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  1. Verdict after downloads fully finished? Still a fail..
  2. Mine is in the process of becoming one, but it's a big notebook, on a new device. I will see if its behaviour changes once the full download is finished. (I wonder if being mid download would make a difference, now that I think about it?) It is ICS, but it is also Kogan's slightly dodgy under-$200 16Gb 10", and I have noticed a few instabilities in other parts of the build - so if it is unique to this device? I'm not 100% surprised...
  3. How I was originally doing it - going to the tag itself, in this case, "Meal Plan", and creating shortcut from there. Given how it was autotitling, it implied it would bring up only the "Notes tagged with Meal Plan". I just tried the workflow you suggested - did a search for notes tagged with Meal Plan, and then created a shortcut for the search -> and again, came up with All Notes...
  4. Using the latest version of EN on my Android Tablet, I created a shortcut to all notes with a specific tag. It autotitled with "Notes tagged with ***", which sounded very promising. However when clicking on the shortcut, it brings up All notes - which is less promising. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. @Grayson - that's exactly my experience as well. Glad to know I'm not the only one with that problem, but now I just need to know how to fix it!
  6. I use Astrid Tasks to add reminder functionality to Evernote - but you could use your favourite reminder software/app. Add the evernote note link to the reminder, and done! Adds a whole bunch more functionality than just the much wanted due date. I even have recurring evernote based tasks etc.
  7. Thanks @Gazumped. I hadn't thought of offline notebooks - that might be the way to go, will have to give that some thought. I thought that a second free Evernote account with shared notebooks would be a perfect solution - and I did try it - but that doesn't seem to have same great search functionality for the shared notebooks. Is that something I'm doing wrong or can adjust? It just doesn't seem to be including the shared notebooks in the search. I'm totally not adverse to work-arounds, which is why I signed my kitchen up for an evernote account in the first place.
  8. I have a similar concern for security. I am setting up a dedicated kitchen (android) tablet that will be very readily available and unsecured, and needs to be accessible by people other than myself. I am gradually including more sensitive files in Evernote. There are only 3 or 4 notebooks I want available on my kitchen counter. My first thought was to simply share the relevant notebooks with a kitchen dedicated evernote account - which I set up. However they are not being included in standard searches from the kitchen specific account - which given the vast nature of the recipe collection is a killer. So my questions, I guess- 1) is there anyway to use my full (premium) account on the kitchen tablet, but only show the three relevant notebooks? 2) if not, is there anyway to use my full (premium) account on the kitchen tablet, but pin lock the irrelevant notebooks on the kitchen tablet only? 3) is there a way to have the full standard searchability on linked notebooks on a device, via standard search and widget search etc? Thank you for anyone who can offer insight
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