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  1. in my case I really wanted something with markdown so... Bear it's really cool for notes. And for info storage probably DEVONthink.
  2. I've really lost count the times we have changed of interface, major or minor changes, in the last couple of years.
  3. For me the biggest issue here is, it's a known problem since mid-November... we are in mid-January and the solution isn't even being tested in the Beta channel. Sometimes I feel that Evernote focuses too much in design changes in the fiel of aesthetics instead of work on usability.
  4. I really don't understand why this haven't been fixed yet... I'm also looking for alternatives to Evernote.
  5. If you could fix the fuzziness of the text it would be great. The funny thing is, it's mainly in the Evernote's main window, if you open a window with a single note font it's more smooth. Are you using the anti-aliasing support on the main window?
  6. Kudos!! thanks for fixing it. Although I'm affected for those bugs or I don't use that features, I hope you are able to fix them soon.
  7. Thanks a lot @macfixer for sharing the solution that @niw created for the Evernote Snipper list view. And of course, eternal gratitude to @niw for create it. I don't understand how an outsider can create a solution in even lest time that Evernote is able to do. it would be great if this solution can be implemented in a hoxfix even if you are looking to implementing a better solution in the long run.
  8. I just captured it again... and now it's renders correctly... was something related to the webclipper?
  9. I really don't know if it's been mentioned before. I think this version makes that notes that were capture, or has been with this version too, with the web clipper and they have a table inside, or the whole note it's inside of a table, to be compressed to the left for some reason. I don't know why, but it isn't the first note I've come across like this, some of them recently captured.
  10. I agree with the rest of the people here. I would like to see in the release notes all the things that the release it's going to address. I don't know why there is a trend now to not list in the release notes all the things fixed. Facebook has been doing for long "Every update of our Facebook app includes improvements for speed and reliability...." and Apple has begun to do it also lately with just one or two lines in the release notes. ? I also agree with the rest here and thank you a lot with the work you do to keep Evernote up and running.
  11. That note was capture with the iPad share function. Not with the Evernote Clipper. Just in case....
  12. By the way... I've notice that the rendering of some captured pages is different in 7.0.2 and 7.1 beta 1. On 7.1 beta 1 on 7.0.2
  13. Hey! The note moving notification is gone, thanks! But the glitches in the note list and the note flashing when writing is still present. Those two bugs are really really really frustrating because they are visual and really annoying when you are working with EN. PS/ I just uninstalled the beta since it isn't addressing those issues. ?
  14. +1 I also find this flashing really really really annoying! These and the glitches when you use Evernote in the background with mission control are the most annoying things I've seen in Evernote. I hope also that they are able to fix both of those bugs soon.
  15. I'm using verdana and this isn't happening to me ... Perhaps it's related to the fond.
  16. I can provide a screenshot: I agree that this notifications are quite stupid... I guess that they are thought for shared notebooks or something like that but... I don't see the point when you are the one that is moving the note. Usually one isn't that stupid to don't realize that you just moved a note. I guess it's a bug somehow.
  17. Hey! Great new design... however the glitch on the note list when Evernote isn't in focus and one use mission control is still present. Would be great to fix it, it's quite annoying. I'm running a MacBook Pro late 2011 with last version of High Sierra (10.13.3). Thanks!
  18. Hey! It just occurred to me that perhaps would be great if Evernote Clipper has a "template" to clip wikipedia, in the same way it clips LinkedIn, YouTube or Amazon. I clip a lot wikipedia, and usually it get quite messy. It would be great if you can clip in a more clear way.
  19. @DTLow I don't think this feature would be an incredible amount of work and a lot of people like Evernote and pay for it, and like to simplicity of markdown for formatting.
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