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  1. Hello. I have had the same problem with my Xperia L, 4.2.2., standard launcher. After installing 7.2 and uninstalling the old Widget app all my old widgets dissappeared. But moving the app again from the SD card to the phone and rebooting, the List widget and Action bar appeared. But the Action widget (1x1) don't, and it's precisely this what I need and use in the previous version. Do you know what happened or what i have to do in order to have it? Thank you very much
  2. I have the same problem in mine, Xperia L, Android 4.2.2. When using the regular Android Keyboard is perfect: you can use the dictionary (highlighting of the word), put the cursor where you want, tap & hold, move the markers and so on! The thing is that the Xperia is very quick and precise, it's a shame that we are forced to use another just for Evernote while it functions very well in any other app of the phone . It's a strange behaviour.
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