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  1. I agree - this is a huge security flaw IMO. I make every effort to log out at the end of the day at my office, but I do forget sometimes. This exposes EVERYTHING in my Evernote world to my IT people. It appears the only fix is to delete the Evernote app from the computer and to use only the Internet interface from the office. Why not a simple option forcing a log-on every time the app is started?
  2. Why in the world would EN do away with the "Stay Signed In" option on the Windows Sign In screen? Version 5.02 still had this feature. Now, when you exit the app (unless you explicitly log out), you're still signed in when you next start the app. IMHO This is a huge security exposure and has me completely rethinking loading EN on my work computers. If I forget to sign out, the cleaning crew can open the app and access everything I have stored in EN and I have stored very sensitive data.
  3. Thanks Scott. My only real concern is our IT contractors / administrators who can access my work computer, password-protected or not. As long as I log out when I'm done with EN I should be good to go.
  4. Scott the security issue is that a pretty material feature (requiring a login after an File, Exit termination) was discontinued with no notice that I am aware of. I have been File, Exiting to terminate EN at work for some time only to realize the login functionality had changed without my noticing it. The next person to simply fire up the app was free to roam. That's a pretty material change in security I think.
  5. Running Windows version File, Exit requires no login at next restart. File, Sign Out does. No problem, I just need to take a different path when exiting. Odd though, because a File then Exit used to do the job.
  6. I may be dreaming, but I think my EN used to require a login after the app was Exited from (as opposed to simply closing the window). Is the only way now to require a login with each subsequent session to sign out when terminated the program? Thanks in advance.
  7. Love the product. The interface (IMO) is getting really tired - have you guys considered a Desktop view (ie. Windows 8) where frequent folders / notes are visible & accessible via some type of graphical interface / desktop / landing page? Please put some graphics wizards to work on updating the interface to make stuff more easily accessible.
  8. Thank you Chris. Is there a preferred format for the document to optimize OCR search once it loads into EN? On the Doxie side, scans can be formatted in several ways: JPEG, PDF, PDF with OCR, PNG, BMP.
  9. I recently purchased a Doxie One scanner as a (hopefully) better alternative to taking photos of documents with my iPhone 5 and then syncing to EN. If I take a picture (from within the EN mobile app on my phone), then sync, the EN OCR works wonderfully and my ability to search the new document within EN is perfect. The same document, scanned with Doxie and then sent to EN, is largely unsearchable. Are there settings on the Doxie side that would improve this? Thank you in advance.
  10. How are you quitting the program? You need to right-click on the elephant icon in the notification area and select Quit to exit completely. Ah, Emerick, that did the trick. <ctrl> Q to exit forces a re-login the next time in. Perfect and thank you. As an additional piece of feedback, if simply leaving the app (such as in Quicken, Facebook, or any banking app) could trigger the same effect (assuming a "stay logged in" option were not checked), that would be even better. Thanks again all. BTW, in addition to quitting per the above (QTRL Q), you will have to logout once. Then, of course, all future logins should be done without the "Stay signed In" box checked.
  11. You mean you have been kept under lock and key all this time? Or has it been behind (or in) bars? :lol: :lol: Err... Let me consult my lawyer and/or parole officer... sometimes I don't know why I'm allowed to talk in public hmmm ... loaded the pre-release you linked to, but when I quit EN and then restart, it still has me logged in. Logged off, login w/out checking the "keep me logged on" option, quit, start EN again and still logged on. I would like a feature similar to facebook, where, if you do not chose the "stay logged in" option, every quit of the program then requires a subsequent login the next time the program is loaded. Thanks!
  12. Yes - this would be ideal - is there a way to manage this?
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