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  1. I've looked all over the fujitsu support pages and I understand that when I upgrade to Catalina, ScanSnap will not work with Evernote. Supposedly I need to replace the current ScanSnap software package with the new ScanSnap Home software package ... but for the life of me I cannot find a download page for ScanSnap Home. I bought the scanner precisely because it was supported by Evernote, and I use them as a unit, a lot. Could anybody please enlighten me on how to replace the ScanSnap software with the ScanSnap Home software (including where to download it from?) Any help much appreciated.
  2. Kirby -- thank you for the detailed suggestion. I had forgot about this feature. It doesn't do the job for Evernote, but it will help elsewhere.
  3. @jbenson2 : that would be so much better
  4. The screen cannot be zoomed, which would be a huge help. It is possible to zoom the whole desktop via os x, but that's incredibly clumsy to use. It would be easy to fix -- especially as the Windows version apparently has a better approach. But will anybody in a position to actually make the fix happen ever see this post? Also, I have to wonder about the beta users. Could they all be 20-somethings with no interest in accessibility? JBenson2 is right, they will rue the day and then they will see the light, even if they can't read the screen.
  5. This has been bothering me ever since I first installed Evernote. At this point I'm at the point of abandoning it for one simple reason: it's almost impossible to read some of the screens, and there's no way to improve accessibility. I'm attaching a screenshot. It's hard to imagine how this could be less difficult to read. For those of us with vision issues, it's impossible. If aesthetics and design fashion is more important that accessibility, then really, what's a user to do?
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