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  1. Hi all. This is a post to the Evernote Staff, or if someone has some inside info... Are you guys aware of the Chrome bug, where the notebook list disappears when you scroll the notes? Is there a fix coming up soon? Thank you!
  2. It seems that since LinkedIn updated their user-face, my clipper no longer offers a "LinkedIn" clip. Am I special... or is this a problem everyone is having? I've tried in internet explore and chrome, everything is updated. I'm not techy but I'm running a PC, Windows 10 Pro. My suspicion is that since LinkedIn's update it's no longer compatible with Evernote Clipper. Is there a time frame for a fix or is Evernote just going to let their "LinkedIn" clip die? Thanks for the help. J
  3. I am using Web Clipper 6.10.1(35f63f9)/11.00.926 on Chrome 54.0.2840.99 m and Windows 7 Pro 64.. Every time I look up from my work Web Clipper has that familiar red dot. But actually now that I have click on it to get the above version number it is once again logged in... I am confused this is very different behavior than in the past
  4. Dear Evernote, I miss Clearly's highlighting while you are reading a web page so much. It saved me so much time being able to basically make notes the first time I read a page, rather than after I have read it and found it to be "Evernoteworthy". Especially helpful when wanting to highlight helpful comments that are found underneath hidden in the muck of the rest. I lost it in my Win 10 upgrade and it pains me daily. Please bring that ability to web clipper.
  5. Hi Guys! I'm really liking how the preview for the "simplified article" looks when using the web clipper, but I can never get the final formatting that is saved to the notebooks to look as nice as that preview window. Is there a way to actually force web clipper to save that same formatting in the preview? I am mainly using the latest version of Evernote and Evernote WebClipper for Chrome on MacOS Sierra. I have also tried Firefox and Safari, and even tried seeing if using Windows makes a difference. It does not Thanks in advance guys.
  6. Has anyone figured out how to capture the Comments section as well as the article in the Wall Street Journal? Often the comments are more instructive than the article and I want to capture them.
  7. I have been using the web interface with CHROME. As of today, I can no longer get past my login. When I try to log in in goes to blank screen. I am able to sign in with Firefox & Safari (on MAC). From, go to "sign in" from upper right, and goes to blank page. I am able to sign-in on this Forum page, but not Evernote. I restarted Mac, cleared cookies and same thing is happening. From the attached picture in Chrome - just goes to blank screen.The links & bookmarks that I have take me to same blank screen. -lastest MAC 0S: 10.12.3and latest CHROME: Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit) HELP ??
  8. When I click one the evernote browser extension button on my browser, to save the current page, the popup should tell me whether or not I have already saved that URL to by evernote account. As it is, I end up many copies of some websites/webpages simply because I forget I already added them years ago.
  9. Web Clipper didn't work in Chrome on my Windows PC when I returned from vacation; clicking the toolbar icon did nothing. Don't know if this is significant, but I had used Evernote and Chrome (not Web Clipper though) on my Android devices while away. Experimentation following advice in other threads here got it working again. I disabled/re-enabled the Web Clipper in Chrome extensions (may or may not be necessary, but it did no harm). Then I checked the "Allow access to file URLs" checkbox. Now clicking the toolbar icon produced results. I was required to sign in (although I had an Evernote tab open in Chrome). Then I had to refresh the page I was trying to clip. Clicked the icon again and SWEET SUCCESS!
  10. Now that it is possible to run Android apps on Chromebook devices - such as the just released Samsung Chromebook Plus (and the upcoming Samsung Chromebook Pro) I'd like to see Evernote optimized to run better in this environment. Specifically I'd like to see integration of Google's server-side algorithm that makes taking handwritten notes with a stylus much smoother on Chromebooks. Google Keep is using this API and it is a very smooth writing experience. However, in Evernote's app this feature has not yet been integrated and the handwriting experience is very slow and laggy. It would also be great if the text sizing and app elements were better optimized for larger screens.
  11. Something in my Chrome-setup stops me from logging in to my Evernote-account. I can't figure out what it is. In my ordinary Chrome - Windows 7, newest version of Chrome - I can go to the Evernote homepage. But when I try to log in, I just get an empty page. When I use Chrome in incognito mode or when I use Internet Explorer, everything is OK. I have tried disabling various extensions, restarted and what else, but nothing change. Do you have an idea about what is stopping me?
  12. The search feature is not working in the Classic view in my Chrome browser. I am using a Linux Ubuntu version of Chrome, Version 56.0.2924.28 beta (64-bit). There was an update just today so there might very well be a bug in the browser. When I try to search by tag, the center column only displays a few of the tagged items, say the first ten. When I clear the filter and hit 'Search' again, nothing shows in the center column, which is set to Snippets view. I just tested it in Firefox and it is working fine, so it must be something in the Chrome beta. Any suggestions on how to attack this with Google? I'm not sure how to get them the right data.
  13. What did they do to web clipper? The icon won't show up on Safari on Sierra. This is bad for a service we have to pay for.
  14. It would be nice to have the ability to clip articles into multiple notebooks. I often find that I may be bookmarking an article that is about both javascript and web design. I have two separate notebooks for these topics (javascript and web design) and would like for the bookmark to show up in both of them.
  15. Chrome

    Hi, I have decided to use Evernote and one of the most amazing things is the linkedin clip. With my brand new installed web clip I can't have linkedin profile pages captured. I can't find any reason other than the new linkedin layout. Is there any problem with the clipper and the new layout of linkedin? Regards.
  16. Since 2011, Evernote has been my teacher website to deliver agendas, links, everyone else. The past 2 weeks or so - students cannot access my website at all. I use the bitly link to those individual sites and they are there....Conflicts with Chrome laptops? We are 1:1 with Google Chromes...conflicts?
  17. Is there a way to scroll beyond the screen bottom while selecting material with screenshot? Often the section I want to clip is longer than my screen displays. When I drag the box to the bottom of the screen it stops. Similarly, "Simplified Article" will include all the comments which I don't want, so I need to use "Screenshot" to select only the article. If the article is longer than 1 page (screen) I'm stuck. Any help?
  18. No puedo ver el cuerpo central de la página web. Sólo el menú de la izquierda. Y al presionar sobre alguno de los iconos, no "carga" la página. He reiniciado la sesión y hasta el ordenador y me he reinstalado Chrome y sigue igual. ¿alguien me puede decir por qué no carga la web?
  19. Hi, I know this has been commented on in some of the release notes for the clipper elsewhere (by me and others), but it's really making my blood boil, so though I would post a thread here in the hope Evernote do in fact read the product feedback posts and take note. I hope this isn't too much of a duplicate of others requesting the same. Since the web clipper was updated some months back and the local save option removed, something I used multiple times daily with pleasure has become a constant annoyance for me. Save to cloud only is NOT an option for some of us. For instance, where I am, for whatever reason, my provider seems unable to reach evernote servers once in awhile. For me, the clipper then becomes a dead tool. Internet in all places in the globe is not always good. Mine here is very poor. Whilst I have broadband, it is slow, but it's the best I can get where I live. I just tried to clip a PDF. It's 139 pages. It's still sitting there minutes later, icons spinning. Now I have to manually request my desktop version sync so I can get it locally and work with that note(s). It's a stupid workflow. Very inefficient. The very things evernote is supposed to improve. it was almost perfect as it was, with local save enabled. It would create the note instantly and sync if needed in the background, when the internet was available, whilst I worked. This is not possible any more. Please, please, please bring back the local save option. Thanks.
  20. A week or so past I noticed that I my notebooks were showing inconsistently. Today, NONE of my content is loading. All I'm seeing is the interface with the "LOADING" message. I can access stuff on my phone and tablet but I do the bulk of my work at a computer. I need a fix dudes!!!
  21. Hi y'all, Our development team is currently investigating an issue with the Evernote Web Clipper automatically logging users out after relaunching the Chrome browser. If you're experiencing this issue, please submit a support request with the answers to the following questions: Do you have 'Remember me for 30 days' checked off? If you have 2 Step Verification enabled, have you checked 'Remember me for 30 days' off on both prompts? Does the issue occur after closing the browser or restarting the computer? Does the issue occur after logging to Evernote Web or closing an Evernote Web tab/window? Send the Evernote Web Clipper logs. To send activity logs from the Clipper: 1. Right-click the Evernote Web Clipper icon in the Chrome toolbar 2. Select Options 3. Click View Logs 4. Choose Export logs 5. A text file will open containing the activity log from the Evernote extension. Save this file and include it as an attachment in your ticket submission. Thank you for your patience while our Technical Support Team and development team work together to help get this resolved. EDIT: To resolve this issue, please reinstall the latest version of the Evernote Web Clipper (v6.11).
  22. Hi there, I'd like to ask to add URL of web page at the bottom of Note after clipping and sending to Evernote. I usually clip many web pages to read later or while traveling and sometimes I have to search exact web page as it contains other useful articles. It will be useful and should not be hard to include this option. I usually use Clipper on workstation, but this feature is useful on any platform. Best regards, Muza
  23. A user of my business account, is having a problem with Notebooks Disappearing then Reappearing in his account. He is using the new, online version with the Chrome. His browser is up to date. When he logs in, he can see the Notebooks, but when he goes to scroll, they disappear- We tried it on Internet explorer and everything works fine-(no magic disappearing act at all) I also had him log into his account, using my laptop and chrome- and no problems- everything worked well. Does Evernote need Java or flash or something else, that may not be up to date on his browser? Thanks for any help! Karen
  24. I occasionally have a web page not be easily clip able. Sometimes a floating box will clip on top of the page even though it isn't visible to me. Or the clipper just can't seem to accurately clip the page. Sometimes there is a printer button on these pages. Some such buttons take you to a page where you can then use Evernote to clip in a much cleaner way, but some go right to the printer dialog box. Since I can print to a PDF, I will do that. BUT what if I could select Evernote as the printer? That would save me some steps.
  25. Hi, I would like to make a feature request. The default behavior of the web clipper is to create a new note with the selected content in a given notebook. A separate note for every little clip is not always necessary. So, why not include an option to append the clipped content to an existing note. It would be somewhat similar to merging 2 notes, only difference being, the process is now automatic and on-the-fly, instead of being manual. PS: Sorry for the poor English. Thanks, The-Droidster