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  1. it is ridiculous! if I type in a number in the format aaa-xxx-xxxx where aaa is a known prefix of a US number (like 843 , 555 etc) than it works... it must be related to evernote cause it just says they don't support direct dialing at all. how come apps like go sms pro do highlight every number I'll type in a SMS and direct dial it if I press it?
  2. can you please give exact steps to how you use it? cause for us(me and everybody else I know) it doesn't work
  3. it's not working since android 4.0.0 and it's clearly an evernote bug and as a proof you can see apps like skype or gmail that can still detect phone numbers and dial it. evernote just ignore our problems and rather invest only on new features instead of bug fixing. @Bartman001 no . it's not working
  4. I'm having the exact same problem and for me it's a big issue , I've contacted evernote 2-3 month ago and they said they passes it to the technical team , since then I'm checking for updates in the google play almost everyday and immediatly install updates once they get realeasd but no fix. the most interesting is the fact that if someone create a note with Iphone and transfer it to me I can press numbers with no problem , which means they only need to put the righ tags around the number and it will work like magic... it's not even a big fix for the evernote team... we seriously thinking about moving to other notes app because of that.
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