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  1. You could share a notebook with your secretary; she will only have access to that notebook, but not your personal notes. However, if you use tags extensively and organize with nested tags - which I do - then sharing a notebook with your executive assistant is basically pointless. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE Evernote! ALOT! But tags are a complete mess across shared notebooks. Tags work great if you are an island to your self. But if you need to work together as a team managing tasks/workflow etc... basically all the reasons you would want to share a notebook, then tags are broken. All but for the most basic use, tags are broken according to the forums that is apparently by design. It is so frustrating - people have been complaining about the tags in shared notebooks for well over a year without any resolution or advancement. There is a great need for having a shared tag system THAT ACTUALLY WORKS THE SAME for each member on a shared folder. Sharing the folder should mean sharing not just a portion of the content (like it does not) - but a sharing of the richness of the user experience and the full functionality of Evernote. Tags make Evernote - Evernote.
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