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Found 4,537 results

  1. Any suggestions for dealing with Note Conflicts? I will mess up and forget to close a document on one tablet and then open it in another thus creating a Note Conflict with a link to view original document. Would that be the document saved on Tablet A or Tablet B? I get confused just thinking about it... Is there a help topic on this or any suggestions from the users here? Thanks! Steve
  2. Margarida Afonso

    Create a Lock Edit Mode

    Create a Lock Edit Mode which would not allow a note to be edited unless a key was used (e.g. password, biometric reading). This is to avoid changing them by mistake on Android. Even if the edit required clicking the edit button, it still can happen by mistake.
  3. Margarida Afonso

    Duplicate Note without tags

    Allow user to select, when doing a duplicate of a note, if tags should also be copied or not.
  4. In Android, there is no option to copy a note. The duplicate option will create a copy but with the 'tags' in it. When using templates, during duplicating a template file creates a copy of that template as a note, with the tags given for template. If I use add some tags to a template note, this will not copied when I use 'copy note' function in Windows but not in Web & Android.
  5. Guys there are so many formatting errors on Android it's too long to list. Back space loses formatting and colors Bullet points get stuck can't remove Spaces that can't be removed Spelling issues that occur with no other software on Android Is this being addressed? It's making the app unusable
  6. Version: 8.1_beta5_4391 On the new note editor for Android, there's yet another bug that causes random scrolling behavior when editing. This has been "fixed" a few times before, on both Windows and Android. This latest instance seems to be related to the new feature where you can tap anywhere on the note, and the editor switches to edit mode and places the caret at that location. This was enabled in a recent release, b ut it causes issues such as this, so it was removed, then more recently it was added back (and seemed to work ok). But now, if you edit a note multiple times with this method, it's impossible to edit the note in more t han one location: 1. Tap the note to go into edit mode 2. Insert text 3. Tap the checkmark 4. Scroll down and tap another spot on the note 5. Start typing, and the caret moves back to the location of the first edit. 6. While in edit mode, scroll back down and tap the second location. 7. Start typing, and the caret moves back to the location of the first edit. 8. Repeat ad infinitum
  7. I pay for premium services for Evernote but when I share an on-line document the upper left hand portion of the title is obscured with a "Report Spam" button. This button also shows up if I convert the on-line page to a PDF file. Can the button be moved away from the document area or at least the title portion of it? Can it be removed altogether if we are logged onto our account? This might seem like a trivial item but it is important to me. Steve Ahola P.S. I am posting this on the Android forum because that it what I use everyday although I am sure that the issue has to do with the EN servers.
  8. Claire2014

    Shared notes not syncing

    Dear Forum Please help! I'm having issues syncing notes created in a notebook which was shared with me. I've tried: Ensuring that Evernote is up to date and that there are no more than 2 devices associated with my account Logging out and back in Uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote Rebooting my phone Had the notebook creator remove my sharing access and re-share it Checking the status of the Evernote servers None of these steps have resolved the issue. Whenever I try to sync I get the message "Network error. Please try again later." All other notes in my account are syncing without issue. Any suggestions?
  9. I'm a long time evernote (free) user. I need to collaborate with someone on a project and decided evernote would be a good platform to do it. But we've run into a problem before we've even got started. When setting up our shared notebooks we soon discovered that any note created by either of us on an ANDROID device in a notebook (created by either of us and shared with editing permissions) does not sync to the evernote servers. I can create a note outside the shared notebook and share that note with my partner and all works as expected – the note syncs and the other person can edit the note and it re-syncs no problem. Also – any note I created on the web version (and moved to the shared notebooks) using my iMac and chrome CAN be edited by the other person and syncs OK. But – any note created on an android device within a shared notebook does not sync and the note has a little green up arrow top right of the note in note list view to indicate the failed sync, when forcing a sync the evernote android app gives the error - NETWORK ERROR, Unable to sync files (or something similar). We've gone through all the troubleshooting procedures on the EN site and none has fixed this issue. We've both tried creating notes in the shared notebook using an android device and we are both having the same issue. I discovered that we may not be the only people to have this problem when I found this recent post on the EN forums: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/113878-shared-notes-not-syncing/
  10. Margarida Afonso

    Create a Lock Edit Mode

    Create a Lock Edit Mode which would not allow a note to be edited unless a key was used (e.g. password, biometric reading). This is to avoid changing them by mistake on Android. Even if the edit required clicking the edit button, it still can happen by mistake.
  11. Just got some brand new (to me) messages from EN on my Android phone saying it had found new photos containing text and would I like to save them to EN. Huh??? Does every photo I take (or just put on the phone) get sent to EN for analysis? Can this be turned off? If I load 13000 new photos (as I did a week or so ago) will my phone be unusable until this examination is complete? Am I overly paranoid? Well, as to the latter, that's not possible in this day and age of FB and UA type stuff. But what about this examining of all my photos? Where is this examination being done? When was I asked if this would be OK? I never would have renewed my premium (or any) subscription if I knew I couldn't have EN on my phone(s) and if it's going to be watching everything I do, I can't have it on my phone(s).
  12. Hello. I shared an audio clip from whattsapp to Evernote. In Evernote the audio clip is saved as an attachment with extension (.opus) It is 7kb When I trying to open the audio attachment its screening as (not supported format) try apps from Google play to support this format. How can I get the audio clip. If there is any app which supports the format please tell. Help me Evernote!
  13. Every web page I try to clip on an Android phone to send to Evernote fails with a "Clip failed" error. It used to work fine for me, but something has gone wrong. On the phone, in a Chrome Browser open to any web site, I click on the "Share" option, select "Add to Evernote", tap the elephant to select "Clip full article" (if it isn't the default from the previous "Add to Evernote" command). It says "Saving to Evernote", and then shows a checkmark seeming to indicate it worked right. When I open Evernote, it shows a note with only the title of the web page (none of the contents or text on the web page) and an error message that says "Clip Failed". (I can turn off the "Clip full article" option, but then I only get the URL and a jpeg image of the first part of a web page, but one of the advantages of Evernote over Google's Keep is it's ability to save full web pages (which may change over time) and to be able to search the text of pages you've saved.) I can save pages from a Chrome browser on a Mac just fine, using the Evernote Web Clipper extension. On the Android phone, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote, but that didn't help. Any help would be much appreciated. -Greg H. Update Feb. 5, 2018: I reported this to Evernote support on Jan. 27. They told me that the development team has been made aware of the problem and are working diligently on it. Today (Feb. 5) they told me that this bug is proving to be rather complex to nail down, but that their team is very close to a solution. Update: Feb. 24, 2018: The problem that I originally reported above has been fixed (perhaps in the past week or two). Other people might still have problems on their phones, but it's not a problem on my android phone. If you think you have problems with clipping, I suggest you start a new thread, and that you report the problem directly to Evernote support. (There are still some problems with evernote clipping. For example, web sites that require login or subscription (like the nytimes.com web site) won't work or will get truncated articles because the evernote clipping app doesn't have access to your account information and accesses those web sites as a guest. But these issues are separate from the one I originally reported, which is now working as well as it used to.) I won't be following this topic any more.
  14. अभिषेक

    Support in Hindi

    I like review blogs and videos of your product. I understand English; however, I use my phone in Hindi, and it is disturbing to switch languages for using evernote. It would be nice if Evernote is available in Hindi. Once things go well, I may go premium later as well!
  15. Does anyone run Evernote regularly in an e-ink device? There are very few that are true Android devices, and of the few that are, the better ones (meaning not extremely slow) tend to be rather expensive ($800 for the Boox). I am not really sure about the Nook hack, specially after my old Nook stopped working. I am currently considering the inkBOOK and other devices in its price range since it would not be not such an expensive investment, and it would be small enough to carry everywhere, but the reviews are mixed, and the issues of syncing and editing are not very clear. Any thoughts on this?
  16. Hello Every time I take a picture with my phone, evernote saves it. How can I remove that?
  17. Hi, i encountered this problem last week or so, in a note i have made 2 years ago, i started to replace some words with emojis so it would be shorter and use up less screen space. in the past 7-10 days all emojis in the not just vanished like they were deleted and not by me, and since only I have access to my evernote account it's suspicious. I don't have a backup of the note and don't have a premium account. is there a way to get the note back from last month or so, perhaps be granted 24h note history to get the content back and save it again and also so i can back it up? PS: the only emoji left in the note is the wrist watch(but i used many more, like sick, sad, books, work, light, lightning, bulb, and other emojis)! Other: another problem is that the app freezes constantly... in the last 5 years or more since I've been using the app on 2 mobile phones, only the past few months working slow and lots of freezes and the emoji problem this month. why? Oh and my Oneplus2 can't update to Android 7 or 8 because they stopped updating the Os for it so until i get the money for a new phone I can't update my Android Os! Evernote version 8.0 on Android 6.0.1 All help appreciated, Thanks
  18. Zachariah Arneil

    Table Support for Android

    Hi everyone, Just joined Evernote forums, but have been using the service for a while for business and personal. Evernote on my android tablet is a must for my day-to-day work life. However, I have one problem, I cannot edit tables (add/remove rows/columns), I can only edit text already in a table. Does anyone know if this will be an upcoming feature, or for current support for tables on android? Cheers, Zachariah
  19. and carplay as well I would guess.
  20. While I'm here I might as well report this one: Whenever you either continue a tickbox list (i.e. hit enter at the end of an existing tickbox line) or start a new tickbox line through the text options bar, an extra space gets added right after the tickbox that you'll have to remove manually. I've made the screenshot below in evernote for windows because it's a bit easier to upload to the forum, but this is essentially what happens. This bug got introduced a while ago and I've gotten into the habit of hitting backspace after adding a tickbox, but it's not consistent anymore with recent updates, so I sometimes end up removing the new tickbox instead. It seems to be exclusive to the Android client, Evernote for Windows does not display this behaviour.
  21. I have everything turned off in settings -> notifications, yet I'm still regularly confronted with some sort of pop up on the evernote "All notes" screen (right now it's titled "Collect what you like", cfr image). How can I turn this off permanently?
  22. sianhumphrey

    Strange symbols on menus

    Hi, bit of a strange one. Since upgrading to a Hauwei P20 Pro on Android 8.1 in the menus in EN (and only in EN) menus and shortcuts have been replaced by strange font symbols. (See photos.) It's making it hard to use, especially on the note edit screen because I can't tell what each item is. I've reported it but they say they are 'having a difficult time reproducing the bug'. Anyone else encountered this? My other Android device has no issues. Thanks.
  23. Can any one please tell me how can i hide adds on my huawei mate 10 lite.. its come every know and than if any one know about it please let me know..
  24. Search has stopped working for me. Works fine with notebooks I created, but doesn't work at all if the notebook was shared with me. I get no results even when there obviously should be. I deleted and reinstalled EN but problem persists. I opened a ticket with Support but response said to expect a 1 week (!) delay in response. Meanwhile EN pretty much useless. Log file pasted below ------ Account Info ---------------------------------------- UserId: Email: Username: Service: https://www.evernote.com Path from DB instance: /data/user/0/com.evernote/files/user-3462115/.external-1528104905304-Evernote.db Version: 126 Read only: false DB pref Path: /data/user/0/com.evernote/files/user-3462115/.external-1528104905304-Evernote.db DB file on sdcard exists: true DB size in bytes: 2596864 lastModified: Mon Jun 04 19:20:48 EDT 2018 Notes count: 370 Resource count: 119 Linked Notes count: 1048 Linked Resource count: 1179 Auto Sync Enabled: true Master Sync Enabled: true Sync Interval: NOT SET Accessibility: 0 Offline Search is activated Offline Search Index is ready ENML COUNT=141 RES COUNT=2 ------------------------- Device and Install Info ---------------------------------------- Brand: motorola Model: Moto E (4) Product: perry_amz_f Display: NPQS26.69-64-2 Display Width: 720 Display Height: 1184 Display Density: 2.0 Android version: 7.1.1 Preloaded: false IsTablet: false Evernote version: 8.0(1081253) Evernote revision: 8.0_2326 Evernote type: public WebView version: Editor version: unknown Network operator: 310410 / AT&T Locale: en_US isRTL: false Package: com.evernote Arch: armv7l Arch supported: [armeabi-v7a, armeabi] Orientation: Portrait Resources-Folder: values-v24 Data path: /data/user/0/com.evernote/files Internal storage: 1 GB / 10 GB External storage: 1 GB / 10 GB SDCardStatus: null Installer: com.android.vending Rooted: false Xposed: false
  25. I want my notes to be auto titled with the preview of the note... but not of a calendar event or the location... but why I can't turn this off??? I used to be able. to. block the calendar event and still have autotitle but now it seems I can't and it's driving me insane :'0 is there something I am missing? what is everyone else doing?