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  1. Just wanted to say goodbye to my long-time lasting relationship with the product. I was using Evernote for...hmm...well, it's 5 years today! Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Surface - on all the platforms and across tons of computers I was exchanging notes for all these years with gigs of data, 1000s of notes on a Premium plan. That was a long ride and it left a lot of good memories as long as a lot of disappointments. What's good? I can say that Evernote was the best web clipper I've ever tried and also it was very good in organizing things. Unfortunately that's it. With all that marketing support and all the inve$$tments it should've been the best product on Earth for storing all kinds of notes. Unfortunately it's still not and I lost hope. Hope for the better editor, that is not buggy, hope for better sync that doesn't generate duplicates. Hope for better UI which does give you more choice and freedom. Hope for a stable, predictable companion. Which Evernote is not. The bad side of Evernote that it doesn't change much, doesn't listen to user feedback, doesn't improve, doesn't evolve, doesn't want to get out of the box. It basically stays the same beta software I tried a couple years ago. Some shiny features developed by marketing department that I've never really used, some stability improvements that made it a little bit better, integration with more services that I don't use either - but it's year 2016 and even Apple has their note product embedded in the OS that can really compete with the old clunky Evernote. Even drawing with the stylus on the iPad is a pain in Evernote. Every single detail is a pain. Editor is the huge pain. I have notes that look different all the time when I load them up on different devices. I have notes where all of a sudden text changes formatting so I can't read it. I have old notes that look different all the time when I start editing them. I have notes that disappear and reappear in Sync Conflicts random places. I have notes where I can't change color or size of the text. I have notes that I can't find because they all look the same in Evernote. Changing color of the background? Of course it will never be done, not possible, why am I asking? Changing highlighting in the text? Appeared after 3 years of user ranting. And it's still what? One color? Come on Evernote, versatile editor is the basic feature! Or is it for the development team? I dunno, maybe I'm not the target user of your software. I'm just tired. I'm switching. I don't think it's appropriate place to tell where I'm switching to, but you probably already know. Goodbye and I wish you luck and success.
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