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  1. 02-10-21 10:54 AM Search is broken, on ALL DEVICES, even the web app!!!
  2. Search is broken, on ALL DEVICES, even the web app!!!

    1. manjun


      Search stopped working an hour ago on all devices including web app. Says no results found for any search
      Evernote version 10.8.4-mac-ddl-public (2349) and 10.7.6-mac-ddl-public (2321)

      MacOS Catalina version 10.15.7.

    2. DanielC


      I am experiencing the same in my Macs and Windows. Evernote please check

    3. LuizSiqueiraNeto


      Me too. I can only use a search in the old app.

  3. Same here. Evernote creates duplicate notes as I’m editing. A duplicate is created with every few keystrokes. This has happened before with "TV Viewing", and today with "Eye Examinations”. Major annoyance. Today, it created 261 copies of the note: "Eye Examinations”. The notes propagate acrtoss all devices as well as the web app. Deleting them (on the Mac) immediately removes the miscreants across all devices. No data lost. This coding error is at the very heart of a note-taking app. It should have been fixed immediately. Very disappointing.
  4. I'm not having the problem, yet, on my iMac 2019 running Mojave 10.14.5 and EN Premium, 7.10. But, my other iMAC (Mid 2011) running High Sierra 10.13.6 started having the problem just this morning. Running EN Plus 7.10.
  5. I am entirely in favor of supporting top-to-bottom format for logging. I would hope that EN acts on these requests for a quick way to scroll to the bottom of a long note, as I would hope that they allow choice of Thumbnail images and the ability to search for punctuation. That said, my current workaround for the problem of quickly locating the bottom of a note is to suffix it with the characters: zzz. Simple and effective. Still requires far too many keystrokes but it can work. I would hope that EN continues to improve its core product.
  6. I depend on accessing my notes, all of them, whether on or offline. The download option used to work a lot better. Seeing Evernote paraphernalia hawked by what should be a serious business software company makes me wonder about the Team's priorities. http://www.theverge.com/2016/2/1/10890562/evernote-market-shut-down-moleskine-notebook-2016
  7. I didn't take to it at first either, but on import EN swallowed my entire 8K note hoard quickly and smoothly. Some others I tried, like SimpleNote, literally choked part way through. Apple's Notes accepted all of my data but then the web interface would crash each time I tried to do a search. EN is tough, and from what I've seen very careful with my precious data.
  8. Oh, I agree completely. This seemingly simple feature has been overlooked for too long. Digital Hoarder? Did you really say, "Digital Hoarder"?? Guilty as charged! LOL Another peeve of mine is EN's inability to accept punctuation marks as valid characters in a search string, but that should be a different post.
  9. Whoa! That was quite a leap, from irritation to outright rejection! ;-) I have accumulated nearly 9,000 notes, from 1997 when I started collecting digital notes on my Palm PDA. Through those years I have been forced to use some pretty sorry software from major vendors. Then I "went over to the white side". I've used EN since 2011 and I've seen no reason to switch. It has handled the heavy volume of data without a hiccup.
  10. I am a Mac user, latest OS X and latest Evernote. I tried just that: resizing images inline in the note. No amount of resizing seemed to have any effect on the selection of thumbnail image.
  11. "Thumbnail override option" is definitely a LONG OVERDUE request. I am amazed (and frustrated) that apparently EN hasn't done a thing to address this obvious oversight.
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