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  1. The blogwith.co service mentioned by amik0 is the service that works the most as one would expect. It allows editing of posts. It's like Postach.io, but using WordPress as the blog engine. I've not had a chance to use it much beyond a few tests so I can't vouch for it. Hello, blogwith.co is back My name is Bryan and I'm taking over the blogwith.co project. I'm improving the whole framework and just got the new beta out. If anyone is still interested in writing straight from evernote to wordpress. http://blogwith.co/ can help you. Here is an video of what it can do https://plus.google.com/115840999486823157498/posts/GGaL9PxQ73X I'm taking over because I have a need for it. A few things to share with you all on this early version. 1. the service works with wordpress.com and self hosted wordpress currently. However for the self hosted wordpress to work. You would need to have Jetpack install - Json Api as your plugin http://jetpack.me/support/json-api/ 2. Currently only text is supported. So if you have an image in your Evernote it will not work. How it works When your finished the signup, a new notebook will appear in your evernote. Titled "BlogwithPublish" Any note written in the notebook will be sync to wordpress. This is great from live blogging. If you are writing a long post. If you write it in another notebook and when you are done, you can drag it into the "BlogwithPublish" and it will be published Let me know if you have any questions. I can be reach at reachme@bosslee.co or @leetucksing I love to hear feedback and feature request.
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