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Found 25 results

  1. Is anyone using Evernote to track their workouts? I'm specifically referring to lifting weights. I have always used a small notebook and pen for this, but I'm trying to go paperless, so I'm considering using EN on my phone instead. Would be interested in people's experiences with this. Do you use a stylus? Some sort of workout template note? Do you feed the data into a spreadsheet for tracking over time?
  2. An insight to how I use Evernote, as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast, black belt, and academy owner. Specifically I am discussing the way I use Evernote to catalogue techniques (an often difficult proposition, given the complexity of categorizing diverse techniques). Method: 1. I use Michael Hyatt's "tags, not notebooks" approach to Evernote. Specifically, I have two notebooks: Inbox and Sorted. 2. For tags, I tag: * positions with @ * submissions with # * source (which instructor I learned it from) with ^bjj[name] The latter is consistent with my use of ^ for all "who" tags, but keeps all the BJJ instructors together. 3. My method for note writing is to capture, from instructional videos, screenshots of each important step of techniques, which I notate briefly above each shot. The end result is a step-by-step visual that I can glance instantly at (not watch a few minute video), and refresh my mind on how the technique is accomplished. Result: 1. I can search a position and find all submissions (useful if I'm teaching, or having trouble in my own training from a particular position) 2. I can search a submission, and find all potential entry positions (useful if I'm teaching, or having trouble in my own training catching a particular submission) 3. I can search an instructor, and find all I've learned from him/her 4. Any combination of these This has been revolutionary for my training, and (as I became an academy owner after implementing this system), ultimately in class preparation. Hope this helps some of you! Greg
  3. BurgersNFries

    fitness Fitbit

    I recently got a Fitbit. I'm mostly a runner (or more aptly these days, a walker/runner) & use a Garmin Forerunner 305 to track my runs/walks. But I thought the Fitbit would be a motivational tool to help me challenge myself to be more active throughout the day. I was inspired by the Nike Fuelband. But I waited to pre-order it & missed the window. They had another offering today & I also missed that. Oh, well. Anyway, I primarily use it to monitor daily steps. The default goal seems to be 10,000 per day. I've found this easy to meet & exceed on days that I run and do a lot of laundry/housework. I've already acquired three badges. The ones for 5,000 steps per day, 10,000 steps per day & 15,000 steps per day. The next goal is to get the 20,000 steps per day badge. I'm planning on getting that one within the next week. It also measures distance, calories used & stairs/floors climbed. But again, the daily steps are what I'm interested in to just keep myself active. The advantage over the Fuelband (besides price & availability!) is that it's discreet. It's about the size of a thumb drive & clips onto your clothing. I wore it to the ballet on Saturday & no one was the wiser. I would not have worn the Fuelband to the ballet! The battery life seems pretty good, too. After it was initially charged, I forgot to charge it for a few days, but it never died. No wall wart comes with it, so you have to charge it by hooking the dock up to a USB port on your computer. I'm now trying to remember to charge it while I'm at my computer. But also to remember to clip it back on when I get up, so all my steps are tracked!!! It syncs wirelessly whenever you're near your computer. That's so cool, since I'm on my computer so much throughout the day. The data is web based, which is kind of a drag, since I hate web only apps. What happens to all my info, if the company & website go under? I'll have to check to see if there's a way to export the data. There is an iOS app, so you can check your stats from your iPad or iPhone. Overall, so far, I'm pleased with this purchase.
  4. Hi this is my first post English is not my first language How do you track your workouts? So far I've created a note with the warm up and cool down and intend to copy it and add the main workout. I would be happy to hear any tips. I've created a calendar for the squat challenge https://www.evernote.com/shard/s254/nl/31528557/dae95c86-8ce4-473c-8c30-3edc0c5c3d32. What do you think? Kind regards
  5. I'm wondering what apps people are currently using to track their fitness and health? Whether or not it integrates with Evernote. Please provide: Name the app. Why do you use it? What else have you tried? What do you like most about it?
  6. OK, it's been a little slow in this forum recently, so I'll share this summer's cycling goal: more commutes. The goal is 80 this year. I live about 7.5 miles away from where I work, so it's a nice distance to ride, 22 - 28 minutes, depending on weather, wind (beastly this week) and general inclination to push myself. I'm up in the Northeast, which limits my season, as I really prefer not to ride at night (narrow back roads where people drive too fast, no thanks), and usually don't ride if there >30% chance of rain (not great for the bike). Realistically speaking, my commuting season goes from mid-March through mid-October, about 7 months. Over the past 7 years, I've averaged ~55/year, with a high of 69 (yes, I am geeky enough to keep a spreadsheet logging my rides). A jump to 80 seems do-able, but I'll need to stretch a bit (80 - 55 = 25, 25/7 months ~= 3.5 more commutes per month, a little under 1/week). Overall that's 11 or 12 commutes/month, ~= 3.5/week. So far, the weather gods have been smiling -- we've had some stretches of unseasonably warm weather, and it's been pretty dry, so even when it's been cold in the mornings (32F is my lower limit) it's been OK. I am at 18 now, starting from March 19. Judging from previous years, I am pretty far ahead of my usual pace, so so far so good. If we get a few stretches of rain, I could get knocked back pretty quickly, so we'll see. Anyone else have any summer goals, cycling or otherwise?
  7. Anamacha

    fitness tracking charts?

    Anybody have an idea how to do tracking charts in EN? I'm thinking of things like a health tracker, which would have entries for day, blood pressure, sleep gotten, kind of exercise, etc. Ideally this data could then be pulled into another app so a chart could be made (at least from the numerical fields). This sort of thing would be easy to do using a spreadsheet or an HTML table, but I don't think EN does either of those. Anyone? Who has done this sort of thing? How did you do it?
  8. Hello to everyone participating in our 30 day Fitness Challenge starting February 15th, 2012! This forum will be for posting your daily check-ins and progress as you go through the 30 days. Please join us at the end of the challenge on March 15th for a Twitter party to tell us about your experience using the hashtag #evernotelife. Full details of the challenge is here: http://blog.evernote.com/2012/02/10/announcing-the-30-day-fitness-challenge/ I look forward to seeing your success!
  9. I would like to keep track of my exercise programs, DVDS that I do on a daily basis, I'd like to track how I feel, what I felt needs improvement, moods Then I would like to see them in a month's view to see which DVDs I used the most and how I felt using it. any way to do something like this?
  10. I know basically what wikipedia knows, and I've seen it everywhere lately, mostly in advertisments. It's popularity appears to be tied to the growth in popularity of those Warrior Dashes, too. Lots of social media involved in both, since they tend to be smaller startups and nothing involving the big box exercise places. Basically, it just looks like a souped up version of boot camp to me, with a dash of the things they do in those crazy "strongest guy carrying around giant barrels" tournaments.
  11. Simon Fitness To Health

    fitness Fitness Professionals Using Evernote

    It is wonderful to see a fitness ambassador featured for Evernote, congrats Chad - as a trainer myself I find Evernote an invaluable tool for managing my clients, sharing and working together on resources with clients as well as just a general storage point for useful items such as articles,plans and important notes. I want to start this topic as a place where other fitness professional may want to comment on the ways they use Evernote for working with clients and managing their businesses. My main uses are: Managing client information and notes (local notes only to increase security and maintain confidentiality) Sharing documents and coaching tools with clients so we can work together and monitor progress virtually Storage and organisation too for business documents Project management tool for upcoming camps and coaching sessions Article brainstorm collection point Recipe collection dump (to input into nutritional software I use with clients) Training plan collection point .....and the list goes on. I would love to hear from others about their usage of Evernote in this capacity. Simon
  12. Hi All, My name is Tian Lye and I am from Apptreme Studio. Today I would like to introduce you to a new product of ous: the only app that sync Nike+ runs to Evernote! Introducing EverPlus- Nike+ running Sync to Evernote! Are you an Evernote and Nike+ user? Both platforms are built for its own purpose: Nike+ is to keep your running session while Evernote is ,well, basically to remember everything! Have you ever tried to sync your Nike+ run to Evernote for tracking your fitness goals? Currently, the process is very painful and time consuming, copy some data here, paste other data there. Well, with EverPlus, this is a thing of the past! Introducing EverPlus, the revolutionary and only app that syncs your Nike+ runs to your Evernote account. It will even sync your routes(if you are using a GPS device) over as well! Its simple one page format allows you to quickly and cleanly view your runs details. EverPlus helps you do the following easily: Enter running session as you completed them. Sync the data to Nike+ first. From there, launch EverPlus, Everplus will then retrieve your unsync runs and ask you if you want to resync them. No need for manual data input which is time-consuming! Let EverPlus do the hard work! View and measure past performance – Nike+ users would agree that Nike+ is not a great system to do searching but Evernote is! After syncing your run sessions to Evernote using EverPlus, you can quickly look for your runs by searching for nikeplus(tag name), dates, distance, pace, etc. Look at your 5k times trendings easily. No sweat at all. Use the tools that you are already using!S Chances are, you are already using Nike+ and Evernote! It is a good idea to continue on both platform and let EverPlus help you make better use of them. Get Organised! Everplus uses a simple, clean and efficient format to sync your Nike+ run sessions to Evernote, allowing you to view the important details without losing sight of your running goals Export your running routes out of Nike+! If your runs contains GPS coordinates, EverPlus will extract and export them into a GPX file and add it to your notes. You then can use this to easily view your running route outside Nike+ With so many benefits, what are you waiting for? Get EverPlus today and enjoy the freedom of using 2 platform to track your runs! https://itunes.apple...18110?ls=1&mt=8
  13. Hello all! I have been talking about this idea with a few people for several months now. Based on these conversations, I put together the first mockups of an Evernote app that is solely used for fitness logging. This would be similar to Evernote Food or Evernote Hello. You make entries in the app, and the app displays these entries really well for the purpose of fitness, but you can also search the notes the app creates in Evernote. The design of this app was created with the following mind: Users need to be able to enter workouts as they are completed Users need to be able to view and measure past performance It needs to be something people will actually use Attached to this post is a screenshot (or you can click here: http://i.imgur.com/9Bk4m.png) with the basic UI for the app we have been discussing. We plan on charging $4.99 for the app in the App Store and Android Market. The features and functions will obviously increase over time. There are two questions we have: Is this something that you would want/use? If not, why not? Is it missing some crucial part of your workflow? I look forward to hearing what all the Evernote fitness junkies have to say about this! Thanks!
  14. C6REW

    fitness Dead Fitbit

    Hi All, When we left for London last Thursday I realised I was not wearing my fitibit. Got home and searched everywhere. Found it on the drive having been run over and now very dead! Been such a bonus, in particular for my sleeping habits. So another is on order. Best regards Chris
  15. Happy Holidays everyone My name is Bryan, Evernote Fitness Ambassador from Singapore. I love running and each year I tried to go for one overseas marathon race. Because its a great opportunity to see the running culture elsewhere and to view the beautiful running routes out there. So I thought I post the question here to see fellow Evernote Runners, what marathons (full or half) are you taking part next year? Who know's if there are enough people, we could have a Team Evernote Running Team (or is there one already ) Cheers
  16. Hello all: I was curious to see how people on the board use Evernote to log their health and fitness activity. I am begining training for my first ever triathlon and using that as a way to get myself back in shape. I am 23 years old, 6'1, 230 so I'm a bigger guy. I enjoy lifting weights at least a few times a week in addition to spinning at the gym and going for runs. I have yet to add swimming to my regimine, but plan on doing that in the coming months. I guess my questions are as followed: How do you use Evernote to log workouts? One Notebook with a different note per day? What other tips would you recomend for someone new to the Evernote world trying to keep track of my progress? Thanks for your help in advance!
  17. GrumpyMonkey

    fitness Second Fitness Challenge

    I am sure many of you know that Chad just started a new Evernote fitness challenge for us. I didn't see a thread on this (did I miss it?), so I thought I would spread the word. Read more at the Evernote blog here: http://blog.evernote.com/2012/06/18/the-2nd-evernote-fitness-challenge-with-fitness-ambassador-chad-williams-2/ I've got an Evernote template from the last challenge that you can modify for the this one: http://www.princeton.edu/~cmayo/template.html This time, I am taking photographs of me each day (before/during/after) and writing everything in a health log each day to keep track of it all. How are you using Evernote in the challenge?
  18. disclaimer: I am a mere intern, but I love to exercise! Here are some tips that have helped me "rewire" myself for a healthier lifestyle. My problem in the past has been to just jot down my mileage after a run or walk. All that mattered was improving these numbers, and I became so focused on turning 3 miles into 4, 4 into 5, that I lost my motivation. I was running against my own efforts, which was really quite boring and frustrating. My proposal here is a journal that does not predicate itself entirely on numeric measurements as the sole record of a successful exercise plan. The new goal is to collect pictures or memories for yourself. Instead of saying "I ran 6 miles," try taking a picture of the furthest point you reach in your run (granted you have the mobile tech). Eventually, this will evolve into a robust album full of unique photos all gained through improvements to your own fitness. Each photo taken would represent a new achievement that is much more meaningful and personal than a simple number. Capturing an image where your threshold stood on a previous jog can be such an encouragement to push yourself a little bit more. Also, a lot of mobile devices can automatically tag these photographs with more precise geographic data that would elucidate accurate mileage---that's a win/win! Indeed, there are applications and tools that can capture extremely precise measurements of distances ran, as well as the way your body reacted through each second of your jog. That's not the goal here. The goal is to motivate yourself through creative means, to get you out and exercising, and to inspire other methods of engaging the body and mind without the weight of numbers burdening you with each step. For these expeditions, the goal is to ask "what new things can I find/see?" rather than "how far and fast must I go?"—I think you will be surprised at how compliant the mind can be when it is not obsessing over such minutiae. I hope this encourages others to use Evernote in simple yet meaningful ways to inspire a healthier lifestyle!
  19. So I've recently started exercising some. Trouble is I've never exercised before so I'm pretty much just doing push-ups and sit-ups. I was wondering if you guys had any advice on other stuff I can easily do at my house. [Moderated: Please do not post spam. Interesting topic, though, and Evernote is a good platform for keeping track of ideas and workouts. Let's turn this spam into a real thread!]
  20. Supergirl

    fitness Inspiration

    I wanted to start this thread to share pics, vids, articles, whatever is clipped in your evernote that motivates you. I like this Ted video: http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/matt_cutts_try_something_new_for_30_days.html
  21. Can anyone tell me how I can use the Ctl+F 'find' function in an encrypted document?
  22. Quick reminder that our good friend AnthroChad is hosting a Twitter party today for users to check in after their 30-Day Fitness Challenge. It's from 6-7 pm PST (9-10 pm ET) and will wrap up the first Evernote 30-Day Fitness Challenge! Great job Chad (and fellow challengers), and looking forward to the discussion! If you want to join in on the discussion, follow @evernotelife, @anthrophysique, and the hashtag #evernotelife
  23. We've talked about this a bit in the 2012 Resolutions thread, about how to use regular event running/riding to provide "checkpoints" throughout the year. Basically, you train regularly knowing that you always have another event on the horizon. I figured I would set up this thread to highlight some cool ones I've found, and let others do the same. Though I just missed this in Dallas, I'm definitely doing the Color Run next year. The further you run, the more colors you get Here are the locations.
  24. I'd love to hear what people's goals are this year. Anything exciting you've never tried before?
  25. If you have any questions about the 30 day Fitness Challenge, please post them here. The Challenge starts on Feb 15th, 2012.