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  1. just wanted to throw out a couple ideas... not sure if all are possible, but thought it might be useful to know what the users of Penultimate are wishing for. my two main requests deal with two totally different areas. 1. i find it annoying to have to go into the settings and switch off the Multitasking Gestures everytime i want to take some notes in Penultimate. not sure if apple allows/supports this kind of thing, but a button inside the app to temporarily turn this off would be nice. even better would be to disable the Multitasking Gestures alltogether when Penultimate is in use. 2. this one is more design-based, but i absolutely love the way 53 Paper handles notebook covers. i love that they offer different colors/designs as well as the ability to add your own image to the cover of a notebook. this not only lets you customize to your own style, but also makes it easier to identify specific notebooks when you have a lot of them.
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