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  1. I am hitting this on Windows as well. My workflow is core editing on a windows client and then on the run/meetings editing on my Nexus7 android app. Data loss is a big concern right now. I have started only doing text (no formatting) on the windows client so that I don't get the "This note contain some unsupported formatting" on the android side. So far on the few notes that I have tried this, I am not loosing any data, but I am also creating notes that are not very nice to look at due to the lack of any actual formatting. thanks corban
  2. I think this may be one in the same issue. While it might come from different "bugs" in the code, from a workflow standpoint it appears that if you have formatting that Android can't support, then you might be editing the wrong data the second time you try and edit your note on an android device. :-( GollyJer: I agree that it sounds like if you find a note that has unsupported formatting, then you should not edit this on android. I think that if a pretty fair statement as it's pretty easy to reproduce. corban
  3. I just opened a ticket and pointed at your thread as you really summed it up so well. Ticket #16051-126693 corban
  4. This is also hitting me as well. I have started using evernote on my nexus7 and would get these weird "This note contain some unsupported formatting" lines in my notes. Thanks for posting this. This really help show exactly what the problem it. I hope Evernote is going to fix these issues as having the ability to go back and forth on Windows to my nexus7 is really powerful, but not if you loose formatting, and or it become difficult to work on android. Is this problem on the list of issues to be fixed? I know you can't give an ETA, but knowing this will be looked at would help. thanks corban
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