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Found 7,101 results

  1. Today we released Windows 6.17 GA. It's available here! (Link has been updated and now includes a hotfix for importing emails from Outlook) What’s in 6.17 GA? New: - You told us you love Templates, so we’ve made it even easier for you to use them. Now you can view our gallery of templates—plus any you’ve saved—right inside the app. Just click on the “Template” button when you create a new note to see them all. Oh yeah, you know we’re doin’ our happy dance. - Now there’s one easy place to find all the notes and notebooks that have been shared with you. Check out “Shared with me” over there in the sidebar. Fixed: - Now you can drag-and-drop notes from one shared notebook to another shared notebook. - We fixed an issue that removed a tag from a new note after you performed a search with that same tag name. - CTRL + N creates a new note in your current notebook instead of your default notebook. - Tamil and Sanskrit characters now display properly in the title of a note. - PDFs/images no longer disappear when attached to a new note via drag-and-drop.
  2. Is it possible to exclude a notebook from a search. Using -notebook:NotebookName doesn't seem to work.
  3. Similar to a web browser, add a back button the would return you to previous notes viewed.
  4. Hi there, I have many notes that people have shared with me; how on earth do I delete them? (not notes i have shared with others). Normally, i'd just open up the windows version, select the note and press 'delete'...the note would then be moved to the trash. I can't even drag and drop the shared note to the evernote's trash bin as it has that circle with a line through it. I can delete my own notes, so obviously the issue is because it's a shared note, but I can't see any way to 'leave' the note to combat this, and I can't modify who can access the note as I didn't share it! I can access using android, windows and/or the website. Please someone help! Kind regards, Tom.
  5. Not sure if this is related to the latest update or not. Anyone else using Outlook 2013 (as a part of the installed Office apps) and Windows 10 and finding the outlook clipper is broken? I tend to forward emails these days, so haven't tried the Clipper for a while, but recently it failed on one email, and then the next... and I haven't been able to successfully clip an email since. The full error in the clipper window is I raised a ticket #2753464 and will report outcomes. Interestingly I had extra problems reporting this - in Firefox 64.0.2 (64bit) I filled in the ticket form at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and the 'send' button would not work. Reloaded the page, checked I was logged in and filled in the form. Again. Still no send button action. So I used Vivaldi - no problems. And. Being conscientious I created a note to record all this and keep my clips. Drag and drop into the note didn't work for this image. I had to 'attach' this pic (a 4kb PNG) to the note. My other stats are Windows 10 (1709) and Evernote Desktop I'll flag this in the release thread for 6.17.4 too, in case anything is related...
  6. Howdy, Members: I am a paid Subscriber. Quickie question: Does EN offer a PORTABLE APP? I have found an EN PORTABLE at the follow website but not an EN: http://s0ft4pc.com/evernot/ Thank you in advance for a prompt response. ~ Alan
  7. I am using (306423) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.36.3494) - German Version - on Win7 Pro. Since a couple of days (most likely, the last beta update) I see some kind of a New User Information in my note list. Fine if I wasn't a 10-year-long user of EN. I tried to uncheck the pertinent option in the options ("Helfer-Benachrichtigungen"). Either this is not the correct place, or the option change is not working. Every time I start EN I find this information again on top of my note list. Well, just a click but still annoying. EDIT: The information window is called "Basics". Maybe I just do not find the right place where to disable it. Cheers, EvB.
  8. tomer6218761

    Copy paste problem

    hello, I've just updated windows client to version and it seems that it created a copy paste problem, When I’m trying to copy text from ever note to anywhere else it adding \r\n at the end of the copied content (any time I copy not in the end of the line or anything) Thanks.
  9. Anyone know why Evernote is so slow lately? Takes forever for notes to load and/or create new notes. Have even gone back to version ... but hasn't solved the problem. Thanks.
  10. After copying some text from GMail to Evernote, the text has large (wasted) space between lines. How do I edit the line spacing after the paste. Please, no work-arounds like passing through NotePad or paste as text-only. I want to be able to modify the linespacing in the Evernote editor. Thanks, --Myles
  11. Sorry if this has been asked before, but is there a way of stopping the autofocus of the cursor to the note body from the note title after you create a new note using the Windows app? It's really, really annoying! If I could just automatically turn off autogeneration of the note title too, that would be awesome.
  12. Hi, I just upgraded Evernote to the latest version on my laptop (Win10): evernote (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829). Now the note panel is black, impossible to read any note, but they appear in the middle panel (note list). I still can access my notes on my iphone, but what's wrong !!! I tried to uninstall and install again, still ko As suggested in another post, the checkbox "allow beta version" doesn't change the behavior. Please help, regards
  13. Today we released Windows 6.17 beta 3. It's available here! Improved: - Using pre-made templates is now even easier with improved templates gallery and access to your saved templates Fixed: - Notes go missing if all of them are dragged and dropped from one shared notebook to another shared notebook - Cursor jumps to the beginning of note body during sync while editing a note in a shared notebook - Tamil and Sanskrit characters are not displayed properly in the title of the note - Margins set in page setup do not apply to print - Sometimes PDFs/Images disappear when attached to a new note via drag&drop
  14. loicple@gmail.com

    Facilitate highlighting in the notes!

    Hi, I do love Evernote, which is a real game-changer and so useful. It is also relatively easy to use, except for one major drawback, which has always surprised me since it is about notes-taking: highlighting in the notes is a real pain! Whether on Ipad, Windows or Android, it is always so complicated, because on Android or iOS, the virtual keyboard has to be on (limits the place on the screen) + selection is not easy, and it is necessary to click several times on the highlight button if we have several parts of the note to highlight. It would be so much easier if it worked like in Word or even better in a pdf - select the tool, no keyboard, read easily and then highlight with you stylus /finger (if tactile screen) or mouse. For the moment, it is all but easy... Thanks in advance for considering this request Loïc
  15. Hello, After installing ver (301769) Public, I was dismayed to find there is apparently no way to search the contents of just my notebooks vs all my notebooks and all notebooks that are shared with me. In earlier versions it was possible to select All Notebooks or My Notebooks when searching - while there may be a way of searching just my notes, I have yet to find it. Can anyone shed light on this? I have searched the forum for posts on this - but perhaps am doing something wrong? Thanks for any help...
  16. Darin2

    Format painter!

    Please, Please, Please - I will pay a premium please give me format painter in the editor, why is it not there?
  17. Hi, While Evernote is great and I can't live without it, I find that missing these two features negatively impacts my Evernote experience: 1) Ability to multi-select non-consecutive note content by hitting ctrl+select, etc..., as one can do in Word and most other windows apps 2) Some form of format copy, or format painter. Without this, it is painstakingly hard to format notes after a class for better organization. I have gotten over this shortcoming by pasting into word, reformatting there, and pasting back into Evernote, but one should not have to do this.
  18. I rather assumed this was yet another scaling issue introduced with a recent Windows update - but the usual approaches around compatibility settings don't seem to make any difference. The screenshot refers - this was captured from a 1920x1080 monitor, set to 100% scaling, one of two which I use. I also have a third 2560x1440 monitor, also set to 100%, which has the same issue, although it doesn't look quite so bad, because smaller! The blue font used in the note title, and the fonts in the note-previews are all fragmented and blurry - the note text is OK. This would make more sense to me as an issue if the monitors were set to scale the display - but they're not, all run at 100% (I have pretty good eyesight!)
  19. I have a folder that I want to have on my Evernote only on my local computer. I don't want it to sync on-line or to my other devices. I thought I had done it to one of my folders but not sure and don't know how to check.
  20. Hello, all. Since a recent reinstall, my font size is tiny and I can't find where to adjust it. It is not in the Note Panel but in the Left Panel and Note List. Please advise if you can. Thanks
  21. Today we released Windows 6.17 beta 2. It's available here! What’s in 6.17 beta 2? Fixed: - Client crashes on initial downsync - Fixed several crashes that prevented users from merging 2 notes in space view from main menu - Improved Shared with me functionality - Cursor jumps to the beginning of note body during sync while editing a note in a shared notebook - CTRL + N for new note creates a note in default notebook instead of current notebook - Multi select view automatically appears when using "Screenshot" button and CTRL + V
  22. Hello developers, I'm running Evernote 4.5 under windows 7 with outlook 2010. I'm really trying to be nice here, but how to completely remove the f**king outlook add-in of Evernote? I understand you guys want your software prevail everywhere but please this is just a notebook app. If there's no way to do it, I'll have to uninstall it. Thank you.
  23. Hi, I've been having an issue with Evernote's Outlook 2016 Clipper for the past week. The tags don't appear to sync from the Outlook Clipper to Evernote. Everthing else appears to sync ok (contents of email, title, notebook), but none of the tags are syncing up. I've made sure that I was signed in correctly. I've reinstalled evernote and the outlook clipper. Still doesn't work. Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions on what can be done?
  24. Dear Evernote team , I 've been a few years of intensive Evernote users in the private and professional spheres . I work for half a year with a Surface Pro 4 and do not want to miss it . However, unfortunately, very important aspect bothers me tremendously and drove me almost to Onenote : noting the miserable ways handwritten or draw in the Windows version of Evernote . Evernote Touch offers grotesquely no (Surface ) Pen support . The iOS version has indeed integrated drawing function and Penultimate . Is something equivalent for the Windows desktop version plans or ever has in mind ? I need practical advice on how I could solve by other apps by this problem. Greetings, Alex Greetings Alex
  25. What about giving the user the option of creating dashboards from the notes? 1. The user tags notes with .dashboard.todo, or .dashboard.articles, or .dashboard.snippets over time 2. Then, by pressing F10 or F11 Evernote goes to Dashboard mode which shows a full screen with the notes on it 3. These are favorite notes or most opened or most clicked on notes. 4. New notes on the dashboard displace older down but ranking can be improved by clicking or opening older notes more frequently 5. The dashboards can be switched by using tabs on the left or top of the dashboard 6. The Dashboard can be published online if the notes are marked with special tag .publish or .web 7. The Dashboard contains statistics on the notes showing there: how long been on the dashboard, how many clicks it had, words on it, number of keywords or tags, and other data mining features