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  1. I have tried to use Evernote web clipper on my new iPad (which is not yet synced with a Mac desktop that has a running Evernote account) but i have not been able to sync or download the web clipper on either of my www apps. (safari and google chrome) please help, I have tried wiping my Evernote account and then reinstalling. Does it have something to do with the fact that I haven't synced my iPad yet?
  2. I am having trouble installing the web clipper on my iPad. I have both google chrome and safari and it will not let me use/download the web clipper feature for either. Please Help! I need this app for school. One thing I was wondering was if my problems generated from the fact that I haven't synced my iPad with a Mac desktop yet? And if I do in fact need to sync it with a Mac desktop then I suppose I also must get Evernote on the desktop too??
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