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  1. Giving up for now -- no change on the Mac side, no sign those edits are being saved anywhere. Workaround: I captured a screenshot of the edits off the Mac screen with the beachball cursor, and edited the Evernote website copy of the Note. I'll be curious to see if the edits made on the website copy get sent to the Mac once I force quit Evernote and restart it there. Waiting a while before doing a force quit on the Mac, in case there is any log file or info I can collect that might be helpful first.
  2. earlier in the Console there was: 8/8/12 9:09:09.425 AM [0x0-0xcc0cc].com.evernote.Evernote: objc[5134]: Class ENSystemUtils is implemented in both /Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/MacOS/../Frameworks/ENPopover.framework/Versions/A/ENPopover and /Applications/Evernote.app/Contents/MacOS/Evernote. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined. 8/8/12 9:09:13.690 AM Evernote: FAILURE: Job com.evernote.EvernoteHelper is not loaded in launchd. 8/8/12 9:09:14.052 AM EvernoteHelper: EvernoteHelper registered for IPC and there's a new spin report, attached Evernote_2012-08-08-100418_Hanks-Mac-mini.spin.zip
  3. and most of the edits I'd made on the Mac haven't showed up on the web copy of the note.
  4. This also from Console: 8/8/12 9:30:24.410 AM [0x0-0xd30d3].org.mozilla.firefox: http://evernote.com/media/img/body_background.jpg 8/8/12 9:30:24.410 AM [0x0-0xd30d3].org.mozilla.firefox: (falling back to HTTP) 8/8/12 9:30:24.418 AM [0x0-0xd30d3].org.mozilla.firefox: Redirection loop trying to set HTTPS on: 8/8/12 9:30:24.418 AM [0x0-0xd30d3].org.mozilla.firefox: http://evernote.com/media/img/sitewrapper_background.jpg 8/8/12 9:30:24.418 AM [0x0-0xd30d3].org.mozilla.firefox: (falling back to HTTP) 8/8/12 9:30:24.432 AM [0x0-0xd30d3].org.mozilla.firefox: Redirection loop trying to set HTTPS on: 8/8/12 9:30:24.432 AM [0x0-0xd30d3].org.mozilla.firefox: http://evernote.com/media/img/down_carrot.png 8/8/12 9:30:24.432 AM [0x0-0xd30d3].org.mozilla.firefox: (falling back to HTTP) 8/8/12 9:30:24.440 AM [0x0-0xd30d3].org.mozilla.firefox: Redirection loop trying to set HTTPS on: 8/8/12 9:30:24.440 AM [0x0-0xd30d3].org.mozilla.firefox: http://evernote.com/media/img/bullet_point.png 8/8/12 9:30:24.440 AM [0x0-0xd30d3].org.mozilla.firefox: (falling back to HTTP) 8/8/12 9:30:24.447 AM [0x0-0xd30d3].org.mozilla.firefox: Redirection loop trying to set HTTPS on: 8/8/12 9:30:24.447 AM [0x0-0xd30d3].org.mozilla.firefox: http://evernote.com/media/img/bullets.png 8/8/12 9:30:24.447 AM [0x0-0xd30d3].org.mozilla.firefox: (falling back to HTTP)
  5. Had two notes open side by side, editing the newer one to carry over some info to it. Had a block of text selected in one of them, had been copying and pasting. Got a beachball spinning wait cursor (about 20 minutes now); neither Note is responding. Dock icon says the app is unresponsive, offers only Force Quit. Attached 'Spin Report' from Mac: Evernote_2012-08-08-092751_Hanks-Mac-mini.spin Taking a coffee break, letting it sit in hopes it'll come back Evernote_2012-08-08-092751_Hanks-Mac-mini.spin.zip
  6. Paste as plain text/ASCII: Is there an answer yet, please? I'm new to Evernote, tho' old to computers, searched here and found people and multiple topics asking but no answer emerged. There must be a way; can someone promote it to where it's findable?
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