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  1. I use Evernote constantly on my Droid 4, which has a keyboard. The menu key works as a control key, making it easy to select text with Shift + arrow keys and cut-copy-paste with Menu + X C V. But sometimes, the menu key gets stuck as a control key when I start typing again, then as I'm typing, when I hit the A key, it acts as Ctrl-A and selects all the text. The next key I type then overwrites the selected text -- i.e. the entire file! The only recourse I have at that point is to hit the back button and revert all my changes to the previous version, then start retyping my changes. As you can imagine, this is phenomenally frustrating. I've had this happen any number of times (a couple of dozen?) since I've owned my phone, and it's the absolute worst part of using Evernote for me. (Otherwise, I enjoy Evernote a great deal!) I would really, really appreciate it if you could add an Undo feature to Evernote that allows me to undo individual actions (i.e. overwriting all the text) rather than forcing me to revert all my changes. Thank you!
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