the case. If you're interested, check it out here: http://actualizingself.com/2013/10/06/evernote-set-to-take-over-world-of-productivity/ What does everyone else think? I'd be curious to hear other's thoughts on who if there are any other companies out there giving Evernote a run for their money. Chris
  11. Hello I want to use Evernote directly to blog Should I use a shared notebook? And if so, how can I access my shared notes as if an internet site that I can share publicly? Thanks
  12. OK, I think I already know the answer, but I'm a firm believer in asking for clarification. I am really starting to get into Evernote and it has become, by far, my go-to source for my freelance writing work. I love the very basic/clean interface (I get distracted very easily) and that I can access it from all my devices (so I can I actually work when I have five minutes and don't have my laptop.) I am in the process of launching a new Wordpress blog and I want to write my posts in Evernote as well. I know everyone so far says "Why not write in Wordpress?" The two main reasons are: 1. When I write in Wordpress, I often get distracted by the rest of the Internet world (I use a couple programs to help, but it doesn't solve all my problems). In Evernote, I'm not as distracted by everything else, I just write. 2.There are times when I don't have access to the Internet, especially with my tablet, which is wi-fi only. With Evernote, I can use offline mode (I have premium) and keep working. The problem has been finding a way to transfer the information over. I realize (through posts here) that you can't simply copy & paste. I looked at postachio (I'm not sure where the "." goes) but I can't use my Wordpress blog, I would have to use one of theirs, which I don't want to do. I've tried a few things that didn't work already (email post to Wordpress, c&p to MS Word and post from there, create an IFTTT recipe to share a note & have it go to Wordpress). Is there an easy way? Does anyone have a good idea? Like I said, I really don't want to write in Wordpress itself unless there is no easy work around.
  13. I'm an absolute newbie to Evernote, and hope that someone can help me with some suggestions. I have one year's worth of photographic tips that are sent to annual subscribers. I'm understand to create a note for each tip, and tag it according to the content. However, I would like to keep track of when each tip was sent. For example, I would like to look at a note and see that it was sent on July 2, 2012, and on July 17, 2013. Or I'd like to do a search to see which notes have not been repeated in 2013. Or see which tips on shutter speed (tagged) has been sent in 2012 but not in 2013. I'm not sure whether to use tags to accomplish this, or Note Titles, or separate notebooks, or a combination of them all. I cannot think that creating 365 date tags for each year is the only solution! All suggestions would be welcomed.
  14. The week of the 1sct of March 201
  15. You might like this blog post of mine where I review Note & Share, its interaction with Evernote and the surrounding ecosystem I implemented. https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/mydeveloperworks/blogs/MartinPacker/entry/appening_1_note_share_on_ios?lang=en Those of you who are also trying to write on the go will probably have views on this.
  16. Hi, Here is a short blog post with some tips how to use Evernote for writing (actually how few of our customers use it). http://blog.cloudhq....ive-dropbox-and TL;DR version: Evernote for prewriting (ideas, investigation, photos, interviews, collecting links, drafts, ...) Google Docs for the main bulk of the writing and editing process (sentence fluency, using precise language, etc.) - and collaborations Dropbox for backup and distribution/sharing and final publishing touches cloudHQ to sync all your data between all these services Please comment. Thanks! Senad
  17. Has anyone done much thinking about this? The only thing missing for me is a commenting system. My blog host was down tonight so I just wrote in Evernote and shared a link to the note on Twitter. I kinda love how the new shared note pages look. Any thoughts on what I could do about comments? I am not a programmer, but would it be possible to selectively add Disqus comments to shared notes?
  18. blogging Share Your Blog

    This topic would perhaps work better in the "Lounge" forum, but I thought this forum would help me target the audience I'm looking for; bloggers. I started my own blog about two months ago so I'm still relatively new to the game. I've got everything up and running now and I feel like I'm finally ready to spend some time "networking". While we may not blog about the same topics, the fact you're here reading this post means we at least have EN in common, right? So if you have a second, post a quick blurb with your blog address and your topic.
  19. I write for three different blogs, on three different platforms: Magento, Blogger, and WordPress. I haven't tried in WordPress yet, but links do not copy and paste into Magento or Blogger. Is there some way I should be able to do this? I can copy them from EN to Word and then to the blog...but surely there is an easier way?
  20. I write for three different blogs, on three different sites: Magento, Blogger, and WordPress. I haven't tried in WordPress yet, but links do not seem to copy and paste into Magento or Blogger. Is there some way I should be able to do this?
  21. It's great to see that so many other people use Evernote as a blogging tool. I've been doing this for just over a year with my iPod Touch, and it's completely changed the way that I go about writing. It's changed the way I write to such an extent that WordPress and Tumblr no longer seemed like effective platforms for blogging ... so I created my own. I've been working on this project off and on for the better part of six months where I write articles on my iPod Touch or through one of the desktop clients. When I'm happy with the result, I drop it into the "Published" notebook. From there, Noteworthy (my blogging software) uses the Evernote API to read the new notes in that notebook and publishes them to the web. You can read more about the project here. There is no (real) administration panel. There are no difficult settings to configure and understand. This is just a simple tool that takes what is posted in Evernote and pushes it out to the web (after cleaning it up a little bit). Is this something that you would be interested in using? In the next few months I hope to have a bit more polish on the application so that it can be rolled out for anyone to use. I'd love to hear your opinion.
  22. I just started to use/experiment with EverNote and I found that it's not too cumbersome to share a Note in EverNote on Twitter. And of course it's easy to search for Notes, so that you can go back and edit/add to it (and retweet!).
  23. Greeting! I have a Wordpress-based family blog with 495 posts at http://dashu-huahua.com/ I would like to archive my past posts in Evernote. Is there a quick, easy and automatic way of doing this? BTW, I have already set up an ifttt Wordpress to Evernote task to auto archive my future posts. Look forward to your help! Victor
  24. Hello! I'm really interesting in what people write in their evernote's. Is there anyone who wants te share it with me? Caro
  25. Hello guys, I use Evernote as my main tool for writing blogs. Our company has managed a person to proof read my blogs for any grammatical mistakes. I want to know that if there is any utility or plugin with Evernote that can help the proof reader have inline comments to my notes? Any help or tip would be appreciated.