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Found 1,309 results

  1. Hey y'all, We've seen some instances of users upgrading their Evernote accounts to Plus or Premium via a third party application (such as iTunes or the Google Play Store) and not having the subscription successfully applied to their account. If you experience this, please submit a support request and post the ticket number here so we can reach out and get this resolved as quickly as possible. Thanks!
  2. Dear All, I am looking for a card system, an archive system to keep my notes for PhD-research, to easily retrieve them, combine and so on. Is Evernote is the right one for this or do you advice me another system? Thank you.
  3. I have just gotten Ubuntu 13.04 on my computer. Is there an Evernote for Linux or should I just use Wine?
  4. Hi there, @evernotehelps suggested I post this here – I've recently begun to use the Brave browser ( and so far think it's pretty great. On Safari I'm a big fan of the webclipper and would love to see it implemented for Brave as well. Any chance that might happen soon?
  5. Other Line Breaks

    Hey all, I primarily use Evernote to hold all my RPG notes and stuff. Typically I code it in HTML and then copy it into Evernote so it looks nice and pretty. This has worked great up until the last update where I'm suddenly getting random line breaks throughout the document where there shouldn't be one. When the page first loads in, these line breaks aren't there (picture 1). Once I save the page and move onto another one, when I go back to it, it's added these line breaks in (picture 2). How do I make these line breaks stop happening? This never happened until I updated Evernote and suddenly it happens on every single page. Some of these random breaks are so bad that it makes the page unreadable, making using it completely worthless to me now.
  6. Other updater does not work

    Hi so the updater doesn't work. It always gives errors and fails to update the product across multiple platforms. I update manually often with a reinstall but is there another way to do this. I am really sorry if you have been asked this question before...i have tried to find a similar thread with no success.
  7. Please introduce different colors highlight! In previous versions of the software - before the highlight button was inserted - I was able to highlight in different colors by using Mac's text contextual menu. Now it's impossible... Please introduce this option, its helpfulness is crucial! Thanks, dario
  8. I accidentally registered for Evernote Premium without the 50% discount. How to I switch to Premium for students and receive my 50% refund?
  9. Other Premium upgrade

    Hi guys I purchased a premium upgrade yesterday 28Sep17 but was short on iTunes credit so the difference of $13.19 AU was deducted from my linked bank account. It is still showing as pending on my bank app and I as yet have not received the upgrade. I did upgrade to Plus the day before (27SEP17) and this fee of $49.99 has been credited back to my iTunes account ok. I have also topped up my iTunes account so there is now enough to cover the difference. Will the bank deduction go ahead or is iTunes the only way to pay? I have raised ticket no. 2221876 Thanks for your help Nick
  10. I find it weird that sharing to Evernote from Android Chrome just makes a bookmark. It is possible to get the whole page clipped via the Pocket app. In Chrome: Add to Pocket -> in Pocket: share to Evernote. Pagsles get clipped without pictures but with links to sources at the bottom. Can we have proper web clipping for Android Chrome without 3rd party apps? Or maybe it is possible to save entire page already? Thanks
  11. Other Printing Issues

    NOTE: I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I upgraded to v. 6.12.2 since I downloaded/bought Evernote in the Apple App store. I have a note with a table made of several rows and three columns (across). But when I print it out on a letter size (8.5x11) sheet of paper, it only prints TWO COLUMS. I have not tried printing in landscape, only portrait. And the groupings of tables will not "fit together" like I had them previously. Thank you for any assistance given.
  12. Is there a way to change the margins when printing an Evernote note? I use evernote for my lecture notes and have found that if I ever need to print a note (from my computer), the margins are ridiculously large. How can I make better use of the page and make the margins smaller?
  13. Other Adding University

    Dear Evernote members. My University is not on a list of ones allowed for a discount. What should I do? Best regards, Julian Dabrowski
  14. Other No credit card

    I received an e-mail with a discount because you want me to pay for a subscription to use your software across 3 devices. The only payment option you can offer me, let me remind you that we live in the year 2017, is a credit card. I responsibly manage my money without one. I use iDeal and Paypal for my online payments. Why is it a hassle for me to give you my money?
  15. I'm a huge fan of Evernote and happy to be a premium subscriber. Because your auto-renewal is only once a year, I had forgotten it was time for a renewal and it just showed up on my credit card. I know lots of companies leave it on the customer to make note of their renewal date and cancel in advance, and I'm sure that gets them extra income from people who forget and then just continue with the service. There are several companies I have annual subscriptions that shoot me an email saying, "thanks for renewing" that feels friendly, and the REALLY awesome companies send me a heads up a few days/weeks before the due date with a message that says, "Hey, we love having you as a customer and wanted to remind you that your renewal is coming up!" Again: I love you, love your product, and completely understand that it benefits you all to just have the auto-renewal without any warning. And PLENTY of companies think it is okay to do it that way. You all seem more like the companies that would want to use that renewal date as an opportunity to connect with your happy customers! Thanks, Paul
  16. Hello, Can you please let me know what does the icon signify as highlighted (in red) in the attachment?
  17. Other Importing from Onenote

    Is it possible to import from Onenote to Evernote?
  18. Why is the pricing when browsed through web browser cheaper (PLUS - 550Php/year) than when you upgrade through iOS or Android App (PLUS - 1,650Php/year)?
  19. Other Email issue

    Internal error. Please, try again and contact the Evernote Support. I cant save my emails from Outlook
  20. Please, please, please allow us to set a note as plain text only--so that it stays plain text no matter what. Currently, all my notes that I format as plain text are constantly getting various formatting when edited from different platforms and from pasting content on a platform that does not have paste as plain text. I am suggesting a setting for a note that makes it plain text only (could even be a whole notebook). Thus if a note is set to plain text, you would not have to use "Paste As Plain Text" for that note and editing the note from any platform would not add formatting. Think: Windows Notepad--pasting content into it removes all formatting.
  21. Other No discount with ideal

    Hi all, I got an offer for a year premium with a 40% discount. However, I the only way I can pay is via credit card, but when buying without discount paying via ideal (Dutch payment system available in the Netherlands) is available. So my question is, how to pay via ideal and have the 40% discount? Kind regards, Daan
  22. I can see this forum is filled with complaints about Evernote's policy of auto-renewing subscriptions without warning. If you reside in Europe you should know that auto-renewal without warning is against consumer protection laws in several countries. You should find out about the laws in your country regarding renewal policies and if Evernote are in violation (like they were in my case) contact their support and demand a refund. And don't forget to report their anti-consumer practices to your local consumer protection agency because you have an obligation to protect your fellow consumers when you find company like Evernote not playing by the rules. Evernote should change their practices ASAP because if customer protection laws don't hurt them then all the bad will caused by anti-consumer practices will.
  23. Hi, I'm a student and am absolutely loving evernote, I'd like to upgrade to premium for this school year. However I can't select iDeal as a payment method, it appeared on screen for me once as I was considering my options earlier today, however now wherever I try to upgrade from (the website or the client) I no longer get the option to pay with iDeal or even Paypal. I am from the Netherlands so I believe those options are supposed to be available. From other/earlier posts I've read with similar issues, the 40% discount may be what's preventing me from paying with iDeal or Paypal. However there's no way to opt out of that discount and I don't really want that of course! Is there a way for me to pay with iDeal or Paypal and still make use of the discount? Thanks!
  24. I am a paid user and have many Notebooks. I have notebooks that relate to my hobbies as well as my career. On laptops that I bring to work, I only want my business-related notebooks to replicate. After installing Evernote on a new computer, is there a way to tell it what notebooks I would want on that computer? Thanks!
  25. I'm sure for Evernote to woo many of us over from other pen-driven, note-taking apps, we're all going to start asking for our "favorite feature" from the completing apps. For me, my request is for the ability to hand annotate PDFs. Annotating in Evernote is fine, but some of us are less keyboard-driven than others. With thanks for all you do.