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  1. We only display the "Open Database" dialog if we detect that the user you're currently logging in as has a local database file. In other words, if I'm logging in as "emerick", I'll only see that dialog if the file "emerick.exb" already exists in my database folder. You can verify that you have a local database file by logging in with a working Internet connection, clicking Tools -> Options (General tab) -> Open Database folder. Do you see a file in there named <USERNAME>.exb? If you don't have a local database file and you don't have an Internet connection, then you'll receive the error message "Can't connect to server. Please try again later". I have the <USERNAME>.exb local database file and it does not let me login. I get the error message you speak of.
  2. Ah, finally someone who understands. I do not get the Open Database prompt that you speak of. That's the kind of prompt that I thought it should have. Instead it just says that program can't connect and prompts me to try to login again. I have 4.5.7 though.
  3. Still not understanding this. Yes, I "should" be able to access note content offline, BUT I CANNOT. It asks me to login. How can I see my notes without an internet connection? The only part that requires you to be online is the security measure. Logging in is a form of security to make sure that your notes are only viewable by you. Because accounts are distributed/maintained through Evernote's servers, you have to be online to have the servers verify your identity. Once your identity has been verified, then Evernote grants you permission to view/edit your notes (which are all stored locally/offline).I don't know if you play video games at all, but it's like DRM. You own the game, it's installed on your computer and you can play the game without internet access, but first you have to log in to a service online that verifies you actually purchased the game. Once the system says "you're clean" you can play to your heart's content. If you're wanting to view all notes offline as much as possible, don't log out. Well, I now am clear on how it's supposed to work, not that I agree with it at all. DRM has logic; as you said they want to verify that you purchased the software. But why would Evernote need to verify a FREE non-member account? Lack of local security is major deficiency in my opinion.
  4. Still not understanding this. Yes, I "should" be able to access note content offline, BUT I CANNOT. It asks me to login. How can I see my notes without an internet connection?
  5. Well, as my post explained, I CANNOT "always" use EN offline and see all my notes in my database. Because if I logout or the program crashes, then try to open up EN again, it won't let me proceed past the login screen unless I am connected to the internet. What I'm saying is, if EN truly allows full offline functionality, then I should be able to login and open the program while offline. Or else not be presented with a login at all. As it stands, I can only use the program offline if I was connected to the internet first and haven't logged out. Is there an setting or option that I should know about? Or is this a bug?
  6. I've been scouring the forums and faqs and whatnot and can't find a clear answer to this problem. I'm a new user and had been using Evernote offline in Windows just fine. But then I figured out if I logout of Evernote (while offline) or, let's say, if the computer or program crashes, I cannot open the program back up to see my files unless I login with an internet connection. So which is it? Should I be able to use Evernote offline in Windows (with a free account) or not? Because if I log out and cannot log back in, that is, if I don't have access to internet connection, which I often don't, then that doesn't qualify as offline capability. I am then screwed and can't see my notes. Do I need a premium account for what I need to do? Because, to me, the website suggests that Premium is only required for offline use if you want to use it on a mobile device, but I can't find where it says anything about offline use on Windows. (Eg, Take entire notebooks offline for easy access when you don’t have a network connection. A perfect option for when you’re traveling. Available on iOS and Android. My emphasis. From the "10 Reasons to Go Premium" page.) To put it simply, I just want to be able to log in/out freely while offline and not worry about not getting back in! Thanks for your kind responses.
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