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  1. It is great that you dont think it is possible (or think it is needed) but the request stands - hopefully someone who actually works for the company reads these forums!
  2. Correct! They cannot index my notes and also will not be able to decrypt at all unless I provide the password - they would not be storing the password. Now you are catching on! ;*)
  3. "One of the problems with encrypting your text is that Evernote will not be able to index the content, and so it will not show up on search results" I'd have to say, I disagree with this. If you are encrypting a notebook, you dont want it to show in search results! To me, the idea of encrypting a notebook would be that, even if your account was compromised, there would be an extra level of security around an encrypted notebook. Another (different) password would be required to access it. Suppose Luke Skywalker's uncle Owen had a personal notebook within his collection of notebooks. In it, Owen states "I cannot let Luke know he is Vader's son". Now if Luke manages to get in the account perhaps by accident, say Uncle Owen didnt close the browser when he went to the kitchen and young Luke searches on his name and he then gets to know he is Vader's son! So I would think Uncle Owen encrypting that particular notebook means he doesnt want it in the search results. And having multiple accounts is messy, and costs Uncle Owen more, he is on a budget.
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