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  1. I renewed my Evernote subscription in iTunes, but Evernote canceled it anyway today. Evernote sent me an email on December 5 saying that my subscription had not been renewed in iTunes. I had, however, renewed my subscription on November 29. I sent Evernote an email on December 6 about this renewal (Ticket# 2303570) and included a PDF of my Apple receipt. I had a similar, and possibly the same, problem in December 2015 (Ticket# 1321391) when my in-app Apple purchase of Evernote Plus was not linked to my Evernote account. I contacted Apple about the issue then and they said it was an Evernote issue. This is very frustrating. Evernote canceled my subscription even though they have yet to respond to the email I sent to them about this issue six days ago. I just sent Evernote another email. I also contacted Apple. I assume Apple will say that the linkage problem is on the Evernote side, like it was last time. Can someone flag this issue for Evernote support? I really need access to my notes!!!
  2. Hello! I'm trying Evernote as a means to document my banjo-related activities, if someone could have a look and perhaps make suggestions, that'd be great. Thanks!...THBanjo.
  3. Hi, Recently' I bought a new LG G6. When I installed Evernote I got a massage that I have a free 6 months premium because I bought the phone. I didn't want to use it because I just started using the app. Now, I want to use this gift, but unfortunately, I don't have the massage. How can I activate that? Thanks, Dan Osovsky
  4. What would be the payment amount change? if I would change the contract from evernote plus plan to basic plan. I want to change Evernote from plus to basic. The term paid 3100 yen per year is closed on 20th October. Even if I change it to basic on November 23, will I be charged 3100 yen until October 2018?
  5. Hello. I appologise for my bad language, but I can't find more appropriate words. !$)*$)(*#%WHJ (Bad words about Evernote). Too many information in Evernote. If I could, I would replace this @$#@(%* software. Earlier in Firefox web-clipper there was possibility to clip directly to local notebook. How can I do it now??? I understand that you need money for eating bread, drinking tea, etc, but this is basic functionality. I have PC, I have browser, I have NAS with Evernote Database, all in one place, why should I send clips into my database thorough @$@(% servers??? Extra fee for extra functionality - this is what I can understand. If the answer on my qustion is - no, I can't, then do you understand, that you put your clients to doggystyle position, and tell them "pay or f### off"??? If you could only know, how many problems your software creates for me in theese latter days.
  6. I am using Evernote (Fresh Install on a new laptop running Windows 10 with Outlook 2013) I have tried reinstalling Evernote multiple times but getting the same issue: InvalidCastException occured while trying to clip this item. This is usually caused by incorrect Outlook installation or previous version remains. Try to repair your Outlook installation or contact Evernote Support. Technical info: Error: 0x80029C4A TYPE_E_CANTLOADLIBRARY Cast source: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.ApplicationClass Cast target: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook._Application IID: {00063001-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} Site: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.Inspectors get_Inspectors()
  7. Other Upgrade

    Does anyone ever get a reply from emailing Evernote? I used to use it a lot but gave up after sending 6 emails and receiving no reply. I've started using it again as its ideal for my work, and thought now it costs a lot of money that they would have better support. I've emailed with no reply - should I give up and go back to endnote?
  8. Other updater does not work

    Hi so the updater doesn't work. It always gives errors and fails to update the product across multiple platforms. I update manually often with a reinstall but is there another way to do this. I am really sorry if you have been asked this question before...i have tried to find a similar thread with no success.
  9. Dear All, I am looking for a card system, an archive system to keep my notes for PhD-research, to easily retrieve them, combine and so on. Is Evernote is the right one for this or do you advice me another system? Thank you.
  10. I accidentally registered for Evernote Premium without the 50% discount. How to I switch to Premium for students and receive my 50% refund?
  11. Other Premium upgrade

    Hi guys I purchased a premium upgrade yesterday 28Sep17 but was short on iTunes credit so the difference of $13.19 AU was deducted from my linked bank account. It is still showing as pending on my bank app and I as yet have not received the upgrade. I did upgrade to Plus the day before (27SEP17) and this fee of $49.99 has been credited back to my iTunes account ok. I have also topped up my iTunes account so there is now enough to cover the difference. Will the bank deduction go ahead or is iTunes the only way to pay? I have raised ticket no. 2221876 Thanks for your help Nick
  12. Other Printing Issues

    NOTE: I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I upgraded to v. 6.12.2 since I downloaded/bought Evernote in the Apple App store. I have a note with a table made of several rows and three columns (across). But when I print it out on a letter size (8.5x11) sheet of paper, it only prints TWO COLUMS. I have not tried printing in landscape, only portrait. And the groupings of tables will not "fit together" like I had them previously. Thank you for any assistance given.
  13. Other Adding University

    Dear Evernote members. My University is not on a list of ones allowed for a discount. What should I do? Best regards, Julian Dabrowski
  14. Other Line Breaks

    Hey all, I primarily use Evernote to hold all my RPG notes and stuff. Typically I code it in HTML and then copy it into Evernote so it looks nice and pretty. This has worked great up until the last update where I'm suddenly getting random line breaks throughout the document where there shouldn't be one. When the page first loads in, these line breaks aren't there (picture 1). Once I save the page and move onto another one, when I go back to it, it's added these line breaks in (picture 2). How do I make these line breaks stop happening? This never happened until I updated Evernote and suddenly it happens on every single page. Some of these random breaks are so bad that it makes the page unreadable, making using it completely worthless to me now.
  15. Why is the pricing when browsed through web browser cheaper (PLUS - 550Php/year) than when you upgrade through iOS or Android App (PLUS - 1,650Php/year)?
  16. Other No credit card

    I received an e-mail with a discount because you want me to pay for a subscription to use your software across 3 devices. The only payment option you can offer me, let me remind you that we live in the year 2017, is a credit card. I responsibly manage my money without one. I use iDeal and Paypal for my online payments. Why is it a hassle for me to give you my money?
  17. Other No discount with ideal

    Hi all, I got an offer for a year premium with a 40% discount. However, I the only way I can pay is via credit card, but when buying without discount paying via ideal (Dutch payment system available in the Netherlands) is available. So my question is, how to pay via ideal and have the 40% discount? Kind regards, Daan
  18. Other Email issue

    Internal error. Please, try again and contact the Evernote Support. I cant save my emails from Outlook
  19. I can see this forum is filled with complaints about Evernote's policy of auto-renewing subscriptions without warning. If you reside in Europe you should know that auto-renewal without warning is against consumer protection laws in several countries. You should find out about the laws in your country regarding renewal policies and if Evernote are in violation (like they were in my case) contact their support and demand a refund. And don't forget to report their anti-consumer practices to your local consumer protection agency because you have an obligation to protect your fellow consumers when you find company like Evernote not playing by the rules. Evernote should change their practices ASAP because if customer protection laws don't hurt them then all the bad will caused by anti-consumer practices will.
  20. Hi, I'm a student and am absolutely loving evernote, I'd like to upgrade to premium for this school year. However I can't select iDeal as a payment method, it appeared on screen for me once as I was considering my options earlier today, however now wherever I try to upgrade from (the website or the client) I no longer get the option to pay with iDeal or even Paypal. I am from the Netherlands so I believe those options are supposed to be available. From other/earlier posts I've read with similar issues, the 40% discount may be what's preventing me from paying with iDeal or Paypal. However there's no way to opt out of that discount and I don't really want that of course! Is there a way for me to pay with iDeal or Paypal and still make use of the discount? Thanks!
  21. Other I can't delete a notebook

    I have a problem with Sync. The problem is, that a document 'Lerne.docx' ist on the paper a document, but in reality evernote is missing this document. I am not able to move the file into the waste paper basket. Neither I cannot delete this file. So the question is, how to kill this wrong file. The logfile of EVERNOTE tells the following phrase: Note "lerne.docx", error: local: missing notebook (DATA-REQUIRED)" Thanks for answering
  22. Other ¿Cómo detectar duplicados?

    ¿Existe alguna forma de detectar notas duplicadas?
  23. Other Premium refund

    Hi, It appears that I've been charged £44.99 for a premium subscription out of nowhere. I was on a discounted student membership but don't remember having selected my account to renew. I haven't used my account in months. How can I go about getting a refund for this? Thanks
  24. Other Piles

    How do I get rid of "piles"?
  25. Other Lower Renewal Fee

    Evernote is undeniably awesome. I used it to write my first novel. But seriously! $50 to renew each year. Considering how often a person buys a new version of office, this is possibly more expensive than MS Office over a few years. Don't you think it is time to consider a loyal subscriber discount? I'm using Scrivener for my next novel and, while replication is a bit kludgy, I could get the same benefits for less.