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Found 13 results

  1. Lets be real. Evernote sucks for creatives looking to organize inspiration. Thus the birth of services as Pixave, dragdis, inboardapp, CardDesk etc. I know, card view right. It doesn't really fully do the job. I just want to log in and see all the photos I have gathered throughout the years and get inspired. Is evernote not from me? Should I find another service, if so which one?
  2. This is my first forum post so I hope I've done this right, I also didn't know the best place to post this question so hopefully someone can help! I've created whats called a cinema graph which is only presentable (to the best of my knowledge) as a .Gif file. I know these can be viewed on the web but I was wondering if there is an offline way to view them? I noticed the .Gif animates in evernote so for that I was thinking about creating a presentation but I need that presentation on a different computer. So my questions if you wondering, whats the best way to present a .Gif and can you put evernote presentation on a USB and view them on a PC?
  3. I use my Evernote programme to store lists of places I want to visit in different parts of England to photograph the landscape. Does anyone know if there is a way I can get the programme to send me an email reminder? I have places listed in the notes and some of the places are best photographed in the Spring, Autumn or Winter which is mentioned in the notes. If it were possible I would like Evernote to send me a reminder by email that it is now "Autumn" and I should be visiting place "X". Hope that all makers sense. Any help or advice would be greatly welcomed.
  4. Hi! Newbie to Evernote here. I am trying to add multiple photos within a note. I would like to have text in between the photographs. I can't seem to make the cursor go below the photo. I can type all I want above, but not below it. I hope I am just missing something. Thanks in advance!
  5. Central Harlem Anonymous

    photography Keeping track of film and cameras

    I have two major uses of Evernote in photography. I use a lot of old cameras, and it can be hard to remember the quirks of each. The Canon IIS2 has a light leak on the lower left; the aperture on the FED is rusted wide open, etc. Evernote is perfect for recording these issues as I notice them and allowing me to review them later, when selecting a camera or deciding how to use whichever one I have with me. More important on a daily basis, I use Evernote to track my film. ISO 400 color in the Leicaflex, Kentmere iso 100 black & white in the Exakta II, etc. If you don't go through a roll all at once, it's easy to forget what's in there, and if you no longer know what kind of film you're using, it's impossible to set the speed and aperture correctly. I also note subject matter for each roll as I shoot it, which together with the record of film type, allows me to identify which camera took which pictures when I process the negatives. That's a photo taken at City Streets last week on Kodak TMAX 100 with a Canon 7 that has focus problems.
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  7. Hi, my first post so be kind to a newbie to the forum (although not to Evernote). I was out today scouting some locations for a possible photo shoot and it occurred to me instead of importing the images into my Mac and plotting the locations on a map, it would be far better if I could shoot the location with Evernote and embed a map of the location in the same note. I've search through the Apps but can't see anything that'll achieve that - does anyone have any suggestions for an App or another way of doing it? thanks Nigel ps excuse the picture - it was taken for a joke!
  8. Evernote has an own camera tool, the little icon in the quick note window on home screen. I can take images and get a new note instantly. Also a place screen is shown in the new note. BUT using this image in other applications, all Exif and GPS info is removed! What happens: when taking an image with Evernote cam, I use my account also to save the snapshot directy to my iPad /iPhone camera roll (account->note editor). I also may send it via e-mail to my account and import the image to the camera roll. Or drag image to my mac desktop. But in every way the image infos are not available! Enclosed you find 4 screenshots of my photo app on iPad. One image made with Evernote cam (without infos) and one image made with iPad/iPhone cam (with all infos included...) Now I'm not able to use images (made with Evernote cam) for further work in Lightroom, iPhoto or Aperture- when I want to look for camera data and/or GPS... So it's not so perfect to use Evernote when you are a photographer!
  9. My photography hobby is taking up a lot more of my time lately. When I look at the pictures from my camera, it occurred to me that I couldn't remember some of the details of what I was shooting. The camera catches the settings I used, but if I shot something historical and there was some information about it, I wasn't capturing it. Since I always have my smart phone with me, I was thinking of using Evernote to take notes of what I am shooting. Does anyone use Evernote as a photographer journal? If so, any tips?
  10. What is the best scanner to digitize 10,000 photos? Want to upload some to Evernote as well. Does anyone use Evernote to back up photos in conjunction with another photo app?
  11. Hi All, Thought I would tell you how I am using a 'shared' notebook for photography. A number of my friends and I have bought the Olympus OM-D EM-5 Micro 4/3rds camera. We have a facebook group, which is great to keep in touch and chat about it, showing each other our shots etc. But it occurred to me that we are missing a key advantage of being Evernote users. Well some are and some have now become Evernote users! I have now created a 'shared' OMD notebook that allows us to store tips, training notes, manuals and anything that comes to mind that will be of use to us all. Over facebook, this gives us a simple method of easily accessing information wherever we are. A simple use, but thought I would share it with you. Best regards Chris
  12. I have saved a number of images in EN - many were taken from clipping rectangles - i would like to use some of these as starter images for abstract work - can i export or save them on my computer to a standard photo format like JPG?
  13. From what I've seen so far with Evernote and the ways in which I'm using it, I'd be surprised if there weren't a lot of photographers using Evernote creatively. I'm just scratching the surface at the moment, but among the ways I use it, are to gather and organize information on identifying flora and fauna for nature shooting, pinpointing locations when doing street photography, and when collecting research on an audience - a group, organization, etc. for whom I might be planning a talk on photography. Given the image storing and sharing capabilities of Evernote, it's a smooth fit for much of what is done in this arena, it seems. I've shared a few of the ways I'm using it. What are other photographers doing with it?