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Found 4,521 results

  1. dhwolfer@yahoo.com

    Search on Andriod does not work

    After syncing to my android with notebooks and note always available, all the information seems to be there. However, when I try to do a search on all notes the search never finds what I am looking for. So I went to a note on my Android found a note that had something for sure that I would search for. When I actually searched for that exact information, the search did not find it. So I went back out to the note and sure enough it is there. I purchased Ever Note because I need a freeform database to track all kinds of information. If I cannot use it this way then it is useless to me. Please fix this issue. Thanks Dave Wolfer
  2. Help! I love using Evernote but I can no longer type properly on it! So ever since an update a few months ago, I don't recall exactly when, whenever I type in Evernote android, it's been crazy glitchy. I can type smoothly on every single app on my phone except Evernote so I'm pretty sure Evernote's the issue here. Examples of glitches are: - typing "i" gets deleted after hitting spacebar - backspace on a word adds letters to the word? they --> backspace one letter and the word becomes --> theythe - deleting an empty line before a paragraph deletes the first word of that paragraph - cursor jumps around like when I try to move it - cursor also jumps to a different spot in the middle of typing (I didn't touch anything weird, like it'll jump up way to the top so no way could I have scrolled all the way up in the middle of typing) I can't remember all of them right now but typing is randomly slow as well. Also, my phone has lots of memory because I clean it up at least once a week, deleting cache and other files etc Does anyone else have these problems? Are they fixable?
  3. Michael Goulding

    False notifications

    I've had this issue for years now on multiple phones. If I have a notification due today, then I edit the note on another platform to change the notification to say tomorrow, when my android syncs the notification comes up at that point. So I end up with all these dodgy notifications when they shouldn't be coming up. My work around is to disable all Evernote notifications on my Android, and just use my google calendar to create a notification by default for evernote notes synced via cronofy. Maybe these issues are somehow related to Cronofy sync, since others aren't reporting this fault, is it just me? Can we please fix the notifications, it would be far more useful to have these working for direct access to the note rather than the workaround.
  4. I would appreciate the ability to change the colour of font when using Evernote on an android device - sometimes having everything in a note in black makes it difficult to find the right section and color would really help. As a side note, more colour options in the highlighter would also be welcome.
  5. Hello. I'm a premium Evernote user. One of my main uses of Evernote is to make lists of websites or articles I find useful in a single note as multi level bulleted lists and linking them to their URL so it's easily clickable. This is very easy to do in the Desktop and Web app using the Ctrl+K shortcut or the Add Link button. But the Android app doesn't have an option to add hyperlink to a word or a sentence. This is a very basic function and should have been easy to implement even on Android. I'm posting this forum post from my phone and even this text box has a link option but the Evernote app doesn't! I would request the Android developer team to consider it. A simple button beside the Bold, Italic buttons at the bottom to add a hyperlink would be very useful. Thanks.
  6. Using a galaxy s8 plus with the samsung keyboard for reference, I encountered two bugs: 1. Text shortcuts don't work in evernote (they work in every other app) 2. If you have text on a line, and place the cursor at the start of that line and start typing numbers, it starts to insert additional duplicate numbers into the text. This only happens at the start of a new line, with text directly after your cursor (no spaces). This bug is related to smart typing, and I've gone through testing all of smart typing options. It only happens with predictive text turned on. Auto replace, auto spell check, auto capitalize, auto spacing, and auto punctuate all have no effect on this bug, so it's specific to showing predicted text based on what you've entered and not something that the keyboard is trying to modify. Since predictive text is a feature I use extensively, simply turning it off is not an option. Considering no other app has this problem, I shouldn't have to either.
  7. Niels73

    Scan to PDF again

    Hi, Please add back the native Evernote function, to scan directly to PDF docs. Why was this removed at all?
  8. Using EN on a Chromebook, I need to use my fingers to scroll. Would be nice to have scrolling support on the track pad or mouse. Better mouse support in general would be great, too. (it's a little flakey)
  9. hi so i've been using Evernote for like a year or 2 now had almost no problem with it til some time ago a noticed the API for signing in via google account is gone..along with re-login request ... dealt with those and moved along now, yesterday i had to reset my tablet .. so after resetting .. the first thing i do always i update my Googe play store , since the stoke version shows me most applicarions are not compatible.. so while it updates i queue up sevral apps so it starts after all done.. Evernote was queued seccessfully ... after update done..i noticed no app was queued.. so while i was queuing apps .. i found Evernote install button not there..i open the app page ..i listed as incompatible with my device and wont allow me to install it how was compatible a moment ago (if we ignored the 2 years im using it) and after updating the store is grayed out??? my tablet is running kitkat 4.2.2
  10. When I copy text in the Evernote app on Android and then paste that text in the same note I just copied it from in the same session it is pasted as a different font and size. In the Evernote app on Android it looks correct, but when I go to the desktop app on Windows the text is different. The text is originally Tahoma size 10, but it gets pasted as Helvetica Neue Size 12. Funny thing is if I type in a note in the Evernote app on Android the text is the correct font and size. I have this same issue on both my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) and my tablet (Sony Xperia Z4). I've tried restarting my devices. I've tried signing out and in to the app. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app on my devices. Nothing has fixed it to date so I'm guessing it's a software bug. If anyone has anything else I can try let me know because I'm really tired of having to fix my text constantly.
  11. Hi i wonder anyone have the same issue like me. I am using samsung tab 10.1 spen. currently i am fan of evernote and i using it everyday to take note. But my experience with handwriting on evernote is too terrible. the speed of ink is too slow, it not appear right after my stylus but delay for a while. But on other app like onenote or squid are not. This is my video when writing: Evernote writing on samsung spen Hopefully evernote team will optimize it more.
  12. Using the Android version of Evernote, I can't click and open attached PDFs. The PDF shows as an attachment in the note, but does not interact to clicks with the mouse or touches with the touch screen. This is on a Samsung Chromebook Pro I know I can use the Web version, but I really don't want to because I would like offline support and really need ink annotation of PDFs, which isn't well supported in the Web version.
  13. Christiaanc90@gmail.com

    Change font size and formatting on Android

    I would really appreciate it if I can change the formatting for my notes on my Android app. Or more importantly, set the default text format and size for my mobile app. At the moment my android and pc apps use different default fonts and sizes. See attached. This is only visible on the desktop app. And I have tried changing the font on the desktop App. At the moment I need to "simplify formatting" on almost every note.
  14. I've been using Evernote Premium for Android for several months and have yet to find a method to insert a time stamp or separator line as per what you can do with Evernote for Windows OS. Ctrl ; to insert time stamp Ctrl Shift - to insert a separator line. Is there a way to do this on an Android phone? tablet?
  15. I like to use tables to align my data, which works great with a keyboard. How do I insert a row or column using my android phone or tablet?
  16. Since I upgraded to Evernote 8.0 I cannot open any note with an attached PDF anymore. I get error: "Note Edit error. Oops! There is a system error. We'll close Evernote now to resolve the problem. If the issue persists, try restarting your device." Restarting the device does not help. I get this on my Nexus 7 2013 running Lineage OS 14 (Android 7.1.2) and my Moto X force running stock Android 7.0. Oddly, my Nexus 9 running Android 7.1.2 and my Chromebook on Android 7.1.1 do not have this problem. Any clues?
  17. Does anyone run Evernote regularly in an e-ink device? There are very few that are true Android devices, and of the few that are, the better ones (meaning not extremely slow) tend to be rather expensive ($800 for the Boox). I am not really sure about the Nook hack, specially after my old Nook stopped working. I am currently considering the inkBOOK and other devices in its price range since it would not be not such an expensive investment, and it would be small enough to carry everywhere, but the reviews are mixed, and the issues of syncing and editing are not very clear. Any thoughts on this?
  18. LoquiturX

    Hiding Format Bar

    I now have a format bar on Evernote on my Android phone. Don't know if it is new or if I enabled it somehow but it is taking up way too much territory on my screen. I researched how to hide it and found a reference to clicking View in the Evernote menu bar which would permit customization of the tool bars but I can't find an option for "view" anywhere - either on my Android phone or my Windows professional 7 laptop. Can anyone give me some more direction on how to find this or otherwise get the format bar off my screen? Thanks!! Susan
  19. Dave-in-Decatur

    Editing images

    I just updated to v. 8 of the Android app, and it continues to be weird about editing images. If I open a note with an image and long-press the image, I get a popup menu with the options "Annotate, View, Copy, Edit, Edit a copy, Remove, Download." If I select Edit, nothing happens at all, except a "Resource not changed" notice appears at the bottom of the screen. If I select Annotate, a screen opens with the image and a variety of tools for marking, including adding a text-box. There's also a 3-dot menu at the top right with options to Crop and Rotate right/left. It's nice that it is possible to do these things from here. But I'd expect to do them in an editing tool, not annotating. So why is the Edit option there at all, if it doesn't do anything, and cropping and rotating appear in the Annotate tool?
  20. Hi, y'all! I've been having issues with some of my bigger notes (it's hard to know how many words/pages we're talking about, but it's a fair amount). I can still read them fine, but when I try to edit them the app grinds to a halt, then tells me it's having problems and that I need to restart the app. I can only imagine that this could be because of low memory- I have a very new Android phone, and there's 38% storage space remaining. What worries me is that, when I upgraded my account to the $35-a-year deal, nothing changed at all. I was of course hoping that my app would run more smoothly after paying for more storage space. Has anybody else had this problem? I've synced my files recently as well, but that didn't seem to help either. Thank you!! : )
  21. aptowizard

    Support Right to Left (RTL) direction

    I am writing from right to left in Hebrew. since this morning (after an upgrade of evernote I believe?) all my notes are shown from left to right and I can not read them. I have evernote plus. the problem appears in my windows pc and in my android Samsung galaxy as well. please help how to write and show my notes from right to left as I did till today.
  22. Gabardino

    Opening PDF attachments

    I use Evernote on my Android mobile (Samsung Galaxy S8+) and noted that if I want to open a note with a PDF attachment there is no possibility to choose Acrobat Reader despite it is installed on my smartphone. I can only choose either PDF OneDrive Viewer or Word just to modify the attachment, as shown on the screenshot attached. I've also cleared the default applications on my mobile and then reinstalled both Evernote and Adobe Acrobat but it was unsuccessful. If I try to open a PDF file saved into a folder, I have the possibility to choose Adobe Acrobat. Thanks in advance for your help and kind regards.
  23. Usando o meu Tablet Galaxy Tab A exportei um texto do Pocket (Android) para o Evernote; depois eu marquei, usando o marca texto, algumas passagens do texto; finalmente adicionei anotações com a S-pen, usando o ferramenta "Escrita", em algumas partes da nota, fiz isto na rua, estava conectado à Internet através do compartilhamento de Internet do meu Galaxy Note5; Tudo parecia bem; já em casa acessei a nota do meu 2 em 1 Yoga 520 e notei que a anotação usando a ferramenta "Escrita" tinha desaparecido, dei uma olhada no meu Tablet e lá também a anotação havia sumido. Eu não sei se houve um problema ao salvar a nota no Evernote para Android ou se foi um problema no sincronismo. De qualquer forma foi um problema. O que perdi não é tão grave, mas poderia ser. Alguém tem tido problemas semelhantes? Alguém conhece um meio de evitar este problema?
  24. I did what I normally do after entering in a title and the content for a news story i touched the tick to save the note. Then when I get back to the office the note has all gone except for the title! I've read the forums and I've: looked in conflicted notes but it wouldn't a conflict because it's original Checked trash Searched the web version Nothing at all. It happen to me last week as well, but the information lost was negligible, but this shouldn't be happening. Can support help retrieve this? It's very important. Time of note between 9:45am AEST and 10:25am AEST Title: Monica wild hair dresser Thank you in advance.
  25. Example: under "All Notes," it says Add photos You can add photos to your notes from your Gallery. Then "Try It." No matter if I click "Try it" or click the "X" button, it eventually comes back or other tips do