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  1. Jackolicious and all the other Evernote employees, thanks for adding the tag column feature in Evernote 3.3 for Mac. @JMichael - it's not all that practical for them to list every bug they fix with each release. If you look at a project that has an open bug tracker like Firefox, you see that even with a release they may fix hundreds of small to major bugs while adding many new features: (https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/7.0/releasenotes/). Listing each one would be like information diarrhea in the release notes (https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/7.0/releasenotes/buglist.html), as many bugs are for extreme corner cases or compatibility issues with other software or devices. If you read the release notes carefully, you can see which items people were probably clamoring for or affected by the most: tag column, not being able to click the activity stream items, checkboxes and lists of items. Not saying you're wrong about visibility into what a release fixes, just saying that for Evernote, a release note should highlight what they feel is important so users can start using the features and capabilities that the team worked hard on.
  2. Thanks for adding the tag column feature in Evernote 3.3 for Mac!
  3. Another vote for a tag column in Evernote for Mac. If I could put Premium member points to this feature, I'd put all of this month's points to it.
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