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  1. This forum has been very helpful. Thank you. My summarization is this. IF it is personal information or confidential, keep it local and keep it backed up. But what about the "don't worry about it" and the "no different than in a locked file cabinet in your house" replies. I respect your opinions, but there is a significant difference between the secure/encrypted cloud and the locked file cabinet in my house. At home if somebody breaks in, I know about it pretty darn quick. In the cloud, I may not know about it for days or weeks. The new approach is to collect the information over long periods of time. But bigger difference yet is that information in my locked file in my house is not desired by most that will break in. Physical thieves want stuff they can dispose of instantly (TV, computer, jewelry). Cyber thieves will wipe you out before you know it. Yes, there are monitoring companies that will notify you and help put your life back together, but your sensitive data is out there for anyone that wants to access it. After thinking about this more and more, bills, records, medical information and the like will be scanned and stored locally. Recipes, articles and other information that I've obtained publicly will be scanned and/or stored/sent to EN. Which by the way, I am learning to use and absolutely love. Wish it had a calendar and reminder native to the application; with which I would do away with 3 other applications on my web enabled devices, which would be awesome.
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