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  1. Hi Jenni, Congratulations on being the moderator of this group. I think there are a lot of us out here who have collections of stuff that we don't know how to organise.....I am stuffing all my stuff into evernote as fast as I can...trying to get all the documents I've been carrying around''FOREVER" into one place. One thing I'll put out here (I've put this out about 2 years ago on this forum) any great ideas on how to organise (within evernote) paper sewing patterns?
  2. I found another program that goes onto my iphone called Sewing Kit HD. It's ok so far. Cost a lot less ($9.49) and does much the same...a one off cost rather than a monthly or annual subscription of pattern file. I can't really see how either of the programs would interface with evernote....It may be easier in the long run to take a photo of the back and front or to download the paper pattern data from the net if I can get it, and then tag it and sort it in Evernote rather than spending a lot of time putting stuff into a non searchable program. SK HD at least has a catagory button that will add a decent category to the data saved. If anyone else has any ideas I would love to hear them.
  3. Thanks for the thoughtful and thought provoking reply. I find myself in the unusual position of seeing both ends of the argument, in that whilst I acknowledge the sense of your discussion, I cannot argue with my own personal experiences. I think the key to the whole debate lies in your words 'thoughtful implementation'. The Professor who bans tech simply because students use it in a way that does not accord with the Professor's own personal expectations is still not learning and growing and is really preventing the students from coming to grips with technology that they will have to use in the real world. There is a strong mind/hand connection. I draw mind maps all the time and upload them to EN. I'm not saying that we shouldn't use pencil and notes if we want to do so. My gripe is being forced to use pencil and paper to write long winded class notes instead of really engaging with the material that is being taught as you are trying to get the gist of it down on paper instead of really thinking about it. The very best lecturer I ever had didn't care if we wrote it on our hands or used technology. He knew each of us after the first week and asked questions during the lectures that made us think, made the time go fast, and provoked responses from the class. That, to my mind, is the essence of teaching. But education isn't just what you are taught. It's what you choose to learn. And that rests with the individual.
  4. I Just finished two degrees at University. Are you kidding me? A 'no technology' policy? Yes, technology can be a pain. Yes, technology can be distracting. But given that Google has just built a massive data centre costing 1.6 Billion in Redmond, I don't think cloud computing or technology is going away any time soon. I worked with some younger (MUCH younger) students who wanted to write everything by hand. That is dinosaur thinking. It doesn't enable you to cope with the real world where you are expected to be able to use and interact with technology in the appropriate ways. Use of tablets removes the annoying sounds that are associated with notebooks and laptops. Rather than a 'no technology' policy, maybe a frank discussion with students on enhancing their learning would be more appropriate. BTW I am 52 and din't learn to use computers until I was 41. I am old enough to have used and remember carbon paper, gestetners and typewriters. You'd have to be mad to want to go there again. Kath
  5. gave you the measurements in inches because I wasn't sure if you were in the US or Australia like me.
  6. Ok dimensions. Height Back 6 1/4 inches Height Front 3 1/2 inches Width 11 1/2 inches wide Depth of Base is 5 inches deep and depth at widest part of unit (halfway up the side) is 6 inches Unit is not a rectangular unit, it has an interesting shape as it folds out. It's about the size of a ladies handbag. (I nearly wrote the size of a good sized ladies handbag but that wouldn't be right!) Kath
  7. Hi Chris, if you are still on just wait a minute and i'll go and measure it for you.
  8. Hi Chris, Just wanted to weigh in on this discussion...I bought a Fujitsu s1500 scanner (Don't have any kids still at home that I can sell -I had to sell the cat) and if you haven't got one, then RUN and get one. It is AWESOME! I've used the flatbeds for years, and this walks all over them. The A3 works by folding the item in half, putting it in the special carrier sheet and feeding it through a certain direction. The item is saved stitched together. I've only used it once. I used it on a house plan and it did have a line across where it connected but maybe I had it set wrongly. Gazumped sounds like he has done many more than me. I just love the way the unit whips through the toughest stack and the ease with which the whole thing is made searchable and saved to Evernote. I just want to say I picked up a near new Canoscan 600F flatbed as well (for $20!) and it is a great deal harder to operate than the Scansnap. My money is on Fujitsu when it comes to scanning documents. Kath
  9. Hi Heather, Thank you for providing the link. I appreciate it very much. Would you believe it, I had done some research in my enforced quiet time when I couldn't log on and had the name of that program written on a piece of paper which I had then scanned to Evernote. It was sitting in my in box waiting to be processed......and of course today was the day I found it again! Having said that, I apologise for wasting some of your time....the good news is that in future I will have it all at my fingertips! BTW Heather your name comes up frequently as being a very helpful person on this forum, and I have to second that. Looking forward to being as organised as you are! HD
  10. Thank you for explaining what IFTTT is. I had it in a note to explore at some later date. Now some of those posts make sense!
  11. Schmam, Can you tell us the name of the program that magically finds and imports the pattern information? I think I would use that a lot as I have been collecting sewing patterns for about 40 years......and it's time to get organised! HD
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