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  1. I solved my problem by installing and booting from a solid state drive.
  2. I use a Mac Pro running Parallels so I can used Windows programs (QuickBooks and MathCad). Since upgrading to Windows 1o I have problems with the spinning beach ball. The way I use MathCad to print to a pdf file which goes into Evernote. I then put a job number into the tag and send the file to my business notebook. Since the Windows 10 update I find that when inserting a tag I have to watch the spinning beachball for more than a minute and then another 30 seconds before I get the blinking cursor which allow me to paste the job number tag. And then another shorter wait when I insert the business job notebook. Recently this has improved but now I have to wait when I create a new note and copy a file name into the note title and then wait some more until I can drag the pdf file into the body of the note. Activity Monitor shows EN "not responding This only happens when I have parallels and windows 10 running. As soon as I turn Windows 10 off EN behaves as it should. I used to have Windows 7 and didn't have this problem. I am using El Capitan, Parallels 11.2.0 and Windows 10 and EN 6.6.1
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