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Found 4,324 results

  1. Is there a way to setup an android lock screen widget to --only-- create a new evernote note? I don't want someone to be able to look through my notes without unlocking, but I would like to create notes without unlocking. I'd like similar behavior to the camera app, which allows me to take a picture without unlocking, but won't let me look at any pre-existing pictures without unlocking the phone. I'm not comfortable allowing access to my notes on the lock screen. My apologies if this is discussed somewhere else, or solved. I've looked around and hadn't been able to find a solution. Also, I'm running lolipop.
  2. As I organize using check boxes I find that I am unable to format the text to give it a hanging indent. I think it would be a welcome feature to support paragraph formatting in a series of check boxes. ============================================================================= [_] A0 Code Text string that is very long and wraps to the following line. With a hanging indent the checkbox, prioritization and Code remain on the left and easily navigable. [_] A2 Code Text string that is very long and wraps to the following line. With a hanging indent the checkbox, prioritization and Code remain on the left and easily navigable. [_] B0 Code Text string that is very long and wraps to the following line. With a hanging indent the checkbox, prioritization and Code remain on the left and easily navigable. A) some sub-information or text some more sub-information or text C) Even more sub-information or text =============================================================================
  3. Reminder Suggestion

    I would suggest allowing to set more than one reminder per note, as to schedule them in all your devices and at different times.
  4. I would appreciate the ability to change the colour of font when using Evernote on an android device - sometimes having everything in a note in black makes it difficult to find the right section and color would really help. As a side note, more colour options in the highlighter would also be welcome.
  5. The recent Android update has an improved Web Clipper. It looks great and I thought I can now stop using Pocket. But most of the times, it doesn't work. The clipped note is an empty note with a "clipping..." message.
  6. Is it possible to change the default font size in the mobile apps? Too small right now.
  7. Consider a mobile app feature that lets you easily add a camera image to an in-progress note while you are working on your desktop or web client. Here's how it would work: I'm sitting in a meeting taking notes on my Mac. Suddenly I decide to draw a diagram on my napkin, or need to capture the white board, or a document that my colleague hands out. I don't want it as a separate note, but right in with the work I'm currently doing. I whip out my phone and use the new "add to note in progress" widget to snap a picture with my camera. On my Mac (or browser) a notification pops up in my current note window, and says "it looks like you just captured an image. Would you like to add it to this note?" I click YES and choose where in the note I want the image to appear. Easy!
  8. Looking forward to mind mapping feature!!!. this feature will help organise ideas, thoughts and concepts at one place!!!
  9. Hey there! I'm using Evernote as my main tool for GTD. But something's missing for me on android. There isn't a widget, that shows me ONE WHOLE note on my home screen. Of course I could make a shortcut to a note on my homescreen, but I really want to see what's in there without opening the application. For example: I sometimes forget that I have to go to the supermarket after work. But if there were a 4x4 widget on my screen, screaming: MILK! BEANS! CORN! I would notice it. I searched the internet for my concern, seams like many people have the same. Since there is no way to accomplish this with the official Evernote Widget for Android, is there a third party app? Or a work-around? Thanks for your help! BTW, my current workaround: I share the note and copy the URL. Then I use the Meta Widget for android, which gives me a widget showing a custom Website from the internet, where I put in the URL for my note. But first of all, this doesn't really work, the header of the note (Its name, shared by *user*, last edited...) takes up too much space. And second, I don't want to share alll my privat notes...
  10. Single note widget

    Hi All, I know this has been asked before, but is their any way to display a single note on the home screen. Examples of when this would be useful - Task list, Shopping list. Their is an app that offers this feature - but it just crashes on my phone. Thanks David
  11. Hello, I spent about three hours this morning preparing solutions to a homework using Evernote on my chromebook. When I finished the note, I tried to share it with another person. A message popped up saying that the person may not have access to the note. After that, when I tried opening the file, Evernote threw a message saying the file was unavailable for opening. I tried opening the file several times and each time, the same message (that the file was not available) popped up. Then, I tried syncing the files. Post-sync, the file disappeared altogether from the list of notes. Interestingly, the sync icon has been spinning for the last 3-4 hours. I checked evernote web interface for this file but couldn't locate it there either. Is there a way I can recover this file? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. It would be great if an object or sticker could make a picture auto-tag, similar to how the moleskin notebooks do it. We have three whiteboards in our office, if I could put a label on each whiteboard they could be auto-tagged into "Whiteboards" within my Evernote system. It would be very cool if these labels could be generated and printed off out of Evernote. Even better if there was more logic that you could apply (like impacting the title). Another example could be you have a label right next to where you scan receipts using your phone, then it always tags to "Receipts" I find that a lot of my inbound notes need to be categorized / titled after the fact when scanning via phone, the meeting topic on my calendar rarely matches the desired title.
  13. I'm looking to set up my notes so that if I make a note on my android phone, it is automatically tagged "fromphone". Using the android app, I cannot seem to find a way to tag notes other then doing it manually each time. Is this possible in the android app? Is it possible in the ios app? Thanks
  14. Reminder icon numbers

    I just migrated from iphone to Android. Evernote is my go to for everything including reminders. Am I doing it wrong? because I can't seem to get the reminders icon to show the number of due reminders like it did on the iphone? My Twitter, Facebook, message, Whats app application icons all show waiting message so I know numbered icons is available. Help
  15. Sharing

    Greetings, I've been battling with trying to share notebooks with my wife for over a week now. I have shared the notebooks and my android simply says pending. ex. I've shared to and under shared notebook I see "Who can access" shows pending. On my wife's phone I see no sign of my sharing. I checked her gmail account and I see nothing. I checked spam and every other folder she has on her gmail but nothing indicating my share. I've repeated this process many time with different notebooks and nothing works. What am I missing? Or is this function simply no working anymore?
  16. Notes can be pinched-zoomed, making everything larger (text as well as images) -- but then enlarged text cuts off by phone display--making this hardly a useful feature. As it is, pinch-zoom seems useful only to zoom into images and/or read small fragments of text, yet being able to enlarge text is an incredibly helpful feature -- particularly for users with imperfect vision or dyslexia. Certainly, clipped web content can be limited by table grid, borders, or HTML formatting -- but even text-based notes created in Evernote don't re-flow text -- and even if most web-clipped text couldn't re-flow well, the 'simplify formatting' feature on the desktop client seems it'd largely solve this problem. 'Pinch-and-zoom' seems like a partially realized feature and text re-flowing would make it great! Please vote up if you like this idea!
  17. I have a Nexus 5X and recently got the Oreo upgrade. Since the upgrade when trying to take notes the orientation of the camera is stuck in landscape mode. If I hold the phone in portrait the UI elements show as normal but the camera is rotated 90 degrees and the camera view is all stretched out. It makes it impossible to create a usable note. If I then rotate the phone to landscape, the camera stays in landscape (UI elements swap to landscape though) but again the camera image is all stretched out. Has anyone else had this issue on Oreo?
  18. So I selected Adobe Reader as my default pdf viewer, but I would now like to change to another app. Any insight is appreciated. Also, after a default has been chosen (for any purpose) is it not possible to open with another app as desired? Thank you!
  19. When I do a search using just one word, the results come up fine. But when narrow down by notebook, it says zero results. The note is clearly in the notebook so this is a major glitch. I have several notes with the word "call" that are in the unfiled notebook. Search results come up fine at first but when I narrow down to notebook "unfiled", nothing. Just doesn't make sense. Fortunately as mentioned above regular search works but it is a annoying behavior when narrowing down by notebook and nothing comes up. Anyway I still think Evernote is awesome and I have had good luck with it I just hope this can be fixed soon. Of course all the contacting the developer. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong and how the search works should be straightforward.
  20. Hi, since the last update, i can't add more than 1 file to a note. I've tried every option but nothing happens. It's not a problem of file or note size, I have Plus account. Thanks!
  21. Hi, I heavily rely on the "Direct pen input" feature on my Note 4. It's basically let's the users write on screen and converts the handwriting to text in real time. Like this: Together with Evernote it makes a wonderful note taking combo, esp. for lecture notes. 7.8.2 update broke this. When I hover the S-Pen on the note area, I can't see the "blue T", starting the direct pen input feature. I can still use it on the note title though. Any ideas how to get it back? Or, could you, please, fix it in a next version? Thanks, Tadeas
  22. Hi, Whenever I use Evernote to take a picture with the camera, the attachment fails with "Unknown Error Occurred", and nothing gets attached. I've tried this multiple times in various ways: Taking a photo note using the Widget -> Fails all the time Opening Evernote, then taking a photo note -> Fails all the time Opening a new, empty note, then putting a Camera attachment -> Fails more than half the time Having an existing note with an image or a camera attachment, then putting another Camera attachment -> Fails all the time Having a new note, or an existing note with a Camera attachment, then attaching a image from Gallery -> Succeeds all the time Why is the Android Evernote so buggy? I'm really surprised, I would have thought this is a really standard workflow.
  23. Voice dictation and punctuation

    Hi Folks! I am using android evernote on moto5 using (what looks like) the Google microphone icon above the keyboard. I am struggling with punctuation. If I say "full stop" the app types a "." and promptly over writes it with text "full stop" - same thing happens with "comma" I see a comma then I see text "comma" This feels like a set up problem but cant find where Any ideas please? Myke
  24. I installed the app on a Samsung S6, install the widget and can use Evernote with no restrictions. But after a few minutes/hours it disables, widget disappears and I have to go to the play store to ENABLE the app again. This happens all the time, I have re installed the app several times, reboot the phone, etc. Model: SM-G920I G920lDVU3EPI5 Kernel 3.10.61-8013872 COMP: MMB29K.G920IDVSA3EPJ3
  25. Hi, I do love Evernote, which is a real game-changer and so useful. It is also relatively easy to use, except for one major drawback, which has always surprised me since it is about notes-taking: highlighting in the notes is a real pain! Whether on Ipad, Windows or Android, it is always so complicated, because on Android or iOS, the virtual keyboard has to be on (limits the place on the screen) + selection is not easy, and it is necessary to click several times on the highlight button if we have several parts of the note to highlight. It would be so much easier if it worked like in Word or even better in a pdf - select the tool, no keyboard, read easily and then highlight with you stylus /finger (if tactile screen) or mouse. For the moment, it is all but easy... Thanks in advance for considering this request Loïc