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  1. Hey Chris, that's an interesting system you have there. Any third-party evernote integrations in particular you recommend?
  2. I love Evernote - it's awesome. I use it on my iphone, and the desktop version on my imacs at home and work. I also enjoy GTD and employ a modified GTD system. I have Notebooks labeled "Next Actions", "Waiting For" and "Reference". Everytime I have to do any specific next action to accomplish a project, I drop a note in Next Actions. If someone owes me a reply to an email, or a payment, or whatever, I drop a note in Waiting For. Pretty much anything else that is not a next action, or a waiting for, goes in Reference. I've attached a picture of my Notebooks folders (as you can see, I currently have zero next actions because I am so awesome at getting things done). If I have something that needs to be done on a specific date, then I put that on my calendar instead of in Evernote. Ok, so here's the thought - what about stuff that is a next action, and that doesn't have to be done on a particular date, but that cannot be done earlier than a date in the future. Example - I have to reconcile my quickbooks accounting software on a monthly basis. I just finished reconciling for July, and sometime on or after Sept 1 I will need to reconcile again in August. I could create a Next Action now that says "Sept 1 - Reconcile Quickbooks", but then I will have that note cluttering up my Next Actions until September. I'd love to be able to do the following - create a note now titled "Sept 1 - Reconcile Quickbooks" but be able to tag it somehow so that it's creation is delayed until Sept. 1 - or so it stays hidden until Sept 1, and then only on that date, it pops into existence into my Next Actions notebook. Has anyone figured out a hack to be able to do this? Or is this a feature others would like to see officially created? Thanks!
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