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Found 1,287 results

  1. Hi, I have used Evernote for a number of years and a few months ago I started to periodically experience the following issue. When I click on a notebook, then scroll down to find a note, the notes disappear as I scroll down and do not reappear when scrolling back up. It looks like they are being deleted as I scroll but if refresh the notes come back. This seems to be isolated to Chrome and I do not experience this issue in Firefox. I work in Chrome and would prefer to stay with only one browser.
  2. Chantal Leonard

    Chrome Clipper 7.3 for Chrome Now Available

    Hi Folks - We've just released version 7.3 of Clipper on Chrome. You can download the latest Clipper from the Chrome Web Store here. This release: Added support for clipping content in the new Gmail experience Updated the title size for simplified article clips to be much smaller We've addressed a number of bugs. Some key ones to call out are: Highlight: Wrong event action is tracked when highlighting on Article and Full page mode Clip dialog is closed while opening Options page and pressing ESC key Screenshot: Keyboard shortcuts for highlighter does not work Chrome Clipper doesn't open, log reports ERR: Error: QuotaExceededError Article mode: Unable to expand or contract clip area by keyboard shortcut Clip Image: Clipping image in email / LinkedIn page saves dead file Clipper loads infinitely while cookies are blocked for some accounts We've also improved performance - you should now see the Clipper handle clipping large web pages more quickly Please let us know if you have any feedback on version 7.3 and any requests for our next update. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Clipper Team
  3. ToddsterAU

    Chrome New Gmail clipping broken

    Hi. The Evernote Web Clipper doesn't work in the new Gmail. When trying to clip an email, it only saves an "Undefined" page. Is happening in both Chrome and Firefox on the latest version of web clipper. When I switch back to the old Gmail, it works fine. Hoping this can be fixed soon. Thanks
  4. Chantal Leonard

    Chrome Clipper 7.2 for Chrome now Available

    Hi Folks - We've just released version 7.2 of Clipper on Chrome. You can download the latest Clipper from the Chrome Web Store here. This release: Re-introduces keyboard shortcut functionality previously available in Clipper 6. If you don't use these yet, it's worth checking out in Options as it makes Clipping even faster. We've addressed a number of bugs. Some key ones to call out are: Clipping gets stuck after pressing Enter key on Screenshot capture dialog Show full tag name popup when mouse cursor over on tag name. Unable to add tags while tag is added in Always tag with option Some pages not working well when Clipper is installed (see https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/112731-evernote-web-clipper-leaking-into-application-code/) Options: Added tag in "Always tag with" is incorrectly displayed Amazon: Missing product description on preview for some products Search for notebook is no longer case sensitive Clipper 7 launches 'https://evernote.com/?firstlaunch' on its own on Chrome Messages window appears when clipping LinkedIn articles Auto-complete tags based on terms within the tag We've also improved performance - you should now see the Clipper load more quickly Please let us know if you have any feedback on version 7.2 and any requests for our next update. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Clipper Team
  5. Hi Evernote Team, The web clipper is saving the page in evernote a lot of time. Not sure why. Here are the details, that may help. Evernote Web clipper details: Additional Information Version: 7.3.0 Updated: June 14, 2018 Size: 2.14MiB Chrome version: Using Mac: 10.13.4 Evernote side bar to show how it is effecting my notes: As you can see "Company Culture and Managing Freedoms" note has occurred I don't know how many times. This is not one note, but there are many, so I have to raise a request. This is really stupid and time wasting as I have to delete the duplicates, and then Evernote takes time to delete it. Please let me know if you need anything from my end? Regards, Kinshuk
  6. When using the new clipper, I'll add a few tags to a note. Then, I'll want to save the page. The shortcut used to be "cmd+enter", which worked from wherever you were. The new shortcut, however, is "enter". So I'll often hit "tab", then hit enter, which will delete a tag instead! This is because if you press tab, you're now focused on a tag, even though there's no visual indication of this. You'll then hit enter, deleting the tag, then hit enter again, saving it without the tag! Obviously there are a few issues here: 1. Need to visually highlight the tag you're currently on, to make it more visually obvious that pressing enter will delete the tag. 2. Need some way to save an article even while you're in the "tag adding" field. Thanks!
  7. I used my webclipper (windows 10 desktop / Chrome) and it suddenly started saving the same clips 10 to 15 times each. I don't know how to stop this. And now I already used my monthly limit with yet 17 days to go. I'm not happy. How can I solve this?
  8. I was using evernote quite happily to clip out images I needed for my trip planner. I would right click on any image and the context menu would pop up for "clip image." I would clip and and would send to my inbox folder. Now when I right click on an image my only options are 1. Clip full page, 2. Clip bookmark, or 3. Clip screenshot. What happened to Clip Image? I haven't changed any settings knowingly. I am using version
  9. In Web Clipper options I have selected: "Automatically close clipper." I have deselected: "Show successful clip dialog without Related notes." Still, on every clip the clipper shows me supposedly 'Related Notes' for a few seconds before closing automatically. How can I get rid of that feature? For me it is useless and annoying.
  10. Sometimes I use chrome web clipper to clip some pages to my notes, I could not view the webp images in the note. Just try to clip this page: https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/gallery1 And you can reproduce the issue, you can't see those webp images. Very annoying. I'm not sure this is a clipper problem, I think it might be that Evernote doesn't support webp image. I attached two images, that's how it looks on my web evernote and evernote Mac app, it's simliar on my iOS devices. Could you add support to webp format? I think more and more webp images are used on web now.
  11. The Evernote Web Clipper Chrome extension is stealing the JavaScript "keyup" events, thus breaking our app. Our customers have been complaining to us and we've finally narrowed it down to this Chrome extension. It is blocking the arrow keys, but also some other random keys, such as "f". I suspect it is blocking all keys that are some kind of shortcuts in this extension. So far, we've reproduced the problem in Chrome, but we have not tested other browsers yet. This is a major problem for our app – we're now recommending that our customers uninstall the Evernote Web Clipper extension. Several already have. Please fix it and release an update ASAP. If there is a workaround for our app or a way to completely block the Web Clipper extension for our site, please let me know.
  12. The Chrome web clipper extension does not clip with simplified formatting even though it is selected. I believe this has been the case since around May 2018 or so. When I then manually simplify the formatting in the note inside the Mac Evernote app, it fails to capture paragraph breaks correctly, so the text gets a little bit jammed together. The Firefox extension works fine with simplified formatting.
  13. Is the FBI blocking me? Or is it the Russians? The clipper won't work on this Politico site, but it works fine on other sites.
  14. 1. Open a long page such as https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animelo_Summer_Live 2. When it opens, the page is freezing and you can't click any link until 10s later if not longer. The cause of this is the web clipper extension, apparently its JS script is very recourse consuming on any large web page: It's not a problem before. I don't have ANY other extension and tested with a clean profile.
  15. I think the clipper updated recently in Chrome and in the settings I can't find the shortcut option anymore..... used to be a box where you could select which shortcut key activated the clipper. Has this option gone forever?
  16. As of this morning I cannot clip an image. I cannot highlight text in a page while clipping. I cannot add notes while clipping. I am using Chrome browser. The clipping function works fine still on Microsoft Edge. Seems like changes were made overnight. Please advise.
  17. 我的 web clipper 总是访问 yinxiang.com,导致无法登录。如何修改让他访问 evernote.com?
  18. How can clipper visit evernote.com instead of yinxiang.com? my clipper always visits yinxiang.com, and i can't find options to modify!
  19. pepr

    Chrome Huge titles

    Hi, Since 2 o 3 months im having huge titles when clipping articles from different webs, any ideas how i could fix this? the problem is only for titles, not body of articles. Best regards,
  20. I've always used article or fullpage as the mode when clipping linkedin profiles because linkedin mode drops some information. However the profile images are always chopped off, i dont really mind that, but I couldn't add the profile image in manually either. Tried converting the note to a pdf, thereafter I could add the image manually but, the pdf has it's content chopped off. So I'm out of ideas on how to clip linkedin profiles with all the information.
  21. Hi Is anyone experiencing the following issue with the latest version of web clipper for Chrome? "It seems the web clipper app doesn't function properly. Screenshots do not capture correctly, showing only part of the image I try to capture. They also appear really poor in quality." Re-install did not help. Is this a know issue to which there is a fix? Thank you!
  22. Chantal Leonard

    Chrome Web Clipper 7.1 Released for Chrome

    Hi Folks - We wanted to let you know that we've released version 7.1 of the Web Clipper on Chrome. It returns much of the functionality from Clipper 6 users have provided feedback on including highlighting, remarks and creating and searching notebooks. Highlighting: you can highlight content from a clip by selecting text. Remarks: you can add a note about clipped content using the "Add remark" option in the clip screen Creating and Searching Notebooks: you can now search or create a new notebook to store content from the Notebooks list under the Organize section of the Clipper screen. Spaces: if you're an Evernote Business user you can now choose to clip content to a space. We've included many bug fixes including an issue where the Clipper was redirecting users to the evernote.com site on first launch You can download the latest Clipper from the Chrome Web Store here. Please let us know if you spot any other issues. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Clipper Team.
  23. I've been reading that Google is considering phasing out the Gmail interface and pushing everyone to Google Inbox. I've been going back and forth between Gmail and Inbox. I've been trying to force myself to use Inbox more, and with the new feature in the Calendar app on Android to create reminders that show up in Inbox and in the Calendar app on my phone (and eventually the web), I'm seeing a need to use that side of Gmail more. However, the Web Clipper doesn't seem to know how to clip individual emails from Inbox. Is this something that will be fixed any time soon?
  24. Hello, The formatting for "Simplified article" clipping is messed up and stores the grey background and styling of the preview view. Previously, it would keep the styling simple and have a white background. For now, I've switched to Firefox since it's not updated yet.
  25. Hi All, Here is a tool for converting Chrome bookmarks to Evernote. Worked well for me, let me know if any bugs and will try to fix. https://twitter.com/kjakich/status/565879393537781760 Note: for PC users, not sure about MAC. Credit: I forked this work from another chap and updated it. Enjoy! Keir