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  1. I heard back from Evernote help. They told me (and it worked! My email reminder notes now open in the Desktop app again, instead of the web browser) Open your default browser and using the following link to switch to previous version of Evernote Web (one with green/white) interface: https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action?disableIonToPrevious= Once you there, please go ahead and clear your browsers cache once again. He said it's important to complete the steps in that order. And, I just cleared Evernote's cache in my browser, not all my cashe. Hope this helps you also
  2. I have a ticket open with Evernote. From their reply, I got the impression that it is suppose to work the way it previously did (ie, an email reminder note should open in the Desktop app, not Web). Clearing cookies, and updating EN did not work, so I am waiting for the next response from them.
  3. Previously, when I would receive a Reminder note (that I set) from EN, in my email inbox, I would click on it and it would open the note in my Desktop Evernote. Lately, it opens it in the Web Evernote instead of my desktop Evernote. I'm not sure if it is something I did that changed this, or if Evernote changed it. How do I get it to back to opening it with the Desktop EN? I have tried it with Evernote closed and open. Either way, it opens the note in the Web. I'm on Windows 10.
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