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  1. I am trying to use Evernote Webclipper on Safari Its not working. I can make it work on Chrome with no problem but the Safari browser it seems to not work with I am told to allows Webcliper third party cookies but dont know how to allow them Can you help please
  2. I have Web Clipper loaded on my Safari. Now everytime I load Safari, Quick Start -Evernote Help & Learning, loads up. It is Help and Learning for Web Clipper. How do I stop it short of getting rid of the program
  3. When send a PDF displayed in Safari to Evernote using the web clipper, I end up with a note containing a single file called "getDocumentGetXByData". I have tried to uninstall the web clipper and reinstall, same thing.
  4. I don't know why but the web clipper can't clip linkedin pages anymore. I've tried several and they can be clipped. I chrome I get the same result. Any ideas?
  5. Hi, There's a bug with my Evernote Web Clipper where if I type something under the 'TAG' section, the cursor moves all the way to the left. So every letter that I type, the cursor goes back to the left every time. I feel this is because I recently updated to Mac OS High Sierra, which I've seen causing problems in other areas outside of Evernote. I've attached a video of the bug. Thank you
  7. Hello Community! When I try to save a pdf doc to evernote online with the Safari Webclipper-PlugIn the file is not readable. It always only creates a file of 2.8 kb. Does anyone of you know that problem? Do you have a solution for that? I have included 3 Images below for you to see the exact messages i get. I hope the german is not a problem... If you need a translation I will provide that of course. regards, Jlxlx
  8. Can anyone tell me why the log-in does not allow me to clip on Safari? This is new....I have tried everything including re-installation of the clipper; restarting Safari; changing log-in data. Nothing seems to work .. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Web clipper no longer works. It prompts me to login. I do it as usual. The window opens and closes and nothing happens. The dot on the clipper icon remains in the tool bar, and web clipper does not work. I am using OS 10.11.6, Safari 11.0 and Web Clipper 6.12.4. Please help! Thanks. /C
  10. …when only one account is in use by the user. Otherwise, takes up far too much space that could be better used to display the title of the clipped note.
  11. I use Evernote predominantly as a web clipper and I dread using iOS to clip notes as there’s no way to automatically simplify formatting as the desktop version. iOS however, has Reader mode for webpages so please consider configuring Evernote to clip a webpage in Reader mode?
  12. Hi. OS 10.12.6, Safari 10.1.2. Safari was freezing each and every time I used it. I had only one extension added: WebClipper. I removed WebClipper. Not Safari works fine. I miss WebClipper and don't want to use another browser. Anyone heard of a Safari-freezing issue caused by WebClipper?
  13. I use the Web Clipper a lot to create Notes. When I do, the URL is available in the Note. It seems that if I email the Note from within Evernote, that URL is not included. If it's not, I'd *like* it to be included as I often email Notes to people who are not already Evernote users.
  14. MacOs Sierra 10.12.5 Safari 10.1.1 Evernote 6.11 Web clipper 6.12.1 170719 - After installing web clipper, and connecting to my account, a web page shortly opens with message "success" but then nothing happens when I want to use webcliipper. I uninstalled the extension many times, tried to empty historic, restarted my Mac, restarted Safari… No success ! Anybody could help me to solve this problem ?
  15. latest version of Mac OS, Safari and Evernote web clipper. Web clipper doesn't work. Goes to login page, but even after login still doesn't work. There is a black dot beneath the elephant icon. I would suggest fixing this!
  16. Why won't Evernote allow me to add no more than two tags to a clipped article?
  17. When I click the Evernote Webclipper icon next to the address bar: a new Tab opens, and I am required to log in. After I logged in the tab closes automatically. When I click the icon again: a new Tab opens, then closes after less then a second and nothing else happens. macOS Sierra 10.12.5 Safari 10.1.1 Evernote Web Clipper 6.12.1 Thank you for any suggestions.
  18. When trying to add a tag to a something I've clipped in Safari 10.1.1 , the typing is actually coming out backwards! See attached image. I typed "Food Trucks" and it came out as "skcurt doof". I'm on Evernote 6.11.1. Very strange!
  19. Hello, When using Web Clipper I'd want predefined tag "web" to be always included, but when I set it up in preferences, saving new settings and making a new clip the tag "web" doesn't get included. When I go to the preferences again I can see "Always Markup with Tag" (or whatever it's in English, I'm using the Finnish language version) setting checked but the tag "web" is not shown anymore. I'm capturing screenshots with the Web Clipper. Is this a bug? I'm using an iMac with macOS Sierra 10.12.3 and Safari 10.0.3.
  20. When I clip a web page in Safari and add a tag, the letters type backwards.
  21. I'm having trouble with EN Web Clipper in Safari on my (early 2015) Macbook Pro Retina (MacOS 10.12.5). It normally works fine. About 20 minutes ago I clicked on the EN button in Safari and it took me to a new tab to log into Web Clipper(which I did) – then took me back to the web page I was previously on. Nothing further happened so I clicked on the elephant icon once again. There was a brief moment when a new tab came up (almost as if it was logging into Web Clipper) and then returned to the previous web page. At this stage, it should have brought up the clip dialogue box linked to my chosen web page – but nothing! I tried the same on my iPad – it works fine. I've tried on my MBP numerous times now, without any success. I've also tried clipping different pages without luck. Web Clipper was working fine earlier today. Any thoughts?
  22. Evernote icon looks much smaller than icons of other popular extensions, or even Safari's built-in icons. Can you please make it a bit larger?
  23. It slows me down a lot having to manually click the save button every time I clip something. I'd really like to be able to hit a key command to get the clipper to save the page and hide itself as per my prefs. I can navigate the clipper otherwise with the keyboard (although an open clipper command would be good too), and don't want to have to cursor to the save button every time. Thanks in advance!
  24. A couple of weeks ago the section where you type the tags started typing backwards. It only happens in the web clipper tag section. I have searched the internet and no answers. I am on Mac and use web clipper in safari. Anyone figured it out yet? The attached screen sot shows me trying to type "teaching"