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  1. When I start to type something in the Search bar, the drop down menu appears with suggestions which is great. Problem is, if I choose one of the tags suggested, it does not give me those results. It completely ignores it and if I had started typing 'Blo' it gives me every article that has 'Blo' in it! AND then it also adds 'Blo' as one of my Recent Searches. Is there a way to get this to work the way I would expect it to work. (It offers me suggestions. I choose one. And it gives me those results)
  2. I also would like to request that we are given an option (maybe in preferences) where we can choose: Stay in the selected notebook when clicking from tag to tag. Instead of every time you click on another tag it jumps back into all notes. I also use EN for GTD. It's fantastic, but I want/need to stay in my Action Pending notebook. Yes, I understand that I can select the notebook and then Ctrl click on a tag to stay there. But, when I'm ready to go to the next tag, I have to Ctrl click to "release" that tag, then Ctrl click to select the next tag. Repeat this process over and over every time I want to switch tags.
  3. It use to say, for example, 'Viewing 75 notes' from.....with your search criteria listed. And I would know to keep adding words to filter down to a manageable size to scroll thru. Now, on I can't see where to tell how many notes my search has been narrowed down to. Is it not available anymore or am I overlooking it? If it's the first, please bring it back.
  4. Right click on a note. Choose ToDo>Clear All Checkboxes (atleast on the current desktop version of PC)
  5. I do use Evernote as my ultimate task list. I learned how to set it up that way here: http://www.thesecretweapon.org/
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