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  1. The original post is from Aug 2017. WHY has this feature not been implemented? It has become extremely frustrating when opening an existing note, written anywhere (web, pc app, on Android) and begin to add text just to find the font, not only isn't the same, but is so small it is illegible. Fix this!
  2. Exactly!!! I posted my frustrations (primarily related to EN tables) in another thread, last night. The Windows update, as bad as it is, makes the Android view useless, even worse than those you provided.
  3. Well, as you can see, my 1st post to this thread was in Aug 2012, so I've been patient, so far. Always hoping for useful feature additions. This one simple control would be on my "most wanted" list. If this item can not be implemented across devices/platforms then I wish for a way to easily mark (text highlight or other multi-character formatting like bolding, strike-thru, whatever) an item or items in a note in a manner that does not require going into edit mode. This is an ease of use issue for business purposes. It is an absolute requirement when speed of entry on a small device is required to capture details and to stay focused on a fast moving task.
  4. I've never heard of this type of usage. To me, checkboxes have two states, checked or unchecked. In some situations, there's a third state - indeterminate - that's used in situations where the checkbox represents a shared value of mixed checked or unchecked values (e.g., you have a list of invitees to an event, and a checkbox for going / not going; any single person selected is either going or not going, while any multiple selection of invitees might have a mix, and that's when you use the indeterminate state). The indeterminate state isn't usually represented using an 'x', in my experience; an 'x' in a checkbox is synonymous to a check to a lot of people, I'd guess. Add I'd definitely be surprised if I clicked on a checked checkbox and it didn't toggle to unchecked. Anyways, assuming that this isn't implemented any time soon, some workarounds that I can think of for your use case: The checkbox signifies a reply has been made; if it's a "no", use strike out on the ensuing text (may not be available in all Evernote clients)Use the Unicode 'BALLOT BOX' characters:U+2610 (☐, 'BALLOT BOX') U+2611 (☑, 'BALLOT BOX WITH CHECK') U+2612 (☒, 'BALLOT BOX WITH X') Use two checkboxes, one for 'Replied', one for 'Going'None of these workarounds are particularly amenable to searching / filtering, unfortunately. Indeterminate is generally used as you say, but it can also be used in as a single object state to "determine" the third state. This is what I want in the case. Yes, I can do all of those things you mention, but when I'm addressing my list on a handheld device, setting an immediate change in an items state, I want a clear and simple way to mark the item WITHOUT editing the note. Editing on a smartphone is challenging to begin with, let alone the fact you must knowingly: 1) change to edit mode, 2) scroll back down to where you were in the note, 3) remove, insert, or otherwise modify the note and know how to get a certain character inserted or change its formatting in some way, 4) make sure you exit edit without accidentally making other undesired changes, 5) RE-Scroll back to where you were in your note. ...way too much to do to simply "check the box" as one of three states: ["don't know" | "accept" | "reject"], and every inefficient --> waste of time. EN is all about efficiency and ease of use, as well as keeping your stuff secure and in a known state across all devices.
  5. I know this is knit-picky, but ease of use is what is required here. I'm not discrediting the idea of the simple workaround for the immediate future, but I shouldn't have to go into edit mode to simply check (complete) or X (reject) a task in my list. Rejecting (and retaining it in the list) is just as important as completing a task. A three-state checkbox is not that much to ask for.
  6. Thought I would chime in since I am a very new user and I had this very same thought. Since the checkboxs delineate a list of items, it would be preferred to keep the list intact and have the check box be at least three-state; unchecked/checked/x-ed. Although, your recommendation is a valid and simple solution, there are some of us that like to retain the list and visually see the blank vs. check vs. x...it makes it very easy to scan the list and see the completeness of the tasks. Thanks you for Evernote! Keep up the good work. csw ...puttin' on a caffeinebuzz
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