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  1. I save anything that is finished to PDF so it can be OCR'd in EN, but working documents just go in as their native format until I'm done with them. With tagging and title searching I don't have any problem finding what I need. I wanted to mention a nice freebie I found for splitting PDF's to deal with the 50MB/note limit in EN. The program (PC & Mac) is called PDF Split & Merge (http://www.pdfsam.org/) and, as the name suggest, both splits and merges PDF files. The interface isn't the best but it works really well. I had some large (300MB+) PDF's of old genealogy books that I wanted in EN so I ran them through PDFS&M, it let's you set a maximum size for each new chunk as well as an automated file name. So my one big "Genealogy" became "Genealogy01", "Genealogy02", etc., all at 49MB and done automatically. It also does a nice job of combining a bunch of little PDF's into a larger, consolidated one. Happy Evernoting, Chris.
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