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  1. Notes duplicating in FireFox

    every so often while working on some notes in firefox, the notes do not appear to save if I switch from one note to another, and when I scroll the list on the left, I start to see 5 or 6 copies of the same note. It did it again today for the 6th or 7th time on 2 notes I have edited. Also, I went to the site to open a bug report and there is not a direct link to actually open a support ticket, even though it shows 'open a ticket'. Weird...
  2. Hi, Lately, I'm not able to type question marks and slashes into the "remarks" box of the Evernote web clipper add-on. Other characters show up when I hit their keys but nothing happens for '?' or '/'. This is on Windows 10, Firefox 59.0.2 This is a bug, but there seems to be no other way to report it.
  3. Firefox Gmail Clipping Broken

    Gmail clipping seems broken both on FireFox && Google Chrome. Once clipper is clicked, you get an error message saying 'undefined'. Please fix this asap.
  4. I just ran into this with a recent update to Firefox. I mostly use the Outlook web client in Firefox for my email. This week, any action to create a new email stopped working. Click Reply, Forward, or New and Outlook would bring up a new pop-up web page as normal, but nothing gets drawn into it - just get a blank window. I'm not sure why, but if I disable the Evernote Web Clipper add-on, it works, if I enable it, then it doesn't work. Any ideas? I live and die by web clipper and email... HELP! Follow-up: I did a little sloothing and found that the Web Console in Firefox Tools shows an error when the page does not display. I've included both the correct and incorrect versions as attachments.
  5. I just found a note I clipped in December - the title then was "40 Team Collaboration Tools To Check Out Right Now". Sadly when I opened the 8.7MB note it had only a title and one very large grey block inside it. Interestingly, if I clicked in the grey area, I got a slideshow of the images in that clip. Opened the same note in a browser - same grey block. Attempting to edit the note locked up my system, so I deleted it. Went back to re-clip, and it turns out the number of tools has gone down to 37. Also however I tried, the only clip I could get was a grey block. Article / simplified article / selection - all gave me the block. It's a long page, so I used Firefox's built-in screenshot tool to copy the whole thing. Firefox crashed without saving the pic. One of the illustrations was a recording, so I tried to copy part of the page without that graphic. Grey block. Also tried printing the page to PDF - Adobe crashed... something tells me I should go to bed. Don't know whether the page size, content or my browser of choice is the issue here (didn't try in another browser yet...) but for interest, have a look at https://www.scoro.com/blog/team-collaboration-tools-list/
  6. Estoy teniendo varios problemas con evernote. Uno de ellos, es que aunque la aplicación de evernote esté abierta y esté trabajando y haciendo capturas con evernote clipper, la aplicación no se actualiza de forma automática. ¿ Hay algún modo de que lo haga? Sólo se actualiza cuando cierro la app que es cueando me aparece un mensaje diciendome que Evernote se está actualizando para que no cierre hasta que lo haga o perderé los datos. Otra cosa que me resulta bastante molesta es que muchas veces me sale un mensaje diciendome que esta o aquella página no pueden ser capturadas. Desconozco el motivo. Otra, es que a menudo va muy lento en las capturas-- hablo en todo momento de Evernote cleeper en Mac con Mac Os Sierra 10.12.1 y navegador Firefox (última versión). Otra, que no se si es por tener algo mal configurado, es que al hacer capturas de enlaces web, y a pesar de tener definida una carpeta y unas etiquetas en páginas de contenido similares, me las situa por defecto en otras que no tienen nada que ver,.. Lo que ralentiza aun más el proceso. Como digo desconozco, si se puede mejorar el rendimiento en este aspecto a través de alguna funcionalidad o configuración de la App. Muchas gracias por la yuda! Saludos
  7. Firefox Clipper opens blank window

    Did Evernote ever fix the "feature" in FF that it opens a blank window if it is installed on your machine? It took me hours of research to find out some time back that the only cure was to dump clipper off my computer. I am wondering if they ever made an effort to fix this. Also is it safe to install now or are there even newer and better bugs that will make me hate my life.
  8. Firefoxのオプションで、Cookieを例外サイトのみ保存する設定にしています。 そうすると、Web Clipperが立ち上がらなくなります。 例外サイトにhttps://evernote.comを追加してもダメです。 Cookieを例外サイトのみ保存する設定でWeb Clipperを使える様にする方法は無いでしょうか?
  9. I installed Clipper, but I cant' use it. Not only can't I log in (the window closes), but it keeps notifying me about enabling cookies. But I have cookies enabled! I added evernote.com to whitelist to make sure, but it did not help. Any fix?
  10. Hey! It's very annoying to see up to three ALT+ from Evernote webclipper in the same email. I couldn´t find any way to avoiding it. Please, let me know if there would be any. Ootherwise, I will be uninstalling the extension. Thx
  11. I recently upgraded from Firefox 56.x to Firefox Quantum (57.0.1), and the web clipper icon is no longer is showing in the toolbar. Other extension icons are there, and Evernote is still functional -- I can bring up the Note Taker with Ctrl-Cmd-N, and the notes are properly saved to Evernote -- but without that icon, there's no way to get to the clipper itself. Where did the icon go, and how do I get it back? I'm using a MacBook Pro running Yosemite 10.10.5. Thanks, -Kevin
  12. web clipper for Firefox does not support yinxiang.com which is Chinese version of evernote, however extension for chrome is support both. if not support Chinese version (yinxiang.com) how to transfer the data to this authentic version? Thanks.
  13. Hello Evernote pals! First post here. Pretty happy Premium user. Experiencing a few issues with Web Clipper. In roughly descending order of importance (to me of course :-) ) tl;dr: In 2017, I need <1s clip speed, near-perfect page parsing (preferably using the *already locally parsed and downloaded content*), and no changes in scroll position of the page should *ever* happen when I click the Clip button. 1. Speed. Clipper needs to be fast and it just isn't. RIght now Pinboard and Pocket are absolutely blowing it out of the water on Firefox on a reasonably quick 2014 rMBP with 8 GB RAM. Pocket may have some advantages due to being "built in" with native code, but as far as I can tell both services are hitting backend servers to do the actual clipping and saving (of course, please correct me if I'm wrong - and that brings its own issues - see #2 below). In any case, I consider the Clipper's speed to be so poor as to be a usability bug. Since I started playing with Pocket recently, clicking on the elephant and waiting for that slow, lumbering spinner of doom while it loads up whatever and talks to whatever is something I have begun to dread. This is too bad since Evernote is quickly becoming my "system of record" / "external brain", as it has for many others here I'd imagine. The performance issue is especially difficult to tolerate as a user given that it's a paid service, and the output of the clips is not always outstanding (and in some cases quite poor actually - see #2 below). 2. Clip Quality. Clipper doesn't do a *great* job with a lot of web pages. I've done a bit of a "bake off" with Pocket and also the Mercury Chrome extension, and found Clipper to be left somewhat wanting - esp. considering that it's attached to a paid product. In a few cases it just barfs on a page that Pocket or Mercury can parse and display just fine. More to the point, I've deduced that it must talk to a backend server that does the actual fetching and parsing, since I've clipped a page on a site that I'm viewing just fine in my browser (e.g. a NYT page), only to go to my Evernote later and find that it clipped the partial page with the "you've hit 10 articles" or whatever warning, making the clip effectively useless. And there's no way to know that a clip "went bad" except by checking my Evernote compulsively, which is ... kind of defeating the point of computers. This is especially annoying considering that I've already downloaded the content locally, with access to the entire page and all images, etc., only to have the article clip extremely poorly because (apparently?) the client is not actually driving the clipping, but some backend service. 3. One Really Serious UX issue: When I clip a page, it jumps back up to the top of the page from where I am. Especially when I'm partway through a long article, this is *extremely* disorienting because I lose my place. Nothing software does should change the user's position on a page, or jump the UI around in a janky way without the user's input.. Evernote PMs, I don't know if y'all are reading these forums, but: please think about prioritizing the Clipper. I use Evernote in large part because I want an external brain where I save things I read on the web. If it isn't "a darn near perfect clip, in less than a second, every single time", it's making me think about its existence, in which case it's not necessarily solving a problem for me but creating one. I would *love* to be delighted by the Clipper instead of ranging from the best-case "it's OK I guess, but I dread clicking because it's going to hang for 3 seconds and possibly lose my place in the article" to the worse "why doesn't this work as well as Pocket, it didn't clip my page correctly at all, nooooo". I love Evernote. It's very very good, and I want it to be amazing. I know y'all are working hard and have a lot of various codebases to maintain, and probably not enough people to do it all to the level you'd like. So I'll close by saying: thanks for your hard work, and thanks for listening.
  14. As described in the title, web clipper does not work with firefox quantum 57.0. When I tried to clip the webpage, only a gray rectangle showed at the top-right cornor in firefox, there's nothing more I could, no button, no user interface. Please fix this! Thanks!
  15. Firefox TED videos

    How do I add just the "video" to an existing note from the TED website without downloading the video?
  16. i saw many peoples reported the Evernote Web Clipper has problem, so i keep using old version Web Clipper but after updated Firefox Quantum, it auto updated my Web Clipper to version 6.13 when i reopen Firefox, the Web Clipper logged out, so i try to find out what happened, until i go to delete Firefox history (Ctrl+Shift+Del) each time one box checked only, till only delete cookie, Web Clipper logged out ......... can i change to use session or token or secure key or someting (i don't know) instead this stupid COOKIE xD
  17. Howdy all, I use the forward slash, "/", in my tags to express hierarchy, e.g. Design/Furniture/Chairs. When I attempt to type a "/" in the clipper (6.13) for Firefox, it does not accept the character. Also, "`" does not invoke clipper. Any ideas as to a fix or workaround? ```
  18. EN Always uses Safari even if the the default browser is set to Chrome, Firefox or something else. The OSX preference is accessible EN should pay attention to this setting.
  19. Hi. I'm trying to clip a few pages in Firefox for Mac and its not working. The clipper window either doesn't open or it shows a shadowy arrow and then nothing. In Firefox add-on debugging I keep seeing this: Evernote Web Clipper Reading manifest: Error processing background.persistent: Event pages are not currently supported. This will run as a persistent background page. Reading manifest: Error processing options_page: An unexpected property was found in the WebExtension manifest. Extension ID {E0B8C461-F8FB-49b4-8373-FE32E9252800} Internal UUID 3f108101-b80b-8a4e-a6fa-af4b83677b81Manifest URL I can see that the clipper is not working with pages that have a manifest file. Is that a progressive webapps thing? I'm not sure. I tried this on other sites that don't have manifest files and its working. I'm using Firefox 56 (64-bit) on Mac Sierra (10.12.6). Evernote Clipper version is 6.12.4, which is ready for Firefox 57, but not 56, apparently. The page in question is getting clipped in Google Chrome, but the "Clipping..." window is not there. As soon as I hit the Clip button, the window disappears, but the note eventually shows up in my Evernote account. What do I do?
  20. I want to highight my text in web clipper (specifically Firefox) but I can't seem to do it. Even with the Evernote shortcuts of CMD CTL H, that is not available. Or CMD OPTN I. Any thoughts? Highlight would be huge for me.
  21. Firefox clipper wth the red dot

    I have had the problem with the red dot for 6 months. I have most recent Firefox ( and have tried various clipper add ons . The clipper has a red dot. At beginning of session I click on it. It asks for google user name and pword which I enter. Then pop up closes. But nothing else happens and red dot still there.If I try again it it momentarily opens then closes. I have to use the old 6.9.3 for it to work again. Even then it stops working as soon as I later close the browser and reopen it. I have turned off all add ons (except clipper) in case of some clash. It is most frustrating and renders clipper unworkable.
  22. Hello, After the last update of Firefox for macOs, Evernote Web Clipper stopped working. Firefox 55.0.3 (64-bit) Evernote Web Clipper Thanks, great work.
  23. Firefox WebClipper with reader View?

    Is it possible to clip a page when in Firefox Reader View. The normal web clipper works great 80% of the time only giving me the info I want but some articles have adds in the middle of the page and the clipper copys that as well while in Firefox reader view it eliminates all of that but I am unable to clip the page thoughts?
  24. You guys have a great product! I love it. It just doesn't work consistently in my preferred desktop browser... Some times when I open a note in Firefox nothing except for the title shows up. If I open the same note in Chrome it works fine. Opening a different note in Firefox works fine too. I don't know if it matters but I have only seen this happen with a web-clipped note. The clipping was done using the Firefox plug-in. Browser: 54.0 (64-bit) Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu Canonical - 1.0 os: Ubuntu 16.04, kernel version 4.4.0-91-generic
  25. diff -uN a/js/main/Account.js b/js/main/Account.js --- a/js/main/Account.js 2017-08-02 01:18:23.729526636 +0200 +++ b/js/main/Account.js 2017-08-02 01:18:26.613575823 +0200 @@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ d ? (e._accountIsOffline || (log.warn("Account offline"), e._accountIsOffline = !0), c = a.OFFLINE) : (e._accountIsOffline && (log.warn("Account online"), e._accountIsOffline = !1), b ? (log.error(b), c = h && i.indexOf(b.errorCode) > -1 ? 0 : a.ERROR, b.errorCode === EDAMErrorCode.ACCOUNT_CLEAR && (Persistent.clearForUser("notebooksCache", e.userInfo.userId), e.logout()), e.userInfo = null) : j && (e.userInfo = j)), e.isAuthenticated && (c |= a.AUTHENTICATED), e._onUpdated && e._onUpdated.call(e, c), c & a.ERROR ? g(b) : f(e.userInfo) }; new Promise(function(a) { - EDGE ? chrome.cookies.getAll({ + !EDGE ? chrome.cookies.getAll({ url: "https://" + e.host + "/", name: "clipper-sso" }, function(b) { This is required here. Could be even not test for EDGE is required. Otherwise an empty string is sent as authenicationToken, and the addon debugger shows erroCode:5, parameter: authenticationToken. The failure started around the time I switched to a paid account.